Supreme Uprising Chapter 372

Chapter 372 The Fabled Dragon Chain

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As Ah Shenluo held the golden token in his hands, a smile appeared on his tri-eyed face. It was a confident, victorious smirk. However, he quickly wiped off this expression, as he was the sort of person that kept a low profile. Even if he achieved an earth-shattering accomplishment, he still needed to seem emotionless.

To the quick-witted Ah Shenluo, keeping a low profile was the most impressive way to show off.

The Planet-Grade Formation Tower wasn’t much of a problem for him. Although the 13th level array formation was tricky, he quickly got the hang of things and eventually managed to acquire the golden token.

The honor of being the first person to take down the Formation Tower was really nothing to him. Placing first on such a small stage was not much to be proud of.

As Ah Shenluo was lost in his own thoughts, a green light emanated from the token in his hand.

The blazing green light made Ah Shenluo’s face lit up with a brilliant smile. He was actually trying hard to restrain himself from laughing. Although competing against a bunch of weak chickens was boring, he still enjoyed the euphoria of the crowd’s admiration.

The moment the green light rose, all eyes on the stands froze. Although they couldn’t see Ah Shenluo, who was in the middle of the Formation Tower, they knew that he had been the one who had taken the token.

“Sister!” Yunsen’s mouth felt parched. He didn’t know what to say.

Every member of the Yun Family was anxious over the uncertainty of their future. This time, their mood had undoubtedly taken a rollercoaster ride. This feeling of rising and falling was really uncomfortable!

However, despite this emotional rollercoaster, no one complained about Yunsen. After all, it wasn’t just Yunsen who had regarded this person as a fraud. They had all done the same thing.

They had never imagined that they would be blindly slandering a genius!

The price to pay for such a blunder was very high. That rare individual had traversed to the top and then went back down to the lowest level.

Yunxi shrugged at Yunsen as pain filled the depths of her heart. This pain seemed to surge like a tsunami and drown her in her own sorrow. She really didn’t want to speak. She didn’t know how to express her own emotions.

The middle-aged man from the Cheng Family suddenly burst out laughing, while the emperor standing on the platform also laughed heartily.


Suddenly, the entire Formation Tower trembled and the green light spread. Golden light rays shot out of every part of the Formation Tower like a huge tide, completely engulfing the green light along the horizon in an instant.

Then, the huge Formation Tower contracted rapidly and all the participants in the tower were ejected out of it by a huge repulsive force.

Even Ah Shenluo, who was holding the golden token, was kicked out. As he surveyed the dazzling golden light, he mouthed two words in shockDragon Chain!

What was a Dragon Chain? Ordinary people and average array masters wouldn’t understand.

However, Ah Shenluo knew what it was perfectly well. Achieving the Dragon Chain was his ideal objective.

According to the explanation of the Array Formation Union, Dragon Chain was the process whereby a participant cleared the Formation Tower successfully, took down all the levels in the tower and further extended this difficult task by going against the natural flow of the assessment and eventually gaining control over the entire Formation Tower.

The Formation Tower itself was composed by countless chains of array formations. In order for the original controller to become the new owner of the tower, one would have to take down at least 1,000 array formations in a chain sequence. Every time an array formation was cleared, the next one’s difficulty would increase exponentially. The process of clearing all formations in order to form a long chain symbolized the birth of a dragon and was hence named Dragon Chain.

To make matters worse, some array formation levels even had time limits.

Therefore, although Ah Shenluo intended to do this, he still lacked the ability, so he had been working hard towards this goal.

How could someone actually have completed a Dragon Chain during a small event he hadn’t given a sh*t about? How could such an outrageous thing happen?

“It’s a Dragon Chain! It’s really a Dragon Chain!” An old white-haired array master rushed madly to the middle of the grounds while shrieking excitedly.

Although the young lady from the Zheng Family was not very accomplished, she had keen bright eyes that were also uniquely attractive. The moment the Dragon Chain occurred, she was clearly aware of what it was and completely flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, the Formation Tower kept shrinking rapidly. When it reached the size of a palm, it landed lightly in the hands of a young man.

“It’s him!” someone exclaimed when he saw the young man.

Not many people had been able to discover that contestant 1036 was actually Luo Yunyang, so most people were shocked when they saw him.

They had all seen the publicity video Yunsen had prepared for Luo Yunyang. They also knew that it had been an act of mischief on behalf of that brat.

However, they suddenly realized that they had been fooled. It turned out that this hadn’t been a prank. Everything shown on the video had been real!

“He’s unmatched across the vast galaxies!” This had definitely not been a bragging statement!

Lionhead Kabu stared blankly at Luo Yunyang. Although he had been fooling around and having fun these days, he knew very well who had given him this great opportunity. However, he was simply living a carefree, unfettered life in the Nan Family and getting treated like a god, so he didn’t care much about any ongoing matters.

He certainly hadn’t taken notice of Yunsen’s mischievous publicity act.

