Supreme Uprising Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Can I Take A Look At Your Pill Furnace?

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Yunxi stared coldly at Crown Prince Nanshan in silence. Crown Prince Nanshan was itching to roar with laughter. This woman had character. He really liked this. However, no matter how much he liked her, he wouldn’t fall head over heels for her charm like a brainless fellow and treat her like a goddess. He wanted to use his ability to thoroughly subdue her. That would be the most meaningful way to act.

How could she remain calm before such benefits? Crown Prince Nanshan firmly believed that he’d feel the same way about the pill furnace under the circumstances.

Yunxi, who was standing aside, didn’t share his feelings. When she saw Crown Prince Nanshan’s pleased expression, she itched to hit that smug face of his.

That piece of trash!

If her own father hadn’t been

As she thought of this, Yunxi’s heart did not waver. She had to do well and stand at the peak of the world.

However, her determination and the scene before her made her feel a deep sense of helplessness. She wanted to do this, but she lacked the power.

“Have you seen Luo Yunyang?” Yunxi asked everyone after hesitating for a bit.

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow shook his head. He now understood the relationship between Yunxi, Crown Prince Nanshan and the others. Voluntarily asking them to do something under the circumstances was akin to being hit while one was down.

“Why are you asking about that demi-human, cousin? Ha ha I can guarantee you that we definitely haven’t done anything to him!” Crown Prince Nanshan replied first with a chuckle.

Yuan Geng smiled disdainfully. “Even if I wanted to do something, I wouldn’t vent on that sort of person. You can rest easy, Miss Yunxi.”

“My subordinates and I haven’t seen him,” Li Qingyun answered gently.

Although Crown Prince Nanshan’s words weren’t pleasant, Yunxi felt a little more relieved. As long as these people didn’t try anything on Luo Yunyang, the probability of him being alive would be much greater.

Where exactly had he gone to, though? As Yunxi mulled this over, she heard Crown Prince Nanshan chuckle. “Could you perhaps not have everything required to ignite the pill furnace, cousin? In that case, as your elder brother, I can no longer allow you to use it!”

Crown Prince Nanshan took out a jade gourd and said, “There are 100 types of flames in here.”

As he spoke, he strode past Yunxi and reached the last pill furnace.

While Yunxi watched Crown Prince Nanshan move the flames, she imagined a scenario in which Luo Yunyang appeared. How great would it be if Luo Yunyang appeared now and she had enough flames in her possession


The last pill furnace exploded and a black tortoise spiraled loftily within the scarlet glow. Judging by its power, the last pill furnace seemed to be even stronger than Li Qingyun’s pill furnace.

“Ha ha! Thank you for letting me win, cousin!” A flash of delight flickered through Crown Prince Nanshan’s mind. He had clearly gotten what he wanted after igniting the pill furnace.

As he was feeling pleased with himself, a loud splitting sound rang out and a piercing voice shouted, “Leave the pill furnace behind!”

Suddenly, a tall young man came rushing over. There were three more people behind him, holding a gourd that contained flames.

Although his shout was resounding, all he saw was Crown Prince Nanshan, Yuan Geng and the others each holding onto a furnace only the size of a palm.

“You’ve come too late, Zheng Feng!” Crown Prince Nanshan said as he eyed the tall young man with a pleased expression.

They were competitors in a battle, so he would naturally benefit from the fact that his competitor was late. Zheng Feng snorted coldly. Although he didn’t say anything, he clearly seemed indignant.

However, the young man eventually didn’t make a move. He just eyed Yunxi and shook his head softly.

Yunxi had been destined to fail in gathering divine flames. However, she hadn’t expected that he would fail as well.

She could only say that she had been a step too late.

“If my theory is right, the two of you can only stay here. Although we have more or less obtained all the benefits available, you don’t have to get disheartened,” said Crown Prince Nanshan. “Perhaps you might get some other opportunities.”

Zheng Feng clenched his fists tightly when he heard Crown Prince Nanshan’s words. Although he didn’t say anything, he would keep this grudge in his heart.

Yunxi thought for a bit before asking Zheng Feng, “Have you seen Luo Yunyang?”

Zheng Feng wasn’t in a good mood. “I have not seen the demi-human. However, I reckon that collecting flames is very dangerous. You can see for yourself that quite a number of our followers have fallen. Perhaps that demi-human has also”

When he was halfway through, Zheng Feng’s eyes widened. He had suddenly seen a figure flying over from a distance.

When Yunxi saw that flying figure, she was pleasantly surprised. She rushed over impatiently before Luo Yunyang could even land.

“Why Why did it take you so long to return?”

Yunxi’s tone was slightly coquettish. When Zheng Feng, Crown Prince Nanshan and the others heard her grumbling question, they thought she seemed like a spoiled young girl talking to her lover.

