Supreme Uprising Chapter 380

Chapter 380 The Bloody Massacre Cultivation Technique

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The 3,000 elites of the Bloody Massacre Path landed on the Chongyuan Star. The distance between each of them was 500 kilometers.

This was a battle of life and death for every single Bloody Massacre Path elite. If they survived this bloodbath, they would become true powerhouses of the Bloody Massacre Path and bask in the glory of the Path.

Bing Yizhen had been in the Bloody Massacre Path for 60 years, so he had experienced a lot ever since he had been an ordinary barbaric teenager.

At the age of 11, he had killed his best friend!

At the age of 15, he had been the only person to walk out of a deadly match…

From then on, he had firmly believed that an elite martialist would have to endure eternal loneliness, without any companionship, company or expectations.

Now, he had finally reached the last stage. As long as he passed this stage, he would be at ease.

Bing Yizhen didn’t rank very high among the elite. Actually, he ranked near the bottom of the list. However, he didn’t feel any pressure in this aspect, because as an elite hunter, camouflaging and disguising himself were his best options.

His heart was filled with a hidden happiness. Thus, after entering the Chongyuan Star, he disguised himself as prey and presented others with the Fundamental Planetary Source.

This disguise allowed him to relax. He had already hunted more than a dozen preys, so there were currently over 100 Fundamental Planetary Source fragments within his body.

Bing Yizhen was creeping around. His target was an encampment formed by more than 20 of the most ferocious Planet-Grade powerhouses.

This was the most powerful group within 250 kilometers, as it was extremely united. However, its unity meant nothing to Bing Yizhen, who was lurking quietly.

Leaves fell silently as Bing Yizhen sneaked into the encampment. He did not immediately begin slaughtering, even though he could have just by relying on his true strength.

He wanted to accomplish his task with the least effort.

Although the camp was small and tight, it was also obvious that these 20 people were very nervous. Perhaps they were nervous about his arrival!

Just as Bing Yizhen started feeling proud of his sneaky arrival, he saw a figure in the distance wielding a long blade in its hand.

“It’s the Crazy Person!” the leader of the group shouted loudly as he wielded a giant axe. “The elites of the Bloody Massacre Path have arrived! We should fight against our common foe rather than kill each other!”

Bing Yizhen, who had already figured out the habits of these 20 people, knew that they were murderous and overbearing. Although their leader had spoken carefully, it was obvious that they considered the Crazy Person an important individual.

It seemed like there were indeed some outstanding fellows among the prey.

Bing Yizhen’s heart filled with excitement. This was the kind of excitement a beast smelling blood felt, or the excitement a hunter catching sight of big prey experienced.

The Crazy Person waved his blade as quick as a gale. In an instant, 17 to 18 members of the group were killed. The leader of the group and a telekinesis user tried to flee.

Even though these 20 had sworn to fight and die together, no one was able to help anyone else at this juncture.

Just as the Crazy Person caught up with the leader and was about to finish him off with a strike, Bing Yizhen took flight. As he was about to make a move, he suddenly saw the Crazy Person’s blade turn towards him.

The Crazy Person was staring straight into his eyes in a cold, gloomy manner. Bing Yizhen felt a chill in his bones. He suddenly thought that this was how his life would end. He had never imagined that he would become prey, which made him even more excited.

He unconsciously licked his lips as his heart surged with euphoria. A desire to engage in a bloody slaughter blazed in his heart. His hand trembled as it held the hilt of his sword with cruel pleasure.

While he waved the sword in his hand, his body strangely split into two in the air. In an instant, two sword-lights whizzed towards the Crazy Person and arrived faster than his blade!

The faint shock on the Crazy Person’s face made Bing Yizhen feel very comfortable. Although the Crazy Person was extraordinary, he was still unable to retaliate against the power of Bing Yizhen’s sword.

Just as Bing Yizhen thought that his long sword had pierced the Crazy Person’s neck, he suddenly felt his mind shudder.

This was a mind attack!

Bing Yizhen was no telekinesis master, but his mind power wasn’t weak either. According to the person who had taught him, his mind power was insufficient for him to attack someone, but more than enough for him to defend himself.

However, even though it was powerful enough to use for defensive purposes, it did not stop the intrusion of the Crazy Person’s attack. Even though Big Yizhen only stumbled for a split second, that split second was enough to cost him his life.

A blade-light swept through his neck and beheaded him.

The Crazy Person’s palms were full of sweat as he landed. He had also found Bing Yizhen’s attack unexpected.

He had plotted this trap and made the first move, yet Bing Yizhen had almost been able to land a blow earlier, despite executing it way slower.

Why had his sword appeared slow but arrived faster than it should have?

