Supreme Uprising Chapter 377

Chapter 377 The Fundamental Planetary Source

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As many people in the Imperial Capital of the Blue Rain Empire watched, a thousand-meter-long ship shaped like a blood-red ax landed slowly.

Luo Yunyang was quite a distance away from the warship, yet he could already feel the desolate somberness of the huge ship.

Although there were no introductions, he knew very well that this warship had probably been sent by the Bloody Massacre Path.

The martialists standing beside Luo Yunyang had mostly Planet 9-Grade cultivation bases. However, there was still overwhelming fear in their eyes.

Are these the people coming to the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena? A faint, emotionless voice echoed from the blood-red warship.

Yes, Lord Envoy! Lan Tianjue said. He was dressed in his imperial robes and crown and he treated the envoy with respect.

Rays of light were emitted from the huge warship as Luo Yunyang disappeared along with the rest of the people enveloped by the lights.

Identity verification is completed. Four Planet-Grade martialists, three Planet 9-Grade martialists and one Planet 8-Grade martialist! a mechanical voice was heard saying from the huge warship.

Four beams of light descended from the blood-red warship after the voice spoke. In an instant, Luo Yunyang felt his body get pulled by a mysterious force as he flew towards the ship.

In mid-air, he was able to see his surroundings much clearer. He saw Yunxi standing behind the crowd. Her face was full of tear stains, most likely because she had been and was still crying. Meanwhile, she was staring at him affectionately. Her flowing tears seemed to have melted the giant block of ice frozen solid in the depths of Luo Yunyangs heart.

Luo Yunyang felt a little regretful. Before leaving, he should have taken this lovable, sweet girl in his arms and comforted her. Maybe if he had, her inner fears and anxiety would have lessened greatly. Unfortunately, he hadnt done so.

He couldnt figure out what kind of feelings he had for Yunxi, but he knew that he should be straightforward with her if he didnt love her. There was no need to avoid her or shirk away. However, whenever Luo Yunyang faced Yunxi, he always felt kind of panicked and helpless.

He couldnt bear to look at her again. Hence, he shifted his gaze away and onto Yuan Geng, Zheng Feng and a few other familiar faces.

Ultimately, his gaze landed on Lan Tianjue at exactly the same time that Lan Tianjue looked at him.

Luo Yunyang saw a smile on his face. Although that smile had not been meant for him, it made him feel very uncomfortable.

It was the kind of smile that could affect the masses. It was a smile that could tear rivers and bring down mountains with a gentle wave of ones palms.

When the rays of light were at their peak, Luo Yunyang realized that the people below were getting visually fuzzy. He waved at Yunxi, the girl who had seemingly fallen in love with him.

Although his actions were subtle, he believed that the smart Yunxi would definitely understand his intention.

He would return at any cost!

When the light rays disappeared, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was in a warship cabin that was only two meters wide. The cabin seemed to have no door, and there was only one cushion made from an unknown material.

There was no sound or further arrangements, so the deafening silence felt like a cage.

Luo Yunyang used his mind power to probe his surroundings. However, when his mind power reached the end of the room, he discovered a problem.

His mind power could only operate within this space. A powerful force resisted him when his mind power tried to pass through the room.

Nothing could be seen outside, and his mind power couldnt exit either. Thus, Luo Yunyang immediately quelled the thought of probing around.

Instead, he sat down in a lotus position on the cushion and began to cultivate the basic fundamentals of the Godly Lotus Secret Seal while quietly training his mind power.

Thanks to the financial support Yunxi had provided, Luo Yunyang had bought a lot of mind power supplements. There had been no ideal time to take them before, but this was the right moment.

As vials of supplements entered Luo Yunyangs body, the sesame-seed-sized lotuses quickly became larger. Eventually, each of them grew to the size of the first lotus seal.

As he supplemented and replenished his mind power, Luo Yunyang constantly paid attention to the passage of time. Although he couldnt see the sun and the moon from inside the cabin, based on his senses, he estimated that three months had passed.

Power: 1,113 (Fire: 998, Ice: 12, Wood: 9)

Speed: 9

Mind: 2,100 (Fire: 29, Array Formation Intent: 1)

Constitution: 214 (Dragon Bloodline: 15, Golden Body: 13, Fire: 153, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 2,134 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 49, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Ice Fire: 7.6, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

As the last vial of medical supplements was used, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator and was pleasantly surprised by the numbers of his Mind Attribute.

After all, the greater his strength was, the greater his chances of returning alive from the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena would be.

However, Luo Yunyang also felt kind of unfortunate. According to his calculations, the supplements Yunxi had given him should be able to push his Godly Lotus Secret Seal all the way to peak Planet-Grade, which meant that he could form 1,000 lotus seals.

