Supreme Uprising Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Raining Stars

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Yunxi locked her passionate eyes on Luo Yunyang, making his heart beat faster. It was as if his feelings were a sweet emotional torrent. He was unsure if this was what being loved felt like.

Right now, he felt like a wild horse without its saddle, its hooves stomping like drums with an overwhelmingly intense emotion. This was an experience he had never had before.

As he was pondering what to tell Yunxi, he noticed that she had already calmed down. She looked like a quiet lily as she shut her eyes and started cultivating.

Luo Yunyang forced himself to calm down by taking a short breath. Then, he focused his mind power on a Froststeel Meteor.

The Froststeel Meteors weren’t static. They were constantly moving about in the void. Thus, when Luo Yunyang’s mind power descended on one, he instantly felt like he was among the stars.

Although channelling his mind power into the Froststeel Meteor seemed relatively simple, when Luo Yunyang was about to control the direction of the meteor, he discovered that it wasn’t easy at all.

Everything else aside, he had to expend mind power 10 times the Froststeel Meteor’s weight in order to control it.

In other words, in order to control each of these Froststeel Meteors, he would need at least a million kilos of force.

Luo Yunyang’s mind power allowed him to control a Froststeel Meteor without much difficulty. However, when he tried to use his own powers to control a second Froststeel Meteor, he found it a little awkward.

Controlling 108 Buddha Disks was a piece of cake for him, as the 108 disks were lightweight and interconnected.

As long as the nodes of control could be found, they were relatively easy to control. However, the Froststeel Meteors were different. Not only did they not have any connection, but they even seemed to repel one another.

Controlling two Froststeel Meteors with one mind would be extremely difficult.

After attempting it, Luo Yunyang began to cultivate slowly according to the Mind Division Technique’s records.

The Mind Division Technique wasn’t too difficult. Using it only required a sufficiently strong mind and resolute will.

One mind, two manipulations, one mind, three manipulations, one mind, four manipulations

Luo Yunyang constantly used the Mind Division Technique. However, as he reached the level of one mind and nine manipulations, he could no longer go on.

Although he wanted to, if he divided his mind power any further, his mind would collapse. After taking a break to reorganize his thoughts, Luo Yunyang did not raise his Mind Attribute right away. Instead, he tried controlling nine meteors with one mind.

The meteors had their own trajectories, so Luo Yunyang controlled them slowly like a snail surging through the sky.

They were surging indeed!

One step, two steps, three steps

Just as Luo Yunyang tried to spin the nine meteors, a dozen more meteors came flying over at a high speed.

When the Froststeel Meteors collided, Luo Yunyang felt as though his mind power had been crushed by a mountain.

He only felt better after quickly withdrawing his mind power and conjuring his telekinetic cultivation techniques.

This was a disgusting test. It was almost impossible to survive it just by relying on one’s aptitude.

As these thoughts flashed through his head, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt a force on his body.

The force he felt was unparalleled. Even if he used the attribute regulator, it wouldn’t be any use.

In the face of such power, his own power was just too lacking.


Although no one had spoken, a clear figure of “1” appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind. He instantly understood what it referred to.

He had failed once. If this happened again a few more times, he would perhaps be expelled from this expanse of space.

“I have already entered this sacred mountain. I can’t let myself be expelled this way”

Luo Yunyang immediately started to adjust his Mind Attribute.

Power: 1,008 (Fire: 998, Ice: 12, Wood: 9)

Speed: 5

Mind: 7 (Fire: 3)

Constitution: 214 (Dragon Bloodline: 15, Golden Body: 13, Fire 153, Ice: 0.568, Wood 0.47)

True Intent: 2,134 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Ice Fire: 7.6, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

Absorbing the flames of the origin source had allowed Luo Yunyang’s fire-based source core to reach Planet 9-Grade.

Based on cultivation speed, Luo Yunyang’s pace was shocking. However, no one else would have possibly survived absorbing the origin source lake’s flame.

The silver figures in Luo Yunyang’s mind were especially dazzling. After thinking for a moment, he immediately raised his Mind Attribute to 3,000 points.

The difference between a 3,000-point mind power and a seven-point mind power was obvious. After increasing his mind power, Luo Yunyang used the Mind Division Technique once again.

