Supreme Uprising Chapter 383

Chapter 383 A Raging Wind

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Everyone aboard the blood-colored, axe-shaped battleship had dropped whatever they were doing to witness the spectacular battle that had started that day.

According to Elder Qieke, they were the directors of that day’s battle, so they had high expectations from it.

They had waited a long time for this battle. Their moods and thoughts were all over the place, yet they knew that whoever survived would become the most dazzling star of the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

After all, this was the only blood battle dominated by a Fundamental Planetary Source in many years!

“These two are both geniuses!” someone exclaimed in admiration when the two men stood before each other.

Nobody objected to this evaluation. Regardless of whether they supported Poshan or that Crazy Person of unknown origin, both fighters had displayed a strength that made many people believe in them.

The Crazy Person’s blade and Poshan’s fists moved!

Although the two men’s cultivation bases were only at the Planet-Grade, both of them controlled the power of origin source law and thus surpassed most of the Star-Grade and Nebula-Grade powerhouses present.

A limitless future lay ahead!

However, nobody stopped or called off this battle, as they needed to discover who was the strongest genius. Most people believed that Poshan would win in the end.

Luo Yunyang gripped his blade with a calm gaze. This was the last battle. After this battle, he would return home. After this battle, he would once again see his family, whom he missed so dearly, and get to see Lady Yunxi, who had sent him away with tears flowing down her cheeks. After this battle, he would have his own place in this universe.

Although a fight had already been declared, Luo Yunyang wasn’t the first to act. Instead, he was searching for a gap in his opponent’s defense.

Opposite him, Poshan was doing the same.

The attribute regulator had already formed two columns in his mind.

Power: 2,017 (Fire: 998, Ice: 12, Wood: 9, Wind: 954)

Speed: 342

Mind: 2,630 (Fire: 29, Array Formation Intent: 1)

Constitution: 514 (Dragon Bloodline: 15, Golden Body: 13, Fire: 153, Ice: 0.568, Wood: 0.47)

True Intent: 3,004 (Indiscriminate Bloody Massacre: 39, Bloody Sun Overhead: 49, Decimation: 9.9, Ice Fire: 7.6, Space:1.1, Yin Yang True Intent: 2)

Luo Yunyang’s past few years of cultivation had most likely allowed his cultivation to make massive progress. However, the portion related to True Intent and Power and his other attributes were still inhibited by a faint silver glow.

Above True Intent was a layer of golden figures. These numbers made the already faint glow of his True Intent appear even less visible.

Origin Source Law: 10 (Wind: 10)

Luo Yunyang had gone through the golden Origin Source Law Attribute many times, yet it still remained at 10 points. It hadn’t undergone any changes.

The attribute regulator didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the Origin Source Law either. Luo Yunyang had once tried adding his other attribute points into his Origin Source Law, but every single attempt had resulted in failure.

He couldn’t add points to it!

Luo Yunyang didn’t know the reason this problem occurred, but he thought it might have something to do with the Origin Source Law being too high-grade.

Although he could use True Intent to form an overpowering might, the Origin Source Law was actually like a paper tiger.

One tear and it would shatter!

Poshan’s attribute list was displayed on the other side of Luo Yunyang’s mind. However, it wasn’t as detailed compared to Luo Yunyang’s own status.

Power: 3,561

Speed: 198

Mind: 1,361

Constitution: 864

Origin Source Law: 17 (Earth Law: 17)

This was Poshan’s status. Compared to Luo Yunyang, Poshan was superior in three attributes. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang had an advantage when it came to his Speed and Mind Attribute.

However, even though Luo Yunyang only had one less superior category, the Origin Source Law column made him feel as though there was a massive gulf between them.

Although he was able to multitask, when the two of them faced off, he only had enough time to fine-tune Poshan’s status a little.

After all, the quantity of Poshan’s attributes that he could adjust was too small. Luo Yunyang simply wasn’t able to adjust his Origin Source Law.

Poshan remained as still as a mountain, acting as though he was a statue. Although he didn’t attack, Luo Yunyang couldn’t find a weak point in him.

He kept waiting for Poshan to make the first move, but Poshan was waiting for him. The two of them were very alert, as they had already reached their optimal state of mind.

All around them, lightning and fire blazed even more intensively. However, these apocalyptic-like circumstances didn’t affect them. They both seemed to ignore them completely.

Elder Qieke and the other high-level executives of the Bloody Massacre Path didn’t seem impatient as they watched the rigid deadlock between the two men.

They were all waiting for the strike that would rip through the atmosphere like a comet.

