Supreme Uprising Chapter 336

Chapter 336 The Sudden Blood Battle

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Back in Atlantis, Zheyuan’s gaze was fixed on the image shown on the screen. The variations that Luo Yunyang had just displayed made him feel slightly alarmed.

“Is the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc crazy? Why is he suddenly attacking humans?” Zheyuan asked as he saw the Goddess walk in.

The Goddess, who only felt respect for Zheyuan, replied gently, “It is said that Luo Yunyang killed the source beasts that had intruded the human cities, as well as the kings about to invade them. Among them was a Clear Sky Roc. This Clear Sky Roc was the son of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.”

Zheyuan frowned. Although the Goddess’ explanation didn’t seem problematic, he still believed that something was amiss.

There wasn’t much time left until the Race Blood Battle. Even if the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc wanted revenge, it didn’t need to act that urgently.

Furthermore, based on what he knew, the Clear Sky Roc and the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc didn’t seem to be that close.

As various thoughts popped into his mind, a voice rang out from the altar. “Use source cores only!”

When these words reverberated, the Goddess and Zheyuan were stunned. Zheyuan, who was the first to react, quickly knelt on the ground. “We praise your greatness, all-knowing God!”

The goddess knelt behind Zheyuan and lowered her head to the ground respectfully.

“Stand up!” Although the two words were spoken calmly, both the goddess and Zheyuan didn’t dare make a sound.

Their gazes fell on the image depicted on the display. The massive talon of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was currently smashing down hard from high up in the sky.

This strike seemed to contain practically all the strength of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

“Is this the power of the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts?” The goddess was struck by fear as she watched that massive talon descend.

Although she was also a god-grade powerhouse, if she were to face this sort of attack right now, she had a feeling that she would be powerless to stop it.

She thought about evading it or meeting it with force, but she ultimately rejected every single one of these ideas.

No matter which option she chose, death would be the only result.

“Not bad This is the power of a Heaven-Grade source beast!” Zheyuan lamented. “God Emperor power should be the limit of humankind. However, top source beasts contain ancient blood in their bodies. They might not be able to break through to the star realm, but they can surpass the peak of a God Emperor.”

There was a hint of envy in Zheyuan’s eyes as he said this.

In the same realm, source beast bodies were not only stronger than human bodies, but they were also much stronger than the bodies of Atlanteans. If the strength of a human God Emperor could be cultivated to one point, then the strength of these massive source beasts could be cultivated to 10 or even 100 points.

The goddess had a grave expression on her face as she said, “Does that mean that we will forever be weak and powerless in the face of these source beasts?”

“Changing innate things isn’t easy. This is like a lion and a rabbit of the same age,” Zheyuan muttered after mulling this over for a bit.

As the two of them were speaking, the massive talon of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was about to strike Luo Yunyang’s body. In an instant, the entire Chang’an City felt as though Judgment Day had arrived.

No one made any noise. They only raised their heads and looked at the sky.

As Luo Yunyang’s body soared up into the air, he quickly opened his attribute regulator.

Power: 37 (Fire: 13, Ice: 12, Wood: 9)

Speed: 5

Mind: 7 (Fire: 0.5)

Constitution: 17 (Dragon Bloodline: 10, Golden Body: 0.185, Fire: 0.568, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 2,134 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Fire: 7.6, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

Luo Yunyang felt a fire burning in his body as he saw the figures of his True Intent. These were the results of close to one year’s worth of cultivation. Although this sort of cultivation didn’t result in a huge improvement, it had allowed his True Intent to soar at a rapid speed.

Luo Yunyang currently had over 100 types of True Intent. Some had high cultivated figures, while others had only increased by two or three points after comprehending the True Intent fully.

However, Luo Yunyang’s True Intent had still been upgraded considerably.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t tried fully converting True Intent into Power yet. After all, this sort of power was truly astonishing, so he simply hadn’t had any place to experiment.

He couldn’t afford to back off when Chang’an City was behind him. Furthermore, he had sensed that there were many other entities watching this battle in the world.

If he displayed a tiny bit of weakness now, perhaps the other nine Heaven-Grade source beasts would attack and kill him. Thus, as the massive talon descended, Luo Yunyang chose to meet it with force.