A wave of deep jealousy welled in Crown Prince Nanshan’s heart while a faint trace of killing intent was evident on his face. Although it was already foreordained that he wouldn’t make Yunxi his first wife, he had reserved a spot for her among his secondary wives.

He had never imagined that Yunxi would turn a blind eye to his devotion and give her heart to a demi-human. How could she speak this way?

No matter how magnanimous he was, he definitely wouldn’t allow this fellow to make a cuckold out of him and live to tell the tale!

Yunxi’s coquettish behavior made Luo Yunyang, who hadn’t yet experienced romance, feel a strange yet warm feeling in his heart. Although this situation was totally unexpected, he didn’t object to it.

“I’m here! I was held up by something, but all is well now,” Luo Yunyang said a little nervously as he rubbed his nose unconsciously.

That’s right, he was currently a little nervous.

Meanwhile, Yunxi was all smiles.”It’s all good, You are here now,” she said with a gentle voice.

Li Qingyun felt confused as she watched the scene. “That’s right, as long as you have love, you will never go hungry,” she said mockingly. “Seems like the two of you don’t have to follow us anymore!”

Luo Yunyang and Yunxi, who were having a hazy, warm moment, felt a little embarrassed when they heard Li Qingyun’s words.

Her words seemed to strike Yunxi’s heart. She immediately shot Luo Yunyang a panicked glance and lowered her head silently.

“Didn’t you go collect divine flames, Luo Yunyang? Tell me how many types you got. I always mean what I say. As long as you collected more than 100 types of flames, I will give you a chance.”

Crown Prince Nanshan had a slightly gloomy look on his face. He couldn’t stand being jealous, so he pretended to be magnanimous.

Although he didn’t know how many types of flames Luo Yunyang had with him, he knew that he couldn’t have collected 100 types.

Even when they were added to the ones Yunxi had, he still wouldn’t have 100.

After all, they had spent a lot of effort to collect 100 types of flames. If the spirit flames guarding the divine flames hadn’t suddenly become weaker, they would have needed much more time to collect their own 100.

When Luo Yunyang glanced at Crown Prince Nanshan, who was feigning magnanimity, he shook his head silently. He didn’t have any divine flames in his hands.

He didn’t know what to call the flame assimilated with his body either. He only had one type, and the difference between one and 100 was too big.

As Luo Yunyang was thinking, he suddenly felt the flames within the four pill furnaces rushing towards him.

He could actually control these flames! When he felt this, Luo Yunyang immediately guessed what was up.

He stared at Crown Prince Nanshan as he said calmly, “Although I haven’t gathered 100 types of flames, your flames won’t do either. Oh, I can see that everyone’s refining techniques are facing some rather significant problems. Be careful so you don’t burn your fingers!”

A slightly stunned look appeared on Crown Prince Nanshan’s face when he heard this. However, his shock quickly turned to delight.

This demi-human was too damned shallow. Who was he to say that there was a problem with everyone’s refining techniques? Ha ha ha! This time, he deserved to be humiliated. Yunxi would watch him disgrace himself!

Crown Prince Nanshan, who felt even more delighted when he thought about this, smiled at Yunxi. “I believe that you have seen the weapon-refining techniques handed down my family, cousin. This demi-human is a big talker. Don’t you think this is laughable? How could my techniques be problematic? Ha ha ha!”

As Li Qingyun laughed faintly, a faint disdain appeared in her eyes. Although she had to admit that Luo Yunyang wasn’t simple, his reaction could only be described in one word.


He was very superficial indeed. Even though he was holding a grudge against Xie Nanshan, he couldn’t stifle him or come up with such an absurd verdict.

He had spoken without thinking, so he would be the one to lose. However, this would only make others think that he was even more shallow than Xie Nanshan.

Yunxi could only shake her head lightly and give Luo Yunyang a considerate smile silently.

When he saw Yunxi shake her head, Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything else. All he did was smile at her confidently.

Crown Prince Nanshan felt like exploding when he saw the two of them shooting glances at each other. As he stared viciously at Luo Yunyang, it seemed as though he was itching to rip him to shreds.

“I advise you to hurry up and toss that pill furnace, Crown Prince. I sense that it is very unstable right now. Something might really happen if you hold on to it!” Luo Yunyang said confidently.

Crown Prince Nanshan felt like cursing 1,000 times. He was just fine! How dare he say this? He was just a sour grape!

Although his heart was full of hate, he still did his utmost to maintain a graceful air. He believed that this was the only way to nullify Luo Yunyang’s attack.

“He he Thank you for your kind warning, but there is nothing wrong with my methods. I’m afraid that you are worrying for no reason!” Crown Prince Nanshan said confidently. “Even if there is a problem, I will still not toss the pill furnace. I believe that I will be able to deal with whatever happens.”