Supreme Uprising Chapter 349

Chapter 349 From Passive To Aggressive

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The pill furnace had already been activated by him. The furnace was in his hands, so he could activate it at any moment.

Deep in Xie Nanshan’s heart, all kinds of thoughts kept surging. He would never believe the words of this demi-human.

However, just as his intentions consolidated into firm resolve, he suddenly felt his palms heating up. Yes, they were emitting heat!

Anyone who had cultivated to a certain boundary could control the temperature of their palm at will. So long as they did not act outrageously, there would basically be no problem.

However, if no adjustments had been made to the palm, how could it heat up? Suddenly, Xie Nanshan’s face became extremely ugly.

This was because he had realized that, as his palm turned red, the originally undisturbed pill furnace began turning red as well.

Instinctively, Xie Nanshan wanted to throw the pill furnace away. Although this pill furnace was of great importance, what good would it be if he lost his life in the end?

However, just before the pill furnace left his hands, surging flames wrapped around his arms and left a burning smell that lingered in the emptiness.

As far as Xie Nanshan was concerned, his body was extremely robust. Therefore, even if he knocked against iron plates, the plates would be damaged instead of his body. However, hundreds of different divine flames were gathered in the pill furnace. Even a tough, formidable body could not be compared to divine flames.

His hands would get as charred as roasted meat once the pill furnace left his palms.

Xie Nanshan immediately tried different methods, while some of his subordinates conjured a huge body of water.

Although everything would still be fine without water, when his subordinates conjured the water, Xie Nanshan felt his hand turn into hot meat stew in an instant.

A painful sensation entered his heart and lungs right away silently, as if the flame was becoming bigger and bigger.

Xie Nanshan took out the blade without hesitation. With a clean swipe, he cut off the arm that was wrapped in flames.

The clean swipe of the blade made his face turn pale. However, this did not stop Xie Nanshan. A ray of purple light flashed and a tiny arm grew out of the broken joint.

His broken arm had been resurrected!

Although this method was not difficult to perform in the Blue Rain Empire, the price of an arm resurrection was not low.

The moment Xie Nanshan chopped off his arm, Yuan Geng, Li Qingyun and others also threw the pill furnaces they were holding.

A pill furnace was important, but safety was paramount!

It seemed as though the furnace recognized their decision, as it reacted immediately just before hitting the ground. Three multi-colored flames rushed out of the furnace.

The strange flames burned in the void like blazing dragons that refused to be extinguished. This phenomenon struck Li Qingyun and the others hard and left them with a lingering fear.

Even though they wouldn’t die, losing an arm like Xie Nanshan was not something to be happy about either.

By now, their opinion about Luo Yunyang had changed. When Li Qingyun looked at him, her eyes shone like autumn waters. Her gaze was filled with traces of heartfelt admiration.

“Mr. Luo, how do you know that there is a problem with our pill furnace?”

Although Luo Yunyang had put on a serious expression, he was secretly sniggering. How did he know that there was a problem with this pill furnace? He he He knew because he had extracted the flames inside the furnace!

“He’s the one causing this! Let’s join forces and kill him!” Xie Nanshan snapped exasperatedly. His arm was still in the process of regenerating. This son of a b*tch always seemed to have a smirk on his face.

Luo Yunyang shook his head, raised his arms and spread them helplessly as he asked, “Does everyone else feel the same way?”

The pill furnaces in their hands had been activated by them. Li Qingyun and the others were no fools. They were confident that if Luo Yunyang had been the culprit, his actions would not have escaped their eyes.

“Please shut your mouth, Brother Nanshan. Mr. Luo will play an important part in the success or failure of this task. You may be foolish enough to not want to obtain anything from this place, but we can’t return empty-handed,” said Yuan Geng. Although he had originally been a little haughty, he had to show Luo Yunyang some respect now.

He had already explained his objective: he did not want to return empty-handed. This was not the only reason for his behavior, though. They had also all become representatives of various families, so they were under all sorts of pressure.

Just considering the people eyeing them covetously was enough to give them a serious headache.

“Prince Nanshan, you don’t want all of us to fail this mission, right?” Li Qingyun asked gently. “We may not even hope to compare to your status or your family, but you still have to think of us. Don’t you think so?”

The thickset man didn’t say anything. However, the fact that he was standing next to Yuan Geng was self-explanatory.

