Supreme Uprising Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Swindler Swindler

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As Yunxi looked at the excited young lad, the corners of her mouth curved up into a smile. She was relieved that her younger brother was happy.

Although the young lad was a little willful, the family needed talent. They needed people who were willing to fight for the clan. The recruitment process also had to be stringent so that they only recruited the best. Her brother’s recruitment methods were questionable, as he seemed to recruit almost anyone he could find. At this rate, he would only be attracting cheats and swindlers.

Although she did not say this, Yunxi knew in her heart that since the large building was about to collapse, she might as well let the people in it be happy momentarily. At least they wouldn’t seem so miserable all the time.

“I am going to meet the chap who signed up, Big Sister.” The young lad glanced at Yunxi, looking extremely proud.

Yunxi nodded her head. “Think things through over and over before you act, Yunsen. Make sure you avoid getting into a fight with other people!”

Yunsen immediately opened his communication device and entered the Virtual Void so excitedly that he didn’t even respond to his sister’s words before leaving.

He owned a small courtyard in the Virtual Void, so he allowed the candidate to wait for him there.

The moment his consciousness entered the small courtyard, he heard a knocking sound on the door. Yunsen went to open the door on his own, without waiting for his attendants to arrive.

He instantly felt a sense of disappointment when he saw that the candidate was a teen around his age.

If he were a Planet-Grade array master, shouldn’t he look mature and steady? Unless Unless he did not care about his outer appearance?

“You are the person who wants to become the Yun Family’s array master?” Yunxi asked dully.

Luo Yunyang felt the same disappointment when he saw Yunsen. He had hoped that the person who would meet him would be Yunxi.

However, the person receiving him was a young lad who was sixteen or seventeen at best. What was going on?

“I am an array master,” Luo Yunyang replied confidently as he thought about his Array Formation Intent.

“Do you have the badge?” Yunsen hesitated slightly before asking the next most reasonable question.

There were different grades even among array masters. The masters of these grades were awarded different badges by the Council.

Thus, the best way to determine the capabilities of an array master was by looking at the badge they owned. Luo Yunyang obviously did not have a badge. Although he would like to have one, it would cost him 100,000 blue rain dollars to make one.

It wasn’t possible for him to make such a badge, considering that he only had 1,000 blue rain dollars left in his bank account.

“Nope, badges are toys meant for the low-rank array masters,” he replied. If the person receiving him was actually a seasoned veteran, Luo Yunyang might actually have let himself be subjected to a round of testing. However, this was a child, so he felt that there was no need to waste his time.

Although Yunsen was young and sometimes naive, he wasn’t stupid. He recalled the numerous times his mother had warned him about the swindlers in the area and immediately branded Luo Yunyang as one.

As he thought that all his efforts to recruit talent had only attracted this swindler, Yunsen felt enraged. This young swindler was actually even more evil than the people who had not come forward during the recruitment process.

Those people must have had their own reasons for not turning up. Plus, some of them might have preferred not to get involved in this messy situation. However, this chap was definitely up to no good.

He would be too nice if he just sent him away with a reprimand.

As his heart filled with anger and hatred, Yunsen feigned surprise and asked, “Are you actually telling the truth?”

Luo Yunyang did not pay much attention to the teen’s expression. To him, trying to convince this young lad was merely child’s play. It was basically just a waste of his time!

“This is definitely real. Have you seen the best array masters go after some silly badges?” Luo Yunyang waved his hand before he added, “Oh, I forgot. Tell me about the salary you are offering.”

“You must know about the Yun Family’s foundation. What I am trying to say is that the salary the Yun Family pays is definitely the best in the market.”

The smile on Yunsen’s face intensified as he pretended to make a generous offer. “If you win the first battle, I I will give you 100,000 blue rain dollars. From the second round onwards, I will give you an increment of 100,000 blue rain dollars for every round that you win. What do you think?”

100,000 blue rain dollars wasn’t the usual sum one would receive for such a job. This was way higher. Luo Yunyang had already intended to help Yunxi, so he had no reason to turn down this offer.

“That’s fine. However, I am a little cash-strapped right now. Would you mind lending me a little money to spend?” Luo Yunyang, who immediately saw the similarities between the young lad and Yunxi, was able to determine Yunsen’s identity.

There was an 80 percent chance that this young lad was Yunxi’s brother, which meant that he would also be Luo Yunyang’s little brother. Since they were going to be related, there was no need to wait for the ceremony. What was Yunsen’s was also Luo Yunyang’s.

Yunsen was fuming silently. His recruitment notice had already been frowned upon by quite a few different family elders. If he was robbed of 100,000 blue rain dollars, that would be a big embarrassment.

How shameless could this swindler be to immediately ask for some cash to spend?

