Supreme Uprising Chapter 346

Chapter 346 Divine Blazing Body

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In Yunxi’s opinion, Luo Yunyang was a very understanding person whose words and actions were so polite that they made everyone feel comfortable. Most importantly, he seemed to know everything! Although she did not say this explicitly, the look on her face revealed that she considered Luo Yunyang an indispensable force due to these qualities of his.

Although she had firmly rejected Crown Prince Nanshan’s request, her mood was awful, as she knew that she was the weakest among the six of them.

Everyone else had at least 6 or 7 subordinates, but she only had Luo Yunyang and the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow. To make matters worse, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow didn’t appear to be that dependable right now.

Their odds of success would not seem high if it was just her and Luo Yunyang.

In the blink of an eye, the purple mountain range came into sight. When she climbed up, she realized that things weren’t as simple as she had thought.

From afar, tiny purple figures seemed to cover any available space on the mountain range, spreading out like patches of purple vegetation.

On top of the mountain was a ball of purple essence flame that was dancing along with the excited purple figures around it.

“Spirit fires!” Yunxi furrowed her brows and gasped as she glanced at the purple flame.

These spirit fires, which were numerous and densely packed, seemed boundless. Obtaining the purple flame didn’t seem like such an easy task now.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow stared at the sea of spirit fires and pondered for a moment. “Why don’t you let me fly over and give it a try, Lady Xi?”

Yunxi thought for a moment and nodded her head. She felt confident that she could obtain the flame herself, but she didn’t mind not doing this personally.

After all, she didn’t know what other difficulties awaited her.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow raised his blazing wings and flew straight towards the mountain peak.

Even though he had sounded subdued while asking this, he felt a sense of pride deep down. This pride belonged solely to the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beast kings.

When he’d first arrived in this expanse of space, he had planned on acting only when he had to and taking a step back when he was not needed. There was no reason to become cannon fodder after all.

However, it had never crossed his mind that the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts would actually be a burden.

Thinking back, he felt pissed that he had almost died while trying to enter the first level of the tower.

This could be considered a severe setback for the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

Therefore, he decided to make good use of this opportunity to prove himself and show that he wasn’t a scrub.

Meanwhile, the dancing spirit fires that had once covered the mountain peak took flight as well. Countless spirit fires turned into a huge overwhelming purple cloud and hurled themselves towards the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

A loud howl left the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s mouth as he flapped both his wings. His originally bright red wings turned a shade of azure in a second.

Shards of glowing ice flew towards the overwhelming cloud. Blue and purple were similar color tones, so it was difficult to determine the outcome of the clash.

However, in a split second, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow had already reached the middle of the mountain.

Hundreds of massive spirit flames gathered in mid-air, formed a large flying beast and blocked the path of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

The sparrow, who didn’t seem fazed at all, aimed two columns of different powers towards the large flying beast.

However, Lady Luck didn’t favor the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow this time. Although the energy columns destroyed and shattered quite a number of spirit fires, many more surrounded the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow,

Soon, the sparrow was completely surrounded by spirit fires.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow unleashed rays of bright scarlet flames and azure frost desperately, forming massive rings of light that turned countless spirit fires to dust.

However, there were too many spirit flames. The closer the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow got to the purple divine flame, the stronger the spirit flames got.

While the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow was struggling to advance, Luo Yunyang noticed four large spirit fires heading towards the sparrow.

“This is not good,” Luo Yunyang told Yunxi softly as he glanced at the desperate Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

“We have no other choice right now! Follow me!” Yunxi replied firmly with a nod.

When she took flight with a wave of her bare hands, all the spirit flames rushing towards her were shattered, while the blazes expelled by the spirit flames didn’t have any effect on her.

Luo Yunyang did not participate in the action. Meanwhile, Yunxi had already advanced towards the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and arrived just as he could no longer hold out. Yunxi produced two blue light discs and vanquished all the purple spirit flames into the emptiness.

Yunxi’s cultivation base was at the same level as the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s. Although she was a peak god-grade entity, the might of her combat skills was much stronger.

