Supreme Uprising Chapter 338

Chapter 338 Extraordinary Nobility

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Luo Yunyang had no idea what the Primal Dao Water was, as this was the first time he was hearing about it. However, the eyes of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and other source beasts lit up with a covetous glint.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc’s eyes were shining in an electrifying way, as though he was itching to take the blue jade bottle himself.

Unfortunately, Yunxi shook the jade bottle once and put it back in her sleeve. The corners of her mouth curled up as she said without any delay, “It’s alright if you are unwilling to help. I shall not force you. You can choose to leave now.”

The 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts did not move. Their eyes were fixed on Yunxi. Eventually, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc broke the silence by saying, “Will what you ask of us cause us to lose our lives?”

“If you make any mistakes, you might end up losing your lives indeed,” Yunxi replied bluntly.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc laughed with a cynical expression before he said, “No pain, no gain. Ha ha!”

Luo Yunyang, who was extremely familiar with the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc’s style, knew exactly what was on his mind when he said this.

Luo Yunyang found Yunxi’s sudden appearance strange and felt uncertain deep down. He had hoped to sit this out and reap the benefits of anything he wasn’t particularly sure of later. Hence, if there were no clear directions regarding this situation, he would definitely not declare his intentions.

The other nine great Heaven-Grade source beasts felt the same way. The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc didn’t say much else either. Instead, he acted as if he hadn’t said those aggressive words just a moment ago.

“No pain, no gain indeed. If no one here wants to grab this chance to get rich, I will not force you. Everything will end here!” Yunxi exclaimed once again after a brief moment of silence.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow was the first to answer. “I am willing to help you retrieve this item. However, what I want is not the Primal Dao Water. I want to receive the rank of a noble.”

“I want the rank of a noble as well!” the Dark Ice Devil Leopard chimed in.

The words of the two Heaven-Grade source beasts caused Yunxi’s expression to change suddenly. She obviously hadn’t expected them to request something as outrageous as this.

After hesitating for a moment, Yunxi laughed softly and said, “As long as you help me complete this task, I could grant you all the rank of a noble.”

Her words caused a huge shift in the mentality of the other beasts. Even though they had been mostly aloof during the discussion, their eyes now lit up with energy and passion.

“Is it really possible for us to attain the rank of a noble?” the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc eventually asked.

The smile on Yunxi’s face became even more radiant as she said, “As I mentioned earlier, this task is very dangerous. However, I’m giving you my word that I will not be stingy in rewarding you for your services.”

Yunxi extended her pale slender arms and yawned lethargically before she said with heavy eyes, “My hectic journey has left me really exhausted. I am going to rest for a while. Do let me know when you’ve reached a verdict.”

As she spoke, Yunxi walked into the guest room of the Ice Fire Nest. After she left, weird, mysterious markings began emerging at the space where Luo Yunyang and the source beasts were.

As countless of these markings gathered, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow took the initiative to break the silence. “Now you can all begin sharing your views.”

“How did you meet this Yunxi, Boss?” the Dark Ice Devil Leopard asked suspiciously.

“Would you believe me if I said that she was the one who came looking for me?” the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow asked, his voice echoing around.

“Of course I would, Boss.” The Dark Ice Devil Leopard was the first to show his absolute loyalty.

Meanwhile, the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the other Heaven-Grade source beasts didn’t say anything. Their expressions made it obvious that they did not trust the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s words.

She had come looking for them? This was completely out of the blue and definitely not normal!

“If any of you think that I am plotting something, you may jolly well leave this instant.” The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow snorted, as if to show his dissatisfaction to the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and everyone else.

“I just wanted to confirm that the promised deal regarding attaining nobility was real,” said the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, his eyes fixed on the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

“It should be real!” replied the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow while nodding his head.

There was a building excitement among the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the other source beasts, whose eyes lit up.

Although he had temporarily decided to advance further with the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the rest of them, Luo Yunyang still had his doubts and reservations about what Yunxi had said.

The only way to make the most beneficial decision would be to consult the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts themselves.

“Can I ask if anyone is actually familiar with the situation in the Blue Rain Empire? Would you be able to share the details with me?” asked Luo Yunyang after pondering this for a bit.

His question disrupted the surrounding peace. The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow shot a look at Luo Yunyang and threw a white jade pendant in his direction.

When the pendant landed in Luo Yunyang’s hands, a star chart appeared in his mind. The red parts of the chart showed the area they were in, and the blue parts represented the Blue Rain Empire.

