Supreme Uprising Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Between Life And Death

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Although Luo Yunyang currently looked very calm, the consecutive appearance of these source beasts made his heart go cold.

Despite the fact that the powers of these Heaven-Grade source beasts werent inferior to the Sky-Ripping Golden Rocs, Luo Yunyangs confidence rose.

The corners of his lips curled up into a faint smile when he saw the sparrow.

"What are you laughing at?" The beast that spoke wasnt the sparrow with the bi-colored tail, but a snow-white gigantic leopard with a pair of wings on its back.

It was a Dark Ice Devil Leopard!

Luo Yunyang stared at the Dark Ice Devil Leopard as he said insipidly, "I find it funny that the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc doesnt know how to count. If I get killed, this world wont have 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts. There will probably only be eight Heaven-Grade source beasts."

Eight Heaven-Grade source beasts?

The Dark Ice Devil Leopards face froze. He wasnt an idiot, so he knew that Luo Yunyang was threatening them.

However, before the Dark Ice Devil Leopard could speak, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc let out a long disdainful laugh.

"Ha ha ha! You are really eloquent. I admit that I might have been at a disadvantage against you, but saying that you will take two of us to the grave with you is just bragging! If we use our strongest attacks simultaneously, you will die before you can even react!"

The Sky-Ripping Golden Rocs words elicited a response from the Dark Ice Devil Leopard and the other 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts. Their intellect already exceeded that of an ordinary human, so they didnt miss the point.

Layers of dense killing intent enveloped Luo Yunyang, who had a mocking look in his eyes as he faced this threat.

Luo Yunyang didnt say anything. As his hands moved, a layer of light started to converge on his body.

A blue giant ape suddenly appeared behind him. In an instant, the massive ape had turned into an azure blue bow.

When this bow fell into Luo Yunyangs hands, a scarlet dragon gathered and formed an arrow in his palms.

This arrow seemed to contain a boundless divine power!

As Luo Yunyang pulled the bow, a wave of power that could obliterate anything gathered in his palm.

In an instant, the Dark Ice Devil Leopard the arrow was pointed at was unable to think calmly.

It felt as though a massive fear had shrouded its head. This massive fear made it feel as though it could be exterminated at any time.

It could undoubtedly be thoroughly exterminated by this move alone.

The other Heaven-Grade source beasts also started to feel nervous. Although the bow and arrow in Luo Yunyangs hands werent pointed at them, they could also feel pressure from all directions.

For a moment, the entire sky seemed to freeze.

"I can shoot two arrows. The first arrow will be aiming for the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the second one will land on a random beast. Your fate will depend on your individual luck." Luo Yunyang supported the bow and arrow with his hand as he shifted it around.

Although the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc possessed a powerful divine ability, its massive body trembled unconsciously as the bow and arrow in Luo Yunyangs hands were pointed at him.

Despite the fact that this only lasted for a short while, it still made the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc feel thoroughly humiliated. When had he ever been this weak before?

However, his fear would not change just because he had admitted that he was afraid.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc actually felt that quite a number of source beasts were delighting in his misfortune. This made him extremely vexed. It seemed like these shameless source beasts didnt care about the death of a comrade!

The first one to be killed would be him. Meanwhile, the others would at best have a 1 in 9 chance of being killed by this fellow.

Although he was really itching to rip Luo Yunyang to shreds right now, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc still forced himself to quieten down.

He couldnt allow himself to die this way!

Whatever the case, he definitely couldnt voluntarily provoke Luo Yunyang. Why did he have to be the scapegoat? He definitely couldnt die at this mans hands. Therefore, the unyielding Sky-Ripping Golden Roc remained extremely quiet.

He was very quiet indeed!

Although the 10 great source beasts occupied the starry skies, none of them had any intention of acting. The other side was stronger after all.

"Let me fire a shot first and let everyone judge me!" Luo Yunyang couldnt let this drag on for too long, as drawing the bow and arrow this way really hurt his body.

This simple proposition made the fear in the Sky-Ripping Golden Rocs heart double. He definitely wasnt willing to become an example for others. Thus, he immediately exclaimed loudly, "The Golden Roc Race acknowledges that you have won the Race Blood Battle."

The moment the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc said this, his massive body instantly backed away frantically.

The other nine Heaven-Grade source beasts looked at the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc in disdain. Although they were all great Heaven-Grade source beasts, the relationship between them was one of fierce rivalry.

If one of them died, it would be a blessing.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc had come over first and challenged Luo Yunyang to this blood battle. How dare this shameless b*stard actually announce that Luo Yunyang had won the challenge?

