Supreme Uprising Chapter 373

Chapter 373 The Blood Battle

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What was the most disgusting thing that could happen? Nothing beat putting effort into boiling a bowl of delicious soup only to find a dead dung beetle while sipping half-way through it. That feeling was so wretched that it would make one’s guts churn inside out.

Luo Yunyang felt like Lan Tianjue saw him as a dung beetle. In order to allow the Cheng Family that he trusted so much to ascend, Lan Tianjue had used many unorthodox methods. He had even used whatever powers he had so that the Sky Revoking Battle would begin earlier.

Lan Tianjue had been pondering his strategies with confidence and truly enjoyed the thrill of being in total control.

However, just as he had been mocking the Yun Family for not knowing the true extent of the situation and hiding his own intentions, Luo Yunyang had appeared.

If this had been a competition based on Array Formation and Luo Yunyang had placed first, he would only have felt slightly uncomfortable. However, although things were different, this chap had single-handedly earned 50 points.

The Yun Family may have seemed weak and vulnerable, yet these 50 points alone were sufficient to grant them a stable, nearly undefeatable status. If that were to happen, the Cheng Family would still have to wait for several years to enter the top four positions.

“You evil being!”

Although he was merely a lowly lord that could be executed as soon as Lan Tianjue said the word, after displaying the full spectrum of his Array Formation abilities, Master Du Yun granted Luo Yunyang a position in the Array Formation Union.

The Array Formation Union was not exactly the strongest group in the world, but it still had the ability to remove him from his throne if its members really wanted to.

He was definitely not going to make a foolish decision and lose everything just because of this insignificant being. However, he was not going to let this matter slide either. This whole incident made him feel stifled.

“Your Highness, Crown Prince Nanshan requests an audience!” a beautiful maid reported to Lan Tianjue fearfully. She truly feared that the temperamental king would have her killed with one order.

“I’m not meeting him. Tell him to get lost!” Lan Tianjue did not care about Crown Prince Nanshan. To him, Crown Prince Nanshan was just a member of the younger generation who was not worthy of meeting him.

“Crown Prince Nanshan said that he has a way to allow Your Highness to vent your frustration!” the maid stammered fearfully. Although it seemed as if she wanted to retreat, she eventually stood her ground.

Lan Tianjue nearly blew his top. He hated people who could see through his intentions. In his opinion, a monarch should never allow outsiders to see through their intentions. Otherwise, they would definitely get taken advantage of!

It seemed like Crown Prince Nanshan had read his mind and analyzed him carefully. Although he almost exploded, he suppressed his emotions and replied angrily, “Bring him in!”

Lan Tianjue was already sitting upright on his throne when Crown Prince Nanshan entered. The monarch looked as majestic as a mountain, so anyone who saw him inevitably felt a little subservient.

“My respects, Your Highness!” Crown Prince Nanshan bowed in an extremely deferential manner.

“Why have you come to see me?” Lan Tianjue glanced at Crown Prince Nanshan. Although his voice was mild and peaceful, it carried a scary killing intent.

As a person at the Planet 9-Grade, Crown Prince Nanshan felt slightly frightened. The power difference between him and Lan Tianjue was way too big after all. After taking a few moments to calm himself down, he finally replied, “I am here to let Your Highness vent your frustration.”

“You are pretty considerate. So tell me, how do you want me to vent my frustration?” said Lan Tianjue coldly as he glared at Crown Prince Nanshan.

“Look, your highness” said the Crown Prince as he reached into his sleeves and took out a blood-red envelope. Lan Tianjue’s face stiffened when he saw it.

It wasn’t the envelope’s material that alarmed him, but rather what the envelope itself represented. What it meant was pretty significant!

The blood-red envelope seemed to carry a sort of fear and despair. Lan Tianjue widened his eyes in astonishment when he read the contents of the envelope.

There were two words in the envelopeLuo Yunyang!

Lan Tianjue’s icily calm expression had a hint of fury as he held the envelope firmly.

“You vile person! You want to secretly add Luo Yunyang to the Blood Battle participants and make an enemy out of the Array Formation Union?” Lan Tianjue asked in a loud, majestic and powerful manner. Even though he tried to stand firmly on his feet, Crown Prince Nanshan eventually caved in and fell flat on the ground.

Although he wanted to stand up, he was just unable to.

“Your Highness, please listen to me!” Crown Prince Nanshan pleaded fearfully, as if he had been wronged.

Lan Tianjue groaned with a cold expression and said, “Do you think I am the kind of person who allows anger to cloud his judgement? Do you think I would actually destroy the Blue Rain Empire in exchange for a moment of pleasure?”

“Your Highness, I know that you are wise, brilliant and broadminded. You are a gentleman that would never engage in something like this!” Crown Prince Nanshan laughed mischievously before he added, “What if Luo Yunyang had made it into the Blood Battle list last year?”

Lan Tianjue’s expression changed and the thunderous vibe that he had been giving off earlier dissipated completely. As he picked up the list of the Blood Battle participants and glanced through it, he saw that the date imprinted on it was exactly a year ago.

This meant that when the Bloody Massacre Path had issued the order to allow the various large powers to enter participants into the Blood Battle, Luo Yunyang’s name had already been placed into the Blood Battle list.

