Supreme Uprising Chapter 364

Chapter 364 Searching For Master Kabu

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Luo Yunyang grinned at the lionhead, who was on the ground. He didn’t feel any remorse. The lionhead wasn’t a good fellow, so tricking him wasn’t an issue.

There wasn’t much he could do within the Virtual Void, as the number of blue rain dollars he had was too small.

Should he go back?

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a moment before opening up the friend list on his communication device. The only friends listed right now were the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts. He had only sent one more friend request, but he hadn’t received a reply. Yunxi, who had shot him a determined look before leaving, hadn’t replied. I seemed like she had completely forgotten about him.

Luo Yunyang still remembered her faint voice vividly. It had been a voice filled with a sense of burden. As he thought about her stunning beauty, as well as her grouchy but lovable voice, Luo Yunyang felt a sense of unease in his heart. No matter the outcome, he was determined to find her!

Based on Kabu and Long Kun’s memories, he had found out that the situation of the Yun Family was worse than he had expected.

The Blue Royal Family sat high atop the hierarchy of the Blue Rain Family. Below the Blue Royal Family were four kings and 12 dukes that formed the core ruling power of the Blue Rain Empire.

The Yun Family was one of the four royal families of the Blue Rain Empire, so it was supposed to be as stable as a mountain. However, a few years ago, the king of the Yun Family had been ambushed during a foray and his soul had gotten hurt.

Although he had not lost his life, the lack of an overseeing head in the Yun Family had naturally caused the status of the family to weaken with each passing day until it was on the verge of collapsing. At first, over 10 clans and families under the Yun Family’s rule had publicly announced that they would not follow any more orders from the Yun Family.

Thereafter, more clans and families who had covetously watched from the sidelines started hoping to replace the Yun Family.

Thanks to the help of a space node within the Virtual Void, Luo Yunyang momentarily reached a huge space as wide as a city.

Although everything in the Virtual Void was virtual, the objects within this world were 100 times more valuable than the objects in the Blue Rain Empire’s capital.

According to Kabu, the stores that Luo Yunyang had visited had astronomical rental values.

The Yun Family actually owned a large expanse of space within the Virtual Void.

There did not seem to be a lot of movement by the main doors of the Yun Family’s residence. On the contrary, Luo Yunyang saw a large volume of human traffic on the white-jade engraved door.

“Are you applying to become an array master?” One of the guards, who was a Planet 2-Grade martialist, smiled warmly in a welcoming manner without even waiting for Luo Yunyang to respond.

Array master? Although he should be one, that wasn’t his purpose for going there.

“I am Lady Yunxi’s old friend and I have come to pay her a visit,” Luo Yunyang muttered irritably.

When he heard this, the Planet 2-Grade martialist glanced at Luo Yunyang respectfully and said, “Please wait a moment, sir. Allow me to report your arrival. By the way, how may I address you?”

“Luo Yunyang!”

Luo Yunyang’s hands were clasped behind his back as he watched silently people enter and leave. His powers had made massive progress, and his observational prowess was also becoming increasingly detailed.

The people entering the Yun Family’s residence each had their own personalities and trades. Among them were also some crooks. The only thing that these folks had in common was that they were poor.

Indeed, most of these people were very poor. Even a guy who seemed to be immaculately dressed in expensive clothing was actually wearing a suit woven from two different pieces of fabric.

Even though the material looked new on the outside and gave him a brilliant, bright look, it was worn and much less presentable on the inside.

How could a person of such a high status actually use two types of fabric that were so different in terms of composition?

As Luo Yunyang was silently pondering this, he saw the messenger scurrying through the big door towards him.

“Sir, our lady said that you do not owe each other anything and have agreed never to meet again!” the messenger said with a hint of disdain in his eyes. He sneered inwardly when he saw Luo Yunyang’s lord attire.

Luo Yunyang had actually expected this kind of reaction from Yunxi. He knew that the only reason she would treat him like this, despite her understanding personality, would be the current situation at the Yun Family’s residence.

Given the circumstances, she was forcibly drawing some boundaries between the Yun Family and him to protect Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang sighed lightly and turned around to leave.

“Who is he, Yunfu?” asked a voice in a high and mighty tone.

The boy called Yunfu turned in the direction of the person speaking and said respectfully, “My respects, Third Prince.”

The boy known as Third Prince glared arrogantly at Yunfu without saying a word. Yunfu, who was frightened, was slow to reply.

“This man is here to see our lady, Third Prince.”

Yunfu’s reply made the young man stop in his tracks and smirk. “Why would a toad be lusting after a swan? Listen up, Yunfu. If any of these hoodlums try to bother my sister again in the future, hit them and throw them out immediately!”

