Supreme Uprising Chapter 352

Chapter 352 A Supreme Inheritance In The Space Of A Point

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As Yunxi gazed at the 108 glowing stars in the sky, she felt a little low deep down.

However, she quickly got over this feeling. The 108 stars had appeared directly above her!

This meant that the person controlling the 108 Froststeel Meteors was Luo Yunyang.

When Yunxi looked over at him in astonishment, she realized that Luo Yunyang was sitting peacefully on the mat as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

As the 108 Froststeel Meteors surged forward, they encountered some obstacles in the sky.

Even a moment of carelessness would cause them to collide.

Thanks to his powerful mind power base, controlling 108 Froststeel Meteors wasn’t very difficult for Luo Yunyang.

However, he slowly realized that using his Mind Division methods to control the Froststeel Meteors streaking towards his meteors was actually easier than trying to make the meteors he controlled dodge.

As he thought about this, the number of Froststeel Meteors that Luo Yunyang controlled started to increase rapidly. 109 Meteors, 200 Meteors, 300 Meteors

The originally dark sky got brighter and brighter, until it seemed even brighter than during daytime.

Yunxi had started to go numb from astonishment.

She was still shocked when rays of light started to descend from the emptiness and move towards where she stood.

While a green light descended, Yunxi saw a suit of armor within it. As a purple light fell, she saw a longsword inside it

Due to their prior experiences, Yunxi understood that Luo Yunyang’s control of the Froststeel Meteors had exceeded various limits and caused these sort of treasures to fall down.

Luo Yunyang had no time to leave his spot, so Yunxi headed over to where those precious lights had fallen without hesitation.

There was a Star-Grade armor, a Star-Grade sword, a Star-Grade

As Yunxi collected the various treasures, she saw a bottle enveloped by a black glow.

Even though there were no markings on the bottle, Yunxi’s eyes lit up when she saw it.

“This is Soul Cultivation Liquid! I have been searching so hard for this!” Without a second thought, Yunxi dashed like mad towards the Soul Cultivation Liquid.

Although she knew that nobody was competing with her over it, this liquid was just too important to her.

She had only entered this place for this.

However, she hadn’t imagined that the Soul Cultivation Liquid that she wanted would actually appear here. This was like a gift from heaven that Yunxi couldn’t reject.

Although she knew that nobody would be snatching it away, she grabbed the black glow as quickly as she could.

When she opened the black bottle and sensed the liquid within, her soul felt completely refreshed. Yunxi was extremely ecstatic.

She had finally found the Soul Cultivation Liquid!

When she put the lid back on the bottle, her body was once again enveloped by a glow. As soon as that glow dissipated, Yunxi realized that she was already outside the massive tower.

Had she been expelled from the tower? Yunxi’s heart tightened. She suddenly felt a little worried for Luo Yunyang. However, she immediately saw some rapidly flashing lights all around her.

Li Qingyun, Yuan Geng and the others quickly appeared not too far from her.

Although they didn’t seem sad, when they saw the massive tower, they all appeared shocked.

“Let’s go in again!” Yuan Geng felt indignant. Although he had obtained many treasures by entering this place, this wasn’t what he wanted. He wished to obtain the imparted techniques.

However, when he charged towards the massive gravity-bound door, he suddenly discovered that it was actually sealed shut.

Yuan Geng kept channeling power in an effort to forcibly break through, when a golden light shot out from inside.

“All your inheritance paths have failed.” A mechanical voice rang out in Yuan Geng and everyone else’s hearts.

“In 15 minutes, this place will shut down.”

Yuan Geng’s eyes were filled with indignation as he said with a raspy snarl, “No! I didn’t fail. I could control 100 Froststeel Meteors, I”

However, his snarling didn’t have any effect. Thus, after a few angry shouts, Yuan Geng shut his mouth.

Li Qingyun kept staring at Yunxi. Her beautiful probing eyes made Yunxi uncomfortable.

“Why do I not see Mr. Luo, Little Sis?” Li Qingyun asked as she walked over to Yunxi.

Yunxi’s heart tightened unconsciously before Li Qingyun’s crafty questioning. Li Qingyun wasn’t an evil person, yet Yunxi didn’t want this scheming woman lusting after Luo Yunyang.

