Supreme Uprising Chapter 38

Chapter 38: One More, Please


All these people, who had fantasized about getting into the Rising Dragon Army's elite class, receiving the best grooming and eating and drinking well, hadn't expected that they would still need points in order to do these things.

"Ha ha! It's almost time to eat. I have already prepared a big buffet. Points can be exchanged for Fragrant Blood Burst Mutton, Deep-Sea Dragonfish Soup, and fruit from the wilderness of Sanshan. All these are delicacies that would make anyone salivate!"

"You can also order food. I have already linked all your communication devices to our base's internet. You can order anything you want."

Xu Zhong's words were very provocative. Even Luo Yunyang could feel himself get hungry as he heard him.

He switched on his communication device quickly and saw all sorts of delicacies listed on it.

For example, he could see the Steel-Scaled Python eat he had tried, as well as high-grade food, such as Divine Electric Eel Soup.

Half a kilo of A-grade dire beast meat cost 10,000 points!

Luo Yunyang was somewhat interested in seafood, but after smacking his lips a little, he ultimately decided to select something that cost less points.

His remaining points were slightly less than 20,000. After he had made a decision, he was only left with 10,000 points.

Sun Miaomiao, Guan Wanli and the others had forlorn expressions on their faces as they looked at the screens of their communication devices. They seemed to be having difficulty making a choice.

Base 7 was really fast. Soon, a few men in spotlessly white chef attire walked over with a dining car and unfolded an at least 10-meter long table. The pure white tablecloth and silver plates looked as if they belonged at a banquet held in an ancient Western castle.

There were golden plates, silver cutlery...

The whole setup was unbelievably luxurious!

These people, who could become elite martialists of the Rising Dragon Army, had all been considered geniuses back in their own clans, so they were already used to such treatment. However, they still couldn't help swallowing when they saw the dazzling array of delicacies on the table.

"This is a grade-six Saturn Peach. I've only ever tried it once. Someone gave one to my grandmother as a present for her 100th birthday. They cost 500,000 dayuan each!"

"Whoa, this is Steel-Scaled Python Meat. I had a soup with some when I was young. My grandpa had put a lot of effort just to buy one kilo. It wasn't enough for all of us to eat, so we had to boil it in a soup and share it!"

Xu Zhong grabbed a grade-six Saturn Peach and took a bite. "Damn it, I just hate this sort of table arrangement. It's much more fun to eat and drink without table manners. Who cares about etiquette? Daddy is no royal! Why should I be restricted by all these rules?"

When the long white table was filled with food, a second man in greasy-looking clothes walked over and dropped the large barrel he had been carrying on the ground.

"Time to eat!"

Luo Yunyang looked at the large bucket and realized that its contents seemed very familiar.

It was full of grade-one energy bars!

Back in Donglu Town, even normal students had not enjoyed having these energy bars. How could the Rising Dragon Army elites be presented with them?

"This This is our basic food?" Guan Wanli asked suspiciously, voicing his displeasure clearly.

"What's wrong, kids? How can you expect to eat all the good stuff without spending any points? Don't even think about it! Whoever doesn't have any points to exchange can only eat this sort of food to survive."

As Xu Zhong spoke, he grabbed a Golden Deer Thigh and took a big bite.

In the end, all the proud elites took a black energy bar each.

As they swallowed their energy bars with difficulty, another small dining car was pushed over and two young female attendants stepped forward.

They took out a small folding table and laid a green tablecloth over it.

"Mr. Luo Yunyang, your Cumin Savage Beef Steak, Sweet and Sour Deep River Gobbler, and grade-seven flat peach have been delivered. We wish you a pleasant meal," one of the female attendants said with a smile when the table was set.

Sun Miaomiao and the others could only stare enviously at Luo Yunyang as they held on to their energy bars.

The Cumin Savage Beef Steak seemed as big as a palm, but it was actually really thin. The Gobbler was about a foot long. It did not look bad, but Luo Yunyang knew that this was only a D-grade dire beast.

The most expensive part of his meal was the grade-seven flat peach, which normally cost 23,000 points. Although Luo Yunyang had his Newcomer King privileges, it had still cost him close to 7,000 points.

Luo Yunyang didn't use a knife. Instead, he picked up the palm-sized beef steak with his chopsticks and devoured it in one gulp.

Then, he enjoyed the Gobbler Fish slowly. Its flavor was just right.

In a short amount of time, all that was left on the plate were fish bones.

"Did you know that half the energy of the Gobbler Fish is contained within its bones? You might not be able to digest it, though!"

As Xu Zhong spoke, he bit into the dire beast bone he was holding in his hand and shut his eyes.

Bones were more nourishing than meat. Luo Yunyang stared at the fish bones and muttered something to himself before he stuffed them into his mouth without hesitation.

The flesh of the Gobbler Fish had been fresh, tender and full of fat, but when the bones entered his mouth, Luo Yunyang felt as if he was eating an iron strip.

Crack, crack, crack...

Luo Yunyang's teeth started chewing the bones quickly, as if he was eating some fruit candy. He devoured them all really fast.

The two attendants, who had been about to remind Luo Yunyang of something, stared dumbfounded at the fair, gentle-looking young man.

This fella was really fierce!

As soon as the fish bones were in his belly, Luo Yunyang felt his stomach become heavy. He did not unleash the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique right away. Instead, he hastily stuffed the grade-seven Saturn Peach in his mouth.

Delicious. This was one of the finest delicacies in the world! This sort of thing belonged in Heaven. How could such a thing even exist in the human world?

In the blink of an eye, the grade-seven peach had vanished into Luo Yunyang's belly. Luo Yunyang suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to laugh. He had eaten just like Zhu Bajie. He had devoured the food without even tasting it.

As soon as the grade-seven Saturn Peach entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt heat bubbling up within him.

The fish bones that had felt like steel strips and the beef quickly started to dissolve in his belly and turn into energy.

The grade-seven Saturn Peach actually had this sort of use.

"Are there any more Saturn Peaches?" Luo Yunyang asked softly, looking at the attendants.

"There are, but according to scientific estimations, even the greatest martial masters can only have one per month. Having any more would have no effect whatsoever!"

As Luo Yunyang reflected on the after taste of the grade-seven Saturn Peach, he felt the urge to find out exactly what a grade-seven Saturn Peach tasted like.

This was really delicious!

"One more, please!" Luo Yunyang said loudly, waving his hands around.