Supreme Uprising Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Pointing A Sword For 1500 Kilometers

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“What did you f*cking say? Repeat it!” a skinny man with a single horn growing out of his back said furiously.

In front of him was a young man who was nodding and bowing. His hands were clasped together in embarrassment as he said, “Miss Weiwei isn’t free today, sir!”

“She isn’t free? My family’s master and various honored guests are currently waiting here! How dare you f*cking run over and tell me that she isn’t free! If you can’t even handle such a small matter, then what’s the point of your life? Why don’t you just die?” The man with the horn on his back moved his hand and sent the young man flying.

“I’m saying this for the last time. Bring her over immediately. Otherwise, you and your relatives will get ripped to shreds!”

The man’s hand turned into a claw in a flying rage. As he swung it, red cuts appeared on the young man’s body.

The young man remained quiet out of fear. He felt like death was just a step away, yet he had no way of resisting.

“I I will go right away”

The man with the horn on his back roared with laughter as he watched the young man scurry away. Meanwhile, howls of wolves rang out all around him.

Their laughter made the group of ladies who were already there shiver uncontrollably.

Although they had experienced many great changes, these ladies still had a considerable number of fans in the Da Alliance, so they lived rather comfortably. Thus, they hadn’t imagined that they would all be forcefully taken there that day. They had no way of describing the fear in their hearts.

“Ha ha! Daddy will eat up anyone who is disobedient! Stop hoping that someone will come and save you. The person who can save you has yet to emerge from their mother’s womb!”

His mouth curled up as he spoke. These human ladies had gotten his heart all excited, even though some of them didn’t seem very obedient. They were much more fun than women who were resigned to their fate and allowed themselves to be maltreated.

The subordinates beside him didn’t seem to harbor any kind intentions either as they stared at the humans around them. After using the transformation grass, they had started to learn how to appreciate the aesthetics of humankind more.

“Someone is coming!” A winged man alerted them.

He had a natural ability to see things in a 50-kilometer radius, so he had won over the master’s favor easily.

Suddenly, a human boy appeared before him without making a sound, surprising him completely.

However, as soon as he saw the young boy’s face, he realized that this was not a big deal. This boy seemed too delicate to be able to create any waves.

“Who are you?” Someone rushed towards this young boy. According to his calculations, the boy should have been seized immediately.

However, for some reason, fear struck his heart. When he saw that boy, his original intentions were forcibly halted.

“My surname is Luo!” the boy said calmly.

“Scram! My master is currently hosting a banquet. Don’t get in the middle if you have nothing to do here” the person who had rushed forward said menacingly. He felt as though he had received a slap across the face.

He wanted to use this method to regain some of the face he had lost.

“I came here to kill some people. Since you were the first to come bouncing out, then I shall begin with you.” The young boy smiled casually.

When the transformed dire beast heard the boy’s words, he roared with laughter. He pointed his finger at Luo Yunyang, as though he had heard the world’s funniest joke.

“Ha ha! You You actually”

The young ladies, who had also heard their conversation, had witnessed the cruelty of these transformed dire beasts firsthand.

They were not people. They were just wild beasts with human skin.

Although they couldn’t even fend for themselves, they were still worried for this young man.

He was a fellow human after all.

However, they soon discovered that the dire beast that had been trying to intimidate the young man no longer had a head. To be specific, his head had been separated from his body and turned into a huge black fox.

This change made the other dire beasts react immediately. They had gotten accustomed to running amok under the protection of their master, so they had never been treated like this.

Thus, they all rushed forward.

The instant they did, their bodies started to split. It happened so fast that only one dire beast managed to let out a wail.

This place wasn’t too far away from the platform where the banquet was held. The source beast heirs all had astonishing natural aptitudes, so they could immediately sense that there was some potential trouble.

However, before they could even get off the platform, Luo Yunyang was already strolling up. As he eyed the transformed men and women, his body emitted a desolate aura.

“We are guests of your city lord. How dare you have the audacity to This is really” An attendant who seemed to have a rather high rank berated Luo Yunyang sternly.

Luo Yunyang had no intention of listening to this fellow, who had a horn on his head. As soon as he moved his hands, the fellow was killed.

