Supreme Uprising Chapter 35

Chapter 35


When Xu Zhong heard his superior’s words, his heart tightened. He could finally determine what sort of person Guan Wanli was.

Besides the Flame Emperor and the other three men that made up the Four Generals, there were also eight Honorary Delegates in the Rising Dragon Army. Although they didn’t sound as great compared to the Generals, the cultivation base of the Honorary Delegates could even be higher than the generals’.

Out of the eight Honorary Delegates, the one who ranked second had the best reputation, as he was the only one that had dared go head to head against an A-grade dire beast.

According to the legends, the intensity of his body was comparable to a level-nine titanium-gold alloy. Luo Yunyang would now be facing this man’s grandson. How was this possible?

Given Luo Yunyang’s speed, if the two of them fought, there was a possibility that he might not lose. However, the three blows he had agreed to put him at a disadvantage.

Guan Wanli might seem like a straightforward person, but the tall, strong man was actually very meticulous.

“I’m ready, Luo Yunyang. Come at me whenever you want.”

Luo Yunyang’s strength was currently at 7,500 kilos, so a single punch had to send this fellow flying.

Luo Yunyang made some mental calculations before walking over to Guan Wanli.

He didn’t use any techniques. He just punched Guan Wanli’s shoulder hard.

Luo Yunyang used all his available strength. The instant he threw that punch, a sonic boom was generated.

Everyone’s gaze turned to him.

There is no best writer in the world and there is certainly no second-best fighter!

The elite martialists who had come from Chang’an with Luo Yunyang had seen his previous performance and were already in awe of him.

However, the people gathered there were talented individuals and geniuses scouted out by the Rising Dragon Army in all 13 cities of the East. Each of them was proud and aspired to reach the top. The fact that Luo Yunyang had won the title of the Newcomer King had made all these people wonder one thing”Why that fella instead of me?”


The instant Luo Yunyang’s fist struck Guan Wanli’s body, a strong vibration took over his body.

When this strong vibration came into contact with Luo Yunyang’s body, it vanished completely.

Before cultivating the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique, Luo Yunyang had trained his skin, flesh, muscles, bones and five viscera by cultivating the first six diagrams of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. He had seen huge improvements in the process.

However, each part of his body fought its own battle.

Ever since he had cultivated the seventh diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, Luo Yunyang had felt as if his skin, flesh, muscles, bones and five viscera had been harmonized perfectly.

In the past, he had felt like a sum of parts put together, but now he had become an assembled, well-oiled machine.

Bang! Guan Wanli landed on the ground heavily. Little cracks appeared on the drill ground, which was made of some unknown material.

Xu Zhong, who had already noticed the variations in Luo Yunyang’s punch, was elated.

Damn it! This fella always does the unexpected! It seems like his strength has increased once again! This kid could use a source to create a source core within his body. He had already reached the level of a martial master.

“This…” The Rising Dragon Army officer with the cold voice seemed puzzled as he looked over at the elderly military man.

The elderly man appeared calm. It seemed as if he hadn’t watched what had just occurred.

Guan Wanli clambered up from the ground and smiled at Luo Yunyang gracefully. “Your strength exceeded my imagination.”

“What? He’s actually unscathed?” a fellow student exclaimed.

“Yes! Luo Yunyang’s punch was very strong. If that was me, I wouldn’t even be able to stand up.”

“Damn it! Is that fella even human?”

Luo Yunyang frowned slightly. He had already used all his strength, yet this fella had actually been able to resist it.

“If that was your full strength, I suggest that you give up. You have no way of breaking my Unbreakable Golden Clock.”

Guan Wanli was calm. His absolute confidence in himself made him look as if he was afraid that Luo Yunyang would get hurt. This fella was just too cocky!

He had an arrogance that generated from within.

Luo Yunyang muttered to himself and raised his Mind Attribute by 10 points. Naturally, his Constitution was reduced in the process.

Although the distance between Luo Yunyang and Guan Wanli remained the same, his perception of Guan Wanli was clearer now.

When his punch had struck Guan Wanli earlier, all his force had been dispersed throughout every part of his opponent’s body.

This meant that when Luo Yunyang’s fist had struck Guan Wanli’s shoulder, his 7,500-kilo strength had been split evenly between Guan Wanli’s entire body.

“Are you sure you want to try again?” Luo Yunyang asked Guan Wanli.

Guan Wanli nodded. “I want the title of the Newcomer King as a present for my grandfather’s 80th birthday.”

Luo Yunyang did not say anything else. He racked his brains in an effort to comprehend some of the profound true intent of the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques. He had browsed through that book the previous night.


Luo Yunyang didn’t strike very fast this time around, but when his fist moved, Guan Wanli was smashed hard against the ground.

No one was concerned by this punch, as his previous punch had also smashed Guan Wanli into the ground.

“Call for help!” the elderly man said as he strode over to Guan Wanli and slapped his chest.

Guan Wanli spat out a mouthful of blood as he gasped for air.

“Thank you, Grandpa Lu. If it wasn’t for you, I would have gotten really hurt!” Guan Wanli told the elderly man gratefully.

The elderly man waved his hands around. “No matter how good you think you are, there will always be someone better. Kid, your combat strength might come from techniques passed down from your grandfather, but when you are facing such a crushing strength, resourcefulness is”

Suddenly, he looked at Luo Yunyang and said, “You are very young, yet you can actually comprehend some profound true intent. Not bad”

Profound true intent… Although this sort of true intent didn’t increase one’s strength much, when it was used on a person, it made them feel as if they were getting smashed by a huge boulder.

“Thank you for the compliment, sir!” Luo Yunyang smiled at the elderly man.

“My surname is Lu, and I’m the chief instructor of Base 7. You can call me Instructor Lu!” the elderly man said in a low voice.

Then, he turned to the group of Rising Dragon Army elite martialists. “Guan Wanli has fallen. Do any of you still wish to challenge this young man?”

The spar between Luo Yunyang and Guan Wanli had been short. Luo Yunyang had only dished out two punches, but the strength of these punches along with the rumors circulating about him made most people shrink back.

Although there were many confident individuals among them, their self-confidence had been built on the basis of their strength.

For example, when Brother De and the other martialists from Modu saw the current situation, they decided not to act hastily. They had already been beaten by Luo Yunyang once after all.