However, Yunsen thought that it would be too nice to just chase the swindler away. After pondering the situation for a moment, he came up with another idea.

100,000 blue rain dollars was basically the amount of money Yunsen spent on tea and snacks on a regular basis. Of course, this was just him boosting his own morale.

“Giving you 100,000 blue rain dollars won’t be a problem. However, if you want to take that money, you have to at least prove your identity in some way,” Yunsen said with a laugh.

Prove his identity? Luo Yunyang didn’t think that this young lad was planning anything. He just had a feeling that he was treating his future brother-in-law nicely.

“This document proves my nobility,” said Luo Yunyang as he retrieved the document.

Yunsen confirmed his theory by studying the document: This punk was definitely of dubious origin. He had taken his act all the way there!

How despicable! This was pure evil! If he did not teach this punk a lesson, he would persist in his swindling ways.

“Oh, so it’s Lord Luo. I I am eternally grateful to you. Ha ha ha ha!”

After hearing the way Yunsen addressed him, Luo Yunyang replied loftily, “It’s no bother. I am merely a low-rank nobleman. However, you will have to try hard to catch up with me in the future, young lad.”

As soon as he said this, Luo Yunyang realized that his words had come out a little wrong.

“Ha ha! You are right, Lord Luo. Who knows, I might exceed you in terms of ranking in the future!” said Yunsen as he took out a duke medal and placed it on his wrist.

Although he was not too concerned about noble titles, Luo Yuyang still knew a little about the ranking system of the Blue Rain Empire.

This young punk was actually a duke. Damn it, he had bragged to this lad about catching up with him!

“Ha ha ha! The best way to earn your way up and not rely on your family background is to get ahead in rankings, young lad. You cannot just rely on the past achievements of your family. After all, these glorious moments are moments of the past. A long, difficult road lies ahead of you, so you will have to rely on your own abilities to achieve a success similar to mine!”

Luo Yunyang’s serious manner left Yunsen speechless. This punk was just too shameless!

“You are right, Lord Luo. I will definitely work hard in the future. Could you leave behind your document? The Yun Family would like to get some publicity during the upcoming Sky Revoking Battle. You wouldn’t mind, right?”

When he took a glance at who he assumed would become his younger brother and thought about the fact that he was about to earn 100,000 blue rain dollars, Luo Yunyang decided to magnanimously leave the document behind. It was virtual anyway.

After chatting with Yunsen for a bit more, Luo Yunyang took the 100,000 blue rain dollars and left that place happily.

Just moments before deciding to help the Yun Family, he had still been struggling to cough up even a few thousand blue rain dollars. Now that he had earned these 100,000 blue rain dollars, everything had been resolved.

Luo Yunyang took the 100,000 blue rain dollars and went to the shop that sold herbs. There, he bought a vial of pills that would replenish his mind power.

He had already restored his lotus mark, so all that was left to do now was recover his mind power.

Although he only bought a vial, he still paid a hefty 80,000 blue rain dollars. Luo Yunyang realized that his money was running out quickly.

When he exited the Virtual Void, he began to look into his memories for Array Formation skills so that he could quickly improve his current skills and increase the speed at which he created and destroyed arrays.

After an indefinite amount of time, the sound of hasty footsteps made Luo Yunyang raise his head. He suddenly saw the Dark Ice Devil Leopard hastily rush in his direction.

The leopard must have lost his mind. How dare he disrupt his training! Though this was what he thought in his mind, Luo Yunyang did actually favor the Dark Ice Devil Leopard quite a bit. Thus, the sight of it running over hastily caused him some displeasure.

“Quick, boss! Take a look at the message on your communication device!”

Luo Yunyang, who had no idea what the Dark Ice Devil Leopard was talking about, suddenly had a bad feeling.

He immediately turned on his communication device and went right to the global broadcasting. The first thing that caught his eye was a picture of him standing tall and upright.

The picture depicted him as a powerful, impressive individual glowing with health and vigor.

However, the words at the bottom caused Luo Yunyang to fume like mad.

“The Blue Star Overlords says that whoever carries the badge of an array master isn’t worth much!”

These words sounded very familiar. He could actually have uttered them himself at some point in time. However, they also seemed to be filled with hatred.

Luo Yunyang suddenly realized that this wasn’t all. Right below this picture was another picture of himself, deep in thought. Below that picture were two more sentences.

He would use his fist to beat Nanshan Kabu and his feet to kick the lady from the Zheng Family!

Whoever used Array Formation to sweep across the heavens was alone in the world!

Luo Yunyang scrolled through the webpage at the speed of light, quickly studying its contents. He realized that it was full of malicious advertisements about him. This time, he had made quite a name for himself in the Blue Rain Empire!