Supreme Uprising Chapter 362

Chapter 362 Money Money Money

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Conferment documents, lord combat gear, a holographic communication device

These three things were all Luo Yunyang was left with after the conferment. The documents signified the merging of the Da Alliance and the Divine Beast Wasteland, as well as that the surrounding 30,000 miles of space were all Luo Yunyang’s domain.

Although the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts were also lords, they were only fifth-class lords, so the lands they received were within Luo Yunyang’s territory.

There were many uninhabited planets in these 30,000 miles of space. Even though this didn’t sound too bad, Luo Yunyang was actually just getting an area with no residents.

As far as his lord combat gear was concerned, he didn’t know what sort of alloy it was made of, but when used, it could automatically shrink into a tablet. The moment it was activated, it would immediately transform into a full body of armor.

This defensive ability could even withstand a strike from a Planet-Grade weapon.

Compared to these two, Luo Yunyang considered the holographic communication device way more important. According to Long Kun, this device could allow one to enter the Blue Rain Empire’s Virtual Void.

Unlike the Da Alliance’s Sky Vision, the Virtual Void was not just limited to cities. Instead, it also allowed some people to have their own space.

Within these virtual spaces, people could shop, talk and do many other stuff they did in real life. Any items bought in these virtual spaces would be delivered to the buyer by specialists.

The Virtual Void was important because the Blue Rain Empire’s territories were really huge, so it was very difficult for most strong fighters to gather in one place at once.

The Virtual Void allowed all strong fighters to gather in the same area.

After putting the holographic communication device around his wrist, a sound rang out in Luo Yunyang’s mind. “Welcome, rank-three Lord Luo Yunyang. You are a third-class Lord, so you can enjoy sixth-grade privileges in the Virtual Void. Your Empire Royal Bank Account has already been opened. According to your status, you will automatically become a sixth-class VIP and enjoy E-Grade treatment.”

“I would like to remind you that your total assets are 1,000 blue rain dollars. Please make sure you have 100,000 blue rain dollars. Otherwise, your sixth-class VIP status and treatment will be canceled in three months.”

“Killing is forbidden in the cities of the Virtual Void. If you disobey, you will be challenging His Majesty’s prestige. Will you enter, my Lord?”

The mechanical voice contained no emotion. When Luo Yunyang entered without hesitation, he saw everything before him flicker. Then, he realized that he had appeared in a huge city.

Throngs of pedestrians were walking along wide streets in different clothes, many of them looking terrifying.

For example, there was a ferocious-looking man with a lion’s head and several different tails growing from his back!

The bulky man with the lion’s head, who was over two meters tall, snarled when he noticed that Luo Yunyang was staring at him.

However, he didn’t fully exhibit the menace in his snarl. When he sensed the aura emanating from Luo Yunyang, he instantly felt a little afraid.

“Lord, I My tooth was hurting!” Although the sounds the lion made were strange, thanks to his powerful mind power, Luo Yunyang immediately understood what the lion was trying to say.

A hurting tooth, huh?

Luo Yunyang studied the fearful lion, which had a considerable cultivation base, with a smile. “Are you busy?”

“Busy? No, I’m not!” The lionhead nodded hurriedly before shaking his head. His two thick, coarse legs were shaking all over.

“Then you can accompany me on my stroll!” Luo Yunyang met the lionhead’s gaze as he spoke. A forceful mind power immediately struck fear in the heart of the lionhead.

“I As you command, sir!” As the lionhead sucked in a deep breath, fear was written all over his face.

The lionhead, whose name was Kabu, had a planet-3 cultivation base. Although this wasn’t very high, most people still wouldn’t provoke him, as he always fought with all his might.

Kabu felt as though he was suffering in Luo Yunyang’s grasp. As they walked, he felt a fearful strength grip his heart with each step he took.

The lord that walked behind him slowly seemed to become a demon that devoured him.

“This is the Autumn Rain Pavilion, sir. It mainly deals with all sorts of worldly treasures.” The fact that Luo Yunyang wasn’t speaking to him made Kabu scared. Thus, he had no choice but to find something to say out of fear.

This sort of reaction was exactly what Luo Yunyang needed.

The Autumn Rain Pavilion occupied three floors. The people entertaining the guests, who were coming and going, were all martial grandmasters. Every single one of them was elegant, handsome, and equally charming and charismatic.

“What you are looking at is Primal Earth Body-Forging Fluid. This fluid, which is concocted from the milk of the earth’s core, can increase a cultivator’s constitution,” a mild young man said, pointing to a vial of silver fluid when he noticed that Luo Yunyang had stopped.

“This is a Planet-Grade Primal Earth Body-Forging Fluid worth 5 million blue rain dollars.”

