Supreme Uprising Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Unresigned, Yet Incapable

"Chief Instructor, the Newcomer King I have selected isn't too bad, right?" Xu Zhong rubbed the back of his head, feeling a little silly.

"Your judgement was quite accurate. Luo Yunyang isn't bad. Ha ha Just groom him well!" Chief Instructor Lu lamented. "Perhaps we might not lose at the next Eight Army Meet!"

Xu Zhong, who had looked proud, became dispirited as soon as he heard about the Eight Army Meet.

Luo Yunyang kept an eye on the handsome young man. He had a dark expression on his face, but he didn't seem like he had any intention of stepping forward.

The fella had decided to hide now. So much for his big talk!

The Newcomer King could be challenged, but it seemed like he couldn't challenge others himself. Even if he did, the other party could choose to turn down the challenge.

Luo Yunyang was feeling good as he walked up to Guan Wanli and proclaimed loudly, "Do you accept me as the Newcomer King now?"

Guan Wanli had not expected that Luo Yunyang would actually ask this. He had already gotten the damned spotlight. Why did he have to make him bow down before him? He was just too shameless!

Although he was cursing deep down, the pain in his shoulder hadn't disappeared yet as he nodded hastily. "Yes, I do!"

"Thanks!" Luo Yunyang nodded his head and then approached Sun Miaomiao quickly. "What about you? Do you accept me?"

"Yes!" Sun Miaomiao shot a sharp, murderous look at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was like a whirlwind. After walking around for a bit, he suddenly appeared at the handsome young man's side and sneered, "Do you accept me as the Newcomer King?"

The handsome young man, whose name was Bai Yuming, reassured himself that revenge was a dish best served cold. He would get his chance in the future. However, he hadn't expected that Luo Yunyang would pull this particular trick.

If Luo Yunyang challenged him, he was already prepared to decline the challenge.

Luo Yunyang's latest performance had been really dazzling, so if he turned down the challenge, nobody would say anything.

However, Luo Yunyang's arrogant manner baffled him. He just didn't know what to do.

He couldn't bring himself to say that he did, but he couldn't say no either, as that would mean that he was challenging Luo Yunyang.

The young man, who had opened his mouth to humiliate Luo Yunyang, had a cold glint in his eyes. Just as he was about to step forward, he saw Xu Zhong chuckle as he watched him.

"Does this mean that you don't accept me? Alright, alright. All brothers admire men like you. Come on, let's have a good match now!" Luo Yunyang said bluntly when he saw the handsome young man's reluctance to answer.

Bai Yuming was no fool. He could see Luo Yunyang's delighted expression as he stubbornly refused to speak. This meant that he would surely be at a disadvantage. Bai Yuming could only clench his teeth and mutter, "I accept you!"

As the words came out of his mouth, he felt as if there were tears streaming down his cheeks.

Luo Yunyang cheekily pointed to his ear and said, "What did you say? I didn't hear you clearly. You obviously can't accept my title, so let's have a round!"

Bai Yuming's fists were clenched tightly. He knew what Luo Yunyang was trying to do. He was just shamelessly infuriating him so he would take the bait. Bai Yuming tried to resist Luo Yunyang's shameless behavior, but he clearly lacked the strength to do so.

"I said that I accept you!" Bai Yuming shouted. As he shouted, he silently muttered to himself. No matter the size of the dragon, a hero had to know when to bow and submit. Hanxin had been forced to crawl between people's legs as a form of humiliation. This wasn't that bad in comparison. He would still take revenge for this humiliation, though!

"Oh, okay. You should have said so earlier. The way you were bouncing around so fast made me think you were a powerful person!"

The Rising Dragon Army members that were on Bai Yuming's side remained quiet. They didn't dare voice any objections now.

They were just glad that Luo Yunyang did not ask each of them the same question. All Luo Yunyang did was clasp his hands behind his back and walk calmly to position number one.

When he had arrived without a uniform, most people had thought that he was dressed appropriately for this environment. However, now Luo Yunyang stood out like a flag.

"Kids, I know that you were all privileged geniuses in your own hometowns. You must think that you are very impressive, but you aren't that important in the Rising Dragon Army. After the apocalypse humanity faced, everyone is dispensable."

As Chief Instructor Lu spoke, he suddenly leapt in the air. A pair of dark violet wings emerged on his back.

The violet wings kept Chief Instructor Lu suspended in mid-air. Everyone watching thought that he looked like a deity.


Purple fist-shaped shadows suddenly blasted out of Chief Instructor Lu's fists. The instant these shadows shot out, they swelled until they were 10 meters in diameter and blasted hard against the military drill ground about 100 meters away.

The earth shook. A crater about 20-meters wide and 3-meters deep appeared before Luo Yunyang and the others.

The attack shook Luo Yunyang's world. When he saw it, he suddenly felt insignificant.

"Only when you have reached a cultivation base like mine, you will be considered powerful enough to go up against a low-grade dire beast! I'm looking forward to that day!"

Chief Instructor Lu's wings shook. He looked like a comet as he flew over to the most central area of the city.

Both the veterans, who had spent quite some time at Base 7, and the newbies were dumbstruck.

The scene that had unfolded before them was unbelievable!

Luo Yunyang just couldn't believe it. After he had defeated all the other newcomers of the Rising Dragon Army's elite class, he had been feeling slightly smug.

However, now that he had watched Chief Instructor Lu crack open the earth with one attack, he felt like he had said too much.

He still had a long way to go.

"Ha ha See this, kids? This is the power of a top-notch martialist!" Xu Zhong lectured them as he rubbed his bald head. "These are the sort of pillars humanity needs. If you wish to become someone like Chief Instructor Lu, then you have to put in the same amount of hard work that Chief Instructor Lu did."

"I know that the majority of you have cultivation bases that are already close to first-rate martialists. If you get a vial of source fluid, you will be able to produce a source core and become martial masters!

"However, if you were all given a vial of source fluid, only one person out of five would be able to become a martial master. You might be geniuses, but I have seen enough geniuses fail before."

"Three months from now, the Da Alliance will hand out the source fluid. If you wish to be among those who will receive it and advance to martial masters, then you better train your bodies conscientiously!"

"The stronger your body is, the higher your chances of success will be! The higher your cultivation base is, the more you will progress with the source fluid!"

"There are all sorts of resources at the base, but you will need points if you wish to obtain all of them! Points, get it? What is important right now is that you get enough points to improve your cultivation base!"