Supreme Uprising Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Extraordinary Gravity

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From above, the sacred tower looked lofty and majestic, yet from below, Luo Yunyang could see how enormous it actually was.

Compared to this massive golden tower, they all seemed like insignificant ants.

“Is this sacred tower habitable?” asked the Dark Ice Devil Leopard. Although he had always been like a younger brother to the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow, he had now found someone new to fawn on in Yunxi.

Yunxi gave him a faint smile as she said gently, “If my guess is correct, this is a weapon!”

When he heard this, the Dark Ice Devil Leopard shuddered. Even the collected Ice Fire Divine Sparrow felt a chill in his heart.

This was actually a weapon. Just thinking about it was terrifying. Although they all had massive bodies, this sacred tower wouldn’t just break their bones if it struck. It would obliterate them completely.

Even a planet would be in danger of getting destroyed if it was struck by this sacred tower.

“Lady Yunxi, could the object you want be this sacred tower?” the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow asked as he stared at the tower.

After their past confrontations, Yunxi’s relationship with Luo Yunyang and the others had improved significantly. “Although I would like to have it, that would only be a pipe dream,” she replied with an honest smile.

Then, she pointed at the sacred tower. “The object I need should be inside the tower.”

In the end, Yunxi didn’t describe the thing she needed and Luo Yunyang and the others didn’t press her for answers.

Right at the front of the sacred tower was a majestic huge door. When Luo Yunyang walked over, the huge door didn’t obstruct him in the slightest. Instead, it opened slowly.

It seemed like Luo Yunyang’s group was being invited in.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was slightly excited when he saw the massive door. This was a Nebula-Grade powerhouse’s weapon, so the benefits inside would definitely be enough to make one go crazy.

Although he hadn’t thought about what kind of treasures he wanted, he really wouldn’t mind rushing in first and getting a few things.

However, when the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc rushed over to the golden doors, a golden light flashed. The beast seemed to smash straight into a massive primordial mountain before it was thrown backward.

Given the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc’s weight, if he had fallen on the Da Alliance’s land, even a mountain, let alone a city, would have been smashed to smithereens.

However, when he fell, the ground all around him only trembled a little.

The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Although his injuries weren’t serious, they made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Could Could this be extraordinary gravity?” the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow said in a slightly wavering voice. He was much more knowledgeable and experienced than the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

Yunxi’s self-confident expression turned ghastly. She had originally been confident about completing this task, yet she had never expected that they would encounter such an obstacle.

Anyone that wanted to enter this sealed door could only rely on their own strength.

Naturally, a whole new world awaited any person that walked through. Anyone that couldn’t would have to return empty-handed.

Although Yunxi was confident in her own abilities, she didn’t have much confidence in the 10 great Heaven-Grade beasts. No, it had to be Luo Yunyang.

After the past two tasks, Luo Yunyang’s status in her heart had elevated to the point that Yunxi believed he could compare to all the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts put together.

However, the demi-human was the weakest one among them physically. Even though the other aspects of Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base were quite good, he wanted to pass through this extraordinary gravity

Just as Yunxi was starting to get worried, Luo Yunyang suddenly rushed in the direction of the Dark Ice Devil Leopard, who was currently mulling over the problem of the extraordinary gravity. His physical body was much stronger than an ordinary source beast’s, yet this wasn’t his specialty.

His speed, which was his talent, didn’t seem suitable in a situation that required strength. However, he didn’t want to be left out either.

What was going on? Why would Luo Yunyang try to hit him for no reason?

“Don’t block me. The objects inside are mine”

As he said this, Luo Yunyang rushed over towards the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc. The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc was in a good mood, so he launched his own counterattack when Luo Yunyang attacked him for no reason.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other 10 source beasts were also involved. Even Yunxi was swept along.

When Crown Prince Nanshan and the others arrived and saw the situation, a thought arose in their minds.

This was an internal strife over the treasure inside the tower. Even Yunxi was being stifled amid the infighting.

They all immediately took delight in the other party’s misfortune and practically rose in the air at the same time and rushed towards the massive doors.

“Thank you so much, Little Sis Yunxi!” Now that nobody was obstructing them, Crown Prince Nanshan swept past Luo Yunyang and the others and rushed towards the massive open door.

The moment he spoke, he smashed heavily into the golden glow that had suddenly appeared.

