Supreme Uprising Chapter 381

Chapter 381 A Blood Light 10000 Miles Away

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Everyone on the Chongyuan Star was an enemy!

Although there wasn’t anything wrong with this saying, there were still people who gathered together because they felt solidarity in numbers. These people weren’t just limited to the martialists delivered over to be treated as prey. The 3,000 Bloody Massacre Path elite disciples were also included.

Among the elite disciples, only 100 would be able to leave. This gave many elite disciples some room for imagination.

Therefore, many Bloody Massacre Path disciples who considered themselves middle-grade gathered together primarily to protect themselves, but also to slaughter others.

On the Chongyuan Star, there was no room for pity or mercy.

When Luo Yunyang shouted loudly, five elite members of the Bloody Massacre Path were resting not too far away. When they heard his shout and noticed that Luo Yunyang wasn’t a disciple of the Bloody Massacre Path, they all launched attacks promptly.

Each of them used a certain killing technique to defeat the enemy in one move.

They felt that this person possessed certain ability, yet a Planet 9-Grade individual nurtured by a lower level of power was still way weaker than them.

Killing this sort of person was like slaughtering a dog!

As their weapons were brandished, they all seemed to accumulate a hint of the Laws. It could be said that every single one of them attacked with their full force.

They were giving their all, although they were dealing with a minor problem!

They believed that the person before their eyes was about to be slaughtered. However, they suddenly felt a breeze. As soon as they did, the five of them died.

Lights formed from basic source power flowed out of their bodies. Although they were already dead, their eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

A sudden gale rose, enveloping the entire Chongyuan Star in a dense fog. Whenever this occurred, even the staunchest martialists would choose to rest inside the red dust storms.

However, this time, some people were moving about like groundhogs digging out holes in the ground. These people had extremely guarded expressions on their faces.

“Old Six, you are still alive! What about Old Five?”

“He was killed yesterday. He couldn’t help but cultivate for a bit, so he was discovered by a little child from the Bloody Massacre Path. He’s dead!”

“Did you hear about this? Bloody Knife died just 20 days ago. He was killed by the Bloody Massacre Path’s strongest member, Liyun. It’s said that he suffered three sword strikes!”

“Bloody Knife is also dead? Looks like we really have no hope!” said a decent-looking middle-aged man. Compared to his groundhog-like comrades, he looked way cleaner.

“Bloody Knife, Giant Axe, Broken Sword….” The middle-aged man sighed as he mumbled these three names. “I always thought that their appearance would surely tear down the indelible myth of the Bloody Massacre Path during this Bloody Massacre Battle. However, it seems like I was truly wrong!”

“Three years ago, Giant Axe died! Two years ago, it was Broken Sword’s turn. Now, Bloody Knife is gone too!”

While all sorts of discussions were going on, someone lamented, “To be honest, it really is a pity that Bloody Knife died. He… He was the young master of a large family. If he had taken the path paved out by his family, he would have stepped on the apex one day!”

“However, he voluntarily chose to participate in this bloody battle. He believed that he would get the last laugh.”

The man sighed with a pensive gaze. “What a pity!”

Nobody said anything. Although they were empathizing with their fellow sufferers, most of them were wondering whether they would get to see the sun rise again the next day.

“Isn’t there also that Crazy Person? Have you all heard the news?” someone suddenly blurted out.

“No, there isn’t. Perhaps he might already be dead!” someone answered dully.

Amidst their idle chatter and item-trading, the flurry of footsteps was suddenly heard.

The footsteps were heavy, as though no effort was being made to conceal them. This kind of thing happened rarely on the Chongyuan Star.

After all, even an apex powerhouse could be killed.

Everyone glanced in the direction of the footsteps at practically the same time and saw over 100 men in Bloody Massacre Path robes rushing frantically towards them.

Extreme fear rose up in their hearts. Their first thought was that these people had come to encircle and annihilate them.

However, just as they accepted that their time was up, they noticed one person wielding a long blade behind this group. Although this person was strolling unhurriedly, the frantic group of people seemed to be by his side.

In just an instant, the man in question had already walked among the crowd. As blade-shadows flickered, numerous Bloody Massacre disciples fell to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, half of the 100 Bloody Massacre disciples lay dead.

Although some Bloody Massacre disciples turned around and attacked frantically, they were rapidly slaughtered.

The blade in that man’s hand seemed to possess a strange, bewitching power. It was difficult to block, difficult to read, difficult to…

The elites of the Bloody Massacre Path no longer had any fighting intent. Right now, their only thought was to flee. They were concerned about whether they could overtake their own comrades and escape from the hands of this crazy killer.

Overtaking their own comrades meant that they would survive.

They all ran, ran, ran!

All these people were fleeing frantically.

