Supreme Uprising Chapter 335

Chapter 335 The Giant Roc Heads East

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Blood was spilt across heaven and earth like a sword edge pointing forward for 3,000 miles.

Many people within the Da Alliance felt ardor and zeal coursing through their blood as they watched Luo Yunyang ride the mythical bird like a deity and slay source beasts.

However, the people who had curried favor with source beast heirs were furious.

Some people even shouted and screamed, insisting that Luo Yunyangs actions would implicate everyone. However, the spilled blood of king-level source beasts shut their mouths.

Lu Qubing sat in his office, leisurely sipping his tea. Right now, he felt extremely refreshed.

He was refreshed indeed. They should have taken a strong stance against the source beast heirs who had used the Transformation Grass to come over right from the start. These fellows were just like springs. The weaker they were, the more forceful theyd be. Blindly indulging them had only made them even more rampant and eager to throw their weight around.

However, certain people had scoffed at this suggestion. Not only had they not listened, but they had actually voluntarily pandered to the source beast heirs and ultimately ended up wagging their tails in front of them.

If Luo Yunyangs appearance had not been timely, no one knew how this situation would have developed.

Lu Qubing understood these peoples opinions very well. However, he had also felt helpless many a time under these circumstances.

Why did you come here, Yunyang? Lu Qubings astonishment turned to pleasant surprise when he realized that one more person had appeared beside him.

Luo Yunyang smiled and said softly, Can I trust you, Viceroy?

Lu Qubing felt himself shake slightly under Luo Yunayngs gaze. He pondered this for a bit before nodding. Go on. What do you need?

I never imagined that things would reach this point. To be honest, I am very disappointed at how this matter turned out! Although Luo Yunyang spoke calmly, Lu Qubing felt a massive pressure.

Certain people will always think of leaving a back door for themselves, Lu Qubing eventually said after heaving a deep sigh.

Luo Yunyang nodded. He understood what Lu Qubing meant.

We are going through a really crucial time now, yet there is always a small portion of people who do not care about the general situation. How can they be allowed to go on this way? Luo Yunyang raised an arm to prevent Lu Qubing from interrupting. I hope that the Rising Dragon Armys intelligence network can support me and provide me with the names of the people who have been clamoring recently. We ought to scrape the poison off the bone right now!

Lu Qubings hands were trembling as he glanced at the furious Luo Yunyang and nodded.

10 minutes later, Luo Yunyang rode that mythical bird and left the Rising Dragon Army Changan General Headquarters. After his departure, Lu Qubing started to receive various news.

The Family Elders of the Ancient Martial Dong Family are dead!

The Family Elders of the Ancient Martial Song Family are dead!

The Family Elders

As these news trickled in, many people tried to contact Lu Qubing frantically. A cold glint flashed through Lu Qubings eyes as he saw the names of the people trying to contact him.

They should have known better than to act like double agents! In the end, out of the list of people trying to contact him, Lu Qubing only answered a call from Jin Zaitian.

He did not wait for Jin Zaitian to speak. Instead, he immediately said, Vice-Chairman, Yunyangs current realm has already surpassed ours.

As soon as he said this, Lu Qubing ended the call. He believed that Jin Zaitian would understand what he meant.

As far as the 13 Eastern Cities and the entire Da Alliance were concerned, this was a massive change

10 days after this change, all the Da Alliances god-grade powerhouses gathered in Shendu.

They all had solemn expressions on their faces. Even if some people were on rather familiar terms, they still exchanged very few words upon meeting.

Murats arrival made many people grow restless. She had been the second in rank god-grade powerhouse in the Da Alliance after all. The fall of Unrivaled Warrior Johann and the Martial God had left Murat in a league of her own.

Mr. Luo has some matters to attend to, so I will be taking charge this time. Murat had a look of extreme reverence on her face as she said Luo Yunyangs name.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that Luo Yunyang would not be coming. However, they scowled when Murat asked some men to deliver a name list to each person.

Murat, is there a way to maneuver around this matter? After all, it is

Mr. Luo has already made a decision. Are you saying that you object? Murat said frostily as she glared at the person who had spoken. You all have 10 days. If you arent able to produce a satisfying outcome within 10 days, then some other people will be replacing you and taking over these matters! Murat said before storming off arrogantly.

After watching her leave, everyone present exchanged a look. They could all see the helplessness in each others eyes.

They couldnt change anything that Luo Yunyang had already decided on!