Although Crown Prince Nanshan’s cultivation base wasn’t lacking, he hadn’t expected this. He had currently been too complacent

Bang, bang, bang

In an instant, the 11 retainers following tightly behind Crown Prince Nanshan acted like flies smashing into a glass window and getting thrown backward. They all landed on the ground heavily.

Although their injuries weren’t serious, they all looked as though they had stepped into a pile of dogsh*t.

Luo Yunyang, who was currently engaged in a battle royale with the Dark Ice Devil Leopard and the others, said as though he had been given a reminder, “Let’s stop fighting. There’s a wall by this door!”

When the Dark Ice Devil Leopard and the other source beasts saw the light, they finally understood why Luo Yunyang had attacked them.

Their eyes, which immediately landed on Luo Yunyang, were filled with a restraining fear. This fellow was really lacking in morals!

Yunxi had already realized this when she saw Crown Prince Nanshan rushing over. She instantly stopped attacking and told Crown Prince Nanshan, “I really have to thank you, cousin. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been the one that smashed against that wall.”

Crown Prince Nanshan and the others were no fools, so they could tell by Yunxi and her party’s appearance that they knew that they had fallen for Yunxi’s ploy.

If an ordinary person had dared play such a trick on him, Crown Prince Nanshan would definitely have had them flayed and killed.

However, it was Yunxi and her party who had tricked him, so even though a sea of expletives wanted to burst from his mouth, Crown Prince Nanshan had to swallow his anger.

This wasn’t the place for this.

Beautiful ladies always found it hard to coexist. Li Qingyun giggled and said, “Seems like Little Sis has also been blocked by this extraordinary gravity. I told you that you shouldn’t have hired these pieces of trash. This sort of place requires true ability, so the help they can provide you is insufficient!”

She then turned her gaze to Luo Yunyang and said, “These creatures might be able to make it across, but the demi-human has no hope.”

The Dark Ice Devil Leopard, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and the other source beasts all wanted to greet this lady, who was very beautiful yet sharp-tongued and unkind.

They had all coordinated to put on an act, as the one being verbally attacked was Luo Yunyang. However, her words seemed wrong.

Creatures? She and her entire f*cking family were creatures!

Even though they were itching to speak, they didn’t dare say this out loud, so all they could do was curse silently.

Although Yunxi was angry at Li Qingyun for always trying to embarrass her, she was also aware of the truth in her words. Thus, she couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy deep down.

If Luo Yunyang couldn’t enter, then her confidence would take a huge blow.

“I will enter and take a look first,” said the sincere-looking young man who had been amongst the people that had smashed the barrier. His body was sufficiently strong, so he hadn’t been affected much.

As he strode towards the massive door, the door barrier slowly flickered and appeared. When the man got close, a purple glow started to emanate from his body.

Golden and purple light intertwined. In half a minute, the man had already vanished beyond the golden glow of the door.

When he succeeded, the 11 powerhouses who had followed this man all used their own cultivation techniques and rushed towards the extraordinary gravity on the sealed door.

In the blink of an eye, seven of them had passed through. Although the remaining four did their best and tried all sorts of methods, they found it difficult to pass through the sealed door.

Even though 7 out of 11 was a considerable loss, it was still an acceptable result. The sincere-looking man that had passed through the door didn’t bring his subordinates in. Instead, he stood on the other side and said, “It’s a different world on the other side of this door. I shall wait here for you all.”

Crown Prince Nanshan and the others, as well as their subordinates, started to cross the extraordinary gravity. Although they all possessed varying strengths, the majority of them still managed to pass by relying on their own power.

The 10 great Heaven-Grade beasts now sensed the disparity between them. After Yunxi made the necessary arrangements, they started to cross this obstacle. In the end, only the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow succeeded.

However, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow had consumed all his energy to cross over to the other side, so he nearly crashed to the ground.

Yunxi didn’t cross over, and neither did Li Qingyun. Both their eyes were currently on Luo Yunyang. Yunxi was worried, whereas Li Qingyun was waiting to rejoice in his misfortune.

“You have already accomplished your mission,” Yunxi said softly. “I will definitely fulfill my promise, whether I am able to succeed or not.”

Her tone carried a faint decisiveness.

Li Qingyun, who was observing the current situation, said mockingly, “I still wish I could get to know you better, Little Brother. Do you not dare go through? Could it be that, as a demi-human, you really feel like you are weaker than ordinary humans like us?”