Supreme Uprising Chapter 374

Chapter 374 The World Isn't Fair

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The wave of mind power prevented Luo Yunyang from escaping.

Although he was enraged for a bit, he eventually calmed down. Impulse was the devil. A truly strong powerhouse should have full control over their own emotions.

A year ago!

This had to be during the time when he and the others had just come out of the Jade Ridge Star Lord’s mystic realm. At the time, it had been obvious who would place their name onto the Bloody Massacre List.

The person who did this hadn’t even had the slightest qualm. Perhaps one could even say that the person in question hadn’t thought much of Luo Yunyang.

“Tell me about the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, Yunxi.” Luo Yunyang calmed down and began to think about countermeasures.

Yunxi, who had just lost her cool, was slowly calming down as well. She was no ordinary person either. She had just lost her head out of concern.

“Sometimes, I feel like I am a mayfly!” she said helplessly.

Although her answer was evasive, Luo Yunyang understood.

“This expanse of space is vast!” Yunxi added, “The Blue Rain Empire is only a small power in comparison. The Bloody Massacre Path is one of the top five ranking powers in this realm, so even the Blue Rain Empire would offer half its wealth to the Bloody Massacre Path in exchange for peace and stability every year.”

Half of the Blue Rain Empire’s annual revenue was a lot of money. One could imagine how tyrannical the Bloody Massacre Path was to make the Blue Rain Empire offer up half of it.

“It’s said that the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena is the place where the Bloody Massacre Path trains its subordinates,” Yunxi said quietly. “The Bloody Massacre Path emphasizes on massacre and slaughter till eternity. Therefore, every training stage is full of killing.”

“Every 100 years, the Bloody Massacre Path holds an event at the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena. They ask all the powers in their realm to provide Planet-Grade martialists and place them on a planet so they can have a battle royale of a massacre!”

“Actually, they do this to provide their disciples with training material!”

Yunxi eyes flashed as she said, “I heard that during every test, the Bloody Massacre Path will intentionally leave a precious treasure in the arena which will lead to bloodlust when all the disciples frantically try to obtain it. Hence, the number of disciples who successfully return alive is usually less than 10%.”

Yunxi took a deep breath. “The survival rate of the Planet-Grade martialists offered up as training fodder is even smaller. It’s usually less than 1%.”

“In accordance with the rules of the Bloody Massacre Path, if a martialist is able to kill a Bloody Massacre Path disciple and obtain the precious treasure, they can then replace the disciple in the Bloody Massacre Path and get groomed instead.”

“However, during the past thousands of years, no one has been able to achieve such a feat during this gruesome battle!”

As Luo Yunyang listened quietly, his mind calmed down. Thanks to Yunxi’s explanation, he realized that this didn’t mean certain death. However, surviving through this entire ordeal would be at least 10 or 100 times more difficult than ever before.

This would be an eternal massacre!

“I will definitely come back.” Luo Yunyang glanced at Yunxi with a determined gaze. Although he was in the Blue Rain Empire, he was thinking of his family in the Da Alliance

Even though no one in the Da Alliance would dare make things difficult for his family, the Blue Rain Empire was different. Crown Prince Nanshan and the others had thrown him into a death camp without any qualms.

“When I leave, I will only ask you to take care of my family!”

Tears gathered in Yunxi’s beautiful eyes as she gazed at Luo Yunyang with deep affection. “I can’t give you any other guarantees. I just want to tell you that, as long I am here, everyone will remain unscathed!”

The Ninth Uncle had left quietly. In his opinion, Luo Yunyang was already a dead man walking, so it was better to give him some alone time.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes met Yunxi’s. “According to what you just said, considering that I’m already destined to enter the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, can’t I basically do whatever I want during the few days that I’m here?”

“Wrong, you don’t have a few days. You only have one day left!” Yunxi gazed at Luo Yunyang as she whispered, “You are listed on the Bloody Massacre List, so even if you do something malicious, no one will hurt you.”

As she said that, her face blushed. She suddenly realized that ever since she had met Luo Yunyang, she had been hoping that she would not lose him to this endless fighting and scheming. She did not want to lose her will and resolution to the poison of endless desire. She just wanted to live a simple life with this man who made her feel at ease. Maybe the happiness that she yearned for was attainable by doing just that.

Yunxi needed to tell Luo Yunyang about her feelings. Otherwise, she might not get another opportunity. In that case, she would be doomed to live in despair and frustration for the rest of her life.

As she thought of this, she said tenderly, “Yunyang, if you want”

Unfortunately, that annoying guy did not respond. Although it was unclear whether he was avoiding her question intentionally, he merely said in a serious manner, “I want to know the whereabouts of Crown Prince Nanshan.”