Yunxi, Yuan Geng, Zheng Feng and the others all stared blankly at Luo Yunyang as well. The memory of Luo Yunyang had been thoroughly imprinted in their minds sometime ago, so it had been difficult for them to forget it.

“How many points does one get for achieving a Dragon Chain?” someone whispered to his companion.

His companion, who was an array master, hesitated for a moment before muttering, “A Dragon Chain, as its name suggests, is a huge recognition. According to the rules of the Array Formation Union, if a Dragon Chain appears during the Formation Tower competition or event, then the score will be 10 times the maximum score attainable.”

“50 points? Are you kidding? The total score for the Sky Revoking Battle is only 100 points.”

“Why the hell would I be kidding? This is a Dragon Chain! A Dragon Chain! Go figure, man!” His companion glared at him as though he was dealing with an idiot. “This is a f*cking formation Dragon Chain!”

Yunxi, Yunsen, and the entire Yun Family were all sitting dumbstruck in their seats. They felt dizzy after hearing the rules regarding a Dragon Chain. 10 times the maximum points attainable? This was totally crazy!

The competition venue was deadly silent. Most of the audience felt as though their hearts had been trampled over by a herd of bison. What on earth was going on? Luo Yunyang’s move had averted a crisis and protected the dignity of the Yun Family. In just the first event of the Sky Revoking Battle, the Yun Family had already landed themselves in an unassailable position.

Was there even any need to compete?

“Did you just say that he will get 50 points for this?” Lan Tianjue asked from his high platform. There was a hint of anger in his tone.

He had been planning this scheme for a long while, and victory had been within his grasp. He had never imagined that such an embarrassing incident would occur. As the supreme ruler of the Blue Rain Empire, how could he tolerate this bullsh*t?

Therefore, he no longer showed the restraint he had earlier. Instead, he went to speak to Master Du Yun.

Master Du Yun, who didn’t really fear the wrathful monarch, remained silent and waited for the emperor to finish venting his anger. Then, he repeated himself insipidly, “Yes, 50 points.”

“The rules of the Sky Revoking Battle are set by me. I can announce that he has exceeded the time limit and did not acquire the golden token. No token, no points,” Lan Tianjue said faintly.

Master Du Yun gazed calmly at Lan Tianjue. Although he didn’t argue, the corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

There was no threat contained in that smile, yet Lan Tianjue’s expression changed when he saw it.

Although he was the supreme emperor of the Blue Rain Empire, the Blue Rain Empire didn’t include the entire world.

The strength of the Array Formation Union exceeded that of the Blue Rain Empire. If he really declared that the rules of the Array Formation Union were invalid, he would become an enemy of the Array Formation Union.

If this really happened, it wouldn’t be the Yun Family that would lose. Instead, he would lose his position as the monarch of the Blue Rain Empire.

“Your Majesty, what you have to do now is congratulate that fine young array formation genius and confirm his acquired points,” Master Du Yun said frostily before turning his back and swaggering off.

Five minutes later, a mechanical sound echoed throughout the entire competition venue. Then, it was announced that contestant 1036 had acquired 50 points during this event.

50 Points?

There were only so many points in the Sky Revoking Battle, yet the Yun Family had taken home 50 points during the opening event. The other families felt the massive pressure of a huge mountain crushing down on them, making it difficult for them to even breathe.

The members of the Yun Family quickly walked over to Luo Yunyang joyously. Their priority now was to welcome Luo Yunyang to their side.

Unlike the start of the event, the Yun Family could now breathe a little more easily. Everyone seemed full of vigor and bravery as they shot looks of contempt at the people around them.

Although Yunxi was at the forefront, she wasn’t the first to speak. The one who spoke first was Yunsen.

“I Master Luo, I am so sorry I couldn’t differentiate between good and bad. Please forgive my impoliteness and foolishness”

Yunsen lowered his head as he spoke. It was extremely difficult for him to say these words.

Luo Yunyang, who was still immersed in the thrill of holding the Formation Tower in his hands, didn’t pay much attention to Yunsen’s apology. However, this brat ought to be taught a lesson. Fortunately, Yunxi was his sister, so Luo Yunyang would have to go through her first.

He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Yunsen anyway. He set his sights on Yunxi and smiled as he greeted her. “It’s been awhile.”

“I haven’t seen you in a long time. I hope you have been doing well.” Memories flooded Yunxi’s mind and she got lost in her thoughts. She had a hard time deciding what to say to him. She could only stare at him foolishly with mixed emotions before she blurted out, “Thank you!”

When he saw the lovely lady he kept thinking about, Luo Yunyang felt a warm, soft touch caress his heart. He smiled cheekily as he said without any restraint, “You are welcome. I just wanted to earn some blue rain dollars to spend!” Then, he turned to Yunsen. “Young Master Sen, should we settle our accounts?”

“Okay, sure! Let’s do it!” Yunsen agreed without a second thought.

Although he didn’t know how many blue rain dollars he would have to pay, this massive victory wasn’t something that could be bought just with money.

Suddenly, Du Yun appeared before Luo Yunyang and said, “Mr. Luo, do you wish to become an array master of our union?”