Supreme Uprising Chapter 354

Chapter 354 The Most Promising Method

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“I am the Sea God indeed!” That shrill voice rang out once again. The man laughed heartily as he said, “Or perhaps I am not The Sea God tasted really good. Although I have already devoured her, there is still some holy light left.”

Luo Yunyang, who had never imagined that this person would be impersonating the Sea God, pondered this for a bit before asking solemnly, “You mentioned that I spoiled your plan by opening this secret realm?”

“Indeed. Everything had been going according to my plan, yet when you appeared, I failed at the last moment.” That shrill voice turned chilly. “Don’t think about stalling for time. It’s no use. No one will come to save you for at least three days. Now, it’s time you all made a decision!”

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang noticed some changes on Yuan Geng and everyone else’s state of mind. Although they didn’t show any intention of doing anything, Luo Yunyang sensed a wave of killing intent emanating from Yuan Geng and the others.

Indeed, in their eyes, he was just a tool that could be sacrificed at any time.

“Considering how anxious you are, could there perhaps be some kind of flaw in the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique that you don’t dare tell us about?” Luo Yunyang said mockingly. “You aren’t just trying to scare us with words, are you?”

When Luo Yunyang said this, that shrill voice didn’t get angry. It only chuckled. “You shall soon understand whether I am telling the truth or not. I can tell you 10 methods to dispel the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique. Listen carefully.”

“The first way is for your cultivation base to reach the Star 9-Grade. This doesn’t require any preparations. Just breaking through will do. Unfortunately, you can’t use this method.”

“The second way is by cultivating the Legendary Kun Sky-Devouring Technique. [1. The Kun is a giant legendary fish in chinese mythology.] Even if your cultivation bases are all lower than the nine origin souls of the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique, you can still easily dispel it. Will you, though?”

“The third way”

“The tenth way is the most appropriate for you. He he As long as you find the source of the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique, you will be able to dispel the technique.”

The shrill voice didn’t explain the 10 methods quickly. He actually even explained some of them in a mocking tone.

Every time he explained a method, the expression on Yuan Geng and everyone else’s faces would get even bleaker. Although they had also heard of the methods the shrill voice mentioned, none of them had ever heard an explanation as meticulous as this one.

This made them feel extremely dejected.

“I can give you the Soul Cultivation Liquid. However, you must promise not to make things difficult for Luo Yunyang.” Yunxi’s voice reverberated as she spoke.

“He he I never imagined that I would get to see love blossom here. This kid really is no fool. Ha ha ha!” the shrill voice said with a hint of mockery. “Do you think that you are in a position to discuss terms with me?”

“The Soul Cultivation Liquid is in my hands.” Yunxi’s voice was resolute now.

Luo Yunyang, Li Qingyun and the others turned towards her. They all found this a little impossible to believe.

Yunxi was the eldest daughter of a king, so her status within the entire Blue Rain Empire was really important. Although she wasn’t at the absolute top, there weren’t many people that could be compared to her.

She also had radiant, glossy skin that looked like a mystery, and she seemed to be bathed in a charming luster. This made her particularly dazzling and able to charm many people.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Yunxi was a bright, splendid pearl in the Blue Rain Empire that tons of people hoped to marry.

This bright lady had actually just made a decision because of a demi-human. Her words had been both emotional and imposing

Although Yuan Geng and the others seemed to respect Luo Yunyang, deep down they still reckoned that he was just a demi-human with limited abilities.

They were all prejudiced against demi-humans. Although demi-humans looked like them, their blood, bones and meridians were actually very different.

The Blue Rain Empire discriminated against demi-humans. However, in some remote areas of this universe, demi-humans were an existence similar to wild beasts.

Luo Yunyang was a demi-human!

“Little Miss has quite a heroic spirit. Unfortunately, your heroism is of absolutely no use here.” The shrill voice echoed once again as it laughed gently. “If I don’t agree, I’m afraid that your comrades won’t agree either.”

Yunxi’s face fell. Although she was temporarily safe from the threat of the Sea God impostor while she was within the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique, would Yuan Geng and the others really let her relinquish the Soul Cultivation Liquid?

As Yunxi hesitated, Luo Yunyang smiled and said, “He just mentioned how to break the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique. I think it’s best that you let me break it.”

Yuan Geng and the others, who had been mulling over this themselves, all stared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief.

In the end, it was Yuan Geng who spoke up. “I know you don’t wish to put Lady Yunxi in a tough spot, Mr. Luo. However, you can’t just speak without thinking,” he said with a hint of mockery.