Many source beasts thought that the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was despicable. Some of them even started to wonder whether this scheming b*stard had been colluding with Luo Yunyang all along.

They had all joined forces to attack him, yet before they could even display their might, this human had beaten them!

The Sky-Ripping Golden Rocs retreat left the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts in disarray. Although they werent willing to add another similar entity to their ranks, they didnt want to fight to the death with Luo Yunyang either.

When Luo Yunyang pointed his arrow at the Dark Ice Devil Leopard, the leopard was even more straightforward.

"I acknowledge your victory! Youve won!"

Practically as soon as the Dark Ice Devil Leopard said these words, the other source beasts simultaneously announced that Luo Yunyang had passed this challenge.

Although the sparrow with the ice and fire tail didnt acknowledge his victory, it spread its wings and shot through the sky.

A massive battle that had been on the verge of breaking out had been avoided in the blink of an eye. Only the churning mists were left behind to show Changan and the entire Da Alliance what had just happened.

In an instant, everyone in the Da Alliance knew.

Although Luo Yunyang was still a resident of the Da Alliance, he actually transcended the Da Alliance and surpassed all its citizens.

Even though this resulted in some complicated feelings, everyone was delighted about the benefits this battle had brought.

The source beasts retreated completely from the domain of humankind, which had expanded at least 10 times due to the changes the earth had experienced. Even the most dimwitted dire beasts started to go into seclusion.

After the dangers caused by the massive changes to the earth, the Da Alliance now seemed about to experience the good side of life.

A new Chairman was chosen and Lu Qubing was elected unanimously. The few people that wanted to compete with Lu Qubing crowded around him with beaming expressions.

They all knew very well why this was happening.

Luo Yunyang strolled slowly outside Changan City. Thanks to his mind power, no one around him noticed who he was.

The throngs of people coming and going made Changan City flourish. Meanwhile, the different kinds of transformed source beasts that came to trade gave Changan City a peculiar flavor.

Luo Yunyang watched the pedestrians and shook his head gently as he got ready to return to his own cultivation area. Although the view in Changan wasnt bad, he didnt have any intention of admiring it.

"Come visit the Ice Fire Nest, Luo Yunyang. We have some matters to discuss!" a faint voice that was both distinct and melodious said in his ear. However, Luo Yunyang frowned when he heard it.

The Ice Fire Nest was the abode of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow. The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow was the first in rank existence among the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts.

Although the sparrow hadnt made a move when Luo Yunyang had used his Divine Setting Sun Bow, Luo Yunyang still had some doubts about this beast.

Could this invitation to the Ice Fire Nest be a trap?

Despite the thoughts in his head, Luo Yunyang rose to the skies and flew in the direction of the Ice Fire Nest. His cultivation base had improved even further, so Luo Yunyang wasnt afraid of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

It took him at least an hour to travel from his residence to the Ice Fire Nest. When he arrived there, he found the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the other 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts waiting for him.

Luo Yunyang liked the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc the least. When he saw Luo Yunyang, a cold glint rippled through the rocs eyes.

When Luo Yunyang sensed another aura beside the Ice Fire Divine Sparrows, he was alerted.

This aura seemed even more powerful than the sparrows. When he sensed this aura, Luo Yunyang felt his heart freeze for a moment.

As his eyes focused in the direction of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, he noticed a figure that seemed to be created out of flowing water. This figure looked like a misty fairy among the clouds.

Due to the Transformation Grass, beasts and birds could take human form. However, Luo Yunyang could tell that this figure was definitely a person.

Its blue dress was as simple and clean as a hibiscus out of the water and a lotus in the summer sun. The figure looked neat, refreshing and pleasant. Even though the girl wasnt wearing a veil, she seemed to exude a hazy kind of beauty.

"There is actually a human among the decision-makers of this place. Not bad, right?" The lady smiled gently at Luo Yunyang.

Although her voice was pleasant, Luo Yunyang was certain that he had never heard this language before.

Fortunately, the meaning of her words was explained in his ear.

"Luo Yunyang, this is Princess Yunxi. She has come to request our help in obtaining an item." The Ice Fire Divine Sparrows tone was respectful as he introduced the lady.

Princess Yunxi? Luo Yunyang frowned. This was the first time he had heard this name. Furthermore, the humans of the Da Alliance hadnt used the term princess in a long time.

"I am Blue Rain Empire King Qingluos firstborn Yunxi." The lady smiled at Luo Yunyang.

"I have come here for a reason. I want to ask you all to help me obtain an item. Of course, I will give you a suitable reward."

A blue jade bottle appeared in the ladys hands as she spoke. "For example, this is Primal Dao Water."