The massive Blue Rain Empire occupied thousands of planets, so it was unknown how many inhabitants were in it. However, one thing was certain. The Blue Rain Empire was way too large compared to the area where Luo Yunyang and the others resided.

Although there weren’t any labels or scaling information on the map, through visual observation, Luo Yunyang was able to tell that the Blue Rain Empire was a place even the 10 great Heaven-Grade beasts couldn’t afford to offend.

The two sides were incomparable. In terms of power alone, the difference was way too big.

“Boss, although this mission is dangerous, it is still a unique chance,” a giant dragon with many horns said in a low voice. “If we fawn over this princess and gain genuine nobility within the Blue Rain Empire, then we will not need to live life on the margin anymore!”

Live life on the margin?

Luo Yunyang glanced at the cold eyes of the giant dragon. He never would have thought that a fierce beast would say such a thing.

If they were living life on the margin, then what about the ordinary humans on Earth?

The giant dragon, who seemed to sense Luo Yunyang’s suspicions, laughed mischievously. “You just came crawling out of the gutter, Luo Yunyang. What do you even know? We might proclaim ourselves to be the kings of these lands, but do you know why we do not have planet-grade entities yet?”

Suddenly, he said in a mocking manner, “He he Do you think god-grade powerhouses or God Emperors would just shut up shop and become kings?”

Luo Yunyang did not quite understand the boundaries of cultivation. Therefore, when he heard the giant dragon’s words, he said gravely, “The boundaries for planet-grade entities are”

“Beyond planet-grade entities are star-grade entities, and beyond star-grade entities are nebula-grade entities. Becoming a nebula-grade entity is like becoming a true ruler.”

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow stared vacantly into space before saying with a tinge of regret, “For us, the gulf is just too great! Although the 10 of us seem like the kings of the Divine Beast Wasteland, we actually also run the risk of dying. As long as someone needs to kill us, we might not even live to see the next sunrise. There are source cores within all our bodies after all.”

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s words made everyone fall silent. Even the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, who was always at odds with the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, lapsed into a momentary silence.

On the contrary, Luo Yunyang calmed down quickly. The land and the sky were limitless, so the strong fighters he would face would be as many as the stars in the sky. He would just have to keep getting stronger if he wanted to control his own fate.

“Therefore, we must take this opportunity to gain nobility in the Blue Rain Empire. Even if it’s the lowest noble title, we will still be able to settle down,” said the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow seriously.

“You all probably understand very well how harsh the Blue Rain Empire has been to source beasts and how hard it is for us to even obtain a noble title! Such an opportunity is like a pie falling from the sky!”

Then, he added irrefutably, “If she hadn’t asked for all the powerhouses, I would definitely have not informed the rest of you about this.”

“That is wise, Boss. I will follow you!” The Cold Ice Demon Panther was the first to make his stance clear and show his support for the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

Nobility awaited!

As Luo Yunyang thought about the vast Blue Rain Empire, he realized that he was from just a small piece of land. A faint look of determination suddenly appeared in his eyes.

He had to get this noble title both for himself and for his family.

Therefore, he replied instantly without any reservations, “I agree.”

After 15 minutes, the girl known as Yunxi was invited out respectfully by the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, who said gently, “Lady Yunxi, we have decided to accept your request and assist you in this task. However, we hope that you will keep your word and grant us a noble title after we complete our mission and help you retrieve this item.”

A flicker of hesitation appeared in her eyes when she heard about the noble title, yet it quickly vanished without a trace.

“I will absolutely keep my promise.” She suddenly seemed to notice the burning look in the eyes of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other source beasts. “I swear on my lord father’s name,” she said solemnly.

Once she said this, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other 10 Heaven-Grade beasts felt slightly more relaxed. Although they did not know much, they knew that swearing upon a royal person’s name was a guarantee.

Right now, they had to test whether they could help Yunxi accomplish her mission.

Once the conditions were discussed, the 10 great Heaven-Grade Beasts began behaving more submissively around her.

Yunxi didn’t immediately dispatch Luo Yunyang and everyone else. Instead, she began planning rapidly.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantis Sea God Palace, Zheyuan was being rebuked. Even though the voice speaking wasn’t raised much, it wasn’t light either, so perspiration kept flowing down his forehead.

He knew very well that just a thought from that supreme entity could send him to his grave.

“Wastrel! This was already in the bag, but because of trash like you and Luo Kai, some old fellas from the Blue Rain Empire seem to have become aware of the situation. You are lucky that they were too careless. Prepare the body for me. In three days, a strand of my spirit shall descend.”