Supreme Uprising Chapter 356

Chapter 356 The Edge Of The Sky

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Yunxi felt the wind and sound get left far behind her. Huge mountains completely disappeared from her field of vision in the blink of an eye!

She was flying! Although Yunxi had flown before, this time she felt completely astounded. It seemed as though she had suddenly flown up into a sky as tender as water. She felt like a diver that had split apart layer after layer of warm waves.

All around her, things blossomed and appeared. Her heart felt like it was diving down rapidly from a high altitude and then suddenly soaring high up again. Then, it would dive down and soar up again. This feeling was too wonderful for words to describe, so all the repressed thoughts in her mind were cleaned out in an instant.

Yunxi’s family clan matters and any objects like the Soul Cultivation Liquid no longer mattered! Love could cure all wounds deep in one’s heart and create the greatest miracles in the human world.

Love was blind, so the heart could perceive it straightaway. Yunxi shut her eyes and allowed Luo Yunyang to hold her hand. They would fly like this all the way. There was no beginning and no end. This could go on and on until they reached the edge of the sky.

Yunxi didn’t think, neither did she want to. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang had already adjusted his Speed to over 1,000 points.

Although he could add even more points, he believed that he needed to leave a little room for the Sea God. If he were to disappear anytime soon, the Sea God might come up with other ways to disturb them.

This was just like fishing. Although the bait was right before the target’s eyes, it could only be seen, not obtained.

While he controlled his Speed, Luo Yunyang also raised his mind power very high. He was prepared to react to the Sea God’s attack at any moment.

Black River was following Luo Yunyang angrily. He was furious that he had been on a wild goose chase all day only to get pecked in the eyes by the wild goose in the end.

He had come so close to capturing these two, yet they were still putting up a resistance. He hadn’t expected that they would actually employ such shameless techniques. They were running away!

They had actually run away!

At first, Black River thought that all he’d have to do to catch up to them was extend his hands. He had never imagined that things would turn out way different than he had expected. He had discovered in astonishment that the distance between them always stayed above 1,000 meters.

A gap of 1,000 meters was a distance that could be covered in an instant. However, every time he rushed over, the distance would become 1,000 meters again.

Besides, the more he chased them, the weaker his body became. Even if his body became useless, he wouldn’t be affected much. However, how could a soul without a body hope to face two top Planet-Grade powerhouses?

“You are really forcing my hand, young’uns!” Black River spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he roared furiously. When this mouthful of blood wrapped around his body, it seemed as though Black River had turned a shade of scarlet.

His already quick pace increased immediately until it seemed as though he had become a streak of blood.

Instantly, the 1,000-meter gap narrowed down to 500 meters, 300 meters, 100 meters

The two individuals that had humiliated him were within his grasp. All Black River needed to do was reach out with his hand. His eyes now shone with an ecstatic glint.

Li Qingyun and the other two hadn’t left yet. Although they hadn’t followed Luo Yunyang, they still stood high up in the air, overlooking this chase.

“They probably will not be able to escape. Black River used a mystic art that utilizes the fundamental essence of life!” Yuan Geng said, his voice filled with uncertainty.

There was a faint trace of envy in Li Qingyun’s eyes. However, this envy was merely a ripple in her heart that couldn’t influence her conscience.

“Not necessarily,” Li Qingyun said before adding faintly, “Black River has already used mystic arts three times.”

For the sake of chasing down Luo Yunyang and Yunxi, Black River had used more than a couple of methods. However, every time he was about to catch up, Luo Yunyang would suddenly increase his speed and widen the gap.

Li Qingyun was right. As Black River’s palms were ready to catch Luo Yunyang’s sleeves, Luo Yunyang sped up once again.

In an instant, Black River was left 1,000 meters away.

Black River was furious deep down. If he used his Star-Grade cultivation base right now and extended a hand that could cover the sky, no matter how quick Luo Yunyang was, he still wouldn’t be able to escape.

However, he was a descended soul, so the best he could do was use the power of a Planet-Grade entity.

How could he give up? He had spent close to 100 years trying to get this Soul Cultivation Liquid. If he gave up now, he wouldn’t be able to recover from this loss. Plus, there was nothing that could replace the Soul Cultivation Liquid.

“Stop running, Luo Yunyang! Just hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid and we will call it quits!” Black River shouted as he stopped and took a deep breath.

When he stopped, Luo Yunyang stopped as well. However, he didn’t let go of Yunxi’s hand.

“You are saying that if I hand over the Soul Cultivation Liquid now, you will let us go?” Luo Yunyang had a doubtful expression on his face.