The Crazy Person didn’t care about the leader of the 20-man group, who had fled. He quickly searched through Bing Yizhen’s belongings. He believed that any member of the Bloody Massacre Path would have some valuable items.

After a while, a look of rapt ecstasy appeared on the Crazy Person’s face. However, he didn’t stop. After absorbing all the Fundamental Planetary Source fragments, he quickly retreated.

He had found the Bloody Massacre Cultivation Technique!

The Crazy Person, who had already returned to his own hideout, quickly opened his loot and found a set of Bloody Massacre sword techniques as well as items used for cultivating source power.

This sword technique was very strange and full of suspense. Yes, suspense. Despite the Crazy Person’s savvy understanding, it felt as though the moves of the sword technique were difficult to perform.

For example, one had to strangely shift the sword from one side to the other.

The Crazy Person shook his head as he went through the sword technique because he realized that the Bloody Massacre Cultivation Technique had reached its end.

Just as he was about to close the book, he discovered that the last page of the Bloody Massacre Cultivation Technique was actually a painting of fallen autumn leaves.

An autumn wind surged as nine leaves fell. The painting was incomparably simple, yet the Crazy Person’s eyes lit up when he saw it.

Although it was just composed of a few strokes, the Crazy Person sensed some problems with it. The gentle autumn wind gave the madman a different feeling.

The autumn wind blew gently as the leaves fluctuated. What caused the leaves to fluctuate wasn’t the leaves themselves, but the wind.

The autumn wind was formless. The autumn wind was gentle. The autumn wind controlled the fate of the falling leaves…

The Crazy Person suddenly seemed to grasp something. As he was sitting in a lotus position, he studied the Fallen Autumn Leaves painting.

15 minutes, an hour, two hours passed.

The Crazy Person appeared puzzled. Muttering to himself, he quickly opened the attribute regulator and converted most of his attribute points to Mind Points.

This increase in his Mind Attribute made the madman feel vitalized once again. After an unknown period of time, his eyes flashed with some sort of enlightenment.

The long blade in his hand swung out with a smooth stroke that seemed able to sweep everything in its path. However, the moment the blade came out, it suddenly changed direction.

This change was astonishing and unexpected, yet the strike was true.

The Crazy Person, who had only captured one of the nine falling leaves, became even more solemn. Just as he was about to sink back into thought, his expression darkened.

The Crazy Person took flight without hesitation. Meanwhile, he saw a shadow flying straight towards him like a streak of lightning.

This figure was very fast. A grave expression appeared on the Crazy Person’s face when he saw it.

The figure pressed forward without hesitation. Compared to the people the Crazy Person had killed, this being was way stronger and harder to deal with.

The Crazy Person didn’t seem reluctant to take off into the distance. He didn’t know who this person was, but he had a feeling that they were stronger than him. After studying the Fallen Autumn Leaves, the Crazy Person was way more reluctant to fight that formidable figure head-on.

A man in blood-red robes chased him with a sly smile on his face. He was slightly excited that his prey had actually detected him in advance.

What a useful victim!

So what if he had detected him? He was one of the fastest people among the 3,000 Bloody Massacre Path disciples.

He steadily increased his speed, yet he helplessly discovered that the gap between him and the person ahead was widening…

100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters…

Eventually, the pursuer stopped. However, the Crazy Person continued to flee as fast as he could.

Five hours later, the Crazy Person stopped. Although they hadn’t exchanged blows, he still felt like this had been the closest to death he had ever gotten.

That person was really frightening.

The Crazy Person wasn’t sure if that man was a top elite member of the Bloody Massacre Path. Unfortunately, if there were a few more such people among the Bloody Massacre Path, then his chances of survival would be very slim.

There was no gap between them in terms of power or cultivation, but there was one when it came to the comprehension of the Laws.

The gravitational force on the mutated star was able to suppress the various intents. However, it was unable to suppress the power of the Laws, which still applied there.

Deep inside a hole, the Crazy Person adjusted his body’s physical abilities to the lowest level possible. If he didn’t examine things meticulously, then a large rock would appear in his heart.

The Crazy Person’s hair began to grow rapidly, but he didn’t pay any attention to it. He forgot about the Chongyuan Star and the upcoming bloodbath. When he forgot about everything, he was left with only that violent gale.

Time passed quickly. The Crazy Person’s hair reached his shoulders, and his beard began to dangle over his chest.

The sky and earth seemed to become a silent place for him.

“So that’s why! I get it now!” the Crazy Person exclaimed as his eyes glowed extremely brightly.

Then, the Crazy Person moved, pushing away the surrounding rocks and burrowing out of the bottom of the earth.

“Here I am! Who dares to challenge me?” he bellowed as he viewed the dusky sky. Five elites in Bloody Massacre Path clothes had already started rushing towards him from four different directions.