After completing these adjustments, the Ice and Fire cores within Luo Yunyang’s body had both reached 1,000 points. The two source cores, which were only the size of sesame seeds in this dimension and had appeared during his fight with the Martial God, now swelled 1,000 times.

Boundless power accompanied Luo Yunyang’s fist as it moved.

His fist contained Seven Injuries True Intent, which was only 7 points. However, what Luo Yunyang focused on besides his power-increasing adjustments was his ability to deal formless injuries to his opponents.

With one fist strike, he could injure the heart, the lungs, the liver, the

The seven-colored fist-light looked like a rainbow of light as it collided with the massive golden talon in the sky.

Practically no one was optimistic about Luo Yunyang’s fate after this clash. After all, his body could not be compared to the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc’s.

The roc had a slightly sardonic smile on its face as they were about to clash.

This was like mocking a mayfly’s attempt to shake a huge tree. The beast was making fun of Luo Yunyang’s gross overestimation of his own capabilities and taking delight in being on the verge of obtaining his two ice and fire source cores.

Luo Yunyang possessed two top-quality ice and fire source cores, and the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc had always wanted a pair.

Furthermore, the best way to get a pair of ice and fire source cores was getting them from the same body. Doing so would allow the beast to ascend successfully. However, the source cores that met these conditions were too small, so even the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc had difficulty collecting them.

When it had found out through certain means that Luo Yunyang possessed the power of two ice and fire source cores, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc had charged forward without a second thought. Of course, it was supposed to be avenging its son.


The massive talon and the seven-colored glow met head-on. As they clashed, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc felt pain course up its talon. It actually felt like its talon was about to be ripped apart.

Suddenly, a wave of massive power surged, causing the large body of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc to get thrown up in the air.

In the blink of an eye, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc rose and fell. However, it was still one of the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts, so it managed to rapidly stabilize its body as it was falling.

Unfortunately, it had yet to regain control, when it felt a wave of power stir frantically in its belly.

Seven loud sounds rang out in succession as seven streams of blood spurted out of the belly of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

Although the beast felt much more at ease now, its strength decreased thanks to those seven wounds.

The roc glanced down at Luo Yunyang, who had already fallen to the ground during their previous clash. However, Luo Yunyang’s expression was still the same. Faint doubt started to appear in the eyes of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

It had grossly underestimated its opponent!

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was haughty, so it felt extremely sullen about this. If the fellow that had told it that Luo Yunyang was at best a top-notch Dark-Grade individual were there, it would have already ripped him to shreds.

The roc was a Heaven-Grade source beast trying to beat a God Emperor.

As it thought about this evaluation, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc hissed and a golden glow started to converge on its beak.

This golden glow was an ability contained within its primordial bloodline that also served as a basis for a top-notch Heaven-Grade source beast.

However, the cost of using such an attack was extremely huge. The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc halted as it produced this golden light.

It knew about the other source beasts. If it fought with humankind’s powerhouse and there was no clear victor, then perhaps the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts would become nine. As for the benefits involved

The roc would become the spoils of war of someone else.

“As one of the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts, I suggest that the Race Blood Battle begins now. I don’t want any benefits or anything else!” the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc shrieked furiously. Its voice was slightly hysterical. “You You all wouldn’t hope that another existence of an equal status would come about either, right? Let’s work together and kill him! Kill him!”

As the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc suddenly shrieked hysterically, the world fell silent. Many source beasts observing this battle carefully curled up their bodies.

Some source beasts that could freely transform their bodies chose to become extremely small.

A battle of this level was already a fight they couldn’t participate in.

As the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc shrieked hysterically, a 3,000-meter long bird soared over along with it, surrounding Luo Yunyang.

While the massive scarlet bird flew, a colossal ape with three horns on its head that seemed kind of stupid joined the fight. Each step it took seemed like it could tear the sky apart.

10 source beasts suddenly appeared in the sky. The source beast in the center was a two-colored sparrow with a tail made of ice and fire. The sparrow was only the size of a palm!

When it appeared, a look of slight fear appeared in the eyes of the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

As Chang’an City shook, even seasoned elite soldiers of 100 battles trembled. By this point, they all felt that death wasn’t that far away!