This Planet-Grade Primal Earth Body-Forging Fluid actually cost 5 million blue rain dollars? When he heard the price, Luo Yunyang only wondered one thing: why didn’t anyone steal it?

He currently only had 1,000 blue rain dollars.

“This is the Flower of Life. It can restore any damage or injuries suffered by someone below the Star-Grade immediately.”

Someone below the Star-Grade? Wouldn’t that be extremely useful for him? Although Luo Yunyang had the attribute regulator, which made his chances of getting hurt very low, who in their right mind would reject getting one more life?

“How much is it?” Luo Yunyang asked casually.

“You are a lord, sir. According to your stipulated discounts, it wouldn’t cost you much. You could have it for 10 million.”

Regardless of how sincerely the sales representative spoke, Luo Yunyang was able to see a slightly crafty look in his eyes. This thing was really expensive!

If he removed four zeros, perhaps Luo Yunyang would grit his teeth and purchase it.

Kabu, who noticed that Luo Yunyang was frowning slightly, walked over immediately. “Perhaps you find the items here too worthless for your liking, sir. In that case, I could take you to a place with even more superior items.”


Luo Yunyang felt an impulse to viciously smash Kabu’s lion face. However, for the sake of maintaining his status and image, he nodded with an air of dignity.

“This place sells slaves, my Lord. As long as you are able to fork out the necessary price, you could get bodyguards with high cultivation bases or take your pick from fairies and goddesses” Kabu explained with a chuckle as he led Luo Yunyang to an even more exquisite tall building.


The Da Alliance didn’t have slaves, so Luo Yunyang had never seen actual slaves before. However, he had taken part in Yunxi’s mission so that the 10 great Heaven-Grade beasts would not get captured and be sold as slaves one day.

When Luo Yunyang followed Kabu in, a handsome, rich-looking young man welcomed them.

His cultivation base was at the Star 5-Grade, so he simply ignored Kabu. He just walked over to Luo Yunyang with a beaming smile and said warmly, “This mister seems a little raw. Thank you for gracing our small store with your presence. Is there anything you require?”

“If you are looking for bodyguards, we have all grades of martialists here. Of course, most bodyguards’ cultivation bases cannot be compared to yours, sir. However, they are all fearless.”

“Take a look here!” The man pointed with his finger and drew in the air before Luo Yunyang while speaking with a pleased expression. “These are the souls that our slave-capturing team caught on an indigenous planet.”

The image of a handsome man with a pair of wings growing out of his back had appeared. The man’s cultivation base was actually at the Planet 9-Grade.

Although this was only an image, when the handsome man waved his longsword, light-shadows ripped holes in the void.

This was a Planet 9-Grade Expert with a considerable cultivation base.

“He possesses four layers of light intent boundaries and has the potential to break through to the fifth layer. If his intent boundary broke through the sixth layer, he would become a Star-Grade entity. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you purchased him?”

“He costs 10 million blue rain dollars. I can also throw in the ordinary planet where his kind resides. What do you think?”

How could a Planet 9-Grade Expert that possessed four layers of intent boundaries actually be treated as a commodity to be bought and sold? Luo Yunyang felt a deep, pressing need that only he could understand.

He had to raise his cultivation base and strive to acquire even more resources.

“Sir, you do not know this yet, but although his daughter is a demi-human, she’s an outstanding beauty. That” When the handsome man noticed that Luo Yunyang remained unmoved and had no intention of buying this slave, he hurriedly started to promote someone else.

Luo Yunyang met the man’s gaze, but didn’t express an opinion. Instead, he turned around and left. Although he didn’t like this sort of business, he knew very well that this wasn’t a place where he could cause trouble.

After all, a place that could turn a Planet 9-Grade powerhouse into a commodity to be sold would definitely have an extraordinary organization behind it.

The young man felt apprehensive when Luo Yunyang met his gaze, but didn’t dare resist in any way. He didn’t know whether this was because of the might Luo Yunyang had just displayed or because his clothes had signified his lordship.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t afford any weapons.

Defensive tools were also too expensive!

In practically every shop they visited, Luo Yunyang realized that he couldn’t afford to buy anything. After he followed Kabu to yet another street, he finally discovered something that he could afford.

At a dried fruits stall, fire dates were being sold at 1,000 blue rain dollars each.

According to Kabu, although these fire dates were virtual items, their flavor was more intense than the flavor of actual fire dates, so they were used by people for fun.

Ever since he had entered the Virtual Void, Luo Yunyang had been feeling as though he had walked into a garish world full of different sights. In this world, he could be considered extraordinarily poor.

He needed to earn money fast!