Supreme Uprising Chapter 365

Chapter 365 The Secret Godly Lotus Seal

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“Our respects to Mr. Kabu. The Supreme Hall has transferred you 100 million blue rain dollars. Congratulations on becoming the 1300th supreme powerhouse to break the Supreme Hall’s record.”

“Our respects to Mr. Kabu. Your assets have exceeded 100 million blue rain dollars, so from this day on, you are a high-grade customer of our bank.”

“Our respects to Mr. Kabu. You have broken the Supreme Hall’s record, so you have automatically become an empire lord!”

The numerous notifications disoriented Lionhead Kabu, who felt as if his mind had short-circuited. He actually even had a hard time thinking properly.

100 million blue rain dollars? High-grade bank customer? Empire lord?

Kabu had been yearning to achieve these things, yet he had never imagined that they would become a reality.

How did it feel to be smashed by a mountain of gold? Ha ha! That feeling could only be described with one wordpleasant!

The ecstatic Kabu, who felt dazed by this sudden good fortune, waved his hands around excitedly, as though he had forgotten everything.

As Kabu started getting carried away, he felt a wave of energy come from the Virtual Void and push against him.

When he opened his eyes, he saw his race’s grand elder beaming at him.

The grand elder, who had a Star-Grade cultivation base, had always been very critical, so Kabu had been rather afraid of him.

“It must have been hard to keep this a secret, Master Kabu!” The grand elder’s voice was mild. This unprecedented attitude caused the warm, fuzzy feeling in Kabu’s heart to vanish completely. He actually felt really confused.

What was the great elder trying to do? Why would he say this for no reason? This great elder had always been called a smiling lion. Why was he staring at Kabu this way? Had he found out about his affair with his concubine? [1. The use of the phrase ‘smiling lion’ is wordplay for ‘smiling tiger’, which is a chinese phrase used to describe someone with a fake smile that is very wicked on the inside.]

Kabu didn’t wish to continue this illicit relationship with the concubine, as feeling on edge all the time wasn’t very pleasant. However, he felt helpless whenever he heard her tender voice. His heart melted every time, and his brain couldn’t think logically anymore.

That feeling of pleasure couldn’t be put into words. Unfortunately, if the great elder discovered this, nothing good would come out of this situation.

As he thought about this, Kabu’s body tensed up. He felt like his body wasn’t even listening to his commands as he heard the great elder say, “You are the pride of lionhead people, Master Kabu. Ha ha ha From now on, I don’t think anyone will dare say that lionhead people aren’t intelligent.”

“You broke the record Master Tianhe made when he was young. Therefore, you are the pride of all lionhead people, as well as the pride of the entire Blue Rain Empire!”

What? He had broken Master Tianhe’s record? Who was Master Tianhe and how had Kabu become

While Kabu was confused, he saw a man who was glowing like the sun suddenly appear before him. “Master Kabu, I am the Vice-Commander of the Zhendong Palace,” the man said sincerely. “I am here under the orders of my lord father, who asked me to invite you to become a vassal of the Zhengdong Palace!”

This man was a member of the royal family!

Kabu started trembling uncontrollably. He had never imagined that he would actually become a vassal of the Zhendong Palace one day.

He had heard that even the servants working at the Zhendong Palace were given at least 100,000 blue rain dollars a year.

This good fortune was just too sudden.

“I am Nanshan from the Zhendong Palace. My lord father wishes to meet you and requests that you come with me immediately.”

Crown Prince Nanshan, who had a Star 9-Grade cultivation base, maintained an elegant, classy smile.

Kabu was clearly stupefied. He stammered, but the only words that came out were in bits and pieces. Actually, he didn’t know what to say. All he could do was follow Crown Prince Nanshan mechanically as they headed to the Zhendong Palace

Luo Yunyang naturally didn’t know what was going on with the lionhead people. When his consciousness returned from the Virtual Void, he chucked his communication device aside and started cultivating in seclusion,

Luo Yunyang was very clear on the contents of the Secret Godly Lotus Seal. According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s memories, the cultivation of the first lotus seal was the most important.

One could say that the first lotus seal was the foundation of all the lotus seals.

The most crucial part of the first lotus seal was controlling a small portion of mind power and assimilating it within the lotus seal. The objective of the cultivator was not letting it crumble as it took shape.

The Jade Ridge Star Lord had spent over 10 years condensing the first lotus seal in his mind and assimilating traces of mind power to form a complete mind power lotus seat.

Although the Jade Ridge Star Lord had had experience in every step, there was a gulf between experience and personal control.

Every bit of condensation was very important!

Soon, a scarlet lotus seat with fire attributes slowly started to gather. Just as Luo Yunyang got a little delighted, the scarlet lotus seat crumbled with a bang.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t discouraged by these circumstances. He had already mentally prepared himself before cultivating. Thus, he gave it a second try right away.

