Supreme Uprising Chapter 379

Chapter 379 The Crazy Person With The Blade

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There was a gathering on the mountains.

Hundreds of people, nimble as cats, converged towards a mountain peak. Every single one of them looked vicious.

In the middle of the group was a young man who appeared to be in his twenties. Compared to the fierce-looking subordinates, he seemed elegant, calm and confident. All his subordinates used swords or blades as their weapons, but he was holding onto a fan instead.

The fan looked more decorative than practical.

“Third Prince, we have now surrounded the Ring-Shaped Mountain. Even if that crazy person sprouts wings, he will not escape our grasp!” said a loyal subject with a cold, sinister smile.

The Third Prince put on a stern expression and chuckled. “We have to force this crazy person to surrender this time, Old Ming. He is really an exceptionally strong individual. He killed Heitian and his team single-handedly! This is exactly the kind of people we need. You must know that time is running out!”

The Third Prince’s expression became icy as he cursed to himself. “Father, mother, big brother, second brother Just wait till I become a Bloody Massacre Path disciple. We will see whether you will still laugh at me then. Ha ha ha!”

The man known as Old Ming bowed deeply. As a clever subordinate, he had to be mindful of his replies, especially when it came to the master’s thoughts and intentions. Understanding his master’s thoughts was fine, but he could not criticize them rashly. If his master got angry, the consequences would be dire.

When he was finished, the Third Prince’s gaze fell on the Ring-Shaped Mountain.

A man was currently standing quietly on the mountain peak.

The man, who wasn’t very tall, would probably be described as a young man in terms of appearance.

However, this young man was the most infamous killer of this area the Crazy Person!

No one knew his real name, or why he was called the Crazy Person. However, his name had swept through this region during the past month like a sudden gust of wind.

“You are the Crazy Person!” When all his subordinates were in place, the Third Prince strolled over leisurely.

The Crazy Person didn’t react. It was as if he hadn’t seen the Third Prince at all. The Third Prince did not get angry. Instead, he said with a faint smile, “You must be very talented to be able to reach the Planet 9-Grade this easily! ”

“You must have your own story about being thrown here as prey. I know that neither you nor I want to be a stepping stone for the others, so why don’t we become allies instead? Let’s slaughter the Bloody Massacre Path disciples and become one of the final 100 survivors that will walk out of here for a brand new start!”

“There is only one thing we can do right now, and that is stay united. As long as we are united, we will”

As the Third Prince kept up his persuading propaganda, the young man interrupted him unceremoniously. “We’ll realize your dreams, right?”

The Third Prince’s face darkened before it quickly returned to normal. “You’ve misunderstood me! This is not about realizing my dreams, but all our dreams. During the process of realizing our dreams, many people will die. However, the probability of us dying is the same.”

As soon as he said that, his expression changed and he added, “I hope you will join us!”

“What if I don’t?” The young man known as the Crazy Person looked nonchalant.

The Third Prince did not speak. Meanwhile, a tall man nearby stood up. “I am the Giant Bear Barlow. I make meals out of the enemies who oppose me.”

Just as Barlow finished his words, a two-meter tall man in black attire spoke up. “I am Shadow!”

“Everyone calls me the Emissary. The Death Emissary!” a voice echoed. The location of the speaker could not be seen clearly.

The other people that were part of the encirclement were roused upon hearing these three speak. They all gazed at the trio with eyes brimming with admiration and fear.

They naturally admired their strength and feared that they would become the targets of these three one day.

“Come at me then!” the young man known as the Crazy Person said as he fled.

The Third Prince sneered and flicked his fingers gently. The order had already been issued. It was a rather obvious order to bring him back, dead or alive!

Dozens of his subordinates swamped towards the madman the moment the order was given. However, in the blink of an eye, the Third Prince realized that the madman had dashed towards him and was just 100 meters away.

This was too fast!

The deeply talented Third Prince led many people, and his cultivation base wasn’t weak either.

However, he suddenly saw Barlow’s hammer, Shadow’s pike and the moonlight wheel of the Death Emissary at the same time.

His three most powerful subordinates didn’t disappoint him. They all coordinated perfectly to kill the Crazy Person.

If it had not been for the gravity suppression on this star, that giant golden hammer would have coiled with thunder and destroyed a small planet.

