Supreme Uprising Chapter 360

Chapter 360 The Jade Ridge Star Lord's Imparted Teachings

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As the strand of mind power returned, Luo Yunyang, who was sitting atop the peak of the Great Snow Mountain, smiled. Although he was in seclusion, his mind power still shrouded the Great Snow Mountain.

If he wanted to, even the slightest bit of activity on the Great Snow Mountain wouldn’t be able to escape his eyes.

What he had just used was a small technique he had obtained from the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s imparted techniques the Body Soul Split.

This sort of Body Soul Split could only be used at an area that Luo Yunyang’s mind power enveloped. He still had a long way to go until he matched Black River’s abilities and allowed a strand of his consciousness to separate from him.

However, this Body Soul Split would possess a tenth of Luo Yunyang’s power, so he would be able to do as he wished in a lot of matters.

After this trace of mind power entered his body, Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s imparted teachings. Although this was just a gentle pointing of the way, Luo Yunyang felt as though he had entered a humongous library.

These were all the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s cultivation techniques!

During the past six months, Luo Yunyang had been mainly digesting all these cultivation techniques. The more he digested them, the more he believed that the Jade Ridge Star Lord had been a true genius.

No, he must have been an exceptional genius.

Source power cultivation, mind power, weapon refinement, array formation The Jade Ridge Star Lord had studied a myriad of techniques and accomplished very impressive achievements by using all of them.

For example, the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s source power cultivation had already reached the Nebula-Grade. Although it hadn’t climbed to the top, it had allowed him to regard other members of the same generation superciliously.

His mind power had also been extremely strong. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been such a test. According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s teachings, his mind power had also reached the standards of the Nebula-Grade.

Although it had been a grade lower than his source power, compared to source power, telekinetic combat strength came with all sorts of advantages.

He had been an advanced weapon-refining master that had ranked third among the weapon-refining masters of the Starry Heaven Weapon-Refining Alliance and had been able to smelt top Nebula-Grade weapons.

He had also been an advanced array formation master that had once been invited by an advanced civilization to help complete the plans for a giant warship. He

In the end, all this glory had harmed the Jade Ridge Star Lord, who had wasted his limited life on various types of cultivation.

When it came right down to it, the Jade Ridge Star Lord hadn’t broken through to the Galaxy-Grade. After offending some powerful entities, he had immediately been erased from the world.

Although this was only a portion of his memories, Luo Yunyang sensed another portion within the imparted knowledge that he hadn’t read yet.

Even though he wanted to read it, some form of mysterious power had sealed this portion.

Luo Yunyang knew what kind of power this was, so he didn’t insist.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s request, the person who received his imparted teachings should choose one thing and focus on cultivating it. It would be easier to ascend to the apex this way. Blindly coveting everything would ultimately lead one to achieve nothing.

The Burning God Fiend Technique included the source power cultivation techniques left behind by the Jade Ridge Star Lord. There were countless cultivation experiences in the Burning God Fiend Technique within the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s memories. According to his experiences, if the person who inherited this technique was talented enough, they would simply face no obstacles.

Luo Yunyang, who had studied the Burning God Fiend Technique the most, had ultimately foregone the cultivation of this technique. Although the Burning God Fiend Technique was quite good, if he cultivated it, his ice-based and wood-based source cores would be destroyed.

The power of these two cores wasn’t too strong, yet the existence of the attribute regulator made Luo Yunyang unwilling to give up on them.

Most importantly, although the Burning God Fiend Technique’s cultivation was smooth, Luo Yunyang felt that there wasn’t much of a difference between this and the Burning Dragon of the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart, which he had cultivated.

Plus, things could be mutually learned from these two.

Due to this possibility, Luo Yunyang would be able to execute various techniques from the Burning God Fiend Technique completely.

For example, the Heavenly Ardent Sun Finger allowed Luo Yunyang to unleash a move that could be used as a response against a Planet-Grade individual.

The power of True Intent concealed within this form terrified Luo Yunyang. When he had converted all his other True Intent attributes into this figure, he’d realized that it actually hadn’t reached its limit.

This had allowed Luo Yunyang’s offensive strength to increase tenfold.

According to the memories the Jade Ridge Star Lord had imparted, the True Intent of the martial path could be split into nine layers. Once the True Intent broke through these nine layers, one would step into the boundaries of the Laws.

True Intent, Laws, Path Domain

While a genius would be able to step into the layers of the Laws without reaching the nine layers of True Intent, these Laws were fragmented, so they weren’t established.

