Supreme Uprising Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Talent Stepping Forward In Big Numbers

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“The first event of the Sky Revoking Battle will begin in five minutes. All participants please proceed to your location according to your number plates. Latecomers will be disqualified!” The broadcast message reverberated throughout the large platforms.

Latecomers would be disqualified! These four words were not a threat, but an actual non-negotiable fact.

Therefore, even the direct descendants of the four kings and 12 dukes didn’t dare be lackluster. They knew very well that if they lost their place at such an important event, they would not be forgiven easily.

“Your number plate is 1036. Don’t let me down!” Yunsen looked at Luo Yunyang confidently.

Although this was what he said, deep down in his heart, apart from wanting to torment Luo Yunyang, he was also feeling some grief. Reality was too cruel for anyone to bear, so Yunsen felt completely helpless.

He knew clearly that the downfall of the Yun Family would begin that day.

If his lord father was unable to turn the tide during the last event of the Sky Revoking Battle, which was also a Nebula-Grade competition, the Yun Family would surely lose its kingly status.

If the family’s points were too low to obtain a duke status, then the Yun Family would surely become a piece of meat that would be devoured immediately.

The Blue Rain Empire had never been an affectionate or sentimental place. Yunsen knew this very well, so he didn’t expect anyone else to pity them.

Of course, he would not let the big fat swindler before him get away scot-free either.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yunsen before nodding calmly and strolling over to his starting position.

“Big Sister, look! Who’s that?” the Yun Family’s Third Prince, who was standing next to Yunxi, suddenly whispered. Yunxi, who was sitting on the viewing decks reserved for the Yun Family, looked on solemnly.

When she turned her head and looked down from the deck, she saw a young man who appeared to be in his twenties moving towards the huge pagoda.

As soon as she saw this young man, Yunxi was stunned. His appearance was very special. The third eye on his forehead alone, which was emitting green rays of light, was enough to draw all attention to him.

It was Ah Shenluo, the number one array master of the youngest generation of the Tri-Eye Family. A middle-aged man standing next to Yunxi gasped in amazement.

Ah Shenluo Of course, Yunxi had heard of him. She had once thought about hiring this elite, who was considered a genius that appeared once every 4,000 years, to help her family at the array formation event. However, his asking price had been too high.

She had never expected that Ah Shenluo would show up there!

It was a known fact that the Tri-Eye Family was one of the most famous array formation clans in the universe. Some people even said that at least one-tenth of the members of the Array Formation Union were also members of the Tri-Eye Clan.

One could imagine the outstanding level of array formation cultivation this person possessed in order to be considered a rare talent that only appeared once in 4,000 years by the Tri-Eye Family.

As if sensing the stares of the Yun Family, Ah Shenluo glanced in Yunxi’s direction with a big smile on his face.

“It’s Ah Shenluo! We will surely get a good show this time!” Many of the Blue Rain Empire martialists watching the event through the Sky Vision were equally excited.

Some budding array masters who understood Ah Shenluo’s value seemed even more frantic.

Ah Shenluo!


There was also a talented woman from the Zheng Family who was well-versed in array formation. In just a moment, discussions about who was stronger and better started once again. A post discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each participant also appeared, while Ah Shenluo was featured as the first in ranking.

Although Lionhead Kabu had broken the record of the Supreme Hall, he was behind Ah Shenluo and in front of the Zheng Family. On this post, some people even disclosed the family that Ah Shenluo was representing.

The Cheng Family was already one of the most outstanding families among the 12 dukes. The monarch’s favorite imperial concubine was also a member of that family.

“The Cheng Family hired Ah Shenluo to show its great ambition. It seems like the positions of the four kings and 12 dukes will undergo some major changes soon!”

This was the final comment on the post. Below the post, the omniscient poster had added a small note.

“It has been confirmed that the Blue Star Overlord is a liar hired by the Young Prince of the Yun Family. In order to ensure that this liar gets punished, Young Prince Yunsen has spent a fortune. Ha ha! Rich people truly know how to toy around with others!”

The attention this post got was very high. As soon as it was published, almost everyone had seen it.

Yunsen, who also saw the post, did not pay attention to the fact that his plan had been discovered. Of course, deep down he was somewhat unhappy, as it was too early for this information to leak out. Without any suspense, there was no fun in toying with that liar!

Zheng Feng, Crown Prince Nanshan, Yuan Geng and other outstanding young members of the Blue Rain Empire had gathered in a grandstand.

They were all very clear on the purpose of the Sky Revoking Battle. The supreme emperor of the Blue Rain Empire wanted to change the position of the Four Kings.

They were all mere props at this major event, simply invited along to watch the bustling show.

“What a hefty investment on the Cheng Family’s part!” Yuan Geng looked at Ah Shenluo with a trace of sarcasm in his eyes.

Although he knew that the results were irreversible, he felt uncomfortable stepping on someone else to reach greater heights. This time it was the Yun Family. Would it be their family next time?