Even though the Third Prince still had some doubts about Shadow deep down, Shadow was equally fast.

The Death Emissary’s moonlight wheel whizzed through the air like it couldn’t be evaded.

However, as these combined attacks were about to land, a blade-light flashed and the cornered Crazy Person vanished.

The Third Prince suddenly had a bad feeling. The vigilance he had developed over the years made him turn his back and leave without the slightest bit of hesitation.

However, it was already too late.

When he turned around, the Crazy Person already stood before him. Although his clothes were still the same, there was blood on his face this time.

This was the blood of the others!

“You killed the three of them?” the Third Prince said incredulously. “You How can you use True Intent here? True Intent has already been suppressed by the gravitational force! How can you”

The Third Prince had not even finished his sentence when the blade slashed towards him. He had no time to raise his heavily-ornamented fan to parry. He was instantly sliced into two.

The Third Prince was dead!

Hundreds of people started scattering in all directions frantically. This turn of events was really unexpected. The more surprised they all were, the faster they scrambled away.

The young man known as the Crazy Person did not move. He stood quietly on the spot where the Third Prince had been cut down, as though he didn’t have any intention of slaughtering those low-ranking losers.

Many people were relieved. However, before they could calm down, four rings of light swept out.

Wherever the rings went, heads fell before people even had any time to react.

Countless glowing lights rushed towards the Crazy Person from all directions like fireflies. In an instant, the Crazy Person was enveloped by lights.

When all these lights dissipated, the Crazy Person collected the Third Prince’s and everyone else’s possessions. He took special care while picking up the belongings of the Third Prince and the other so-called big shots.

In the blink of an eye, more than 20 interspatial rings were in the Crazy Person’s possession. Besides those rings, there were also some precious medicinal herbs and treasures.

The Crazy Person was extremely satisfied. This was the largest batch of loot during his time on this planet.

His body turned into a breeze as he left the killing field quickly. Although he was confident about dealing with any reinforcements that came, the many days of killing had made him cautious.

He had encountered too many dangers during these past two months.

Once, he had been a little too soft-hearted and had almost been poisoned to death. Another time, he had clearly landed a killing blow on the vital region of an adversary during a bloodbath, but the other party had had a secret technique up his sleeves. Then, there was

Nearly every dangerous situation had brought him very close to meeting his death. Each kill had also helped him make plenty of progress.

This improvement was not only related to mystic arts, but to other aspects as well.

Secret techniques, cultivation techniques, spirit pills

As soon as he returned to his hiding spot, the Crazy Person quickly sorted out his spoils of war. Although he had yet to encounter any overwhelming opponents, there had to be some overwhelming powerhouses among those 100,000 people.

Plus, based on the words of the Third Prince and the others, he had learned that some of these people had entered Chongyuan Star out of their own free will.

These volunteers were all fighting for an opportunity!

Hmm, a book The Crazy Person, who was also known as Luo Yunyang, had a solemn look on his face as he noticed the book. He immediately flipped it open with a wave of delight.

It was the diary of the Third Prince. Not everything that was recorded in there was important to Luo Yunyang. He really valued only a portion of its contents.

The Fundamental Planetary Source had been extracted from a planet yet to be formed. Using the Fundamental Planetary Source to break through to the Star-Grade Realm would result in a core sturdier and more solid than using any other precious, divine treasures.

The more Fundamental Planetary Sources collected, the more robust and reliable the foundation would be and the greater the future accomplishments would also be

Luo Yunyang’s expression stiffened and his fists clenched with determination as he perused the diary.

In the command center of the huge blood-red warship inside the void, a few old people were quietly watching the situation below.

“Elder Qieke, it seems like there is quite a number of good seedlings among the people here. Maybe someone will become one of our 100 disciples!” said a young man in blood-red robes.

“Bloody Knife, Giant Axe, Broken Sword!” After saying these three names, the old man mumbled, “That Crazy Person could also be considered one! He’s not shabby, but he still has a long way to go before he can compare to the top elites we have groomed. Only their fate will determine if they are meant to become disciples of the Bloody Massacre Path!” Then, Elder Qieke added, “It is almost time. Let the children out!”

At his command, 3,000 eager and bloodthirsty Bloody Massacre Path elites were released. They turned into 3,000 blood-red light rays that landed on the Chongyuang Star!