Thus, even the Array Formation Union had no power to change anything. Array masters were powerful indeed, but they would never oppose the Bloody Massacre Path, let alone do it for a genius like Luo Yunyang.

There were many geniuses out there, so one dead genius wouldn’t make much of a difference.

“I would never have expected that you’d have prepared for this a year ago. I must say that you are a talented man indeed!”

Lan Tianjue waved his hands and the letter landed on Crown Prince Nanshan’s hands. Lan Tianjue chuckled. “I will definitely reward you for this. Let me know if there is anything you would like. I definitely will not be stingy.”

Crown Prince Nanshan’s face broke into a smile. “It is my honor to be able to serve Your Highness. How could I request any form of reward? However, if Your Highness insists on distinguishing good work and would like to reward your humble subordinate, then give me Yunxi.”

“Alright, as you wish!” Lan Tianjue said with a wave of his sleeves. Crown Prince Nanshan was led gently out of the palace hall.

Yunxi and Luo Yunyang were sitting inside the magnificent Yun Residence under the setting sun, facing each other.

It was a lovely dinner with a wonderful atmosphere. They were enjoying some wine, the beautiful glowing sunset and the warm atmosphere. Both of them were eating extremely naturally without saying a word.

“Drink!” Yunxi picked up the wine glass and placed it before Luo Yunyang’s mouth. This was her. She did not show much feeling, but she was very true and open. Luo Yunyang had no choice but to take the glass from her and take a sip. As the wine entered his mouth, he could tell that it wasn’t ordinary. He immediately felt its warmth course through his veins.

Yunxi’s lovely eyes seemed to shimmer under the candlelight, while Luo Yunyang could feel his heart race like a wild horse.

Yunxi’s face was slightly flushed from the alcohol as she smiled and said, “This wine has been kept and preserved for 300 years. There are less than 1,000 bottles of it in the whole Blue Rain Empire.”

Actually, Luo Yunyang could feel his Mind Attribute increase under the influence of this fine wine.

“Thank you. Your appearance this time has helped the Yun Family avert danger and ensure its safety!” said Yunxi.

Luo Yunyang broke into a faint smile as he replied, “What would you think if I said that I was just doing this to get 100,000 blue rain dollars from your brother?”

Yunxi, who was wearing a long dress, smiled silently. Her long dress made her look even gentler and more sweet-tempered.

“Do you know what would happen if the families of the other four kings and 12 dukes heard your question?”

Luo Yunyang rubbed his nose unconsciously and snickered. He was no fool, so he could easily imagine those people’s expressions.

“Although Although it may seem like we have passed this crisis, as long as my father does not become his usual self again, the Yun Family will still be in danger.”

Then, Yunxi said sternly, “You may have joined the Array Formation Union and gained everyone’s respect, but you must know that you are only protected for now. This arrangement will not protect you forever. A dead genius is no longer a genius!”

Luo Yunyang nodded his head faintly. The vast cosmic universe did not lack geniuses and talented people. The living were still geniuses, but the dead merely became dust.

Yunxi wanted to keep speaking. However, she was interrupted by a middle-aged man who ran over hastily. The man appeared furious.

“What is the matter, Ninth Uncle?” asked Yunxi softly as she glanced over at the middle-aged man.

“Lady Yunxi, the palace has disclosed the Blood Battle name list. On the list is Young Master Luo’s name!” said the man.

Yunxi got up from her seat hastily. Her were eyes full of confusion as she asked, “Did you maybe make a mistake? How is it even possible for Young Master Luo to be on that list? Even though the Bloody Massacre Path have been overbearing throughout this, they wouldn’t allow Young Master Luo to enter the Blood Battle without going through the Array Formation Union!”

Yunxi calmed down a little before she said, “If Lan Tianjue really goes through with this, then he will definitely be making a grave mistake. The Array Formation Union will not let him off. Even the Bloody Massacre Path will have a bone to pick with him!”

The Ninth Uncle rubbed his hands and said, “Lady Yunxi, if we think this way, how could His Highness not understand this reasoning? He would definitely not undertake such an arduous, thankless task. I heard that Young Master Luo’s name was actually on the list as early as a year ago.”

Yunxi’s body shook momentarily so much that she nearly lost her balance and fell. “Ninth Uncle, you What did you just say?” she asked in a quavering voice.

The man said nothing, yet his silence spoke volumes.

“Leave now, Yunyang! Don’t even stop for a moment!” Yunxi said, turning to Luo Yunyang. “Go incognito and run to an uninhabited planet. Leave right away”

Yunxi was unable to keep talking. Her eyes had already started to well up with tears. Although she was usually strong, she was unable to control herself right now. She instantly went limp.

“Are we not able to change the list?” Although Luo Yunyang did not have a good feeling about this, he knew in his heart that he had to remain calm and composed at this crucial moment.

“Yes, the Bloody Massacre Path has great influence and countless galaxies. The Blue Rain Empire is like an ant compared to it. It’s really small and insignificant. In the past, the ruler of the Blue Rain Empire was not the Lan Family. However, that ruler objected to the list, so his family was obliterated.”

The Ninth Uncle kept speaking in a grave manner. “A planet was completely erased from the void.”

Although the Ninth Uncle had only said a few words, anyone who heard him got scared.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang felt waves of mind power continuously sweeping all around him.

This wasn’t an ordinary mind power!