Supreme Uprising Chapter 344

Chapter 344 The Body Tempering Golden Body Fluid

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Beautiful Li Qingyun kept shooting looks at Luo Yunyang. It actually seemed that as long as Luo Yunyang was willing, she would get passionate him. When she thought about this, her heart suddenly started beating faster.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang wasn’t as sentimental as she had imagined. This despicable fellow, who didn’t even care about her, seemed to exude a coldness throughout his entire body.

Luo Yunyang was just standing there without saying a word. The word demi-human made him angry deep down.

That woman and her whole f*cking family were the demi-humans!

Even so, Luo Yunyang was rather satisfied with Yunxi’s behavior. “Don’t worry, I will go over!” he told her.

Although he said this casually, both Li Qingyun and Yunxi seemed surprised.

However, there were some differences between the two of them. The startled look on Yunxi’s face turned to pleasant surprise, while Li Qingyun’s surprise turned into a sneer.

Even the source beasts with ancient blood running through their veins had a glow flowing from their heads. How could a demi-human fare any better?

Luo Yunyang didn’t use his attribute regulator. Although this sort of gravity was a challenge, it was also a way of tempering physical strength.

The Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart could also train the body. However, Luo Yunyang hadn’t used it recently.

How could he let such an opportunity slip away?

Luo Yunyang strolled up slowly at a leisurely pace. However, when he was 20 meters away from the huge door, he felt a massive pressure envelop him.

Due to the effect of this massive pressure, Luo Yunyang found even breathing somewhat difficult.

As he frowned unconsciously, Luo Yunyang stepped forward once again. Although this step wasn’t big, he felt all the veins in his body swell up.

“He’s reached his limits!” Li Qingyun said as she saw the veins bulging on Luo Yunyang’s face like little dragons.

Yunxi clenched her fists tightly. She wished from the bottom of her heart that Luo Yunyang would make it through.

Besides the fact that she would be a little low on assistants, Yunxi also had some complicated emotions. She had already unknowingly started to become dependant on Luo Yunyang.

This dependence came from deep down.

As Luo Yunyang took yet another step, he felt as though his body was being pierced by countless little needles. Blood started to seep out of every inch of his skin.

Even though there wasn’t much blood, red marks had already started to form on his skin.

Luo Yunyang was still a fair distance away from the massive door. Although he wanted to dash over, it was impossible.

“Make him give up! Otherwise, he will lose his life here!” Li Qingyun couldn’t help but blurt out.

Yunxi didn’t refute her words. She actually nodded before shouting, “Luo Yunyang, hurry back here! You have already kept your promise. You can just wait aside with the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the others!”

Luo Yunyang turned his head and flashed a smile at Yunxi. He appreciated her worry, persuasion and genuine kindness. However, he would not listen. If he retreated now, he would have suffered for nothing.

As he thought about this, Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator and raised his Constitution a little.

If he raised his Power and Constitution to the max, crossing over would be a breeze for him.

However, in that case, it would be difficult for him to reach his limits.

Luo Yunyang took yet another step!

Although this step was much slower than the previous one, he felt a wave of purple power start to stir in his blood when he moved forward.

It was the Purple Dragon Vein!

The Purple Dragon Vein, which hadn’t proved useful ever since it had been awakened, started to stir when it faced this massive pressure. A faint purple glow began to speedily envelop Luo Yunyang’s body.

Luo Yunyang could clearly feel every single muscle of his body moving frantically and getting stronger.

As he was shrouded by the purple glow, Luo Yunyang looked like a spirit. However, the purple glow scoured his body and made him stronger.

Although Luo Yunyang’s Constitution slowly increased, as he stood firmly, one point was added to both his Constitution and Purple Dragon Vein.

One step, one step, one step

Although the distance between Luo Yunyang and the door was like a city moat, he strove forward continuously like a hardworking tiny ant that kept pushing forward with no intention of giving up.

“He is currently tempering his physical body. I can see that he is making progress, but over-training at this point in time could cause him to crumble straightway!” Li Qingyun said gravely without so much as a coquettish smile.

