Supreme Uprising Chapter 353

Chapter 353 The Nine Slumber Smoke Cloud Technique

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In the vast, inexhaustible sky, a silver ball of light was spinning continuously within the void. Every time this giant ball revolved, many numbers would disperse rapidly in all directions.

Amid the crushing stillness, a series of beeping sounds rang out from the massive silver ball. As they did, more than 10 light shadows rushed over from every direction.

Lots of information flickered on the silver ball of light rapidly. Ultimately, this information gathered and formed a sentence on the surface.

“Fragments of top-notch treasure have been discovered”

Upon seeing this message, the figures that had been rushing over immediately started to enter all sorts of commands on this massive silver ball of light. However, what they ultimately saw was a vast starry sky.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what was going on in the depths of that boundless part of space. Right now, he was quietly staring at the celestial body that had already been shattered.

In his hands was the shattered base of the sacred tower.

The sacred tower had been destroyed. Luo Yunyang, who believed that there had still been quite a number of things in the base of the tower, felt his heart ache at the thought of a precious treasure getting ruined this way.

He still hadn’t completely investigated all the things he had obtained from the Jade Ridge Star Lord. However, he could no longer stay there. After all, this expanse of space had already been turned into ruins.

In just a moment, Luo Yunyang had been transported outside the secret realm. The place where he had appeared wasn’t too far away from Yunxi and the others.

When Yunxi saw Luo Yunyang, her face lit up with a tender smile. Her loving warm smile, which felt like sunshine, would have made even a cold, aloof man feel a rush of excitement. However, by the time Luo Yunyang looked at her, she had already controlled her face and put on an indifferent expression.

“I never imagined that you would exit even earlier than us, Mr. Luo!” The first to greet Luo Yunyang was Li Qingyun. She seemed to be in high spirits, as though she hadn’t suffered any setbacks.

Certain thoughts ran through Luo Yunyang’s mind as he glanced at Li Qingyun and the others. He knew enough not to boast about obtaining the imparted techniques. The fewer people knew about this, the better.

After all, he couldn’t match the forces behind these people.

Yuan Geng eyed Luo Yunyang before eventually flashing him a gentle smile. “I just heard that all you want is to become a nobility in the Blue Rain Empire. I can help you do this, Mr. Luo! The Yuan Family is looking forward to you joining us.”

Yuan Geng’s straightforward words made people feel a little uncomfortable.

Yunxi’s expression immediately turned ugly. Luo Yunyang heard her voice in his ear.

“Tell him yes! This way, your life would get even better.”

Luo Yunyang’s mind went to work when he heard Yunxi’s words. Ever since Yunxi had entered this secret realm alone, Luo Yunyang had guessed that her family must have encountered some problems.

Otherwise, everyone would definitely have respected an aristocrat like her.

However, no matter what he or Yunxi thought, Luo Yunyang couldn’t accept this offer.

Although the power of Yuan Geng’s family would make him feel secure, everyone knew what being a subsidiary was like.

Plus, if he followed Yunxi and became a noble, he would still maintain some form of independence. However, if he joined the Yuan Family, Luo Yunyang didn’t think he would like the conditions the family would impose on him.

“Thank you for your offer, Young Master Yuan, but I have already agreed to become a noble member of the Yun Family. I can’t go back on my word!”

Yuan Geng chuckled heartily. “If you have made a promise, I shall not force you. However, when everything is over, I still hope that you will choose the Yuan Family, Mr. Luo.”

When everything was over? These words made Yunxi’s face darken. However, she immediately restored her calm demeanor.

Li Qingyun didn’t say a word as she watched Yuan Geng trying to tempt Luo Yunyang. Meanwhile, the sincere-looking man gazed at Luo Yunyang gently.

“If you have to make another choice in the future, the Feng Family would also welcome you, Mr. Luo,” the young man said as he glanced at the sky. “This area is deficient when it comes to Qi, so staying here too long wouldn’t benefit us much. Let’s leave first!”

While that sincere-looking man spoke, smoke started to pervade the area all around them. On closer look, this smoke didn’t seem special. However, when the smoke increased to the point that they couldn’t even see their surroundings, everyone was astonished.

“I have already waited very long for you people. I think you should stay!” A chilly voice rang out in everyone’s ears.

Li Qingyun, Yunxi and the others, who could be considered really privileged people, believed that they could do as they pleased in the world.

However, as they exited this realm covered in dirt, they were suddenly ambushed.

“Are you trying to make an enemy out of the Blue Rain Empire?” asked Yuan Geng. A long sword had already appeared in his hand.

