Supreme Uprising Chapter 34

Chapter 34


When it came to Basic Telekinesis Cultivation, Luo Yunyang was more interested in the disarming technique and the flying technique.

When one’s telekinetic abilities reached a certain point, they could be used to envelope their body and create a flying effect.

Flying was something almost everyone wished they could do.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know whether his 35-point Mind Attribute was enough to allow him to fly, but he immediately tried enveloping his entire body with his telekinetic powers.

According to the requirements of levitation, Luo Yuyuang had to slowly urge his body to float. As he urged it, he felt his body slowly rise off the floor. After at least half an hour, Luo Yunyang had finally managed to levitate about a meter above the floor.

From a martialist’s perspective, one meter wasn’t much.

He was still flying, though!

When he was done, he felt a heavy weariness in his head.


Luo Yunyang fell on the floor. He suddenly felt as if he was on the verge of collapsing.

Did this count as learning how to fly?

His head hurt as Luo Yunyang clambered into bed and followed the methods shown in Basic Telekinesis Cultivation to train his mind power.

According to the introduction to telekinesis, geniuses needed three days to learn the basics and at least a month to successfully go through the threshold of Basic Telekinesis Cultivation.

However, Luo Yunyang had already crossed this threshold in an instant.

Cultivating telekinesis left him feeling extremely tranquil. As he lay on his bed, he was neither awake nor asleep. He just felt extremely comfortable.

Luo Yunyang’s communication device suddenly started ringing. Xu Zhong’s loud snarling could be heard through his watch. “Luo Yunyang, the sun is already up! Hurry up and get to the drill ground!”

Luo Yunyang was wide awake. When he bent down and glanced at his communication device, the time was already 8.30 a.m!

Xu Zhong had told him that the first session of the elite class would start at 8.30 a.m.

Without further ado, Luo Yunyang rushed towards the outskirts of the city.

Although he hadn’t raised his Speed, he still arrived at the drill ground outside the city in no time. When he got there, he saw that there were over 100 boys and girls standing around.

Something was not right. Everyone was wearing Rising Dragon Army uniforms. Luo Yunyang had gotten distracted during his cultivation the previous day, so he was still wearing the clothes his mother had prepared for him.

“This is our Newcomer King? What a disgrace!” a gloomy voice rang out when Luo Yunyang ran over.

Luo Yunyang traced its source and realized that the voice belonged to a slim middle-aged man.

The man was also wearing a Rising Dragon Army uniform. Although he stood up as straight as a javelin, when one looked at him, they couldn’t help but get the chills.

Xu Zhong rubbed his bald scalp. He seemed to want to speak, but in the end he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Xu Zhong was only a supporting character this time. He and a few men with the same epaulets on their shoulders were just escorting a tall elderly man with silver hair.

The old man had a golden-star epaulet on his shoulders. When he saw Luo Yunyang, he shook his head lightly and said dully, “Is coming late to your first class and not wearing your military uniform a result of becoming the Newcomer King?”

It was because he had overslept after cultivating!

“Sir, I think the Newcomer King should be a role model for all of us, not the black sheep of the herd!” a young man with handsome features and an air of haughtiness proclaimed loudly as he strode forward.

The moment he spoke, a chorus of voices echoed, “Right, the Newcomer King should be a role model. This person doesn’t have the bearing of a role model!”

“Is this sort of person even fit to be the Newcomer King?”

Luo Yunyang was not happy to meet this fellow or listen to his implicit words. He clearly doesn’t think I should be the Newcomer King!

After enjoying the special 70% discount on all his purchases, Luo Yunyang had come to think of the Newcomer King title as his exclusive property. He certainly wasn’t about to be polite to someone who was coveting it.

“Sir, I have experienced the privileges of being the Newcomer King, and I feel that being a little late and not wearing a uniform should be among those privileges. After all, the Newcomer King has to stand out from scum who just run their mouths! Whoever is offended by this is free to challenge me!”

The martialist with the gloomy voice, who had only been watching from the sidelines, flashed Luo Yunyang a cold grin when he heard his words.

When the other class members heard his shameless proclamation, they were left speechless. He had to be very arrogant to call them scum without the slightest bit of hesitation!


This was the word Luo Yunyang had used to address them. Immediately, a number of people started roaring angrily.

“You are the one who is scum, Luo Yunyang! I’m not happy that you got the Newcomer King title! I was planning on challenging you in one month, but after your reckless words, I might as well get rid of you right now! I, Jin Botian, am officially challenging you! If you can take three blows from me, I will concede that you are the Newcomer King!”

The elderly man standing in the middle smiled faintly. He nodded his head and said, “A good Newcomer King should stand out. If you can hold on to your Newcomer King status, the two requests you made today will be granted!”

“Sir, Guan Wanli is requesting to challenge the Newcomer King. Please approve his request!” The first person to step forward wasn’t the young man with the handsome features who had spoken first, but a rather tall, bulky martialist.

He stood at least two meters tall and gave off a powerful vibe.

“I know who you are, Guan Wanli. Alright, permission granted!” The elderly military man smiled at Guan Wanli. “Don’t disgrace your grandfather.”

“Don’t worry, sir!” As he spoke, Guan Wanli approached Luo Yunyang. “I know that you are fast, but being fast doesn’t mean that you are invincible. My family passes down the Unbreakable Golden Clock Skill from generation to generation. I will just stand here and let you hit me. If you can’t make me fall in three moves, you will hand over your Newcomer King title!” Guan Wanli said straightforwardly.

Luo Yunyang’s face broke into a grin. He knew that Guan Wanli seemed to be at a disadvantage, but this was actually a strategic move.

The strong always bullied the weak.

“Alright!” Luo Yunyang knew what Guan Wanli was trying to do, but he feigned ignorance and smiled in acceptance.

Xu Zhong frowned. He wanted to say something, but the elderly military man shot him a look that shut him up.

“Let’s begin!” a military officer standing next to Xu Zhong said.

Guan Wanli strode over to Luo Yunyang. As he took a deep breath, a crackling sound was heard from his body.

Luo Yunyang thought that Guan Wanli’s face seemed to have a faint metallic lustre to it.

“Unbreakable Golden Clock Level 3. Seems like this Old Guan really has such a successor!” the elderly military man lamented.