Supreme Uprising Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Ancient Weapons

"Everyone, it is not every day that we can challenge the Newcomer King. Even if we fail, we should still try and note the difference between us." The handsome young man egged on his comrades, who appeared frightened now.

His words might have sounded very encouraging, but Luo Yunyang could guess the man's malicious intentions. He wanted to use the others to wear Luo Yunyang down and then step in when the situation seemed more favorable.

Although Luo Yunyang saw through the vile man's intentions, he didn't expose him. However, he didn't give him a chance to retreat either. "What our fellow student is saying makes sense. Come on, you can have this opportunity first," he said.

The handsome young man, who had been trying his utmost to trick the others, hadn't expected that Luo Yunyang would actually set his sights on him first. Damn it, this hadn't been part of the plan!

Although he was extremely displeased, he didn't want to seem like a coward before the others, so all he could do was step forward.

"I've been using swords all along. I wonder if we can use swords to spar. What do you think, Chief Instructor Lu?" a tall blonde girl asked Chief Instructor Lu as she stepped forward.

Use swords?

Swords were weapons. Luo Yunyang had never chosen a weapon before, so using swords to spar was a little unexpected.

Chief Instructor Lu nodded. "Go ahead!"

"The Disciple of the Six Melding Swords, Sun Miaomiao, is challenging the Newcomer King!"

The Six Melding Swords, the Unbreakable Golden Clock When Luo Yunyang thought about his match with Guan Wanli, he recalled an article he had read while browsing online on his computer.

The apocalypse had caused the majority of organisms on Earth to evolve, humans included. As a result, the average human's lifespan had increased, the human body had become stronger, and antiques that had been handed down from generation to generation had caused miraculous discoveries.

The article had not gone into too much detail, but it seemed like what it had said was true.

"Bring it on then!" Luo Yunyang felt eager to face an opponent who was proficient in handling weapons for the first time.

"My Six Melding Swords Skill is only at a basic level, so I am unable to control the intensity of my moves. Please forgive me if I injure you accidentally." Sun Miaomiao's words sounded reasonable and courteous, but there was also an evident hint of arrogance in her voice.

Sun Miaomiao's sword didn't disappoint the onlookers. The moment her blade was unsheathed, Sun Miaomiao was bathed in a silvery light.

There was a rod in Luo Yunyang's hands. This alloy rod was his weapon of choice. However, when he saw the ripples created by the sword, Luo Yunyang froze for a moment.

This was the first time he was experiencing this sort of battle.

In the blink of an eye, his movements were bound by the ripples. The blade moved back and forth under the silvery light, as if it was wrapping itself around Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang waved around the rod in his hands as he tried to fend off those omnipresent ripples.

Although he managed to block quite a number of ripples, most of them eluded the rod and stabbed in his direction.

Each sword ripple made Luo Yunyang feel weary and flustered.

Sun Miaomiao had confidence in her sword. She had trained many years and, according to her master, her swordsmanship had already reached an accomplished level.

She had entered the Rising Dragon Army to honor her master's old friend and to obtain a special-grade source fluid from the Rising Dragon Army's elite class.

The intrinsic nature of a source fluid was essential for the path of a martialist. Every year, only up to 100 special-grade source fluids were produced within the entire Da Alliance.

As one of the eight armies of the East, the Rising Dragon Army got one special-grade source fluid.

The person who could obtain this could only come from the Rising Dragon Army's elite class.

The recipient of the special-grade source fluid was traditionally the Newcomer King.

Therefore, she had to get the title of the Newcomer King through any means. Based on what she saw, although Luo Yunyang was strong, he was still too clumsy with weapons.

Her Six Melding Swords would deal with him fast!

The start was just as Sun Miaomiao had predicted. Her relentless swordsmanship made Luo Yunyang lose his calm composure. However, although he was clearly flustered, every time her sword was about to strike him, the short rod in his hand would obstruct her attack.

Sun Miaomiao was vexed and sullen.

She used the Six Melding Horizontal Strikes, the Six Return To One, the Pointing South Striking North Move, and the Fallen Autumn Leaves.

The moves of the Six Melding Swords were quicker and more urgent, but Luo Yunyang, who was still bathed in the silvery light, calmed down.

He suddenly remembered that, when he had fought against the Rising Dragon Army soldiers, he had increased his Constitution and Mind. Now, he began to take note of Sun Miaomiao's sword trajectories.

Eventually, he even started to predict her next moves, as well as where she would strike.

By the time Sun Miaomiao had performed each of her moves twice, they had all been deeply etched in Luo Yunyang's mind.

Chief Instructor Lu's face broke into a faint smile. This was a smile of certainty. "Stop playing around, kid. The lady is going to be weeping in anger soon!"

Luo Yunyang was about to confirm what he had learned by observing the swordplay of the Six Melding Swords, when he suddenly heard Chief Instructor Lu's words. He decided to use the Alert Monkey's Seven Leaps instead.

Although Sun Miaomiao was a determined lady, when she heard Chief Instructor Lu's tone, she became anxious.

Without hesitation, she unleashed the strongest technique of the Six Melding Swords the Six Melding Horizontal Strikes!

This move was laden with a heavy killing intent.

However, the moment she used it, she realized in surprise that Luo Yunyang had actually disappeared.

By the time she came back to her senses, her arm had taken a heavy hit and her long sword had fallen from her hand.

The match was over. Sun Miaomiao had actually lost!

Even though she needed the title of the Rising Dragon Army's Newcomer King, she had been completely defeated.

She had lost without a chance of fighting back!

Both Guan Wanli and Sun Miaomiao had been reputable geniuses in their own cities. In fact, even martialists from other big cities had heard of them.

However, the two of them had stepped in to challenge Luo Yunyang and failed to follow through.

"Brother Yunyang is great. He really deserves to be Chang'an's leader!" a skinny young man exclaimed excitedly.

Even more voices followed his exclamation. Yang Yirui and the others joined in the banter. "Anybody else who still wants to challenge him? Step forward if you do!"

"You are all talk! Just come on and try!"

Although the young martialists from other big cities were unhappy with this unbridled attitude, they sensibly chose to remain silent.

After watching his performance, they had realized that they were unable to take on Luo Yunyang.