Supreme Uprising Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Transformation Grass

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“Everyone, this sort of transformation grass grows below a sacred mountain about 2,500 kilometers away from Chang’an City. If a source beast or dire beast consumed this grass, they would be able to take human form,” a white-haired old man said.

This man was the Da Alliance’s chief plant specialist. Gathered around him were all the big shots of Chang’an City.

Of course, thanks to the restored communications, authority figures from all the Da Alliance’s cities were also participating in this meeting.

“Will there be any changes to their power during this transformation?” a military representative asked.

“There shouldn’t be any important changes, although their strength will weaken during the transformation.”

His words made many people heave a huge sigh of relief. “If humans like us consumed the transformation grass, would we be able to take their form?” someone asked.

This question drew a lot of attention. If humans were able to take beast form, it would be a great help to humankind.

“It’s no use!” The old man sighed. “We have run tests on over 1,000 subjects, but it isn’t any use.”

The moment he said this, all the big shots around him who had been coming up with all sorts of ideas were disappointed.

They had imagined that the transformation grass would give humankind a new option. However, they had never expected that it wouldn’t be of any use to humans.

“Damn it, the transformation grass is too deceptive” someone cursed. There really was nothing else to do but vent.

“Let me say something!” A middle-aged man in a Blood Strike Guard uniform coughed. “Ever since the son of the Clear Sky Emperor entered Chang’an City, the number of dire beasts and source beasts entering our cities has been increasing.”

“The majority of these beasts don’t abide by the rules and infuriate us by staying around us. They are currently running rampant. Although they haven’t killed any humans on the streets yet, they”

The man suddenly clicked on his communication device and projected an image.

The image showed a man with a large tail who was stepping over the curled-up body of a human and urinating all over them.

The next image showed a house on fire. A few creatures with tiger and bull heads watched as the embers turned into a huge blaze before happily dancing around it and drinking merrily.

There were also images of a few women with ripped-off clothes standing there helplessly, surrounded by bestial-human figures.

“I think we should crack down on these source beast heirs that have entered our cities. We definitely can’t allow them to treat our homes as amusement parks!”

The man’s words made everyone in the legislative assembly fall silent. In the end, a fat man said, “I think we should take our time before we make a decision, Vice-Commissar. The source beast heirs have come over here to have fun. They They haven’t done anything dramatic so far.”

The man suddenly coughed gently. “We should maintain the respect we ought to have. To my knowledge, special groups have formed willingly to welcome the source beast heirs.”

“Ha ha Although they have damaged some property, they have made a favorable impression. Some people even say that after after the Race Blood Battle is over, they could guarantee the safety of the Free Cities.”

These words immediately gave everyone hope. Luo Yunyang had initiated the Race Blood Battle for the sake of the Da Alliance’s safety.

What if Luo Yunyang failed the challenge, though?

Some people were already starting to consider a plan B. The source beast heirs that had entered the human cities could target them.

If the Free Cities could do it, so could they.

Although most people’s eyes were glowing, the Flame Emperor smashed his fist hard against the table.

He glared angrily at the person speaking before he snarled, “You shameless thing! You are so goddamn short-sighted! You are only looking at the protection the Free Cities appear to have, yet you haven’t taken a good look at what these source beast heirs have done!”

He immediately clicked on a series of photos. The photos depicted cruel scenes, including babies being devoured

The large conference hall went deadly silent. Although many people were furious, some people were shooting looks of disdain at him.

Just as someone was about to speak, someone else suddenly exclaimed, “Someone killed a source beast heir’s entourage!”

The person who had spoken was a high-ranking officer of the Grand Sky Military. As soon as he said this, an image appeared before everyone.

It was a black one-eyed wolf with a broken neck. The blood-red eye of the big wolf was filled with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Xiong Ben was wielding two knives in Fei’xue City. His eyes were bloodshot, and beside him lay a one-eyed wolf longer than two fully grown humans.

“You have caused trouble, Old Xiong. Did you know that you just killed an attendant of the Sky Wolf Young Master?” said a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his 40s. Although the man was as tanned as an old farmer, his arms seemed to be full of vigor.

