Supreme Uprising Chapter 355

Chapter 355 A Powerhouse With Extreme Boundaries

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This robust young man was so quick that he rushed before Luo Yunyang in the blink of an eye.

The instant he reached Luo Yunyang, his fist flew in a strange manner towards him.

The reason his fist seemed strange was because when he struck, a black hole actually appeared within the void,

Black holes absorbed and broke down everything. Thus, when this black hole got bigger, Luo Yunyang felt like his body was being sucked in.

However, by the time this sucking force wrapped around Luo Yunyang, Yunxi had already acted. When she brandished the green sword in her hand, a green phoenix surged towards the black hole.

Li Qingyun also acted the instant she saw Yunxi make her move. Her two hands rapidly formed a seal. Although she didn’t rush over, a five-colored glow congealed and formed a large seal as her hands came crashing down.

Her speed seemed to scare everyone else.

Yuan Geng didn’t do anything. Right now, he seemed hesitant. However, when he realized that the black hole the robust man had created was still getting bigger, he finally made a move.

The Black Murder Shrine might scare him too much to offend his opponent, but he couldn’t stand getting bullied either.

There were four of them dealing with just one person, so they should have logically had an advantage. Plus, Luo Yunyang and the others were all at the peak of the Planet-Grade Realm.

However, to his surprise, it wasn’t Luo Yunyang and the others who held the upper hand, but the Sea God.

Although he was just a single person facing Luo Yunyang and the other three, when he used his fist techniques, a layer of black light enveloped his body. Even though Luo Yunyang and the others used incisive strikes, their attacks still weren’t able to penetrate his defense.

That person actually seemed like a divine entity shrouded in black light. Every single gesture of his made them feel a sense of powerlessness.

This was the first time Luo Yunyang had encountered such a move ever since he had been on the rise. If he and the others could be likened to three-year-olds, then he only possessed the combat awareness of a toddler right now.

Meanwhile, the Sea God possessed the combat awareness of an adult.

Although their power was the same, if they competed, Luo Yunyang and the others would still be on the losing end.

Many thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind. He actually changed over 10 sets of techniques, yet no matter which attack he used, when it landed on the Sea God’s hand, it was easily neutralized by the Sea God.

“Do you think that just the few of you can hope to take me on, young’uns?” The Sea God’s words were proud. He actually sounded like he was looking down on them.

“He must be a powerhouse with a grasp of the laws. Although he is unable to use the power of the laws with his temporary body, he is still able to reach the extremes in terms of True Intent,” Yunxi said as she danced around gently. Her green sword-light turned into seven beautiful flowers that circled the Sea God and flew over.

Yunxi’s words didn’t disturb the Sea God. When his fists struck out, Yunxi’s main flower shattered and the black lights swept out in the direction of Li Qingyun.

Although Li Qingyun possessed wonderful techniques, she was still pushed back nine steps by this attack. Suddenly, a trickle of blood appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“He has reached the limits of True Intent! He is a powerhouse with extreme boundaries. We simply are no match for him!” the other young man from the Feng Family, who was standing aside, exclaimed fearfully.

His words made Li Qingyun and Yuan Geng’s faces fall. Although they had already had their theories about this person based on their previous exchange, they got even more terrified when they heard this.

“I am a powerhouse with extreme boundaries indeed!” The Sea God brandished his fists again. This time, another black hole appeared in the void and flew towards Luo Yunyang.

The best way to deal with this black hole was to avoid it. Forcibly resisting it would cause its absorption power to increase even more.

“You ignorant fellows! Powerhouses with extreme boundaries are unrivaled existences among people with the same boundaries.” The Sea God’s voice was laced with contempt. “If I was such a powerhouse, I would be able to kill you as easily as slaughtering chickens.”

He suddenly scanned Li Qingyun and the others with a look of disdain. “I could give you all a chance. If you leave this place immediately, I will act as if nothing has happened. If you don’t, from this day on, you will all become my enemies. My name is Black River and I will fight you until only one of us survives.”

“You are Black River? One of the four great rulers of the Black Slaughter Divine Hall?” Li Qingyun asked with a faint tremble.

“I am indeed,” Black River replied with a dull smile. “Although this is only a part of my willpower, you should know that I am well-aware of everything that has happened and will happen today. This is the last chance I am giving you!’

