Supreme Uprising Chapter 382

Chapter 382 The Sky Crumbles And A Warrior Emerges The Earth Cracks And A Hero Rises

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“Fight! You all have a good fight. Daddy will hide in this hole and perhaps even get lucky enough to become a disciple!” said a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties. Although he he had the body of a normal person, there was a small horn growing out of his forehead.

The Hengtian race was adept in earth-based mystic arts. However, the middle-aged man was unlucky enough to have been sold to the Bloody Massacre Path and thrown into the battlefield on the Chongyuan Star.

His cultivation base was ordinary, but his escaping skills were top quality. The moment he noticed that something wasn’t right, this old fella created a hole in the ground and hid himself.

Therefore, even though his cultivation base was lacking, he had still been able to survive till now.

According to the ways of the Bloody Massacre Path, as long as he was able to survive, he would become a disciple of the Bloody Massacre Path and nothing would pose a problem anymore.

The middle-aged man watched with disdain as a few comrades that were considered prey like him left. If these fellows were thinking about killing their way out, their brains had to be damaged.

Didn’t they know that, even if they did their best and managed to kill those two, they would gain nothing in the end?

The crafty middle-aged man sneered and burrowed towards the lair he had designated for himself like an active groundhog.

Damn them! He didn’t care anymore!

The man had just sat on his soft makeshift cushion when he felt the earth shake.

His hiding spot had been reinforced, but if two top-notch Planet-Grade powerhouses exchanged blows there, he would get hurt. An ordinary earthquake would hurt him even more.

This was

As the middle-aged man started to think, a terrifying thought appeared in his mind. He immediately rushed through the tunnels towards the outside world without hesitation.

In an instant, he had already exited the hole. The spectacle he faced made his body tremble uncontrollably.

Rolling lava was surging out of the ground while raging flames that could obliterate a Star-Grade powerhouse rushed up like a torrential flame dragon.

Everything was covered by a blazing sea of fire.

The middle-aged man’s face fell. He was in mid-air, so he seemed to be safe. However, he knew deep down that this safety was nothing more than an illusion.

As the middle-aged man racked his head, streaks of lightning appeared across the sky. When these forking streaks rained down and met the flames on the earth, the entire sky and land seemed about to be destroyed.

If he stayed while the lightning and fire fused, the consequences would be disastrous.

The middle-aged man didn’t take time to think. He immediately fled in the opposite direction from the lightning and the fire. However, the confluence of lightning and fire kept increasing. In the blink of an eye, the middle-aged man had flown several hundreds of kilometers away.

As the lightning and flames kept surging, the Chongyuan Star, which had always been rather tranquil, seemed to suddenly come alive. As he fled through the air rapidly, the middle-aged man saw a few of his comrades. Based on their clothes, he assumed that they were fish that had slipped out of the net of the Bloody Massacre Path.

In the past, perhaps they would have faced these attacks cautiously. However, they were totally unguarded now.

Everyone’s primary concern was escaping.

Escaping, fleeing, running away from the lightning and fire on this earth!

The middle-aged man, who had lost track of time while trying to escape, realized that the lightning and fires had finally calmed down. However, he now realized that the remaining 800 or so people were gathered on a small mountain range with a radius of less than five kilometers.

All around it were waves of lightning and fire. Going through them would mean certain death. Plus, he could sense quite a number of hostile gazes in that five-kilometer radius.

“That’s Poshan!” Someone pointed at a huge young man that was over three meters tall. He actually looked like a massive bear.

Many people stiffened when they heard Poshan’s name. Some of them even gripped their weapons a little tighter.

They felt as though a stifling storm had suddenly come crashing down on their spirits.

They knew very well that they no longer had any other choice under the circumstances. Only 100 people would be able to walk out. Furthermore, there were people among them who believed that their own Fundamental Planetary Source was too small.

Practically everyone who was still alive understood the importance of the Fundamental Planetary Source. Some people had already sensed it clearly.

“It’s the Crazy Person!” someone cried out in astonishment. There was a faint waver in their shouting voice.

The person who had shouted was a Bloody Massacre Path elite. However, at the moment, his eyes no longer contained the calmness of an elite. Instead, they were filled with a fear that evolved from the depths of his heart.

Most of the Bloody Massacre Path disciples watched the Crazy Person fearfully. After all, ever since this person had emerged, most of the people he had killed had been Bloody Massacre Path disciples.