Yunxi’s face stiffened instantly. How could this guy be so callous, daft and ignorant? She rolled her eyes with a snort. “How do you know that Crown Prince Nanshan is behind this?”

“I have a hunch,” Luo Yunyang said earnestly.

“What if your hunch is wrong?” Yunxi asked wildly.

Luo Yunyang looked at her as he answered earnestly, “Then he will be very unlucky!”

Yunxi could feel the anger in Luo Yunyang’s heart as his words resonated with confidence.

She took a deep breath. “Wait a bit. I will bring you the information you need in about half an hour.”

Although Yunxi said it would take half an hour, all the information about Crown Prince Nanshan was soon sent over.

The Yun Family was still unstable, but a skinny camel was always larger than a horse. Obtaining such information was still pretty easy for an established family.

One only had to enter the palace, request an audience with Lan Tianjue, and

As he looked at the collected information, Luo Yunyang made some quick mental calculations. What was originally an intuition instantly became 90% certainty.

It was Crown Prince Nanshan who had sent him into the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena. He had planned this one year ago.

Luo Yunyang looked up at the sky as he stepped out of the Yun Residence. He didn’t feel depressed. On the contrary, he felt refreshed and relaxed.

He had always been very careful ever since meeting Yunxi and arriving at the Blue Rain Empire. Although Luo Yunyang did not delve into his reasons for being this cautious, he knew that it had to do with reverence.

He felt reverence towards the huge power of the Blue Rain Empire.

However, the appearance of the Bloody Massacre List had made this reverence disappear completely. Luo Yunyang now felt like he was truly living.

The street was 10 miles long. Luo Yunyang walked slowly with the God Slayer in his hand.

On the other end of the street, Crown Prince Nanshan was surrounded by dozens of subordinates.

Those people’s cultivation wasn’t very weak. There was actually even someone who had reached the peak of the Star-Grade.

With such strength, one could land a very good position in the Blue Rain Empire. However, this man was only a mere servant of Crown Prince Nanshan.

“You must have profited a lot this time, Crown Prince. Not only does that unlucky guy have no chance of turning things around, but you also left a good impression on His Majesty,” a subordinate told Crown Prince Nanshan with a smile. “I am sure that within 10 years, your position as duke will surely rise to the next level.”

Crown Prince Nanshan didn’t take this kind of flattery too seriously, but these words were still pretty nice to hear, even if he did not believe them.

So what if that young man was an astonishingly talented array formation genius? In the end, he still couldn’t escape being squashed like a bug!

Lots of tyrannical beings gathered at the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena. Even though that scrub was talented in array formation, his chances of surviving were slim.

“Alright, enough with the boot-licking. Keep all of your mouths shut. Don’t blame me for not being merciful if anything happens.” Crown Prince Nanshan smiled as he raised his hand and gave that subordinate a knock on the head.

The subordinate quickly nodded in agreement, secretly praising his clever tongue for making his master happy again.

“Tell me, what would a person most want to do if he knew that he only had one day to live?” Crown Prince Nanshan suddenly asked the subordinates around him.

The all knew why their master had asked this. Although their answers varied, their goal was the same. They just wanted to please their young master.

Crown Prince Nanshan’s brows furrowed as the subordinates kept sucking up to him. Although he didn’t dislike this kind of atmosphere, he suddenly felt like he had forgotten something.

As this thought popped into his mind, he felt an enormous murderous intent coming straight towards him from a distance.

The murderous intent was like an incisive sword aimed straight at his heart!

A demi-human wished to kill him? Crown Prince Nanshan found it hilariously ridiculous that an inferior race was attempting to murder him. However, in an instant, that feeling turned to fear.

“He wants to kill me! Kill him!” Crown Prince Nanshan pointed at Luo Yunyang as he bellowed. Right after he yelled, he seemed to suddenly have thought of something. Thus, he changed his mind and said, “No, I want him alive!”

The subordinates following Crown Prince Nanshan reacted swiftly by fleeing at the same time and zooming towards Luo Yunyang.

This was a good opportunity for them to gain some merit. After all, they had the numbers. Luo Yunyang had gone there alone.

Luo Yunyang did not move when he saw the martialists charging towards him. It seemed like he had been startled by the disposition of this force.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rumbling waters appeared from the void, devouring over a dozen of the peak Star-Grade martialists who had rushed over at Luo Yunyang.

Although the water waves dissipated instantly, Crown Prince Nanshan was still able to deduce that this was a Water Origin Formation. This formation wasn’t strong enough to kill his subordinates, but it was able to trap them for a few minutes.

The subordinates not trapped by the Water Origin Formation retreated quickly behind Crown Prince Nanshan. They thought that they ought to be more cautious for now.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang finally made his first move!