Supreme Uprising Chapter 376

Chapter 376 A Big Name On The Bloody Massacre List

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The success rate of an assassination attempt between two similar-level martialists in the Imperial Capital was unknown.

However, the success rate of an assassination attempt on a similar-level martialist protected by his group of peak Star-Grade subordinates was practically zero.

The Ninth Uncle of the Yun Family followed Luo Yunyang when he left. He wasn’t trying to assist him in the assassination, but rather to clean up his mess after the Imperial Guard arrived.

When he saw Luo Yunyang’s God Slayer surge towards Crown Prince Nanshan, his face turned unsightly.

The Ninth Uncle’s cultivation base had broken through to the Star-Grade level, so he could be considered a core member of the Yun Family. However, before Luo Yunyang’s spear, his heart couldn’t help skipping a beat and trembling in fear.

That spear was actually able to threaten him!

The spear and the mist collided in the void, creating an explosion that released an enormous amount of energy. However, just as the energy spread outwards and was about to destroy everything around it, rows of talisman seals appeared.

The talisman seals filled every part of the space in the entire Imperial Capital. As the explosion energy came into contact with the talisman seals, it was quickly absorbed by them.

The capital of the Blue Rain Empire had gotten top-notch array masters to set up a protective array formation during the construction of the city. Thus, an ordinary Planet-Grade impact wouldn’t even leave a scratch on the protective arrays.

However, Star-Grade powers could make these protective seals surface.

Hence, the clash between Luo Yunyang and Crown Prince Nanshan had reached the Star-Grade level.

As the dust settled and the explosion energy was absorbed, the street where the fight had occurred reappeared in view. Luo Yunyang was still standing like nothing had changed, while Crown Prince Nanshan was only left with a head

Indeed, only his head remained! His body was nowhere to be found, although the golden mist from the crushed talisman seal was still protecting him from mortal danger.

Unable to control himself, he was currently fuming with anger.

“DAMN YOU, Luo Yunyang! You ought to be torn into pieces! I’ll kill you!” Crown Prince Nanshan was exasperated. His bloodshot eyes gave off a vibe of extreme insanity.

Even though he knew that he wouldn’t die, the destruction of his physical body signified that he had wasted many years of cultivation.

Although his family had the treasure necessary to regenerate his body, it would still be very hard for him to return to his original condition.

Perhaps Crown Prince Nanshan would no longer be able to advance to the Star-Grade.

A Crown Prince that lacked the potential to reach the Star-Grade had no chance of inheriting the family throne.

The ambitious Crown Prince Nanshan found this worse than getting killed, as he knew that his future in his family would entail endless suffering.

“Imperial Guard! Kill him! Kill him!” Crown Prince Nanshan’s bloodshot eyes were on the verge of bulging out as he pointed at Luo Yunyang and screamed.

The Imperial Guard was a suave middle-aged man whose gaze swept past Crown Prince Nanshan and landed on Luo Yunyang.

This exceptional young man had surprised the Imperial Guard on many levels.

Although Crown Prince Nanshan’s Spiritual Protection Mist had some flaws, it didn’t seem penetrable by such a young martialist.

This person had great potential, yet was unfortunate enough to have an opponent like Crown Prince Nanshan.

“Do you want to take your own life, or will you let me do it?” the middle-aged man said calmly as he glanced at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang could sense a form of pressure emanating from the man’s body. It was a kind of pulverizing pressure that suffocated everyone around him. It took Luo Yunyang a while to settle down and reply with a smile, “I’ll be heading to the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena tomorrow! My name is listed on the Bloody Massacre List!”

The middle-aged man’s expression changed. He glanced at the nonchalant and calm Luo Yunyang before nodding coldly in response. “You may leave.”

Crown Prince Nanshan nearly exploded with rage right there and then. “He assaulted me and and almost killed me! How can you simply let him go?” he exclaimed. “Do you know who the f*ck I am? Do you know what the f*ck you are doing? If you piss me off, I’ll report you to His Majesty!” Crown Prince Nanshan was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Meanwhile, the space around them warped and the people trapped by the water origin array formation were ejected from its grasp in succession.

The subordinates stared at the golden aura that protected Crown Prince Nanshan in disbelief. Crown Prince Nanshan had been acting cocky moments ago, yet he was only left with a head now.

In the meantime, the people serving as his attendants screamed.

“Capture him! Don’t let him escape!” a loyal subordinate of Crown Prince Nanshan shrieked.

