Supreme Uprising Chapter 350

Chapter 350 The Mind Division Technique

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“Someday, I will repay you this a hundredfold!” Xie Nanshan said venomously as he held the shattered jade talisman in his hand.

Although he still seemed calm, anyone could sense the deep hatred in his heart.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything. He couldn’t be expected to be good-natured and kind to this sort of person. Since he had already offended Xie Nanshan, there was no need to put on an elaborate act.

Zheng Feng and Xie Nanshan’s departure made the tense atmosphere subside. There were four teams and four pill furnaces left, so everyone had a chance.

“Are we supposed to re-gather the divine flames, Mr. Luo?” Yuan Geng asked Luo Yunyang with a wide smile.

Re-gathering them naturally wouldn’t make much of a difference to Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang didn’t want to remain at the first stage, so after mulling this over for a bit, he said calmly, “There’s no need. I just have to sort all these essence flames. Everything will be fine.” As he spoke, Luo Yunyang waved his hands at a bunch of flames that were blazing in the void, making these balls of fire rush in his direction.

Even Yunxi was shocked to see Luo Yunyang actually attract the flames to himself. As long as he was there, she would practically not have to worry about anything.

With a wave of Luo Yunyang’s hand, the flames stopped in mid-air. As Luo Yunyang made some pulling motions with his hand, certain flames were drawn to him.

In the end, all the remaining flames merged together. However, unlike the earlier multi-colored flames, these essence flames had already turned purple.

“Mr. Luo is really a genius!” Yuan Geng clapped his hands.

Although Luo Yunyang appeared modest, he was extremely pleased deep down. He really hadn’t done much, yet the might of his flames had improved tremendously.

When the ball of fire entered the pill furnace again, it was activated once more. This time, nobody snatched it, so the pill furnace landed in Yunxi’s hands.

It only took Luo Yunyang 15 minutes to take care of the four furnaces. When everything was over, the four furnaces were activated by Yuan Geng and the others. They swelled up to 10 times their size before forming four paths of light that shot Luo Yunyang and the others into the horizon.

Although Luo Yunyang really wanted to probe his surroundings, he realized that his mind power was being suppressed by a powerful force. Thus, he couldn’t really investigate anything.

When these lights dissipated, Luo Yunyang discovered that he, Yunxi and the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow were at the door of a large hall.

The hall was more than 300 meters tall and the whole thing was a shade of mauve. Although there was no glorious splendor about it, it was still extremely imposing.

“We could have also brought those people along,” the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow lamented as he surveyed their surroundings.

The people he was talking about were naturally Crown Prince Nanshan and the others. Luo Yunyang didn’t speak. Yunxi, who was at his side, believed that these actions were kind of despicable. “Who would let another man snore beside his own bed? Plus, this is still a matter of chance.”

Luo Yunyang nodded. Yunxi was right. Even if Li Qingyun and the others had known that they could have brought Crown Prince Nanshan along, they absolutely wouldn’t have done so.

After all, who would bring along someone who could turn into an enemy at any moment?

“This should probably be the second stage.” Luo Yunyang studied the hall, which was devoid of any words. “Let’s enter and have a look,” he told Yunxi.

Yunxi nodded. Although she had done quite a bit of homework beforehand, the current situation had rendered her prior preparations useless.

After going through the experience of entering the sacred tower, Yunxi and the others were very careful this time. However, the doors of the great hall didn’t pose any resistance.

“What a nice spear!” The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow discovered a black spear that had been randomly left on the ground as they entered the great hall.

The sparrow couldn’t help but pick up the object, which was glimmering with a precious glow, and study it carefully before expressing his opinion.

Luo Yunyang had actually noticed this spear. However, after using his mind power to survey it, he had realized that it was quite inferior to the God Slayer, so he hadn’t bothered picking it up.

“It’s a Star-Grade spear!” Yunxi waved her hands as she spoke. “You can keep it if you like it.”

Yunxi and the others didn’t really think much of Star-Grade weapons. However, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow considered this a great reward. After expressing his gratitude to Yunxi, he put away the spear.

“Look! What is that?” As they stepped into a corridor, Luo Yunyang noticed that a few green light balls were strewn on the ground.

Each ball of light was only about the size of a fist, yet they were extremely dazzling against the black stone floor of the great hall.

Yunxi’s expression changed when she saw those green balls of light. As she reached out towards one of them, a light ball fell into her palm.