The 10-meter-long sword looked like limpid autumn water. However, when it was in Yuan Geng’s hands, it seemed to strike fear in other people’s hearts.

“He he A Star-Grade weapon! What a nice object!” There was a hint of sarcasm in that voice now. “Unfortunately, you can only display a tenth of its might, so you wouldn’t be able to break my Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique.”

That voice soon turned shrill, as if it was mocking them.

However, a faint look of trepidation appeared on Yuan Geng’s face when he heard about the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique.

“You Are you from the Black Slaughter Divine Hall?” Yuan Geng’s voice wavered as he mentioned the Black Slaughter Divine Hall.

“He he You are no ignorant fool indeed. At least you have some knowledge.” Then, the voice added in a provocative manner, “It’s unfortunate that you have encountered me. Luckily for you, I am a merciful person. I don’t need anything from you. As long as you hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid, I will spare you all!”

Yunxi’s face darkened when she heard this. She had never expected that the person ambushing them would actually be after the Soul Cultivation Liquid she possessed.

She had only entered this hopeless secret realm for the sake of the Soul Cultivation Liquid.

This liquid was the vital hope that her heart needed.

However, the person ambushing them had also gone there for the Soul Cultivation Liquid.

Suddenly, Yuan Geng and everyone else looked at Yunxi. She was the one with the biggest chance of obtaining a Soul Cultivation Liquid among them.

They were all aware of the significance the Soul Cultivation Liquid held for Yunxi. However, the variations of the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique posed a threat to everyone’s life.

“You must have heard of the Black Slaughter Divine Hall’s Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique, Sister Yunxi. You should also know that we have no way of breaking this technique,” said Li Qingyun. Although her voice was calm, there was also an underlying threat in it. “Even if you did your best to keep the Soul Cultivation Liquid, you know what the outcome would be”

Yunxi remained silent. She was an exceptionally intelligent lady, so she knew what Li Qingyun would say next. Even though she was being targeted from all sides, she wouldn’t give up just like this.

Would she really have to hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid that she had fought so hard for to this person from the Black Slaughter Divine Hall?

She didn’t want to!

“What is the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique?” Luo Yunyang asked as Yunxi was mulling this over.

“It’s a secret art of the Black Slaughter Divine Hall that requires refining the origin souls of nine top-notch Star-Grade Experts!” Li Qingyun answered without letting Yunxi speak. “The refining material is very difficult to obtain, and the process of refining it is also extremely difficult. It is rumored that only a Nebula-Grade entity can refine it successfully.”

“Furthermore, once the refining process is complete, it creates nine Star-Grade origin souls. This technique can be used both for killing enemies and trapping them.”

Li Qingyun’s voice suddenly got much lower. “I know that you might want to help Yunxi protect the Soul Cultivation Liquid. You must be wondering how we could lower our heads before such a threat.”

“However, we can’t break this technique. If we persist, we could be moved to a certain territory belonging to the Black Slaughter Divine Hall. If that happens, we won’t die, but we will wish we had.”

“These smoke particles might seem like they aren’t useful, but over a period of time, they could become a poisonous smoke that can consume one’s cultivation base. Ultimately, they will destroy the world you have so painstakingly cultivated within your body.”

Although Yunxi didn’t say anything, judging from her expression, there had been nothing wrong with what Li Qingyun had just said.

“If it hadn’t been for the Soul Cultivation Liquid, I wouldn’t have come over here to waste my time. Hurry up! Hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid and I will let you go.” That shrill voice was heard once again.

Luo Yunyang found this voice a little familiar. However, he couldn’t remember where exactly he had seen this person.

Although he didn’t know when he had sensed this undulating power before, one thing was for certain. This fellow was very dangerous.

“Don’t tell me that there is no way to break the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique?” Luo Yunyang asked Li Qingyun. Yunxi looked very hesitant, so Luo Yunyang definitely wouldn’t get a proper answer from her.

“There is. How could there not be? There are at least 10 methods to dispel the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique. Do you think you can pull this off, though?” that shrill voice answered his question instead.

“Everyone else can live as long as the Soul Cultivation Liquid is handed over. Not you, though. Did you know that all my plans were practically ruined because of you? Even if you were chopped up into a million pieces, the hatred in my heart wouldn’t be placated!”

The shrill voice sounded so furious that anyone who heard it felt their hair stand on end. Suddenly, Luo Yunyang remembered where he had sensed this aura before.

It had been from the Atlantis Chief Zealot’s body.

Although there was a huge difference between the Chief Zealot’s aura and this one, their characteristics were the same.

“You are the Sea God!” Luo Yunyang, who had suddenly joined the dots, shouted at the cloud of smoke.