Unfortunately, as he kept using the supplements to boost his stats, he discovered that their effect was diminishing. This large amount of supplements could ultimately only form 300 lotus seals.

Attention, attention! The sound of the machine suddenly echoed in everyones ears. Upon hearing the sound, Luo Yunyang quickly settled down and calmed his mind.

This was the first time in three months that the warship had made any announcements.

In five minutes, you will land on the Chongyuan Star. Each of you will get a source crystal. In five years, only 100 people will be getting off the Chongyuan Star.

Five years? 100 people?

Luo Yunyang recalled Yunxi mentioning before that, during every Bloody Massacre Killing Arena, there were at least 100,000 Planet-Grade martialists, not including the 3,000 elites from the Bloody Massacre Path.

Considering that there were that many people, how could only 100 emerge as survivors?

The hardships ahead were unimaginable.

One last piece of advice. Dont trust anyone. Good luck to you all! The mechanical voice resonated once again.

When the last word was said, Luo Yunyang felt like the weight of his body had suddenly disappeared. He was subsequently ejected from the warship and plummeted down.

A whistling wind rushed past Luo Yunyang as he was surrounded by countless figures that were also free-falling around him.

Meanwhile, several old men in blood-red robes on the deck of the warship were forming hand seals. Every single one of them possessed overwhelming abilities.

A vast power quickly gathered in the elders palms as they formed these hand seals. When the last seal was formed, the void began to twist and distort.

A blazing red light gushed forth from the void. Although the elders were desperately controlling that power, everyone couldnt help but stumble a few steps back the moment the red light descended.

Some of the elders even trembled in shock.

In the end, the red light began to dissipate and a crystal about the size of a plate appeared in front of everyone.

Although there were no patterns on the crystal, all the elders ogled at it as if they had seen the most beautiful thing in the word.

The Fundamental Planetary Source is so beautiful! An old man with wrinkles on his face enthused as he stared at the huge crystal.

Even though the other elders did not speak, their eyes also glowed with fascination.

Unfortunately, we cant use it. If I received the Fundamental Planetary Source at the peak Planet-Grade, I wouldnt have to be stuck at this cultivation stage! an old man exclaimed somewhat irritably as he looked down.

His lamentations caused a strong resonance among several of his companions, who stared at the Fundamental Planetary Source as if they were each lost in a world of their own.

I dont understand. Why does the Great Ancestor want to separate the Fundamental Planetary Source? Wouldnt it be better to let everyone fight it out and reward the last man standing with it? Wouldnt this be better for future accomplishments?

An elder expressed his dissatisfaction, or rather his suggestion. His words were met with silence by everyone around him.

The leader of this group of elders sighed. Its not like the Great Ancestor didnt give them any opportunities. If they gather all the Fundamental Planetary Source fragments, their foundation will naturally become incomparably solid.

As he spoke, the eyes of the elder leader showed signs of respect. Back in the day, the Fifth Ancestor, the Seventh Ancestor

Alright, lets not talk about all this useless stuff! another elder standing beside the leader said. His face had a deep, visibly ancient scar that made him appear a little sinister. Now, lets work together to break the Fundamental Planetary Source into 100,000 fragments and distribute it to those kids.

A couple of the elders nodded their heads. Although they could talk and discuss this all day, they knew clearly that they had no power to make decisions. Hence, it was better to carry on with the assigned task rather than gossip about it.

The elders made their move at practically the same time. Their palms were laden with a might that could split heaven and earth. However, when their collective strength landed on the Fundamental Planetary Source, they realized that nothing had happened.

There was not even a crack!

How is this possible? How can we be unable to break the Fundamental Planetary Source? The elders were shocked.

Although the Fundamental Planetary Source was important, they had already hosted dozens of Bloody Massacre Killing Arenas and broken countless Fundamental Planetary Sources.

Each Fundamental Planetary Source had broken into pieces without much resistance by using the same strength. However, this Fundamental Planetary Source did not so much as crack.

This is a Fundamental Planetary Source taken by the Great Ancestor from a galaxy about to be born. Therefore, it is different from the other Fundamental Planetary Sources, said the leader of the group. The Great Ancestor has already shared with me a method to break it. You lot were just too anxious.

The incomparably beautiful Fundamental Planetary Source was broken into fragments by the combined forces of the elders before flying towards Luo Yunyang and the other participants.

Luo Yunyang could see the existence of the Planetary Source Core. However, just as he was ready to capture the fragments, he noticed that a diamond-like fragment had silently immersed itself into his body.

He simply didnt have any time to resist!

Boom! Luo Yunyang had just landed, when a blade-light came flying crazily towards him, giving him no time to react.