Supreme Uprising Chapter 342

Chapter 342 What Else Can You Not Do?

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Crown Prince Nanshan, Li Qingyun and the other three parties stood at the head of their ships and stared at Yunxi, who was about to do something. Although they didn’t say anything, the smiles on their faces said it all.

A minister would rather die than see their monarch humiliated!

However, even though the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts and Yunxi hadn’t achieved a master-servant relationship, they still didn’t feel very pleasant when Yunxi did this.

In the Divine Beast Wasteland, they had all been unparalleled powerful entities that had run rampant. However, they were totally useless now.

How disgraceful!

As he stared at the stardust, Luo Yunyang didn’t say a word. His mind quickly went to work. He had learned hundreds of techniques that contained True Intent during the year he had spent preparing for the Race Blood Battle.

This cultivation had increased his cultivation base and allowed his techniques and methods to improve by leaps and bounds.

Although he hadn’t really encountered any techniques like this magnetic light, the lack of a magnetic light didn’t necessarily mean the stardust gold couldn’t be collected.

Luo Yunyang, who already had an idea, stepped forward before Yunxi could do anything. “Let me handle this.”

Among the 11 subordinates that Yunxi had found, she trusted Luo Yunyang the most. If it hadn’t been for him, perhaps she wouldn’t even have been able to obtain a space-crossing divine ship.

A warm feeling flooded her heart as she watched Luo Yunyang step out again. Her worry and embarrassment suddenly vanished like smoke. He was so thoughtful He always gave her a push at the most crucial moment and allowed her to keep her cool.

However, although she was grateful that Luo Yunyang had acted promptly, Yunxi didn’t think that he would succeed.

The first time he might have gotten lucky, but the second time

As Yunxi was about to decline, Luo Yunyang swatted a palm over at the expanse of stardust.

Even though his golden palm was full of power, Li Qingyun giggled when she saw Luo Yunyang do this.

The 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts, who were filled with anticipation as they watched Luo Yunyang perform his technique, suddenly wanted to shut their eyes.

They were there to collect stardust gold, not let him create massive dust storms!

Yunxi shook her head silently. However, deep down she wasn’t angry with Luo Yunyang for creating a scene.

Wasn’t he doing all this for her after all? She sneaked a few glances at Luo Yunyang. This considerate fellow made her feel warm all over.

As she pondered whether to console Luo Yunyang later and show him a way out of this embarrassing situation, she saw Luo Yunyang suddenly brandish his hands at that space.

In the blink of an eye, layers of golden glow rushed towards him. When these golden lights halted before Luo Yunyang, the surging stardust had already rushed towards the space-crossing divine ship from all sides.

Nobody knew what materials this space-crossing divine ship was actually made of. However, when the stardust surged over, a thin membrane appeared above it and kept all the onrushing stardust outside.

Although the stardust fell and quickly returned to its former calm state, the over 100 specks of glittering stardust gold made the eyes of many people glow with envy.

The people who had consumed huge amounts of power and only managed to obtain a few measly handfuls of stardust gold were particularly envious. They actually even seemed a little embarrassed.

“So there is also another way!” a tall, big middle-aged man from Crown Prince Nanshan’s ship shouted loudly as his golden fists shot out at the expanse of stardust.

This strike was slightly more powerful than the Guardian Palms Luo Yunyang had just used, so the stardust that was lifted up was even greater.

However, as the stardust surged up, the man made a clawing motion and layers of black stardust rolled over.

At first, the man was smiling wide. However, as that vast whirlwind of stardust rushed over, his expression turned ugly.

He instinctively retreated a few meters and then realized that the stardust had been blocked by the space-crossing divine ship’s barrier.

The man, who had toiled in vain and humiliated himself, had an extremely dark expression on his face.

After his failure, everyone present sensed that Luo Yunyang’s seemingly simple technique might not have been so simple after all.

“Just gather 1,000 stardust gold specks, Yunyang. That will do,” Yunxi advised Luo Yunyang gently as he gathered stardust gold specks in his hands.

While her gaze kept circling back to Luo Yunyang, the smile on her face couldn’t be concealed. It was a warm, radiant smile that gave off a serene feeling. Anyone who saw it couldn’t help but want to serve her.

Luo Yunyang acknowledged her smile with a nod. However, it didn’t seem like he had any intention of quitting while he was ahead. As each Guardian Palm shot out, stardust gold kept gathering in his hand.

The six space-crossing divine ships they had acquired at the beginning had already dispersed far away. Although Crown Prince Nanshan didn’t want to get separated from Yunxi right now, they really couldn’t stay around Luo Yunyang anymore.

The consumption-return ratio of the magnetic lights was slow, and that b*stard Luo Yunyang was really impudent! This method, which was like a raging gale sweeping up fallen leaves, caused the harvest of their subordinates to decrease even more.