Yunxi’s eyes flickered before she said, “Are you saying this because you are running out of time? Based on what I know, every great ruler of the Black Slaughter Divine Hall is a vicious, merciless entity. If we have offended you, how could there be a way out?”

“It seems like there is something wrong with your body. Otherwise, you would never treat us this well. If we endure this just a little longer, we will definitely be able to defeat you.”

Although Yunxi was calm and composed as she spoke, Black River only laughed frostily when he heard her analysis.

Suddenly, the young man who still hadn’t done anything said, “What you say makes sense, Yunxi. However, what reason do I have to help you? A ruler’s single word is worth nine tripods. Everything that’s happened today will end here.”

As he spoke, the young man from the Feng Family rose into the air and soared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

Yuan Geng and Li Qingyun quickly made eye contact. They suddenly seemed to loosen up.

Yuan Geng, who had already been displeased with Luo Yunyang, wasn’t willing to start a feud with one of the great rulers of the Black Slaughter Divine Hall.

Thus, as Li Qingyun was still thinking about persisting, he smiled and said, “Since the great ruler has already made us an offer, I shall take my leave. Yunxi, I advise you to hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid and leave with me. A demi-human savage isn’t worth risking your life for.”

Luo Yunyang, who had never found Yuan Geng very pleasant to look at, right now really felt like punching Yuan Geng’s face.

Demi-human savage? Yuan Geng and his whole family were demi-human savages!

Li Qingyun smiled faintly. Although her body swayed gently, she was still equally breathtaking. “Little Sister Yunxi, although Big Sister wants to help, you have already seen for yourself how things are right now. I am just as helpless as you are.”

“Although Yuan Geng was harsh, there was nothing wrong with his reasoning. If you can’t hold onto the Soul Cultivation Liquid, then you should hand it over.”

Yunxi bit her lip. Of course she wasn’t willing to hand it over. After all, this had been her main objective for coming to this land.

However, the Soul Cultivation Liquid

“Hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid and I will let you leave.” The Sea God smiled gently as he watched Yunxi. “However, I can’t let this kid survive.”

As he said this, the Sea God’s eyes darkened. He suddenly looked like a demon that controlled their life and death.

Luo Yunyang remained calm as he watched Yunxi quietly and waited for her decision. After hesitating for a bit, Yunxi said firmly, “You don’t have too much time. I will give you the Soul Cultivation Liquid if you let me and Luo Yunyang go. Otherwise, you will never get it.”

“Ha ha ha That sounds impressive, but let me tell you something. The two of you cannot drag this on for too long.”

Suddenly, the black ground shrouding Black River’s body became denser and his entire body seemed to get enveloped by a black sun.

This might had already surpassed the limits of a Planet-Grade entity.

“Then let’s fight to the death!” Yunxi grasped the green sword with unwavering determination in her eyes.

Li Qingyun and Yuan Geng exchanged a look before quickly retreating.

During a fight between experts, especially Planet 9-Grade entities, the damage to the surrounding area was usually very extensive.

They had already made a decision, so they naturally weren’t willing to get caught up in this fight. However, Yuan Geng still stared at Yunxi grudgingly.

His expression was very grudging indeed!

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang had already moved before Yunxi and grabbed her hand firmly. Yunxi’s face immediately flushed red.

How could he still act like this at such a time? Although Yunxi was confused, she felt at ease right away.

Death might still await her, but being able to have her hands held so tightly before she died was a blessing. She wanted to cherish this chance encounter from the bottom of her heart. She instinctively felt that she had met Luo Yunyang a little too late. If they had met a few years earlier, perhaps they would have created many beautiful memories.

As all sorts of thoughts ran through her mind, Luo Yunyang’s voice rang in her ear.

“Follow me! Run!”

His words dumbfounded Yunxi, who had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would hold her hand and say such a thing.

While Yunxi was at a loss, Black River, who had heard their exchange, stared in contempt at them and said insipidly, “Do you think it is even possible for you to leave”

Luo Yunyang had already adjusted his Speed to the maximum limit his body could withstand, so he stared at Black River with a smile.

“It is!”

When Black River heard this, his nose nearly twisted in anger. As he was about to move his arms and release another black hole, he suddenly saw a flash before him. Luo Yunyang and Yunxi had already vanished.