However, these Laws would still increase one’s power considerably. There were even some taboo arts that could surpass True Intent and come into contact with the boundary of the Laws, provided that the cultivating process reached a certain realm.

Unfortunately, these martial techniques could only be created by entities more powerful than Galaxy-Grade individuals.

After all, completely surpassing True Intent and immediately comprehending a hint of the Laws wasn’t easy. Actually, it could be considered extremely difficult.

The Great Divine Elemental Eye also played a small part in Luo Yunyang’s decision not to cultivate the easiest Burning God Fiend Technique.

Compared to the Burning God Fiend Technique, the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s telekinetic techniques made Luo Yunyang much happier.

The Godly Lotus Secret Seal was a set of cultivation techniques that the Jade Ridge Star Lord had always cultivated. Solidifying one’s mind into substance was also a technique of the Godly Lotus Secret Seal.

According to the excerpts of the Godly Lotus Secret Seal, when a telekinesis user reached the Planet-Grade, they would be able to condense their mind power into lotus seals. Lotus seals were split into five colors that corresponded to the various boundaries of source power cultivation.

Every 10,000 lotus seals would be able to form a lotus sea. As long as this lotus sea condensed and formed a new lotus sea, one would enter a new boundary.

Although Luo Yunyang’s mind power had just reached a level that would allow him to condense a few lotus seals, by relying on the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang would be able to turn his mind into a sea of lotuses even faster.

Compared to the cultivation techniques of martialists and telekinesis users, weapon refining and array formation weren’t that difficult.

As long as Luo Yunyang’s mind power and cultivation met the requirements, he would follow the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s cultivation techniques fast and these two aspects of his cultivation would rise.

Thanks to these two regions, Luo Yunyang started to work hard on those two aspects as soon as he digested the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s memories.

There weren’t many imparted techniques on array formation in the Da Alliance, and the few that existed were just insignificant bits and pieces.

As far as weapon refining was concerned, the Da Alliance mostly focused on hammering and smelting, so Luo Yunyang hadn’t put much effort into refining weapons up until now either.

After determining his own objectives, he started to cultivate the array formation.

Thanks to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s memories, Luo Yunyang had the imparted teachings of an array formation master. Actually, things were even better.

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang was already familiar with the key tricks of each cultivation aspect. All he needed was memory and relation.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s comprehensive records on array formation, the most important thing for becoming a suitable array formation master was to memorize 95,800 fundamental array formation inscriptions.

Each of these array formation inscriptions had its own special power. Grouping these inscriptions together according to a set of rules was an array formation.

Although this sounded easy, it was actually extremely difficult. After all, if one of these inscriptions was wrong, or any of them matched up wrong, the outcome would be destructive.

Memorizing these inscriptions wasn’t that difficult for a telekinesis master. However, grouping them required a lot of mental strength.

Therefore, although many telekinesis masters understood a little about array formations, they were still far from being real telekinesis masters.

A first-class array formation was a combination of 3,000 inscriptions.

The array formation that Luo Yunyang started out with was the ordinary Blazing Formation. This array formation could make use of source power while also be used with mind power. As long as the array formation was complete, the Blazing Formation inscription would ceaselessly absorb all sorts of power.

In a moment, 3,000 inscriptions started to appear in Luo Yunyang’s head. He quickly segregated the air around him. Soon, those inscriptions started to condense within the void.

However, just as Luo Yunyang’s mind was grouping up the inscriptions, an acute explosion rang out in the void.

Although this explosion didn’t harm Luo Yunyang, if an ordinary martialist had been on the end of it, they would have been blown to bits.

Luo Yunyang had made no mistakes while grouping the array formation. The reason this had happened was that there was a huge gulf between the Array Formation Intent.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s teachings, Array Formation Intent wasn’t imparted knowledge from others, but one’s own continuous practice and experience.

An array formation user who could only complete a preliminary array formation was considered an array formation apprentice. Only an array formation user that possessed first-class Array Formation Intent could be considered an Array Formation Master.

If once wasn’t enough, he’d try twice. If twice wasn’t enough, then he’d try thrice!

As Luo Yunyang experimented again and again, he finally completed his first array formation after failing 30 times.

This was because his mind power was too strong.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t that happy about completing his first array formation. Actually, the thing that delighted him the most was discovering an Array Formation Intent under his Mind Attribute when he opened his attribute regulator.

When he saw this Array Formation Intent, Luo Yunyang felt like a bright, open road had unfolded before him.