Xiong Ben didn’t say anything. All around him stood Grand Sky Military martialists who were looking at him angrily.

“I know that there were orders from the top, Boss Qiu, but how can I stand by and watch my younger sister get defiled by these animals?” Xiong Ben’s eyes were burning with rage. “I will fight for what I believe in. What about you guys?”

Xiong Ben’s voice left the surrounding crowd speechless.

They were all hot-blooded and just. What had they been fighting for all these years after all?

“I understand where you are coming from, OId Xiong.” The large man called Boss Qiu nodded his head. “However, you should know that this matter isn’t something we can handle.”

“I know. Worst-case scenario, I will die!” Xiong Ben waved his hands as he spoke passionately. “If I kill this wolf, my entire life will have been worthwhile.” His words were filled with passion as he waved the knives in his hands. “Damn it, I really want to slaughter that source beast heir!”

“Alright, don’t say anything else. Even if we let you, you wouldn’t be able to kill that source beast.”

“You can’t stay in Fei’xue City,” Boss Qiu said gravely. “There is a flight to Chang’an scheduled today. You can go there. That man is currently in seclusion in Chang’an, so I think that you will only be able to survive there.”

Xiong Ben was no stranger to Chang’an, as he had been transferred over to Fei’xue City from Chang’an City. However, ever since the world had expanded, Xiong Ben had thought that he would not return to Chang’an in this lifetime.

He had never expected that after he killed that wolf, his own boss would actually ask him to return to Chang’an.

That man was in Chang’an

Xiong Ben was familiar with him. He had actually been bragging about entering Zulong’s Tomb along with him.

Although he recalled all his encounters with that man in the past, he had never expected that he would go and meet him again under these circumstances.

“You want me to board that plane?” Xiong Ben was someone who went with the flow, so he pondered this for a bit before voicing his doubts

Ever since the apocalypse, flight regulations had been extremely strict, especially in this sort of situation.

“Everything is under control.” Boss Qiu slapped Xiong Ben on the shoulder. “Leave this to me!”

Warm tears welled in Xiong Ben’s eyes as he gazed at Boss Qiu’s tanned face. However, he ultimately didn’t say anything. A comrade led him to a car that sped immediately away.

On the way, Xiong Ben’s heart was in his throat. However, he still passed through the checkpoint seamlessly. When he boarded the plane, the Royal Forest Military soldiers gave him a thumbs-up.

Xiong Ben’s heart warmed up.

The plane eventually took off in the direction of Chang’an. However, when it arrived at its destination, a broadcast announced that there was a wanted fugitive.

Xiong Ben’s heart tightened. He clenched his fists tightly as he looked all around him.

An elite warrior like him definitely wouldn’t allow himself to get captured so easily. However, the circumstances at the airport sent a chill down his spine.

Every single exit seemed to be guarded by soldiers with extraordinary might, so he definitely couldn’t charge out.

“Who are you?” Just as Xiong Ben started feeling jittery, a handful of Koi Guard troopers appeared before him.

“My name is Xiong Ben!” Xiong Ben knew that he couldn’t escape, so he announced his name loudly. He would die with no regrets!

“What? Your name is Li Ben. Take a look at your weird face. One look and I could tell that you were no good. It’s not your fault you are ugly, but you shouldn’t be going out and scaring people! Damn it, daddy gets upset when he sees a fellow like you actually have the cheek to ride a plane. Hurry up and throw him out!” a Koi Guard trooper said, patting Xiong Ben as a cloth bag fell into Xiong Ben’s arms.

Xiong Ben didn’t know what was in the bag, but he suddenly felt warm tears threaten to overflow his eyes.

Although all the big electronic screens displayed his face, he actually got out of the tightly sealed airport and got in the car that had been waiting for him.

“We can only take you this far, Brother!” the driver of the car, who hadn’t said a single word, told Xiong Ben before he got off.

Xiong Ben nodded. As he eyed the mountain range before him, he knew that he had already reached his destination.

He quickly made his way up the mountain excitedly. However, as he was approaching the summit, he heard a low voice. “Xiong Ben, drop your weapon and surrender immediately!”

Suddenly, over 10 men rushed over from every direction and surrounded him tightly!