“Do you know how big this origin source is? It’s in fact just a smoke particle of the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique. Searching for a single smoke particle within such a huge smoke cloud is like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Li Qingyun said gently. “The light smoke of the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique is constantly moving, so just relying on mind power isn’t enough.”

“Several high-level telekinesis masters might have been able to differentiate the origin source by using their telekinetic abilities. However, by the time they’d try to remove it, the origin source would have already shifted positions.”

“This is a job for a top-notch telekinesis master that possesses extreme speed! One has to be able to extinguish the origin source in the tenth of a second. Otherwise, the trapped origin source would rapidly move away.”

“The person who undertakes this task would also have to be powerful. The origin source is refined and formed by origin souls, so a Planet-Grade telekinesis master’s attack would be basically ineffective.”

If three top-notch Star-Grade entities tried this together, it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

However, if a single person had to tackle this alone, it would be a very difficult task.

Of course, it wasn’t entirely impossible for someone to achieve this. However, among all the Star-Grade martialists in the entire Blue Rain Empire, there was no one that could pull this off. Actually, Li Qingyun believed that only a handful of young powerhouses in the world would even be able to reach this step.

The people present were not included in this number.

Luo Yunyang’s gaze seemed somewhat more resolute after he heard Li Qingyun’s analysis. He immediately smiled at Li Qingyun and said, “If these are the only conditions, I think I can do it.”

The shrill voice was no longer heard. However, Li Qingyun and everyone else were looking at him in total disbelief.

Yuan Geng’s nose was clearly twitching. Anyone who was close to him would know that he was doing this deliberately. This was his way of showing his disdain to someone.

Li Qingyun and Yunxi both knew about Yuan Geng’s habit.

Li Qingyun didn’t say anything, but Yunxi had a frosty look on her face. She clearly didn’t like Yuan Geng’s behavior.

“Is your nose feeling uncomfortable, Yuan Geng? Don’t worry, I can treat it for you,” Luo Yunyang said suddenly in a concerned voice.

His words pissed off Yuan Geng. That son of a b*tch infuriated him! He didn’t know whether he was acting confused or if he was really that stupid. Why the hell would he need this fellow to treat him? In his fury, Yuan Geng’s twitching nose started twitching even more furiously. He immediately decided that if Luo Yunyang ever sought shelter, he would never give him an important position.

However, as Yuan Geng was thinking about this, he noticed that Luo Yunyang had already reached him. He had moved really fast!

Yuan Geng hadn’t been on his guard, as he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually try to do anything. Shocked, he instinctively tried to guard himself.

How could he even do this in time? Luo Yunyang’s fist had already smashed hard against his nose.

Yuan Geng was considered a top-notch genius in his clan. Although he hadn’t advanced to the Star-Grade yet, he wanted to challenge his ability to skip a grade.

Of course, if he wanted to break through, it would be extremely easy. However, he had been stifling his cultivation base for years in order to have a firm, secure foundation.

As a green light flickered, Yuan Geng’s body became as firm as Froststeel. Even if a Star-Grade weapon cut his body, it wouldn’t cause too much damage.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s fist smashed hard into Yuan Geng’s nose. In just a second, Luo Yunyang felt a hot sensation on his nose and a wave of fishy-smelling blood poured out of it.

The light purple blood was rather beautiful.

Luo Yunyang had actually controlled the force of his punch. This was clearly humiliating! The furious Yuan Geng felt an urge to draw a sword and fight to the death with Luo Yunyang.

However, just as he was about to draw his sword, he suddenly discovered that the Nine-Slumber Smoke-Cloud Technique that surrounded them had actually vanished completely.

Yuan Geng was no fool, so he immediately understood what had happened. The fury in his eyes intensified as he watched Luo Yunyang, who was standing silently beside him.

However, there was also some doubt in his gaze.

In the past, he would have only thought that this demi-human had excellent fighting abilities. However, he was now aware that this was an entity that he couldn’t provoke as he pleased.

This fellow could even guess his next move.

Li Qingyun, Yunxi and everyone else turned their gazes to Luo Yunyang, looking both surprised and confused.

Luo Yunyang met Yuan Geng’s gaze and said with a chuckle, “Would you believe me if I said that this was only coincidence?”

“I will kill you! I will kill you!” A sharp snarling sound echoed from a distance as a robust young man rushed over at Luo Yunyang frantically.