Supreme Uprising Chapter 371

Chapter 371 What A Sick Way To Play

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It took Luo Yunyang three minutes to reach the 11th array formation; five minutes to reach the 12th array formation; another five to reach the 13th array formation

When he found himself in a starry sky, he quickly comprehended the changes of the array formation. Suddenly, he found himself engulfed in ecstasy.

Luo Yunyang felt a sense of excitement after each array formation level. By overcoming the array formations, he found himself constantly interacting with the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s knowledge about them.

This sort of interaction made Luo Yunyang both excited and obsessed.

“So this is how it is!” Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed as a golden palm landed on a fist-sized meteorite with a wave of his hand.

In an instant, the starry sky collapsed.

Luo Yunyang took down the God Punisher Star Array Formation of the Planet-Grade 13th Array Formation Level easily.

As the starry sky faded, he found himself in a tall palace. According to the regulations of this event, he had actually reached the highest level.

A dazzling golden token was in the middle of the main hall. If he obtained this golden token, the five points of the Sky Revoking Battle would be secured.

However, Luo Yunyang’s state of mind was currently almost chaotic. No He actually felt an unsuppressable excitement.

His gaze passed through the hall as he looked for a new array formation. He still wanted to take more down.

“What an excellent array formation. What a good formation!”

After observing his surroundings, Luo Yunyang discovered that the entire hall seemed pose no threat. However, it was in fact a huge array formation.

If it had not been for his superior cultivation in Array Formation Intent, he wouldn’t have noticed the presence of this huge array formation.

Luo Yunyang, who was already stimulated, had only one thought on his mind. That array formation would be useless for honing his knowledge.

Both his eyes stared at the huge array formation. His Array Formation Intent was itching to comprehend and seek out the flaws of the entire formation.

However, compared to the previous huge array formations, this particular formation was too strong, far stronger than the God Punisher Star Array Formation.

One minute, five minutes, 10 minutes

The eyes of every person on the stands were fixed at the top of the tower. The light spot of contestant 1036 had reached the top.

Number 1036 had already won beyond any doubt.

Ah Shenluo was still on the 10th floor, so it would take him a while to break through. The talented young lady from the Zheng Family, who was on the eighth floor, was apparently in a tough spot.

The gap between the others and those two was really big. Most people were still struggling on the second floor.

Crown Prince Nanshan was about to go crazy. Master Kabu, whom he thought so highly of, was still on the first floor.

If Master Kabu was indeed waiting for his competition to sizzle down by getting exhausted before making his move, or was planning on taking a sudden leap to the top like the audience had speculated, then why was he still stuck at the first stage while Number 1036 was already at the final stage? Nothing could explain the bullsh*t that was going on!

“What is wrong with Kabu?” Crown Prince Nanshan asked the servant beside him angrily.

The servant didn’t know how to answer, as the situation before them was really strange. He didn’t understand why Master Kabu, who had broken a record and left a heroic tale of his feats, remained motionless at such a crucial moment either.

On the viewing terrace of the Cheng Family, a middle-aged man in purple robes pursed his lips tightly. He was the person in charge of the array formation event on behalf of the Cheng Family, as well as the younger brother of the Duke of the Cheng Family.

“Obtaining four points isn’t bad, sir!” a subordinate next to him said as he trembled. “What we have to do now is prevent the Yun Family from getting any more points.”

The middle-aged man nodded and thought about the clan’s arrangement. He suddenly grinned and said, “You’re right. Our goal isn’t to place first.”

As soon as he said that, his gaze landed on the Formation Tower once again. “Hmmm Why didn’t that person take the token and end this?”

Everyone watching the game was feeling as puzzled as the middle-aged man. They knew the rules, so they knew that there was no longer a match for contestant 1036.

He only needed to reach out with his hand and the whole event would come to an end.

The restraint on Yunxi’s cold face was evident. On the surface, she looked dead calm, but her heart was experiencing the rush of an undercurrent. It was as if her heart had been shot straight through by Number 1036 like a blinding light opening up a sealed world. She couldn’t remain indifferent and cold. She couldn’t remain calm anymore. As her disappointment turned to ecstasy, the shock and impact of this feeling was too strong!

She actually felt like she had lost all her strength. Her entire body felt weak. Although this feeling was awful, it still existed.

“Why didn’t he end this match, Little Brother?” the Yun Family’s Third Prince asked. He could no longer wait.