“Yes. As you wish, young master,” Yunfu replied respectfully.

In his heart, Luo Yunyang knew very well that he didn’t have a good temper, neither was he the type of person to silently endure condescending behavior. However, this time, he wasn’t keen on arguing with this cynic. After all, he was Yunxi’s relative Thus, if they argued, it would definitely put Yunxi in a tough spot.

After some consideration, Luo Yunyang decided to leave the Virtual Void.

“Look, there’s no need to be too nice to this type of person. It would be neat if we could just throw him out right away.”

The young man seemed to be in high spirits, when his communication device suddenly rang.

“How How is this even possible?” The young man stared at the contents of the device, completely dumbfounded.

Yunfu was about to say something. However, the same content soon appeared on his communication device.

How was that possible?

“How is that even possible?” In an instant, everyone entering and leaving the Yun Family’s residence stopped in their tracks. A look of shock was apparent on their faces.

By now, the entire Virtual Void had gone into a state of shock. Almost everybody in there found this situation unbelievable.

“Ha ha ha! Heaven will always leave a door open for the Yun Family. How does one cultivate array formation at the Planet-Grade? What can the lady from the Zheng Family be considered? She has merely grasped the third grade of Array Formation Intent, yet she really considers herself an array master.”

The person known as Third Prince laughed so loudly that he seemed on the verge of tearing up.

Nobody found it absurd that he had lost control over his emotions in this case. In fact, it seemed as though everyone had been expecting this reaction from him.

“Go! Go and find Kabu for me. No, make sure you find Master Kabu! You All of you go. Whoever finds Master Kabu will be rewarded with a promotion.”

The Third Prince’s shouts made the sky and the land rattle. As more and more people read the news, he went crazy.

Atop a massive star in the clouds was a tall palace. Inside the palace, dressed in royal robes, stood a mysterious man quietly reading a set of documents in his hands.

Although he did not say or do anything, he did not express any anger or displeasure either.

“Although the Yun Family has obtained the Soul Cultivation Liquid, things do not seem very good” As he spoke to himself, he saw a beautiful lady gracefully walking over. The curves of his mouth moved as he frowned and smiled faintly.

The lady was as beautiful as a drawing. Her waist was curvaceous, and with every step she took, her beauty attracted everyone around her.

“Beloved, tell me how much confidence the Cheng Family has in this upcoming fight.” Although it was gentle, the man’s voice hid a tinge of immense, fearsome power.

“Your Highness, the Cheng Family is five times more confident in this Sky Revoking Battle than before. However, we hope that Your Highness would allow the talented lady from the Zheng Family to assist us in the battle. That way, we would have yet another weapon to use against our enemy” the beautiful lady replied respectfully.

“Even if that member of the Yun Family makes a move, they still won’t control the battle.”

The man’s eyes darted across as he nodded coldly. “Okay, but you have to tell the elders of your clan. I have the power to bring them up, so I naturally also have the power to bring them back down. Do you understand?”

“Rest assured, Your Highness. The Cheng Family will always stay loyal to your family. We will not waiver or betray Your Highness the same way the Yun Family did.” As the girl lowered her head even further, her eyes looked even more fearful.

The man nodded. The moment he reached out with his hand to help the lady up, the golden communication device on his wrist began to ring loudly.

“What? Yet another person who broke the Supreme Hall’s record? The person in question hails from the Blue Rain Empire!” the man shouted before saying. “Search for Kabu as quickly as possible! Actually, get me the fastest means of transport so I can look for Mr. Kabu!”

Although the lady had also received the same message, she couldn’t care less. Her face was full of surprise as she asked, “Your Highness, this This isn’t real, is it?”

“When have you ever heard fake news from the Supreme Hall?” the man replied solemnly. “How foolish can you be to doubt the authority of the Supreme Hall? Even the Zheng Family, let alone the Cheng Family, does not have the courage to doubt the Supreme Hall.”

The lady, who immediately realized her mistake, replied meekly, “I was wrong, Your Highness.”

“Search for Master Kabu. Regardless of who finds him, nobody is allowed to treat him with disrespect.”

The man’s eyes darted around uneasily, making it hard for the people around him to discern what he was thinking about.

Zheng Feng, Yuan Geng, Crown Prince Nanshan and the others were gathered together, so they practically saw the message from the Supreme Hall at the same time and received the order to search for Kabu.

The entire Blue Rain Empire seemed to get mobilized in an instant. Countless people started a massive search for an array master called Kabu. Or a future array master, to be specific.

Kabu, who had been struck by a virtual golden mountain, was currently being roused groggily. He shook his head, slowly recalling the events that had occurred, when a light beeping sound started to ring out in twos and threes.