Supreme Uprising Chapter 368

Chapter 368 The Beginning Of The Sky Revoking Battle

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Yunsen sat in his own small room, leisurely admiring a picture with a smug look on his face.

He reckoned that that swindler’s face would have turned green by now. If he’d thought that the Yun Family was dying, then he had severely underestimated them! Hadn’t he heard that a starving camel was still bigger than a horse? This time, he’d be the one who would lose!

Even though the Yun Family was deteriorating every day, a country bumpkin like him still couldn’t afford to offend them.

“What are you doing, Little Bro?” the Yun Family’s Third Prince chided in a stern voice as he walked in.

Yunsen, who didn’t fear his own brother, giggled. “I am just settling the score, Third Brother! If that swindler wants to come over here and con our money, then I will show him that daddy is not cheated that easily.”

“100,000 blue rain dollars is like giving alms to beggars! He got the money, and I used him to set an example. If anyone dares to come over and try to take advantage of us in the future, I will use him as a warning.”

The Yun Family’s Third Prince glanced at Yunsen’s pleased expression and shook his head. “100,000 blue rain dollars might not be considered much, Little Brother, but did you know that your actions have offended Master Kabu greatly?”

“So what if he was offended greatly? He didn’t accept our family’s invitation, yet he has been treated pretty nicely. If I’d wanted to deal with him, I would have gone all out,” Yunsen said indignantly.

The Yun Family’s Third Prince shook his head, but didn’t linger on this topic. Instead, he changed the subject. “That fellow that you conned is in trouble. You might not know this, but many people are already clamoring to teach him a huge lesson.”

“Really? That’s just great!” Yunxi roared with laughter before he said delightedly, “Brother, do you think he’d be so remorseful as to contemplate suicide?”

“Perhaps.” The Third Prince rubbed his little brother’s head and chuckled. “Actually, you have done rather well, Little Bro. We should show the people trying to gain petty advantages over our family that, even if they don’t die, they will have to fork out a huge price.”

Although Yunsen clenched his fists tightly, he appeared kind of solemn.

The two of them were part of the Yun Family’s youngest generation, so they had always been the ones to stir up trouble. However, when trouble was stirred up this time, they felt like injured wolves.

The fact that the Blue Star Overlord and Yunsen had been spending loads of blue rain dollars was already the talk of the town. Even the Sky-Ripping Golden Roc and the other great Heaven-Grade source beasts could already sense a storm approaching.

Luo Yunyang used the vial of mind-power-replenishing pills. Thanks to the help of the flying craft that delivered the medicine, he reached the Blue Rain Empire’s core the Wind Soul Star!

The enormous Wind Soul Star was a few hundred times larger than the Da Alliance’s territory after the massive changes the planet had experienced. Furthermore, the sixth factor there was immensely thick. In the Imperial Capital, as well as some mountain ranges, the sixth factor formed layers of clouds and mist.

When Luo Yunyang arrived at the Wind Soul Star, the people gathered there were still increasing. The majority of them had stern expressions, but there were also some people who appeared clearly nervous.

The Sky Revoking Battle of the four kings and 12 dukes was about to start. The first match would be the Star-Grade Array Formation Battle.

At all the Wind Soul Star’s large and small betting joints, all sorts of bets concerning this Array Formation Battle had already been placed. The contestant with the lowest payout was the Nan Family, which included Master Kabu, while the one with the highest payout was the Yun Family.

Although Yunsen had launched a lot of domineering advertisements about Luo Yunyang, the more he promoted him, the more people thought that the Yun Family was about to go extinct. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to make such a big scene.

“You really came!” This was the first thing Yunsen said when Luo Yunyang found him at the address he had given him.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t know that he had been conned by this fellow, chuckled and told Yunsen, “It seems like you didn’t expect me to return.”

“Why wouldn’t I? You are an expert I spent a lot of money hyping up. Ha ha! I spend over 100,000 blue rain dollars on you. Did you know that this was my entire annual allowance?”

100,000 blue rain dollars was his annual allowance? Luo Yunyang felt like grumbling.

Taking 100,000 from this fellow was too little.

“You are very generous indeed. However, you actually don’t have to do this. Defeating these people shouldn’t be much of an issue.” Luo Yunyang’s self-confidence increased as he started to understand military strategy better.

Yunsen eyed the calm Luo Yunyang with gritted teeth. How could this fellow keep up his act at such a time? Did he really think that Yunsen was so easy to take advantage of?

Yunsen immediately put on a beaming expression. “Then I shall watch your performance. The array formation competition is tomorrow. You have to help me take back the five array formation points, no matter what.”