“Senior Brother Poshan, this person has killed numerous fellow Bloody Massacre Path disciples. Let’s attack him together and kill him. This way, you will become the undisputed number one elite!” an astute Bloody Massacre Path disciple told Poshan, who was built like a small mountain.

Poshan remained silent. The Bloody Massacre Path disciple, who interpreted Poshan’s silence as consent and encouragement, waved his arm forward and exclaimed, “Fellow brothers! Let’s attack together and kill him!”

These words had just left his mouth when Poshan’s fist struck him.

In an instant, the Bloody Massacre Path disciple lay dead on the ground.

“There are too many people here. We can’t have a battle like this. How about we tidy up this place and fight to our heart’s content?” Poshan said with a faint hint of respect.

Luo Yunyang met Poshan’s gaze. He could sense that Poshan wasn’t ordinary.

He pondered this for a moment before making a decision. Then, he nodded in response to Poshan’s question.

Their exchange destroyed all the hopes and dreams of the Bloody Massacre Path disciples. A Bloody Massacre Path elite suddenly shouted, “Everyone, we only have one choice now. We have to go all out and fight together. Perhaps we might still be able to pave a future for ourselves. Otherwise, only death will await us!”

The threat of death made practically everyone unable to choose a side. They had been able to cultivate till the Planet 9-Grade, so they knew clearly that choosing to run and hide now might result in a quicker death.

Their only chance of surviving was killing these two individuals, who were far more superior than them. Only by killing these two would they be able to live.

Under the circumstances, going all out was very sudden but also normal. In the blink of an eye, dozens of telekinesis users used their telekinetic weapons.

In a flash, blades rained down, glittering disks streaked through the sky and long swords rose in the air!

Hundreds of weapons flew over at Poshan at practically the same time. Although they had never tried to attack Poshan, they all knew that he wasn’t very quick. What they wanted to do was grind him down.

Poshan brandished his fists. They didn’t appear to move fast, yet in a peculiar fashion, his fists collided with every single weapon that shot towards him.

He didn’t actually move his fists to parry the weapons. Instead, the weapons rushed frantically towards his fist.

Every collision sent fragments flying around. In the a blink of an eye, every weapon that had attacked Poshan had been smashed to bits.

Poshan roared and trudged forward. Each time he took a step, he would throw out a fist. Each time he punched, a body would fly towards him uncontrollably.

In just a short space of time, Poshan had thrown 100 punches and 100 people had died at his hands.

No matter how high or low their cultivation bases were, or whether they were Bloody Massacre Path disciples or prey, their life force was shattered and they died immediately.

The sky seemed to change color as these 100 people were slaughtered.

The mass of frenzied fighters was momentarily stunned. Suddenly, the Bloody Massacre Path disciples surrounding Luo Yunyang began their assault.

The Crazy Person’s blade was quick as the wind. When facing someone with great attacking speed, one couldn’t fight them head-on with their own speed.

Competing with speed against speed was suicide.

The Bloody Massacre Path elites were all experts at slaughtering people. Therefore, when they attacked, their movements weren’t that quick. However, their blade-lights, sword-shadows and other weapons covered the sky, forming a mountain of blades and a sea of swords.

As the blade mountain was forming, the sea of swords converged. Everything gathered frantically in a moment. Although this convergence was slow, it seemed as though it could sweep anything in its path, just like a roar of thunder!

This thundering force couldn’t be blocked.

As this massive force loomed overhead, Luo Yunyang remained calm. He waved the long blade in his hand and charged at the mountain and sea of blades and swords.

His body quickly reached the mountain and sea. Meanwhile, that figure was drowned in the mountain and sea of blades and swords.

Smiles appeared on some faces momentarily. As long as one was within the blade mountain and sea of swords, there was only one possible outcomedeath.

However, what followed the smiles was eternal stillness. They hadn’t seen it, neither had they felt it. However, they were already dead.

A blade like the wind had penetrated the mountain of blades, cut through the sea of swords, ripped apart the sky and sliced away the lives of all these people.

Dead, dead, dead, dead!

In just an instant, countless bodies had fallen to the ground. The surging lightning in the sky and the fires on earth gathered closer while the area, which was like a living hell, shrank frantically.

Five kilometers, four kilometers, three kilometers

When Luo Yunyang sheathed his blade and Poshan’s fists stopped, the two of them found themselves on the left and right side of a plateau.

Countless lights formed two currents that surged towards those two. In a flash, the two of them had turned scarlet red, like divine entities standing in heaven.

“Let’s fight!” Luo Yunyang growled.

“Let’s fight!” Poshan bellowed.