Yunxi toyed with it for a bit before the ball of light turned into something that looked like flowing water and formed a suit of armor around Yunxi.

“It’s Green Light Armor!” Yunxi said. “This sort of armor could be exchanged for a whole city in the Blue Rain Empire.”

A city for a ball of light. Their value was actually the same.

“Green Light Amor is a type of defensive armor,” Yunxi explained. “If I’m right, anyone who wears this armor would be able to withstand the attack of a Star-Grade martialist.”

Withstand the attack of a Star-Grade martialist? Although this didn’t seem very impressive, the eyes of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow and Luo Yunyang lit up.

They had their own methods of guarding themselves against a Star-Grade powerhouse’s attack, yet an armor that could help them ward off an opponent’s attack without them even lifting a hand was a good item that they couldn’t have too much of.

“We can each have one.” As Yunxi made a clawing motion, two balls of light flew towards Luo Yunyang and the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow. The two of them grabbed the balls of light and refined them without delay.

In a moment, they had already completed the refining process. Luo Yunyang transformed the Green Light Amor into a green garment and put it on. Meanwhile, the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow let the Green Light Armor envelop a part of his body tightly.

At first glance, he appeared to have turned green.

If Green Light Armor worth an entire city could be casually tossed aside, Luo Yunyang’s evaluation of this place would have to change.

As they moved forward, Luo Yunyang and the others came across some refining tools and treasured objects similar to the Green Light Armor. However, they did not discover anything that surpassed the Green Light Armor’s power.

Luo Yunyang detected some disappointment in Yunxi’s expression.

At her insistence, he added a top-quality weapon to the stash within his storage ring and then consoled her. “This is only the beginning.”

“Yes, it’s just a start.”

While the two of them conversed, they reached the end of the corridor. According to Luo Yunyang’s calculations, the end of the corridor should lead to the actual palace. However, when they reached the end, what appeared before them was a vast starry sky.

It was a boundless starry sky with no end in sight!

This sky had to be fake. After all, this whole place was just a galaxy. Nevertheless, Luo Yunyang’s first impression as he stood beneath this starry sky was that he was really beneath a vast sky.

Yunxi studied the glittering stars in astonishment as she cried, “These are Froststeel Meteors. We have really made it big!”

Luo Yunyang had absolutely no idea what a Froststeel Meteor was. However, anything that could shake her couldn’t be ordinary.

As Luo Yunyang gazed out at the stars to see how different a Froststeel Meteor was, a thought suddenly popped into his mind.

“Control 100 flying meteors simultaneously without letting them collide with one another.”

As a god-grade telekinesis master, Luo Yunyang did not lack experience in controlling items during combat. His Buddha Disks alone had killed lots of people.

However, not only were these Froststeel Meteors far away, but Luo Yunyang also sensed that each one weighed over 50,000 kilos.

This meant that 100 of these meteors would definitely weigh over 500,000 kilos, so preventing them from colliding would be even more difficult.

“There is a mat here!” The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow pointed its wing in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

Luo Yunyang thought for a bit before he sat down in a lotus position on the mat. He believed that their quest within this palace should probably be linked to the third stage of this mission.

Luo Yunyang felt his mind calm down as he sat on the mat. Then, a voice started to chatter continuously in his ear.

Although Luo Yunyang was certain that he had never heard such a language before, the meaning of the words was transmitted into his ear clearly.

“This is the Mind Division Technique!”

The Mind Division Technique didn’t sound very profound. Besides, Luo Yunyang had never heard of this way of using mind power.

In just 15 minutes, he had already memorized the Mind Division Technique. However, just as he was about to give it a try, he realized that the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow was sitting beside him and clutching his head with his wings.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow howled as his body was suddenly enveloped by light.

When this light dissipated, Luo Yunyang realized that the body of the Ice Fire Divine Sparrow had vanished without a trace.

Yunxi stood on Luo Yunyang’s other side. After the initial shock, she told Luo Yunyang, “The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow is no longer within this void. If my theory is correct, he has probably been eliminated already.”

The Ice Fire Divine Sparrow’s elimination meant that only Yunxi and Luo Yunyang were left from the original party of three.

“I have gone through a period of mind power cultivation before. Leave this to me!” Yunxi said earnestly as she gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Then, she mustered up some courage and added, “I don’t want you to leave my side!”