Crown Prince Nanshan had become a target. He really wanted to curse all the people questioning him. How could they tell him this bull*hit? This was useless. However, after thinking about it, he ended up closing his mouth tactfully. After all, there were some things that he could not do at will.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the strangely burning flames and smiled faintly. “The problem is very simple. The flames you chose are not wrong, yet when they are combined, their attributes are wrong. They seem to merge, yet they are distinctly separated. In the end, they may even fight among themselves!”

“Mr. Luo is making a lot of sense. I admire your explanation!” Li Qingyun looked at Luo Yunyang amorously.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power was high enough that he did not show any embarrassment this time. Instead of rejecting this praise, he replied indifferently, “The explanation is very simple. However, no one has been paying enough attention.”

“Would you guide us a little?” Li Qingyun asked with a big smile.

Yunxi, who was standing beside Luo Yunyang and listening to what he said, suddenly had a feeling that the relationship between her and Luo Yunyang had changed significantly.

At first, she had been the leader. However, after this incident, Luo Yunyang seemed to have taken over the helm.

Luo Yunyang was silent. As Yuan Geng and the others understood, varying expressions emerged on their faces.

“Yuan Geng, Lady Li, let’s capture this kid together! I don’t believe that he would dare keep the truth from us!” Xie Nanshan said. He had already sensed that this situation was fishy, so he was trying to deliver a preemptive strike.

Yuan Geng’s and Li Qingyun’s expressions changed. In an instant, a trace of determination appeared in their eyes.

To them, entering the depths of this space and leading this mission were both very important tasks.

This group of people that had seemed so close had kept their guards up against each other. However, things had now changed.

“You have the jade talisman you need in order to leave, Brother Nanshan. I don’t think you have to wait here anymore,” said Yuan Geng. Although he was tight-lipped most of the time, his words this time were as sharp as swords and much more impactful than usual.

Xie Nanshan’s eyes flashed coldly, yet he recovered in an instant. “Yuan Geng, the two of us are the strongest members of this group. You just want to grab this big opportunity!”

Thieves always bit three inches into the bone. Crown Prince Nanshan was no idiot. He was witty and intelligent. The only reason he had ended up in this sh*thole was because he really hadn’t imagined that Luo Yunyang would possess the abnormal ability to control those flames.

Yuan Geng, who was not bothered by Xie Nanshan’s baseless assertion, glanced at Xie Nanshan and snorted. “Whatever.”

As this scene unfolded in front of Li Qingyun, she took advantage of the situation and laughed. “Your hand really needs to be rested, Young Master Nanshan. You should quit for your own sake. I believe that your lord father would not blame you for this.”

The thickset young man nodded slightly and said, “That makes sense!”

Out of the six teams, three teams were now against Crown Prince Nanshan. Actually, including Luo Yunyang, four teams were against him, so Crown Prince Nanshan felt like he had been surrounded.

Even though he wanted to struggle, he couldn’t. After all the trouble he had been through to enter this place, exiting with nothing significant was something he could not stomach.

“Brother Zheng Feng, we are the only ones working together now. I do not believe that they will fight with us.” Crown Prince Nanshan looked at the last man to come back.

The man’s face was handsome, yet his eyes were flashing with anger. He naturally didn’t want to get kicked out just when the treasure was right before him.

However, he also didn’t want to join forces with Crown Prince Nanshan.

This was not because Crown Prince Nanshan was detested by everyone, but because if he did join forces with him, he would get kicked out as well.

There were zero advantages to this two-versus-four fight.

“I can leave, but I hope that the four of you will sell me one-tenth of the loot at half the price.”

A blood-red glove appeared in the palm of his hand as he was talking. Although he had not used it yet, this power had already invaded their senses.

When they saw the man’s gloves, Yuan Geng and the other three exchanged looks. Although they were capable of dealing with this man, they had to admit that he had already cornered them at gunpoint.

Besides, one-tenth was not that much. Even selling it at half price was acceptable.

“Okay, I agree to this condition,” Yuan Geng said first.

Li Qingyun and her gang also expressed their consent. When the man turned his eyes to Yunxi, she hesitated for a second.

Although she wanted to agree, the situation had changed dramatically in the blink of an eye.

Luo Yunyang, who had initially just been a follower, had suddenly become the leader of this entire mission.

Furthermore, he had knocked Crown Prince Nanshan and his followers out with minimal effort.