On one occasion, after wasting magnetic force for a long time, the final amount of stardust gold reaped was only one speck.

Wasn’t this basically bullying?

Even though Crown Prince Nanshan and the others felt extremely sullen and hard-pressed by Luo Yunyang’s methods, they couldn’t bring themselves to say this. After all, everyone had already agreed that they would be relying on their own methods.

Luo Yunyang had acquired at least 3,000 grains of stardust gold before he stopped. Although he hadn’t completely understood the use of stardust gold, just the smelting aspect of it made it a really great material.

Luo Yunyang only realized how vast the world was after entering the Blue Rain Empire. Having more in reserves would definitely be a good thing.

When the space-crossing divine ship passed through the space formed of stardust, the purple sun-like celestial body appeared even larger.

Luo Yunyang felt a surging power pressing down on him as he gazed at the celestial body.

How powerful would a Nebula-Grade powerhouse be?

More than 10 planets were revolving non-stop around the purple sun just like real planets. Gathering stardust gold had gone smoothly, so Yunxi was feeling cheerful as she pointed at the planets and said, “I remember reading some related excerpts back home. It’s said that, to a Nebula-Grade powerhouse, every planet is a different extraordinary ability.”

“The more planets there are, the more techniques they are able to unleash! Ascending higher than this level depends on these planets. However, we cannot even speculate how.”

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts seemed to be listening to an imperial ape. The ape giggled. “I don’t aspire to become a Nebula-Grade entity. As long as I can become a Star-Grade entity, I will be more than satisfied.”

Yunxi smiled, but didn’t say anything. A dim expression suddenly appeared on the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s face. Among the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts, he was the one closest to the Star-Grade.

However, all these years, he had remained at the peak of the Planet-Grade and found it difficult to progress.

Although Luo Yunyang was the one who had complained the least, deep down his yearning to become a Nebula-Grade powerhouse intensified.

“Though there are some opportunities among these planets, the most important thing is to obtain the items left behind by our predecessor. Therefore, we should head for the main planet right away.”

Then, Yunxi added earnestly, “Besides the thing I am looking for, everything else you obtain will belong to you.”

When she said this, a fire seemed to light in the eyes of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts.

The things inside a Nebula-Grade powerhouse’s secret stash would be really attractive.

“Can I ask you something, Miss Yun? Why hasn’t the Blue Rain Empire dispatched even higher-level entities to obtain the treasures of this sacred realm?” Luo Yunyang asked as he glanced at the main planet, which kept getting bigger and bigger.

“Although a Nebula-Grade powerhouse is dead, the worlds left behind still possess some instinct. According to the extrapolations of the old ancestors, this deceased powerhouse wanted to leave behind and impart some things.”

Yunxi’s gaze became steely. “If someone above the Planet-Grade entered, they would be immediately killed by the origin source power left behind by the Nebula-Grade powerhouse. If someone above the Nebula-Grade entered, this whole realm would immediately crumble and disintegrate. Therefore, this mission is perfect for us!”

Although Yunxi had used the word ‘us’, everyone present, including the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, knew very well that this word didn’t include them.

Even if they reached that huge star, they would only be able to obtain some ordinary items. They most likely wouldn’t get a share of the most essential treasures.

However, this was already good enough.

Time and space flew by quickly as the purple star became bigger and brighter. Although Luo Yunyang and the others weren’t turned to ash by the broiling lights, that sensation made it difficult for them to breathe.

Luo Yunyang gazed at the main star. As it kept flickering, he suddenly felt something.

He seemed to see a giant standing on the starry skies.

The giant, who blocked out the light from the purple star, transformed into an inexhaustible glow and passed into eternity.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to chase after the giant, he realized that he couldn’t see anything besides the main star.

The star seemed boundless, so as Luo Yunyang and the others overlooked it, all they saw were layers after layers of sand grains.

There was no greenery, no life. There was nothing but layers and layers of sand grains.

The only thing that made their eyes brighten was a massive tower that seemed to be thousands of meters tall.

They should probably have been able to see this massive tower even from the stardust sand zone. However, they only saw it when they descended towards the main star.

Yunxi’s eyes glowed brightly when she saw the tower. Her voice trembled slightly as she said, “It’s the Divine Source Tower. We have finally arrived. As long as we can obtain the Divine Source Tower’s imparted knowledge”

The space-crossing divine ship and the Divine Source Tower seemed to have some sort of connection. As Yunxi spoke, the ship shuddered and a purple beam of light shot from the Divine Source Tower and instantly enveloped the space-crossing divine ship.

In a flash, the speed of the ship increased multifold as it hurtled towards the Divine Source Tower!