How could Black River stomach this? However, he knew deep down that he had to swallow his anger, no matter how difficult it was. After all, a lack of patience in such small matters could ruin his overall plan.

“That’s right, I will let you go this time. As long as you hand over the goods, I will let you two walk free,” Black River said magnanimously.

Yunxi didn’t say anything, as if she had forgotten that the Soul Cultivation Liquid was in her hands. Luo Yunyang, on the other hand, had fixed his gaze on Black River.

What was going on?

As Luo Yunyang was studying Black River carefully, he realized that a group of numbers had appeared in his mind.

Power: 4,321

Mind: 841

Constitution: 13

Speed: 984

True Intent: 897 (Engulfing True Intent: 569)

Although these figures stunned Luo Yunyang at first, he quickly got delighted. After his attributes had all broken through to silver figures, he hadn’t felt the huge delight he had been anticipating.

This had made Luo Yunyang feel a little disappointed. However, as he focused his mind power and stared at Black River now, he realized that he could actually see his numerical values. This alone was a massive improvement.

It was true that when one knew oneself and one’s enemy, they would never be defeated! [1. From Sun Tzu’s Art of War]

During a fight, practically everyone would have their strong and weak points. When two people of similar strength fought, if one covered up their flaws with strong points, they would be able to gain an overwhelming advantage.

Deep down in his heart, Luo Yunyang felt faint anticipation. If he could adjust Black River’s attributes, then

As this thought popped into his mind, Luo Yunyang urged his consciousness to convert a point of Black River’s Constitution into Power.

Minus one point of Constitution, plus one point of Power!

After making this decision, Luo Yunyang realized with astonishment that Black River’s Constitution had turned 20 in an instant.

He was successful!

While Luo Yunyang had been sailing with the wind earlier, he had felt some apprehension. However, victory was certain now!

“If you had asked nicely, perhaps I would have let Yunxi give you the Soul Cultivation Liquid. However, it’s too late now!” Luo Yunyang glared at Black River as he sneered.

Black River was furious. He was a great ruler whose word carried considerable weight. Even if what had descended was only a slight trace of his consciousness, his pride remained unchanged. How could he allow this young fellow to slander him?

“You are asking for it!” Black River roared furiously. “Do you really think that I have no way of handling you, young’uns? Let me tell you something. If I want to, I can turn this mountain range into dust.”

“He he I believe you. However, it would be no use,” Luo Yunyang replied with a laugh. “After all, you have already consumed almost all your power. Based on what I see, even if I stood here and let you hit me, you wouldn’t be able to make me budge.”

Black River’s face turned black. He had just used quite a number of taboo methods, some of which could cause him harm. However, this still wasn’t a big deal to him.

He believed that, as long as Luo Yunyang didn’t run, he could kill him in just a moment. If he stood still, he would make things even easier for him.

He had no clue that Luo Yunyang was experimenting on him right now. In a moment, he had converted 50 points of his Mind Attribute to Power.

Luo Yunyang had completed this conversion without any resistance. As he adjusted Black River’s attributes once again and changed the converting figure to 100, he felt as if he was playing with a new toy.

100 points of Black River’s Mind Attribute were converted into True Intent.

Luo Yunyang, who had thought that everything would go smoothly, had never imagined that after the latest conversion, a line would appear in his head”Your adjustments have already exceeded the allowed limit.”

Naturally, Luo Yunyang understood what this meant. However, he wasn’t willing to give up. He just couldn’t accept the fact that his ability was only this effective.

Exceeded the limit, exceeded the limit, exceeded the limit

Each test resulted in the same outcome. This meant that the number of points that could be adjusted couldn’t exceed 100.

“Very well I shall give you a chance, young fellow. You can stand there and let me hit you. If I can’t strike you down, I will leave.” Black River didn’t know what Luo Yunyang was thinking, yet he sounded like he couldn’t wait.

Luo Yunyang was feeling really displeased at the moment. Although he had already accepted this, he was really unhappy. He stared at Black River as he said icily, “If I can still run, why would I stand here and let you hit me? Are you taking me for a fool? If you really want to make a gamble with me, then maybe I will agree. However, you have to propose some acceptable conditions. Only fools and jerks would try to gain something without risking anything of their own!”

Luo Yunyang’s sharp, unkind words made Black River’s face flush with anger. He could feel that his mind power and strength had increased, so he was full of confidence.

“I will place a bet with you. Didn’t you say that I won’t make you fall, even if you just stand and let me hit you? If I do this, I will kill you. If I don’t, from this day on, I will avoid you whenever and wherever I run into you.” Black River drew back his sleeves before he said, “This ought to do, right?”

“It will if you throw in the Engulfing Black Hole Technique!”