Thus, whenever Yunxi’s palms formed seals and signs, anything within a 100-meter radius was crushed to bits and pieces.

An hour later, Luo Yunyang and Yunxi had reached the mountain peak. The purple divine flame had shrunk to the size of a baby’s fist, yet its radiance was still as dazzling.

Yunxi used a box to carefully encase the flame. However, she was already extremely fatigued, so she burned her sleeves slightly.

The purple divine flame on top of the purple mountain disappeared along with the encasement of the flame.

“Although we have obtained one type of flame, this method of obtaining flames is too slow.” Yunxi seemed disheartened as she stared at the flame in the box.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow was silent. He had originally wanted to put up a performance to prove his ability, but Yunxi had ended up saving his sorry *ss. This was a big, merciless blow for the prideful Ice Fire Divine Sparrow.

Luo Yunyang, who had not done much this time around, seemed relaxed. However, any delight he felt about obtaining a flame soon disappeared along with Yunxi’s deep sigh.

They had the least manpower, so if their flame-obtaining speed remained consistent, Yunxi would definitely be the last to finish.

There were only four pill furnaces, so only four of them would succeed.

When he noticed Yunxi’s worry, Luo Yunyang asked, “Is there any other way?”

“Other way?” Yunxi frowned. “There is indeed another way. Although it seems that each mountain has a type of independent flame, there should be an origin source ground in the river that flows under the mountains. However, even a Nebula-Grade entity would face immense danger there, let alone someone like us.”

Luo Yunyang understood clearly the difference between his current strength and the strength of a Nebula-Grade entity.

Just considering the existence of this fallen being was enough. The space in his body had turned into such a massive galaxy that one could only imagine the terrifying extent of his abilities.

“Possessing a true divine blazing body would help! This sort of constitution could absorb all flames and allow harmless entry to the origin source ground.”

As Yunxi spoke, she shook her head. “How could there be a divine blazing body in the world? It was only a legend that I came across.”

Could a divine blazing body withstand and grant immunity against all types of flame attacks?

Luo Yunyang’s eyes light up. Although he did not possess a divine blazing body, he had the ability to create one with his attribute regulator. The attribute regulator had quite some limitations when it came to comprehending True Intent, yet no such limitations existed in other aspects.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had to keep the attribute regulator a secret. Although he trusted Yunxi, the fewer people knew about this, the better.

After all, he was currently incapable of surpassing the strength of the Blue Rain Empire. As his attribute regulator became stronger and more effective, Luo Yunyang’s intent to keep it a secret intensified.

“Collecting flames together will be a very slow process. I think we should split up and search,” Luo Yunyang said after thinking for a moment.

Yunxi nodded her head in agreement. This was her exact sentiment. Although splitting up was a risk, it was still better than sticking together.

“We do not need to obtain very strong flames. Our priority is speed! The quicker we collect flames, the higher our chances of success will be.”

Collecting weaker flames might be easier initially, but it would surely make the subsequent steps even more difficult.

However, Yunxi believed that they had no other choice.

Luo Yunyang and the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow both agreed. After discussing how they would remain in contact and when they would meet, all three of them rushed towards different peaks.

Luo Yunyang’s speed was very fast. Along the way, he was constantly using his mind power to lay down traps and ensure that no one was following him.

After confirming that he was not being followed, he picked a secluded spot and burrowed into the ground hastily.

The ground was very hard, yet this wasn’t much of a problem for someone at Luo Yunyang’s level. In the blink of an eye, he sensed that he had already burrowed a few hundred meters deep.

This space had to be inside the tower. When he burrowed into the ground, Luo Yunyang felt that he shouldn’t be too deep.

However, as he burrowed at a fast pace, he realized that he had been wrong. Not only were the flames inside the ground much stronger than on the surface, but the rock layer in the earth was also extremely hot.

By relying on his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang increased his flame attributes constantly until the surrounding flames had no effect on him.

“A Star Fiend Flame!” Just as Luo Yunyang passed through a layer of rock, a column of fire zipped up like a piercing needle.