Luo Yunyang hadnt paid that much attention to the circumstances in the Da Alliance. To him, those people were clowns on a tightrope. If he wanted to, he could turn them to dust with the snap of a finger.

What he was paying the most attention to right now was the Race Blood Battle that would take place soon.

Even though Luo Yunyang had previously felt that there had been a considerable gulf between him and the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts, he now felt some confidence about facing them.

A bright glow flickered through his mind while Luo Yunyang closed his eyes and got lost in thought. As he stood up from his sitting position, his expression seemed a little cold.

Luo Yunyang soared into the air, traveling many kilometers in the blink of an eye. Amid the surging astral wind, he saw a massive roc that covered the entire sky fly over from a distance.

Although they were separated by thousands of miles, the roc seemed as huge as a mountain.

The two whirlwinds beneath the massive roc, which were created by the flapping of its wings, ripped apart any mountains it passed through.

In a matter of seconds, the roc already seemed to have doubled in size. Luo Yunyang reacted the moment he saw it.

The instant he spotted its massive form speeding towards him, he realized that this beast had been in one of the images Zheyuan had shown him.

As the rocs talons moved, mountain peaks were shattered.

This was the third in rank among the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc. Why had it come over? It wasnt time for the Race Blood Battle to begin yet.

Could this be

As a thought popped into Luo Yunyangs mind, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was already within 50 kilometers of him. Its huge eyes had spotted Luo Yunyang.

The rocs eyes were filled with a cold, electric glint. The two massive whirlwinds that had gathered beneath its wings were sent out with a flap of its wings, just like huge wild dragons surging towards Changan City.

The long dragons covered a huge expanse of sky. The moment they flew forth, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that if these two unimaginably powerful forces were to strike Changan, the city would be torn in two by their power.

The soldiers standing guard on the city gates, as well as the soldiers in the surveillance room, were all stupefied as they watched this.

Source beasts were huge, so any force was useless against them. This was what most people thought. In their opinion, source beasts the size of mountains were already top-tier beasts.

However, the source beast rushing over was much bigger than a mountain. It had sent over a sweeping mist of the nine heavens that had the power to rip the sky and earth before it even descended.

What could they use to block it? How could they block this beast?

This was what everyone in Changan City was wondering. However, nobody had an answer. The smartest people had already started to rush frantically towards the underground shelters.

Only underground rooms would be able to protect the residents of Changan City.

Luo Yunyang knew that if he did not do anything, the entire city would be gone. Given his cultivation base, he really had no way of shielding the entire Changan City. However, that didnt mean that he had no other options.

Weaving Dragon-Capturing Crane!

Instantly, one of the hundreds of different True Intents he had cultivated appeared in his head. After using his attribute regulator to make conversions, Luo Yunyangs Weaving Dragon-Capturing Crane soared from 5 to 60 points.

Although Luo Yunyang wished to add more, the maximum points for this sort of True Intent was only 60. After completing this conversion, Luo Yunyang extended his hand and made a grabbing motion at one of the onrushing wind dragons. The wind dragon didnt comply. Instead of flying into Luo Yunyangs hands, it turned around in mid-air and flew off in the opposite direction.

Suddenly, the two wind dragons simultaneously charging forward collided in the sky.

Bringing Along the Nine Heavens and Filling the North Sea was one of the Sky-Ripping Golden Rocs strongest moves. The two wind dragons were something he used to rise. They were formed from concentrated wind power, so even the highest-ranking of the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts wouldnt dare forcibly move against them.

In most peoples eyes, this technique was unbeatable. However, this unbeatable technique would actually be crushed by Luo Yunyang.

The collision of the two massive whirlwinds nearly made the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc lose control of its body as it swooped down and got thrown backwards. A huge mountain behind it was immediately turned into dust.

During the first exchange, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc had kind of been at a disadvantage.

Changan City was totally silent as many probing gazes watched the scene in astonishment.

The massive Sky-Ripping Golden Roc stabilized its body in mid-air as its eyes, which were even larger than Luo Yunyang, stared fiercely at him.


The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc raised a massive talon and swiped downwards with a long squawk. Its claw descended like three massive golden blades slicing at Luo Yunyang.

As it descended, Luo Yunyang felt as though a powerful force had sealed the air all around him. Rushing out would be incredibly difficult.

Plus, Luo Yunyang didnt want to rush out right now!

He suddenly had an idea. He immediately brandished his fist at the huge talon!