Even though she was awash with complex emotions deep down, she didn’t bat an eyelid. She actually flashed Li Qingyun a smile as she sidestepped the question expertly. “I also find it strange. By the way, where are your attendants?”

“They are only my followers, so it’s possible that they have already been sent out of this little galaxy,” Li Qingyun replied, looking unfazed.

“If your followers have failed and gotten kicked out, how could Luo Yunyang still be inside?” Yunxi asked indifferently.

“Mr. Luo is different!” Li Qingyun smiled faintly, looking even gentler than before.

“How is he different? Besides the fact that he is more capable than your followers, I don’t see how he is that much different.”

Yunxi sighed. “Although his mind power isn’t weak, controlling more than 100 meteors isn’t something he could achieve.”

Li Qingyun stared at Yunxi quietly as her faint smile intensified. However, she didn’t say anything else.

Although Yunxi had a calm expression on her face, her eyes were frosty as she met Li Qingyun’s gaze.

Li Qingyun said nothing. However, as she turned to leave, she said rather confidently, “I hope I hope that you will get to see Mr. Luo when you leave.”

Li Qingyun’s words were gentle, yet Yunxi felt as though they contained some form of threat.

She didn’t know how Luo Yunyang was at the moment. Deep down, Yunxi also hoped that she would get to see him when she got out.

If he obtained the imparted techniques, he would hopefully manage to conceal a few of them. Otherwise, he would get in trouble.

While Yunxi had been enveloped by that glow, Luo Yunyang had also been shrouded by lights. However, the power enveloping him had raised his body higher in the sky.

Luo Yunyang wanted to struggle against this power, yet he found himself unable to do so. When he got used to it, he realized that he was standing on a vast expanse of land.

“You were able to come this far. Very good!” A faint voice rang out beside Luo Yunyang’s ear. He instinctively turned his head when he heard it and saw a tall, large man in embroidered clothes greeting him with a smile.

“You don’t have to take any precautions, even if you are afraid. I am in fact just a memory.” The man’s face was handsome, yet he spoke desolately. “Although it looks like I am here and seemingly omnipotent, I actually can’t perform even the simplest of tasks.”

“You all needed to go through several trials. However, your mind power surpassed my requirements by far, so you were allowed to skip all those trials and see me right away.”

The man’s tone suddenly revealed a hint of admiration. He didn’t wait for Luo Yunyang to speak. When he pointed his finger over, Luo Yunyang felt his body fly on its own towards the man’s finger.

He didn’t know whether this whole thing was good or bad. Although he wanted to struggle, he realized that he couldn’t.

When the finger landed on Luo Yunyang’s forehead, he felt countless things frantically pour into his mind.

In no time, the man had already retracted his finger. However, his gaze seemed much hazier now.

“I’m finally absolved of it!” As the man said these words, he disintegrated completely before Luo Yunyang.

In the blink of an eye, he had vanished without a trace.

As the man’s consciousness dissipated, the things within Luo Yunyang’s mind slowly became clearer.

The man had been called Jade Ridge Star Lord. By pointing his finger, he had left behind all his memories. The most important ones were the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s weapon-smelting and cultivating experiences.

These memories were the most important thing the Jade Ridge Star Lord had left behind. As Luo Yunyang watched the memories, the originally stable void started to shake furiously.

The land was splitting, and heaven and earth were turning on their heads!

As Luo Yunyang soared into the air, he realized that he was already outside the main planet. He watched as the main planet that contained a boundless power started to crumble. The other planets Luo Yunyang and the others had had experiences on also slowly started to disintegrate without a sound.

Was this the evolution of the dimension within the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s body after his death? Why had it turned out this way? What Luo Yunyang paid the most attention to was the massive sacred tower. Although he knew that he couldn’t use the sacred tower right now, his desire to collect it intensified.

The sacred tower was collapsing!

The tower, which could even break a planet, had actually started to crumble. Luo Yunyang watched as the massive sacred tower was only left with a few levels in an instant. Deep down, he couldn’t help but feel slightly shocked.

What was going on? He quickly went through the memories in his mind, searching for a way to collect the sacred tower.

Soon, a chant appeared in his mind. Luo Yunyang used this technique without hesitation.

The massive sacred tower started to crumble even quicker as he used it. The sacred tower had already soared in the air and was heading over!

Meanwhile, it also kept shrinking. Thus, when it arrived before Luo Yunyang, the tower was only left with a cracked foundation.