The group of subordinates that were drowning in fear were ready to retaliate. However, before they could take action, the Imperial Guard snorted gently and sent a wave of Star-Grade aura towards them.

“Sir, Luo Yunyang assassinated our young master! We” The attendants didn’t dare resist the Imperial Guard, so they could only explain fearfully.

“Your young master is still alive. This matter ends here,” The Imperial Guard said as his eyes swept across Crown Prince Nanshan’s subordinates. “If he kills you, so be it. But if you kill him, get ready to die along with your entire families. If any of your names were on the Bloody Massacre List, then you’d enjoy the same privilege he does,” the Imperial Guard said coldly.

His words jolted the subordinates, who suddenly realized that Luo Yunyang was already on the Bloody Massacre List.

Who would dare cheat and defy the rules when this matter was related to the Bloody Massacre Path?

“Kill him! Kill him, you fools! I will bear the consequences! Just kill him!” Crown Prince Nanshan was relentless. However, his subordinates stood like blocks of wood, afraid to take any action.

Meanwhile, several shadows swooped in. Their leader seemed to be an old lady in her sixties. When she saw the surviving remnants of Crown Prince Nanshan, she shouted angrily, “Who hurt the Crown Prince? I’ll tear them to pieces!”

Her gaze fell on Luo Yunyang. With a wave of her hand, a bloody glow started to converge in her palm.

“His name is on the Bloody Massacre List, Granny Jin.” The Imperial Guard stopped the old lady when he saw that she was about to take matters into her own hands.

The blood energy was on the verge of being released, yet after hearing what the Imperial Guard said, the lady could only glare at Luo Yunyang helplessly, her eyes brimming with hatred.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path didn’t care who registered on the Bloody Massacre List, once the name was confirmed, there would be no substitution.

“How do you know that he is on the Bloody Massacre List?” The old lady knew that this was very likely true. She had only asked because she wanted a way out of this embarrassing situation.

The Imperial Guard was not afraid of her, as they were nearly equal in terms of strength. Thus, he said with a chuckle, “The entire thing was orchestrated by the Crown Prince. He should be able to explain everything clearly.”

When Granny Jin gazed at Crown Prince Nanshan’s remaining head, she came to a realization. “He is already a dead man, Nanshan. Why bother getting tangled up with him? If you wanted to vent your anger, we have plenty of methods to do so!”

With a wave of her hands, Crown Prince Nanshan’s head, which had been floating in the golden light, flew into her hands. She immediately left with it without saying anything else.

As the Imperial Guard watched the Nan Family leave, he shook his head faintly. He stayed on, standing at a corner not far from Luo Yunyang before shutting his eyes.

It was quite evident that he had to keep a close eye on Luo Yunyang.

As he gripped the God-Slayer tightly, Luo Yunyang felt some regret for not being able to successfully kill Crown Prince Nanshan.

As long as Crown Prince Nanshan was alive, he would hide in the shadows like a venomous snake. If he failed to return from the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena alive, then his family would

Luo Yunyang didn’t dare think ahead. Although Yunxi had promised to watch over his family, the Yun Family was still in a very bad position. How could he be at ease when the Yun Family was already struggling to keep itself from falling apart?

As he gripped the God Slayer tightly, Luo Yunyang felt that he needed power more than ever.

“I. Must. Not. Die!” These four words resonated in his heart. He had too many things to worry about, so he could not afford to die in that damned arena.

The Imperial Guard, whose eyes were shut, took a small peek. His cultivation base had reached the Star-Grade level, so his mind power was different from that of an average person.

He could sense what Luo Yunyang was thinking, as he had seen plenty of passionate young men like him.

However, was entering the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena and returning alive really that simple?

Luo Yunyang, who was immersed in his resolute thoughts of craving power, took no notice of the Imperial Guard.

What determined one’s fate was power! He had thought that he possessed this sort of power when he had defeated the Martial God. However, he now realized that he was still lacking it.

Luo Yunyang was able to connect to his home in the Da Alliance by using the Blue Rain Empire communication device. He did not make a call. Instead, he sent a message.

“Will train in seclusion for some time. Wait for my return!”

Luo Yunyang had just sent the message, when he saw something form in the sky. It was a figure and a face.

The figure looked like a divine entity. As it appeared, its surroundings seemed to freeze. Even the Imperial Guard went down on his knees to pay his respects.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the translucent figure and face. Its eyes were glowing bright and intense. However, when its gaze swept past him, it vanished into the void.

Although this figure didn’t say anything, Luo Yunyang knew who it was.

It was the Blue Rain Empire’s emperorLan Tianjue!