Supreme Uprising Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Unexpected Surprise

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“The 16th Brother has entered the second formation!” someone on the Yun Family’s stand shouted.

More than 20 people had entered the second array formation of the Formation Tower. However, if a member of the Yun Family was able to enter the second stage, it would be considered an unexpected surprise.

After all, they had been looking forward to seeing who would enter the second level for far too long.

“Well, maybe the 16th Brother can help us grab one point!” a sweet-looking young lady from the Yun Family said with a straight face.

“Of course!” Even though she wasn’t certain, she still attracted enthusiastic responses from the people around her.

As Yunxi looked at the excited family, she couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. She knew that the 16th Brother of her family was considered pretty talented among his peers. However, he was still miles apart from the elites taking part in the Array Formation Battle, including Ah Shenluo, the talented woman from the Zheng Family, and Master Kabu.

“Master Kabu is still in the first round. What is he doing?” Someone finally voiced their doubts.

If asked who was most likely to win this competition, most people would pick either Ah Shenluo or Master Kabu.

Although Master Kabu was only a lionhead, he belonged to the Blue Rain Empire, so many people supported him.

However, Ah Shenluo had already rushed to the fourth stage. Meanwhile, Master Kabu, who everyone had had high hopes for, was still stuck at the first formation.

What was he doing? Did he think that his strength was so superior to Ah Shenluo’s that he could skyrocket through the levels and win this event?

Nobody could guess what Master Kabu was doing, yet no one doubted that he was not capable enough to win.

“Ah Shenluo has reached the fifth floor! He’s really fast! Master Kabu still hasn’t made any progress!” On the website accessible by communication devices, someone had started a live broadcast.

“We think that there are two ways Master Kabu will be able to do this. He will either study the nature of this Formation Tower and reach the top of the tower in one leap, or he will not bother competing against those mediocre scrubs at all. He might just be waiting for an opportunity to dash and skyrocket to the top! Either way, the spectacle will be extraordinary”

The continuous updates and battle analysis on the post attracted many people, plenty of whom discussed these two possibilities.

“The young lady from the Zheng Family is also very fast. She is now at the fifth level of the Formation Tower. She has almost caught up with Ah Shenluo. Oh no! Ah Shenluo is indeed a genius that only appears once in 4,000 years in the Tri-Eyed Family! He is already at the sixth level!”

“Ah! No, I think I was wrong. Above Ah Shenluo is another person! It’s Number 1036. He He is currently at the seventh This This is too fast! No, he has reached the eighth level!”

During the live broadcast, some broadcasters suddenly noticed a light spot by the seventh stage of the Formation Tower.

All along, everyone had been using Ah Shenluo as a benchmark. After all, they’d thought that Ah Shenluo had always been first.

The only person able to antagonize Ah Shenluo was the one and only Master Kabu. However, Master Kabu was still at the first stage.

Although most people were unsure what situation Master Kabu was facing, the crowd’s attention was on the two people who had the best chance of winning.

If it had not been for the live broadcast, no one would have realized that someone had already climbed to the eighth level.

“Oh my god! He reached the eighth floor of the Formation Tower in less than 15 minutes. Could someone have invited a dark horse? Quick, check out contestant number 1036! Find out who hired him!”

Suddenly, Yunxi, Yuan Geng and the others also noticed contestant number 1036. They had expected some dark horses to emerge in this competition, yet they hadn’t expected that they would be so eye-catching.

Someone had directly overtaken Ah Shenluo!

The Cheng Family member in charge of this Array Formation event was a middle-aged man in his 40s who was very intelligent and capable. A cold look flashed through his eyes as he studied the light spot representing contestant number 1036.

They had called in a lot of favors in return for Ah Shenluo’s appearance to ensure victory. They had only one goal: to secure an absolute advantage in the Sky Revoking Battle.

Besides Ah Shenluo, they had also hired a lot of expert array masters to keep the Yun Family out of the top 20 so that it wouldn’t even obtain a point.

Everything had so far gone according to plan. However, half-way through the plan, a dark horse with a 1036 tag had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

This incident gave him an ominous premonition. He hoped the dark horse hadn’t been employed by the Yun Family. Otherwise, there would be trouble!

Yunsen felt like his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. He was actually feeling a little stupid. If he hadn’t been rooting for the elites of his family, who might be able to move on to the next stage, he would have already left.

He had never imagined that the Blue Star Overlord, whom he’d treated as a swindler, would turn out to be a true array master!

