Supreme Uprising Chapter 366

Chapter 366 The Sky Revoking Battle

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“How many blue rain dollars do you have?” Luo Yunyang asked, glancing at the 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts that had pledged their allegiance to him.

“Boss, you know me, I I exchanged my many years’ worth of savings for a bloodline evolution liquid. My account is emptier than my face.” The Dark Ice Devil Leopard was the first to speak out pitifully.

Luo Yunyang studied the Dark Ice Devil Leopard, who had a full face of color-morphed facial hair, with a smile. “Seems like you have a lot of money then!”

The nine other Heaven-Grade source beasts burst out laughing. Meanwhile, the Dark Ice Devil Leopard looked offended. “Boss, I I really don’t have any money!”

Luo Yunyang’s gaze fell on the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc, who flapped his wings and said, “Boss, you know me, my specialty is destruction, so I haven’t accumulated anything over the years.”

“Damn it, if I knew how well the little leopard was living his life, I would have robbed him! He even managed to get a bottle of bloodline evolution liquid?”

Although the Dark Ice Devil Leopard seemed worried and afraid, he was in fact unconcerned about this.

The other top 10 Heaven-Grade source beasts subsequently confided in Luo Yunyang how poor they were.

As he heard them whine about how poor they were, Luo Yunyang secretly joked to himself that maybe he was a little too cash-strapped to consider borrowing money from them.

Their combined assets would probably be even less than his own.

“You guys have been in the Virtual Void for some time now. What is the most profitable thing one could do?” Luo Yunyang asked helplessly.

“Robbery! Force is better than negotiation! If you robbed the Emperor Star, we would be able to have anything we wanted!” the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc chimed in rather supportively.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed and a scarlet lotus seal landed forcefully in the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc’s mind. Although the lotus seal that Luo Yunyang used this time lacked the support of mental power, the burning flames nearly made the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc jump.

If Luo Yunyang was able to rob the Emperor Star, would he still care about the noble title of the Blue Rain Empire?

“Boss, as people say, when you’ve hit rock bottom, you have to come up with a new approach. We have tried a lot of methods, but it really isn’t easy to earn blue rain dollars in the Blue Rain Empire.”

The Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow pointed to a new scar around his left eye. “I took an escort mission for a mere 10,000 blue rain dollars and I nearly died on the job!”

10,000 blue rain dollars was a huge sum for everyone present. However, no one asked the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow to lend that money to Luo Yunyang.

After all, this was money he had earned by risking his life.

As Luo Yunyang looked at the scar around the left eye of the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow, he could guess what the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow had gone through to earn that money.

Although Luo Yunyang had confidence in himself, he was aware that if he accumulated resources like the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow, it would take him many years to fix up the lotus seal in his mind.

“Is there any other way?” Luo Yunyang no longer spoke with the confidence he’d had at the beginning.

“Boss, there really is no other way. If there had been, we would have already earned that money,” said the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow.

Before they’d come to the Blue Rain Empire, they had been able to do as they pleased in the Divine Beast Wasteland. However, ever since they had entered the Blue Rain Empire, they’d realized they were lacking in too many aspects.

Unimaginable treasures dazzled their eyes, but they unfortunately had no money.

“Boss! It would be awesome if you were well-versed in array formation. I’ve heard that an apex-level figure whose name I can’t recall broke the record in the Supreme Hall and instantly became the center of attention He also received 100 million blue rain dollars!”

The eyes of the Dark Ice Devil Leopard were full of envy.

Luo Yunyang had visited the Supreme Hall. He had been certain that he would succeed, but in the end he had failed to accomplish anything. Thus, he couldn’t help but sigh. “That’s not easy either!”

“Of course it’s not. The records left by the supreme-level martialists are not so easy to break after all.” The Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow’s face suddenly turned solemn. “However, we still have a chance, Boss. ”

“The Battle of the Revoking Sky is about to begin. The Yun Family is now recruiting people. It seems that the treatment is not too shabby, but there are obviously many dangers as well.”

The Yun Family again? The look on Luo Yunyang’s face changed automatically.

Yunxi, who gave Luo Yunyang a strange feeling, had refused to meet him in the Virtual Void.

Luo Yunyang knew very well why, yet the more she acted this way, the stronger his urge to see her got.

If it had not been for the costly mind-boosting pills required for the Godly Lotus Secret Seal, Luo Yunyang would have used another method to contact Yunxi.

“What is the Battle of the Revoking Sky?” Shortly after reminiscing about Yunxi, Luo Yunyang reorganized his thoughts and focused his attention on the Battle of the Revoking Sky.