Yunxi and Li Qingyun had never been friends or been left alone together. However, Li Qingyun’s worry for Luo Yunyang touched Yunxi’s closely-guarded heart. Right now, she felt as though she and Li Qingyun had some form of tacit understanding.

Yunxi glanced at Li Qingyun and said softly, “Do you have any ideas to make him stop then?”

Li Qingyun shook her head. She didn’t have any ideas either. What she didn’t understand was why she had spoken to Yunxi about this.

Was it really a pity to stand by idly and watch a decent person die right before them?

Luo Yunyang kept making adjustments to his body’s qualities. Each increment was always one or two points, yet thanks to these slow, continuous additions, he felt his body becoming stronger and stronger. His Golden Body and Purple Dragon Vein, that had nothing to do with each other, also started to merge.

At the very least, the glow emanating from Luo Yunyang’s body was starting to take on a purple-gold hue.

Crown Prince Nanshan and the others, who were standing across the gravity barrier, fixed their eyes on Luo Yunyang. Their originally mocking looks had started to fade.

“Although he is a demi-human, that tenacity of his is not bad!” said the sincere-looking man who had led his party through the barrier first.

Some people nodded the heads. However, Crown Prince Nanshan had a cold glint in his eyes. He really didn’t like this kind of person.

“So what if he is tenacious? He is still just a demi-human. Do you really think we have to pay attention to a demi-human?”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s words were harsh and unkind. He had wanted to speak with disdain, but when he had ultimately spoken, he realized that his tone had clearly carried a hint of jealousy.

His Constitution figures on the attribute regulator kept increasing. By the time Luo Yunyang reached the large entrance, his Constitution Attribute had increased by more than 10 silver points.

This increase made Luo Yunyang feel as though he had been energized. Meanwhile, the massive force crushing his body like a mountain had started to decrease slowly.

Adding another three points to his Constitution and Power would probably allow him to make it through. Luo Yunyang thought to himself as he calculated how to take the next step and obtain the best benefits.

However, as he was about to act, he heard Yunxi shout, “Yunyang, wait for me!”

Li Qingyun, who was standing beside Yunxi, had never imagined that Yunxi would actually shout so sweetly and rush directly towards Luo Yunyang.

Before she had any time to react, Yunxi had already rushed to Luo Yunyang’s side, glanced at Luo Yunyang and produced a jade bottle.

When her snow-white palms used the bottle gently, a golden glow flew out and landed on Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang froze. Just as he was about to react, Yunxi said, “Don’t resist. Just hurry up and absorb it.”

Luo Yunyang sensed that this golden glow was actually droplets of golden fluid.

When he felt this golden fluid, he sensed a thick vital energy within it.

This item was probably a rare treasure. Luo Yunyang used the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart without hesitation and frantically absorbed the golden glow that bathed his body.

As this wave of light flowed into his body like a powerful current, Luo Yunyang felt as though his body was surging.

Every inch of his muscles and skin started to grow rapidly. Luo Yunyang even felt every single cell in his body swell up.

“It’s a Body-Tempering Golden Body Fluid” Li Qingyun muttered when she realized what was in the bottle Yunxi had produced.

Her voice sounded slightly relaxed and gratified. There was also some faint jealousy in her voice that she wasn’t conscious of.

Luo Yunyang felt his Constitution rise rapidly. Each time he used the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, he felt his body’s strength increase by leaps and bounds.

Back on earth, Luo Yunyang had used all sorts of treasures. However, they had all been utter trash compared to this Body-Tempering Golden Body Fluid. When Luo Yunyang absorbed all the power within his body, he realized that his Constitution had increased by more than 50 points.

An increase of 50 points was no small deal for Luo Yunyang. Besides, as his Constitution increased, the three source cores within his body also increased rapidly.

“Yunxi is crazy. To think that she actually used Body-Tempering Golden Body Fluid on a demi-human! Who knows how much she must have sacrificed to obtain this fluid!”

“She must have probably obtained it as she prepared to break through to the Star-Grade. Without this Body-Tempering Golden Body Fluid, her probability of breaking through would decrease by at least three times.”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s voice sounded like a snarl. He was currently waving his hands wildly in rage, as though he had gone insane.