Although one couldn’t say that he had suppressed Ah Shenluo, based on their current positions, Ah Shenluo was already behind him.

The number 1036 had been personally selected for the Blue Star Overlord by Yunsen, so he definitely wouldn’t forget it.

Had he really misjudged the man? Was he truly an expert? He had to be Otherwise, how could he be that fast?

When Yunsen glanced up once again, he noticed that the light spot representing 1036 on the tower had already reached the 10th floor. He was ahead of Ah Shenluo by a margin of three array formations.

Was this for f*cking real?

There were three more floors between the 10th and 13th floor. If they were all broken, then he would place first. If that happened, how would Yunsen explain everything to Big Sis?

Could he say that he had hired an expert by accident?

Who was contestant number 1036?

The spectators watching the event started to search for the information on this number tag. Unfortunately, no one knew who the number belonged to.

According to the rules of the Sky Revoking Battle, if a contestant was unwilling to announce who he represented, no one would be able to find out this information until the end of the Sky Revoking Battle.

“My Lady, I believe that this is a good development, regardless of which family that contestant belongs to,” a refined-looking man from the Yun Family who looked like a strategist said in an affirmative tone. “He certainly can’t be from the Cheng Family. The Cheng Family has already hired Ah Shenluo, so they would never spend a huge amount of resources to hire another expert.”

Yunxi nodded upon hearing the man’s analysis. After all, asking an expert like Ah Shenluo to participate wasn’t as simple as asking him verbally. It required a lot of resources.

“It seems like the Cheng Family is not the only one going after our family’s King Status!”

The Yun Family, who had originally been happy about the Cheng Family’s crisis, immediately ceased to smile. Who would want to become someone else’s target?

“Big Sister, I know who this number belongs to,” a weak voice muttered.

When Yunxi looked up and saw Yunsen’s dazed face, she smiled and said, “What happened to you, Little Bro? Are you going to joke and say that he belongs to the Yun Family?”

Yunxi smiled as she made fun of Yunsen. The most promising contestant of the Yun Family had already been squeezed below the 30th place.

This signified that, no matter how many points the others scored, the Yun Family wouldn’t be the least bit affected.

Yunsen simply didn’t know how to explain everything to his elder sister. Thus, he gritted his teeth and said, “I selected that number for the Blue Star Overlord.”

Yunxi stared at her younger brother in shock. She didn’t know how to react. This unexpected surprise had been too sudden.

Meanwhile, the lofty emperor stood on the terrace of the massive Imperial Palace that overlooked the realm, watching the event silently. His two long, thick eyebrows were furrowed tightly.

Anyone who was familiar with this supreme figure would understand that His Majesty’s current mood wasn’t good. The reason he was dissatisfied was naturally the abnormality taking place in the Array Formation Tower.

As a monarch, he was in control of everything and enjoyed an unrivaled solidarity. Thus, he didn’t like it when unexpected things happened.

“Have you found out who 1036 is?” The servant running over and panting heavily was greeted with an emotionless tone.

“I couldn’t find out, Your Majesty. The owner of this number is too ordinary to stand out, so no one noticed his existence.”

The servant crouched on the ground, his voice shaking in fear.

“The lot of you are supposed to be monitoring the world on my behalf, yet you can’t even sense this kind of variability! Tell me, are you really this useless?” The emperor’s tone was peaceful yet laced with a strong killing intent.

The servant bowed his head while another person rushed in frantically. “Your Majesty! We know! We found out who that man is!”

The servant crouching down in fear for his life suddenly felt his knees go weak and fell flat onto the ground. If that crazy person had not come running in, his chances of surviving would have been slim. He would surely have died by now. All His Majesty cared about was the result, not the actual process.

People were divided into social gradings, yet both superior and inferior individuals tried to reap as many benefits as possible. This might even be true for slaves. Hence, just like His Majesty had said, who would want to raise a useless dog?

“Who is it?” the Emperor asked frostily, glancing at the man who had just come in.

“Your Majesty, this is a message sent by someone on the Newsboard of the Virtual Void. Someone took a picture of his companion before entering the Formation Tower. There were too many people there at the time, so the people surrounding him were also captured in the image. This person is wearing the number 1036.” The man pressed a button on his communication device and an image showed up, depicting a person with only half his face visible.

The young man was wearing casual clothes and staring at the Formation Tower, his mouth tweaked into a faint smile.

When he noticed the man’s appearance, the servant who was prostrate on the ground suddenly exclaimed, “Your Majesty! I I know who he is!”