Compared to the first try, his second try was even less smooth. The scarlet lotus seat had just started to take shape when it crumbled in his mind.

Luo Yunyang had a third try, a fourth try, a fifth try

He cultivated and failed again and again. In the end, he actually lost count of how many times he had failed.

As days and nights passed, the snow on the Great Snow Mountain peak increased. Luo Yunyang was sitting in a lotus position on top of the Great Snow Mountain, looking like a statue covered in frost.

He was like an ice sculpture that made no sound.

A snow eagle suddenly descended from the sky. This eagle had come from a faraway place. Perhaps it was really tired, because it glided down gently and landed on Luo Yunyang’s head.

This was not the first time it had landed on this ice sculpture. It liked landing there, as it could overlook the entire domain of the Great Snow Mountain from that place.

Although it hadn’t become a dire beast yet, thanks to its recently budding intellect, it was filled with ambition.

It wanted to grow and evolve. It wanted to

Just as the snow eagle’s heart filled with hopes and dreams, it suddenly sensed a scarlet lotus flower in its mind.

The lotus flower was revolving gently. In just an instant, vast blazes sprouted around.

The snow eagle was only able to cry piteously before its body hit the ground.

Although it still breathed, it had lost consciousness, which meant that it would never ever be able to fly into the horizon again.

Luo Yunyang slowly widened his eyes. There was no emotion in his expression. He looked as though he didn’t feel anything.

As several thoughts when through his head, a scarlet lotus flower few out of his mind. In an instant, it landed on a mountain peak.

Surging flames sprouted from the lotus flower like plumes of flame dragons and engulfed the large mountain, turning it into a scarlet volcano.

In just a moment, the lotus flower flew into the sky and turned into a massive seal that contained all the refined power as it smashed into the mountain peak.

Although there were no shaking motions or vibrations, the mountain peak was turned into dust in the blink of an eye.

The fundamental lotus seal of the Secret Godly Lotus Seal was finally complete!

“Greetings, Supreme One.” Master Xin Yuan flew over and bowed respectfully before Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands and said, “What day is it?”

“It will be New Year’s Day in nine days, Supreme One,” Master Xin Yuan replied respectfully.

Nine days till New Year’s? This meant that Luo Yunyang had spent three months cultivating this fundamental lotus seal.

Three months wasn’t quick, yet when it came to cultivating the Secret Godly Lotus Seal, it wasn’t considered too long either.

The Jade Ridge Star Lord had spent 10 years cultivating the first lotus seal, so Luo Yunyang had spent much less time in comparison.

There were two reasons for this. The first was that the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s experiences had allowed him to take many shortcuts, and the second was that he had been able to use his attribute regulator to raise his mind power to a whole new level.

The stronger his Mind Attribute was, the greater his control over his mind power was.

Luo Yunyang quickly opened the attribute regulator and went through it, looking at all the silver figures.

Power: 1,113 (Fire: 998, Ice: 12, Wood: 9)

Speed: 9

Mind: 104 (Fire: 6, Array Formation Intent: 1)

Constitution: 214 (Dragon Bloodline: 15, Golden Body: 13, Fire: 153, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 2,134 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Ice Fire: 7.6, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

Condensing one lotus seal had actually caused his mind power to rise considerably.

However, this increase in his mind power wasn’t Luo Yunyang’s final objective. His ultimate goal was splitting this lotus seal.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s cultivation experience, the second lotus seal was achieved by splitting the first lotus seal. In order for the first lotus seal to split, the mind power required to form the first lotus seal had to be doubled.

This was something that even a powerhouse like the Jade Ridge Star Lord needed to cultivate, comprehend and use treasures to achieve

However, Luo Yunyang found it very easy. As he used his attribute regulator, the second lotus seal quickly took form in his mind.

Then, a third and a fourth took form

As he used the attribute regulator, over 300 lotus seals quickly formed in his mind.

Every lotus seal could be used to battle individually or in layers. The power of these layers was 100 times stronger than the power of just using the lotus seat alone.

According to the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s memories, the power of 300 layers of lotus seats was comparable to a Star 2-Grade powerhouse’s attack.

Although the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart fire source core had already reached the Planet 9-Grade, if Luo Yunyang wanted to defeat a Planet 9-Grade powerhouse, he would still need to use his attribute regulator. However, thanks to the 300 lotus seat layers, his combat strength had risen by at least one grade.

After restoring his attributes to their original state, the sea of lotus seals in Luo Yunyang’s mind rapidly withered up. Although they didn’t vanish, without the support of his Mind Attribute, they all shrunk to the size of sesame seeds.

Luo Yunyang felt a slightly pressing need as he gazed at the tiny lotus seals in his mind. He had already reached this boundary, so what he needed now was to quickly boost his mind power.

There were many items that could restore and strengthen his mind power in the shops within the Virtual Void.

However, they were all really expensive.