The Silver Wolf, who was also the host of the banquet, felt both furious and extremely afraid.

His innate sensitivity allowed him to sense that there was quite a significant gulf between him and the person before him. Thus, he pointed at Luo Yunyang and said, “Sir, everyone here is the heir of a king. Are you Are you trying to start a huge fight?”

“I challenged you to a Race Blood Battle. You should have all waited obediently until the Race Blood Battle was over before coming here. If you think that I wish to start a fight, then let’s fight!”

As he said this, Luo Yunyang’s hands clawed at the air and a huge golden palm appeared.

The palm was 30-meters wide and contained an extremely unyielding power when unleashed.

It was the Guardian Palm!

This was a technique Luo Yunyang had learned from various records and manuals. Although it hadn’t helped him improve that much, it was still helpful.

The heir of the Silver Wolf was the weakest Yellow-Grade source beast. Although he would be considered a god-grade entity among humans, the moment Luo Yunyang moved his hands, he soared into the air in an effort to escape his grasp.

He might have had the right intention, but there wasn’t enough time. The Silver Wolf was turned into a meat patty with one movement.

The other source beast heirs, who had intended to join forces with him and resist, were all terrified now. In the blink of an eye, they started to run frantically in different directions.

To them, this was what true fear felt like!


Luo Yunyang moved his hands in intervals. Although his strikes didn’t produce a loud sound, every time he struck, a source beast trying to escape would shatter.

The 100 Divine Palms was one of the many records Luo Yunyang had comprehended. As Luo Yunyang struck out with the 19th palm strike, a huge dove that had already flown 25 kilometers away was hit.

“I am the son of the Clear Sky Emperor. If you kill me, my father will not let you get away with it.” The beast flying the fastest was a massive green Roc. As he flew, he shrieked hysterically at Luo Yunyang.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang didn’t care about his shouts. When he used the 100 Divine Palms again, the huge Roc felt a wave of energy burst from within his body.

As the green Roc felt afraid, his tail feathers flickered and turned a glowing scarlet color that enveloped his shattering body.

Although Luo Yunyang sensed the scarlet glow, he still used another palm strike.

When the 100 Divine Palms struck the green Roc’s body once again, the massive green Roc instantly exploded in the sky.

After his death, more than half of the source beast heirs gathered there also died. Only a small number of them that were the fastest managed to escape with their lives.

“Damn humans! To think that they actually dared attack us! When I return, I must report this to my king father and teach these people a proper lesson!” a five-colored mythical bird said as he flapped his colorful wings frantically.

Although he didn’t look back, those mournful cries made his heart shudder.

As he was venting alone, he suddenly felt his body become heavier. Someone had stepped on his back, which made him both furious and terrified.

“Speed up! Don’t make me think that you are useless!” A faint voice made the five-colored mythical bird increase his speed and give his all.

Right ahead was the crossroads of a tall mountain.

A slight delight crept into the bird’s eyes when he saw that tall mountain. This mountain belonged to a powerful Dark-Grade source beast. Sometime ago, he had even gone over and paid a formal visit.

Once he reached that mountain, he would be able to live.

As the five-colored mythical bird was delighting in reaching the mountain, he suddenly saw a massive source beast that could be considered an elder.

Unfortunately, before this colossal pangolin could even sense any danger, a massive purple bell fell on it and encased it.

In a second, the pangolin’s body had been smashed by the massive bell and torn to pieces!

The five-colored mythical bird really felt like crying. The king-level source beast he had been hopeful about had actually died. How How could this be any good?

“Keep flying!” The same placid voice was heard from the mythical bird’s back again.

The bird flapped its wings and flew from mountain range to mountain range. At first, his heart was still filled with hope. However, every time they arrived somewhere, a king-level source beast would be turned to ashes.

Some of these source beasts were even more powerful than his father, so he could only look up to them. However, they were all slaughtered by the person on his back.

After half a day, the mythical bird had flown 1,500 kilometers. Wherever he went, source beast after source beast was blown up in their mountain.

The death of so many king-level source beasts made all the source beasts watching from the sidelines flee. The king-level source beasts that had originally wanted to try and occupy a territory before the Race Blood Battle all vanished completely!