Elder Qieke watched the electronic screen and thought for a bit before ordering the axe-shaped spaceship to open up so he could head over to the Chongyuan Star personally.

A few older martialists who followed Elder Qieke instantly understood his intent and rushed out after him.

The technology used by the electronic screen was very high, so there were no viewing restrictions. However, how could even the best screen compare to being actually present on site?

Many people shuddered in terror when they heard the roaring thunder and saw the flashing lightning and the intense flames.

“Qieke, give me the coordinates!” a faint voice said on Qieke’s communication device. As Qieke glanced at the projection coming from the speakers, he felt a shiver go up his spine. However, he still replied immediately, “Yes, Path Master!”

This name made the faces of all the Bloody Massacre Path Experts around Elder Qieke darken. They knew very well who the Path Master was and what his personal arrival signified.

The Path Master had not paid attention to many Bloody Massacre Battles, yet this time he was coming in person.

In no time, Qieke determined a set of coordinates. Once he did so, a green beam of light ripped through the void and appeared in the sky above the Chongyuan Star.

Although this light had appeared instantly, many of the people present knew that it had traversed across many voids to get there.

The place where the Path Master lived was really far away.

“Greetings, Path Master!” All the Bloody Massacre Path powerhouses followed Master Qieke’s lead and bowed before the Path Master, whose very existence intimidated countless galaxies.

“No need to be so polite!” Although the green light had formed a human figure, nobody could see clearly what this figure looked like. As he waved his sleeves gently, Elder Qieke and the others felt like they could no longer pay their respects.

“Everyone calm down!” A faint voice rang out in everyone’s minds. “There are still a few other rulers coming!”

Elder Qieke’s heart trembled even more when he heard this announcement. No ruling entity in the Bloody Massacre Path was inferior to the Path Master. Although they normally didn’t concern themselves with such matters, they were still the Bloody Massacre Path’s strongest members.

A few other beams of light appeared. Their speed was even quicker than Qieke had expected. As the Bloody Massacre Path’s strongest members arrived, the void around them seemed to freeze.

“Which of those two will attack first?” A powerhouse wrapped in a purple glow chuckled. “How about we have a small wager?”

“There’s nothing worth betting on. If you bet that the blade-wielding kid will act last, then you are on!” a figure wrapped in a blood-red glow said dryly.

“If you want to wager, then bring it on. My odds are 10 to one!” the powerhouse in the purple glow replied with a laugh.

These odds were really unique. If someone wagered 10 bargaining chips, he would ultimately only have to pay out one bargaining chip.

However, the figure surrounded by the red light laughed heartily. “You are really calculating, you brat! This time, I will make you feel the pain!”

“10 galaxies!” said the powerhouse in the purple glow.

“Five galaxies!”

“10 star cores!”

As all sorts of wagers were thrown around, the figure in the purple light suddenly fell silent.

The light that represented the Path Master spoke up. “Small wagers are entertaining, but large wagers are damaging. You people…”

When they heard this, Elder Qieke and the others immediately realized that the Path Master was different. He was the Path Master after all!

“I bet 20 galaxies!” Elder Qieke and the others were left speechless. However, they could only listen on quietly.

After this declaration, the entire area quietened down once again. The Path Master and the other rulers were overseeing, so Elder Qieke didn’t dare open his mouth.

One hour, five hours, three days…

Beads of perspiration started to form on Luo Yunyang’s forehead. He actually thought that he couldn’t keep this up any longer. He wanted to attack. However, he didn’t want to lose during this decisive moment so he constantly adjusted his Constitution.

His Constitution would determine his toughness, his focus, as well as everything else.

As his trickling perspiration diminished, droplets of sweat appeared on Poshan’s tall, large body.

When these beads of perspiration appeared, Luo Yunyang quickly used his attribute regulator to decrease Poshan’s Constitution by 50 points.

Although 50 points were nothing to Poshan, they had a significant effect at this critical moment.

As soon as Luo Yunyang made this adjustment, Poshan felt like he couldn’t maintain his stance and suddenly moved. His tightly-clenched left fist struck out at the air before him.

His punch was extremely simple. However, when he struck out, everything around him started to converge towards his fist.

Suddenly, Poshan’s fist seemed to be omnipresent.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang moved his blade, swirling up the sand grains on the ground, as well as the lightning, fire and air all around them.

Although they were both attacking, one of them was fast and the other was slow, as if they represented two different extremes of power.

In a flash, a raging wind pervaded everything and that explosively powerful fist converged in a small expanse of space.

This collision was so earth-shaking that many people believed that this was the most crucial moment of this battle!

Victory would be determined by this blade and this strike!