One mind, 10 manipulations, one mind, 50 manipulations, one mind, 100 manipulations

When he reached one mind-100 manipulations, Luo Yunyang felt that he hadn’t reached his limit yet, so he kept dividing quickly.

One mind, 300 manipulations, one mind, 500 manipulations

When Luo Yunyang divided his mind again and reached the 1,000-manipulation threshold, he suddenly felt like his mind power was about to crumble.

After trying to suppress this collapsing sensation, he did not use the Mind Division Technique any longer. Instead, he re-divided his mind power into 100 manipulations and enveloped the Froststeel Meteors inside the void.

Suddenly, 36 Froststeel Meteors began shining brightly in the void!

As they moved rapidly through, the other Froststeel Meteors that had initially been moving slowly suddenly moved like bees chasing after flowers and competing against the 36 Froststeel Meteors.

Under the circumstances, it was extremely difficult to prevent the two sides from colliding.

However, the man controlling the 36 Froststeel Meteors was obviously an expert telekinesis user. Although there were countless Froststeel Meteors surrounding them, the 36 Froststeel Meteors were still able to escape.

Moving from one side of the sky to the other seemed simple, but it was actually too difficult to achieve.

As the 36 Froststeel Meteors re-integrated themselves into the stars composed of countless Froststeel Meteors, a ray of light descended from the sky.

It was a blazing red ray of light.

Ordinary people naturally couldn’t see what was inside, but this was no big deal for Luo Yunyang, whose constitution had soared rapidly. He could clearly see a golden blade within that ray of light.

Although Luo Yunyang and the blade were separated by countless lights, upon closer and more careful inspection, he felt the immense, breathtaking power emitted from the blade.

Based on the information he had gotten from Yunxi, Luo Yunyang deduced that this was a Star-Grade war blade.

Anyone who entered this place would consider a Star-Grade weapon a big reward.

As Luo Yunyang was secretly guessing who was controlling the 36 Froststeel Meteors, Yunxi, who wasn’t sitting far from him, opened her eyes.

“Li Qingyun’s subordinate Zhang He must be responsible for controlling the meteors. He is the strongest god-grade telekinesis master among the people who have entered.”

Then, Yunxi added with more self-confidence, “I am already able to control 24 meteors, so there’s no need to worry. It won’t be long before I can control 100.”

As Yunxi was speaking, 72 Froststeel Meteors in the void began to glow brightly. Like the 36 Froststeel Meteors, these 72 Froststeel Meteors were ushered as fast as lightning towards the sky by the person who controlled them.

72 meteors!

This figure made Yunxi feel disheartened. Although she wasn’t a specialized telekinesis master, she knew that when it came to controlling items, the more control there was, the more mind power was consumed. In the end, the addition of one more object would multiply the energy consumption by at least two times.

She was already feeling unstable while controlling 24 meteors. If this number increased to 36, she would definitely reach her limit.

Just as Yunxi started to feel a little gloomy, the 72 Froststeel Meteors cleared more than half that expanse of sky. If the meteors continued to push forward, perhaps the person manipulating them was anxious to see what rewards they would get upon crossing through.

As Yunxi was lost in thought, a meteor dashed forward.

The fact that it was rushing out meant that the 72 meteors had successfully reached the other side of the black sky.

Luo Yunyang stared at the void while another ray of strange light descended in the direction the 72 meteors had gone.

Had the person who had left behind this expanse of space turned the sky into a treasure vault? As long as one could control a sufficient number of meteors, they would be rewarded with treasures falling from the sky.

Although Luo Yunyang did not see the treasure that fell clearly, he had a hunch that this treasure would definitely be way better than the Star-Grade sword.

Therefore, he made up his mind. He didn’t say anything to Yunxi, yet he used his own mind power to control the 36 Froststeel Meteors. He just wanted to see if more rewards would come.

The 36 Froststeel Meteors were like lightning cutting through the sky

However, while Luo Yunyang controlled them, he did not receive any treasure or benefits. Without wasting time, he raised the number of Froststeel Meteors that he controlled to 72. However, nothing fell from the sky now either.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang deduced what was required to get a reward. His method had not been wrong. It was just that the reward had already been released.

Although the reward for these 72 meteors was gone, there should be other rewards available!

Luo Yunyang, who had been eyeing those rays of light covetously, immediately increased the number of meteors he controlled to 108.

As the 108 meteors surged, the whole sky lit up!