“Well, in order to talk about this battle, we must first start from the establishment of the entire Blue Rain Empire. The first emperor of the Blue Rain Empire divided the families that took part in the campaign into 16 territories. Those sixteen territories are now the four kings and 12 dukes!”

“The four kings and 12 dukes were not exactly all peaceful and cozy. There is a ranking dispute between them. Those that ranked high were directly given a king status.”

“This ranking is not based on the highest level of strength, but it is divided into three categories, the Star, Planet and Nebula-Grade battles.”

“Do you know why the Nan Family is treating the array formation master who broke the record so generously? It’s because of the impending Sky Revoking Battle.” As the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc spoke, the topic of conversation suddenly changed.

“The Sky Revoking Battle is about accumulating total points. Although point distribution is the highest during a battle, array formation, pill cultivation, and weapon refining account for a significant amount of points too.”

“With an expert on their side, they have basically already secured the array formation points of the Sky Revoking Battle.”

What the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc said sounded a tad complicated. However, Luo Yunyang was able to comprehend it rather quickly. The focus of this competition was not just the battle, but also the combined efforts of every other section.

The member of the Yun Family with the suppressive aura didn’t seem simple. Now that the Sky Revoking Battle was about to start, Luo Yunyang had a nagging feeling that something was brewing.

“How often does the Sky Revoking Battle take place?”

“I’ve heard that it happens once in every 3,000 years. However, for an unknown reason, it once started before even 2,000 years had passed.” The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc chuckled.

Luo Yunyang suddenly came to a realization. The Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow, who was beside him, also understood.

“Boss, this particular fight is no small deal. Although this is a rare opportunity, it comes with great danger too,” the Heaven-Grade Divine Sparrow said while glancing at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang nodded. This directly affected the position and ranking of the kings and dukes that participated, so it was unclear what kind of people would be involved.

However, Luo Yunyang also sensed that this was a huge, rare opportunity.

Thanks to the attribute regulator, his cultivation was faster than the average person’s. However, he’d had no confidence in breaking through to the Star-Grade until now.

Besides, Yunxi was determined to erase any traces of their relationship. Would he be able to just look on helplessly as she wandered towards the abyss?

“Fortunately, we are not noble members of the Yun Family. If we were, we would be in a tough spot right now!” The Sky-Ripping Golden Roc couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

Noble members of the Yun Family?

Luo Yunyang stared at the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc. His eyes suddenly lit up as he instantly understood the meaning of this.

In order to erase all traces of her contact with Luo Yunyang, the thoughtful Yunxi had

“Do you know what the Yun Family needs now?” Luo Yunyang asked, looking at the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc.

“An array master. I heard that most of the array masters who served the Yun Family have already announced that they will return to the Array Master Union to participate in the seclusion training,” said the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc with a trace of disdain.

An array master Luo Yunyang was slightly skeptical about his array formation skills. Although he had been clearly confident about succeeding in the Supreme Hall, he

“Well, I will join the Yun Family as their array master.”

On a navy blue planet a few galaxies away from the Da Alliance, Yunxi was sitting in a treasure hall made out of jade, quietly dealing with official affairs.

Her brows were slightly furrowed while the pen in her hand was moving at a high speed, quickly getting through her pile of work.

Even though she was the person in charge of the Yun Family, the more she did, the more stressed she felt. It seemed as if dark clouds were looming over her.

Her marquis had been rebelling, while the offerings to her family had been dwindling

Insignificant news was magnified as it arrived in hordes, especially when the Emperor agreed to the Sky Revoking Battle. All this made Yunxi feel like the Yun Family was a crumbling house that could collapse at any time.

She understood very well the purpose of the Sky Revoking Battle. It was not about the ranking this time, but rather about forcing her father to put up a fight and checking out the extent of his wounds.

If he didn’t take part or was deemed too weak, this probing wind would turn into a gale or a giant thunderstorm

As these thoughts flashed by one by one, Yunxi frowned even further. She was one of the few members of the family who were aware of the extent of her father’s injuries.

The more she knew, the more helpless she felt

“Big Sister, go take a look at those bastards in the refining hall. Our family has been providing for them for so many years, yet now they plan on getting up and leaving. They are hitting us while we are down”

Yunxi shook her hand and said, “The sky will rain if it wants, and a young lady will get married if she wishes to. The human heart is uncontrollable, Brother. Let them leave if they want to!”

When the young man saw his sister react so calmly, his anger was soon extinguished as well. All he did was sigh deeply.

“Has your recruitment notice helped find anyone yet?” Yunxi changed the topic as she glanced at her brother.

The young man’s face turned uglier as he snorted, “I will withdraw the recruitment notice later. There has not been even a single person, damn it”

Suddenly, the young man’s communication device rang. He glanced at the device with a grin on his face before he said, “Oh! Someone has actually signed up!”