When that figure chased after the Bloody Massacre disciples and left, everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief. Some people also exclaimed, “Thank heavens he didn’t notice us!”

“No, he definitely noticed us. He just didn’t kill us!”

“That was the Crazy Person, I have seen him. Although it has been four years, I’m sure I am not seeing things. That was indeed the Crazy Person!” someone exclaimed loudly as though he had some sort of close relationship with the Crazy Person.

Still, many people chose to leave. Regardless of who this was, they were all weaklings. However, they couldn’t help but feel delighted when they recalled how the Bloody Massacre Path elites had been killed like lambs while attempting to flee.

Although this person wasn’t their comrade, he had the same status after all. His existence could at least prove that they weren’t just prey.

The news circulated fast. The Crazy Person had returned, and he was crazier than ever. The rate at which the Bloody Massacre Path elite disciples died increased rapidly.

10 days later, the Xie Brothers, who ranked 99th and 100th among the Bloody Massacre Path elites, were slain on a barren hill.

20 days later, the female martial goddess that ranked 36th among the Bloody Massacre Path elites died with her eyes wide open in shock and disbelief.

30 days later, the large Piercing Sky Union of the Bloody Massacre Path’s 3,000 elites was destroyed and 536 people lost their lives.

50 days later, the Bloody Massacre Path’s ninth strongest powerhouse called Shishui was sliced into two.

To no one’s surprise, the killer was the Crazy Person!

His name was like a whirlwind sweeping through the Chongyuan Star. The few thousands of people that remained on the Chongyuan Star started to liven up.

Both the Bloody Massacre Path elites and the prey being hunted started to get excited. They couldn’t sense that a massive storm was about to take place.

The Bloody Massacre Path’s third strongest member, Jingkong, challenged the Crazy Person to a fight on the Buried God’s Plateau. In the end, everyone saw the Crazy Person descend from the Buried God’s Plateau alone.

After Jingkong’s death, the overbearing, truculent Bloody Massacre Path elites collectively lost their voice. Although Jingkong hadn’t been their number one powerhouse, he had been an unparallelled entity in many people’s eyes.

Among the 3,000 Bloody Massacre Path elites, most people would say with absolute certainty that the ones with the highest possibility of leaving the Chongyuan Star alive were definitely the three strongest powerhouses, Poshan, Yunlei and Jingkong.

Jingkong was already dead. He had died at the hands of the so-called ‘Crazy Person’. This alone made many people’s hearts tremble.

After all, the three strongest powerhouses had cultivation bases that surpassed theirs by far. Nobody even dared challenge those three.

Just as the Bloody Massacre Path’s remaining elites were collectively sighing, a piece of news circulated, creating shockwaves among the Bloody Massacre Path elites.

Yunlei, who ranked second, had died. However, he hadn’t died at the hands of the Crazy Person. Instead, he had been killed by a punch from Poshan.

Someone had witnessed the exchange between those two. With just one punch, Yunlei had fallen at the hands of Poshan. Although this punch had seemed extremely simple, one of the Bloody Massacre Path’s strongest fighters had simply had no way of resisting it.

Yunlei and Jingkong were dead. Less than 300 Bloody Massacre Path elites remained out of the original 3,000. Out of the 10,000 people that were treated as prey, only slightly over 500 people were left. Thus, there were now not even 1,000 people on the entire Chongyuan Star.

Although the survivors were elites among elites, during the process, these people were aware of the upcoming crisis.

This sort of crisis concerned their lives, yet also tempted many people.

As he stood on the massive warship, Elder Qieke’s gaze was fixed on a large electronic screen. He had a look of astonishment on his face.

“Poshan’s Earth origin source law has already reached the second layer!” a subordinate with a frosty expression said in a mechanical voice. “Otherwise, he’d definitely have no way of killing Yunlei with one blow! After all, both Poshan and Yunlei’s Earth origin source law had been at the first layer!”

Elder Qieke nodded. His expression was slightly solemn as he asked, “What about the Crazy Person?”

“His Wind origin source law must be at a perfected first layer!” said the subordinate. “Although he hasn’t ascended to the second layer yet, I think he could advance anytime now!”

“Look! Everyone wants to surround and attack the Crazy Person and Poshan!” Elder Qieke pointed at the map.

“A cornered beast will still fight for its life!” the subordinate said coldly.

“However, this cornered beast makes me feel hopeful!” Elder Qieke pointed at a location in the middle of the map as he said, “I’m afraid that something that hasn’t occurred in thousands of years is about to happen! The Bloody Massacre Path will give birth to an absolute genius that will stand at the apex of the world!” Master Qieke’s face became serious while he asked, “Who do you think will be the victor?”

“I think very highly of Poshan!” the man answered without hesitation.

Elder Qieke burst out laughing. “You really are dull if we share the same view!”