Suddenly, star-like coins appeared in his hand. Yunsen giggled and said, “If you help me accomplish this, then these star coins will be your reward for your service.”

Reward for his service? As he gazed at them, Luo Yunyang could sense that these star coins contained some sort of energy.

Although this energy wasn’t much, based on what he sensed, it seemed like it was higher than source power.

“Can I take a look at these star coins?”

“Of course not. Each star coin is worth 10,000 blue rain dollars. I had to save many years for them. Of course, if you help the Yun Family win, they will all be yours.”

Yunsen acted as though he had complete control over the star coins that he was toying with in his hands.

Luo Yunyang gazed at Yunsen without saying anything else. To him, Yunsen was nothing more than a playful child.

“Are the two of us the only ones participating on behalf of your family?” Luo Yunyang changed the topic in an effort to find out Yunxi’s whereabouts.

“Of course we are not. However, you are the able person I recruited, so you will have to act alone and stay over here with me. When the competition starts tomorrow, we will gather at the Sky Revoking Battle’s venue.”

Yunsen had said the words ‘able person’ very solemnly.

Although he was already 100 percent certain that Luo Yunyang was a swindler, he was still polite while dealing with him. The two of them didn’t agree on much, so after eating a little, they each went to rest separately.

In the morning, Yunsen led Luo Yunyang to a tall pagoda.

“For the sake of this Sky Overthrowing Battle, the monarch has spared no expense and rented a pagoda from the Array Formation Association. It is said that this pagoda entails the entire Array Formation Association’s inherited accomplishments.”

Yunsen was sitting in the chariot with a wide smile as he told Luo Yunyang, “When we arrive at the pagoda, it will be time for you to show off your skills. I will be waiting for you to sweep the floor with Kabu and the little lady from the Zheng Family!”

Although Luo Yunyang found the name Kabu really familiar, he didn’t make the connection between this array master and the lionhead he had deceived.

“That shouldn’t be a problem.”

As the two of them chatted and joked for some time, the magnificent blue steed pulled their carriage towards a massive plaza.

Many people were already gathered there. Although most of them kept their voices low, there was still a clamorous buzz all around them.

“Everyone make a path! The Blue Rain Empire’s strongest Planet-Grade Array Master, the Blue Star Overlord, has arrived. Shut your mouths and kneel, you scum!”

Luo Yunyang, who wasn’t very familiar with the Blue Rain Empire, scanned his surroundings. He had never imagined that Yunsen would actually say all this.

Soon, he realized that countless eyes were looking at him from all directions. Many of them were full of disdain.

However, regardless of their attitude, Luo Yunyang knew that he could lose this match and keep his dignity. He absolutely couldn’t let these people think that he was afraid at this point in time.

Thus, even though he wanted to beat up this little devil called Yunsen, he could only act assured and confident right now.

“The strongest Planet-Grade Array Master? You really know how to blow your own horn. Master Kabu broke the Supreme Hall’s record, yet he doesn’t brag about himself. The Yun Family is really crazy!” someone pointed out with righteous indignation.

A big number of people chimed in, while others posted on the website displayed on the communication device.

“Making your presence known on the Sky Vision is fine, but acting like this at the competition venue is disgraceful!”

“Yunsen is an unreliable fellow who doesn’t amount to anything. This Blue Star Overlord really makes me laugh. It’s said that one needs to be shameless to brag, but I haven’t encountered anyone as shameless as this!”

“He he! I want to see how the Blue Star Overlord will act once he enters the pagoda. I dare bet that he won’t even pass the second level.”

“He won’t even pass the first level!”

“He he I think this fellow will fall straight to the lowest level. Perhaps, he won’t even be able to break the array and enter.”

As all sorts of discussions sprang up like a torrent, many members of the Yun Family felt their faces itching with rage.

No matter what was being said, the trouble-making Yunsen was still a member of their family.

Yun Family’s third brother didn’t look too good. He knew that his younger brother wasn’t reliable, but he had never imagined that he would actually blindly cause such a ruckus.

“We must teach Little Sen a lesson when we return, Big Sister,” the Yun Family’s Third Prince said when he noticed the look on Yunxi’s face.

“It’s no big deal. He’s just a kid acting willfully. Plus, this time” Yunxi shook her head and glanced at the platform in the distance. On the platform was a lionhead clad in gold and silver robes and an elegant lady who was sitting quietly.

With these two there, it would be simply impossible for the Yun Family to even think about obtaining any points!