“The Yun Family is in deep sh*t. Unless King Yun isn’t injured, things will be” Zheng Feng glanced at Yunxi’s position and shook his head gently. “If King Yun’s injury was light, then Yunxi wouldn’t be at the helm of the family.”

“There are still other senior members in the Yun Family!”

“This is all because of Yunxi’s stubbornness. If she had begged the Nan Family, we might have given them Master Kabu. What a pity!”

Crown Prince Nanshan sighed as he looked at the delicate face and inviolable beauty of Yunxi’s eyes while uncontrollably fantasizing about her.

Yuan Geng and Zheng Feng did not speak. Crown Prince Nanshan’s love for Yunxi had not developed in a day or two. Perhaps his body was filled with a strange yet wonderful feeling, as good feelings always made people behave better. That could possibly explain why Crown Prince Nanshan seemed a lot less irritable whenever he saw Yunxi.

Yuan Geng and Zheng Feng had seen Crown Prince Nanshan become humble while speaking to Yunxi, sometimes even to the extent of compromising and using flattery, only to get the cold shoulder from her many times. Therefore, they somehow sympathized with him.

“I don’t know who the Blue Star Overlord is, but the Yun Family’s rascal has toyed with him pretty badly!” Yuan Geng said while shifting his eyes to the crowd. He was very curious about the Blue Star Overlord.

However, the huge pagoda had risen up and all the players had already assumed their positions. Hence, Yuan Geng couldn’t find Luo Yunyang.

“I heard that his photo has been flooding the newsboard for days. I’m afraid that he will no longer be able to make a living in the Blue Rain Empire after this,” Zheng Feng said with dismay.

As they spoke, the broadcast was heard again. “All contestants please prepare. You will appear inside the Formation Tower in a quarter of an hour and encounter Planet-Grade Array Formations ranging from level one to level 13!”

“The first to reach the top of the tower will win this event and obtain five valuable points. The second to reach it will obtain four points, the third three points, and the fourth to tenth one point each!”

Luo Yunyang was standing on a red metal block that seemed to have a mysterious connection to the pagoda. As he stood on the block, he felt like his physical body could enter the pagoda at any time.

The material used to build the array formation pagoda was unknown. As he stood beneath the pagoda, Luo Yunyang felt a certain pressure passing through.

When the starting signal was heard, Luo Yunyang sensed a light ray flash before him. Suddenly, he appeared in a vast white space.

Planet 1-Grade Formation, Lost Track Formation!

Luo Yunyang had gone through the memories of the Jade Ridge Star Lord, so he was very knowledgeable about array formations. The moment he saw the array formation, he understood what it was right away.

This kind of Lost Track Formation was not difficult to break. Even if he did not adjust his Array Formation Intent Attributes, Luo Yunyang would still be able to break it open quickly.

There were too many competitors, so he didn’t bother disguising his skill. Instead, he adjusted his Array Formation Intent Attributes to the highest possible level.

Array Formation Intent was really important for array masters. In both a set-up and a break-down, there had to be Array Formation Intent.

The higher the understanding of the Array Formation Intent, the faster the speed of the set-up or the break-down of the array formation. By using the Array Formation Intent, Luo Yunyang found the flaws of this array formation in an instant.

He immediately took advantage of this flaw and walked out of the Lost Track Array Formation.

After the first formation was broken, Luo Yunyang discovered that his position had changed completely. When he looked around, he saw only sea water surrounding him.

It was a level-two array formation called Water Element Array Formation!

Although the Water Element Array Formation wasn’t too strong in terms of attacking power, it was extremely troublesome. Most people who were trapped in the Water Element Array Formation would have a difficult time leaving it.

The flaws of the Water Element Array Formation were hidden in the surging sea waters. Many people at the Planet 6- or 7-Grade who did not understand the law of the Water Element Array Formation would get trapped in it.

However, Luo Yunyang had an insanely high Array Formation Intent, so he walked out of the Water Element Array Formation with just a wave of his arm.

There was also a third array formation, a fourth array formation

As Luo Yunyang and the others quickly entered the array, the Array Formation Pagoda towering into the sky appeared extremely dazzling. Light spots were forming on top of the tower.

Each light spot represented an array master, while the numbers on the light spots allowed each family to check on its masters.

“Ah Shenluo is strong indeed. With just a snap, he’s already broken three array formations! What a formidable candidate!” someone cried out as he watched the number one light spot rising rapidly through the tower.

“The young lady from the Zheng Family, who is second, is also good. Look at her! Although she is not as good as Ah Shenluo, she has already broken two formations and is now attempting to break her third.”

“Hey, the master from the Yuan Family is not bad either. He’s also entered the third formation!”

“The Yun Family is really miserable. How could no one have entered the second level? It seems like the rumor about their array masters mass-quitting must be true!”

A variety of voices and sounds flooded the surroundings of the viewing platform. However, someone soon discovered that something was wrong.

“Why is Master Kabu still at the first level?” someone finally mentioned Master Kabu, who they were very proud of.

This question made everyone cast their eyes on the number-two tag that represented Master Kabu.

This light spot didn’t seem to be moving!