“I I don’t know either!” Yunsen didn’t know what Luo Yunyang was up to. If there had still been any obstacles in front of him, it would have been another thing. However, right now, it was just a matter of reaching out for the token.

“Look! Ah Shenluo has entered the 12th floor!” the pretty girl with the big eyes from the Yun Family shrieked anxiously.

The members of the Yun Family were startled by her shriek. Their mood was fluctuating. Victory was in plain sight, so they didn’t wish to see any more variables change.

Yunsen’s face fell as he suddenly recalled something. “Is it because I offended him? I’ve I’ve caused so much trouble for him”

As Yunsen was mumbling to himself, the lovely girl’s voice changed slightly. “Ah He went down! He went down to the 12th floor!”

As she exclaimed, almost every member of the Yun Family saw the light spot representing Number 1036 drop to the 12th floor.

Practically the entire Yun Family couldn’t help but stand up from its seats.

The Yun Family’s Third Prince shot a death stare at Yunsen. He knew all about Yunsen’s small tricks and had been pretty content with what his younger brother had done in the beginning.

After all, he had also considered 1036 a big swindler, so he had never imagined that he was indeed a real genius. He only had his own eyes to blame.

Plus, he was an expert array master!

“Look, he’s falling again! He’s dropping to the 10th floor!” The voice of the cute girl from the Yun Family was almost a whimper.

Crown Prince Nanshan, Yuan Geng and the others looked at the rapidly declining 1036 with incredulous looks on their faces.

They had never imagined that things would play out like this, yet this was somehow still very entertaining for the people watching.

“The Zheng Family’s young lady has reached the 11th floor. Maybe the Zheng Family can still place second.” Someone who had glanced at the ranking of the young lady began mulling.

Meanwhile, someone noticed that the light spot belonging to Ah Shenluo had reached the 13th floor.

He was just one step away from obtaining the highest points on the 13th floor!

The light spot representing Number 1036 had reached the fifth floor.

There were hundreds of light spots on the fifth floor, so the people on the fifth floor were basically unable to get any rewards.

This didn’t just apply to the younger generations of all the major families. Even the lofty Emperor was paying attention to the falling light spot.

What was he doing? This was simply absurd!

Did he really just want to take revenge on the Yun Family’s little boy? A strange look flickered across the Emperor’s eyes. As the leader of the entire empire, his information network wasn’t ordinary.

In half a day, he had already fully understood the purpose of Yunsen’s unbridled use of publicity. He only had two words for this kind of child-like tricktrouble material.

These gimmicks could provoke a top-tier individual and make them lament about the variability of life.

However, there seemed to be an even cheekier person around. Why would anyone retreat from first place to last? What on earth was that douchebag thinking? Was he fooling around?

He was treating an important event of the Sky Revoking Battle like a circus act.

He definitely had to take a look at this clown personally.

“Your Majesty, that contestant has fallen to the first floor!” a servant standing aside and looking at the changing light on the pagoda screamed in surprise.

The Emperor was silent. His gaze fell on an old man who was walking towards him. Before the old man could salute him, he smiled and said, “Isn’t this array formation rather interesting, old man?”

The old man’s eyes were as clear as water as he looked at the light spot that had landed with a soft smile. Just as he was about to speak, the servant wailed again, “Your Majesty, Ah Shenluo has reached the top!”

Victory was basically guaranteed when one reached the top. Therefore, the Emperor believed that Ah Shenluo wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by.

As the old man’s gaze was on the tower, his calm eyes suddenly turned serious.

“What’s wrong, Master Du Yun?” As the monarch of the Blue Rain Empire, Lan Tianjue was always calm. The person called Master Du Yun was even more unfazed.

However, when he saw Master Du Yun’s reaction, Lan Tianjue’s voice became a tad anxious.

“How generous!” Master Du Yun shook his head as he said emotionally, “I thought that even Ah Shenluo could only surprise me a little at best. Who could have expected that there was someone even crazier than him?”

“Yes, this is crazy!” He pointed at the Formation Tower while he added, “This young man He wants to control the goddamn Formation Tower!”

Control the Formation Tower?

Lan Tianjue was absolutely stunned. Although he had experienced a lot of things in his life, he had never once thought that someone would want to control the competition’s stage!

“That’s too much of a risk. Ah Shenluo has already reached the end. This event is going to be over soon.” Lan Tianjue smiled softly and pointed at the top of the tower in an assured manner.

Suddenly, a green light shot straight into the air from the top of the Formation Tower.