Supreme Uprising Chapter 384

Chapter 384 1000 Blades Move With The Wind As A Fist Shakes The World

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Sounds of metal clashing against metal resounded through the sky. The collision only lasted for a few moments before it ended.

However, after this vigorous clash, Luo Yunyang felt his blade-wielding arm shake uncontrollably. His face was pale as he landed on the ground.

The instant this attack had occurred, he had acted like an omnipresent raging gale that could casually appear anywhere around Poshan and launch attack after attack.

Meanwhile, Poshan had remained as still as a mountain. He had only used one fist, yet that fist had acted like a whirlpool, absorbing every attack aimed at Poshan.

Although every attack was launched against Poshan’s body, every single strike had landed on his fist in the end.

This was also why Luo Yunyang didn’t deal much damage to him, even though he had unleashed over 10,000 blade-lights.

Poshan’s expression was still tranquil. However, when Luo Yunyang landed on the ground, Poshan’s clothes were messy and red scars had appeared on his exposed bare skin.

Over 10,000 strikes equaled over 10,000 cuts. Although these cuts seemed like a lot, they had at most cut two inches into his flesh.

This wasn’t much, yet Poshan’s face was still full of scars as a result.

“You didn’t disappoint me indeed!” A toothy smile formed on Poshan’s hideous face.

When he heard his words, Luo Yunyang took a deep breath. “You didn’t disappoint me either!”

The two men didn’t raise their voices or act angrily. However, this was still a life-and-death showdown.

On the surface, it seemed as though Luo Yunyang was in a better state after their first exchange. However, deep down he knew very well that he had suffered some secret losses during the numerous clashes.

For example, the vibrations created each time his blade had struck Poshan’s fist had also inflicted considerable damage to his wrist.

The two men didn’t pause for too long after the first exchange. Instead, they speedily progressed to the second one.

Fist and blade collided nonstop in the sky. One of the figures looked like the wind, while the other brandished his fists like an immovable mountain. The two men were locked in fierce combat in this large space.

The cuts and scars on Poshan’s body increased until he no longer had any area of skin that was unaffected. However, he still seemed like he wasn’t affected at all.

After each exchange with Poshan, Luo Yunyang would retract his blade and retreat frantically. Each time he retreated, he would appear eerily at a spot where Poshan couldn’t see him.

He moved like a formless wind!

The Bloody Massacre Path Master, the purple figure, red figure, Elder Qieke and the others all stared fixedly at this showdown.

Although they had already reached this realm and weren’t fazed much, Luo Yunyang’s control over his Wind Origin Source Law and Poshan’s fort-like power raised some eyebrows.

“These two shine both very brightly at the same time. I think that we should not let them continue. Who knows, this could result in mutual destruction.”

“Let them share the Fundamental Planetary Source. This might be a huge opportunity,” a ball of light said softly. “We should treasure talent!”

The other members of the Bloody Massacre Path nodded their heads. Even though they couldn’t tell if the powers these two possessed would reach the peak Nebula-Grade, at least their comprehension of Origin Source Law had already surpassed the ordinary Star-Grade.

They perhaps even surpassed some Nebula-Grade powerhouses.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master pondered this a little before saying, “Rules can never be broken. Besides, the Bloody Massacre Path doesn’t lack geniuses. What we need are people that would strive to reach the top!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master’s words made the discussions all around him stop. Even the powerhouses enveloped by light didn’t say anything else.

The full-blown battle went on.

Even though he kept evading his opponent, Luo Yunyang was eventually struck by Poshan. The strike made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

Although he was bleeding, deep down in Luo Yunyang’s heart, his desire to fight intensified.

He couldn’t die, he had to return home!

His blade moved even more frantically. Meanwhile, Poshan’s fists became even more forceful. The plateau they were standing on was smashed and shattered by their attacks. As a raging gale of wind energy swept through, one of Poshan’s ears was sliced off by Luo Yunyang’s long blade.

A top martialist could regrow an ear. This was something really easy. However, losing an ear wounded a martial master’s face and dignity.

Poshan took a look at his fallen ear before he threw his head back and laughed heartily. He glanced at Luo Yunyang with eyes full of admiration.

“You are the third adversary I have come across in my life and the only opponent who I respect!” he said calmly as though he was speaking to himself. “To show my respect and admiration for you, I shall let you die at the hands of my newly-comprehended Extensive Quake Fist.”

Extensive Quake Fist? Luo Yunyang didn’t know what this was, but if Poshan was speaking so seriously, the might of the Extensive Quake Fist would definitely be extraordinary.

“You may unleash your strongest attack, but you have to remember not to show any mercy, as this might be the last time you attack anyone in your life.”

The Path Master nodded his head gently in the sky with a sigh. “What a pity!”

He didn’t say out loud what exactly he thought was a pity, yet the people present could sense whom his words were directed at.

The two men were without a doubt gifted individuals. Exceptional men like these two only appeared once every 100 battles in the history of the Bloody Massacre Battle.

Whenever they appeared, they shone brightly and made any other stars look dim in comparison.

However, one of the two suns rising in the sky would have to die.

This was a really big pity. It was simply

Luo Yunyang gripped his blade tightly, feeling extremely calm. He basically only had one thing left.

He had to survive!

During his stand-off with Poshan, Luo Yunyang had sensed an important discrepancy between them. It was the gulf between their comprehension of the Origin Source Law. Poshan had 17 points, while he had only 10. The difference was seven points!

However, these golden seven points seemed like a massive thorn wounding Luo Yunyang’s spirit. He had comprehended Laws, so he naturally knew how powerful Laws and their effect were.

Luo Yunyang believed that a gulf of seven Origin Source Law Points was massive.

As the attributes of his regulator fluctuated, he made some strong preparations. This time, he didn’t wait for Poshan to attack first. Instead, he turned into a gust of wind once again.

Nine leaves fluttered amid the boundless gale. His move was both ordinary and profound.

When Poshan used his own strongest technique, he would be simultaneously the strongest and the weakest.

The moment he went from strong to weak, Luo Yunyang would get an opportunity. Luo Yunyang, who was fully aware of this, moved his hands without hesitation.

“Well done!” Poshan shouted as he brandished his fist once more. This fist strike didn’t seem that different from the other fist strikes he had performed.

However, this one was called Extensive Quake!

The instant this punch was thrown, Luo Yunyang felt the same old attraction force head towards him from every direction.

This attraction force had caused his blade to meet with Poshan’s fists. The instant this punch was thrown, Luo Yunyang felt waves of ripples.

There was no doubt about it.

These were some kind of shock waves. The ripples were repelling Luo Yunyang’s body after attracting it, causing his entire body to enter a strange state.

This state made Luo Yunyang feel horrible. He actually felt as though he was better off dead.

Luo Yunyang no longer had the intent to fight to his death. All his fighting spirit had been shattered by that strike.

108 Buddha Disks took to the air at the same time. The Buddha Disks, which were controlled by Luo Yunyang’s power, covered the sky. Each of them contained a vast True Wind Intent.

Every single Buddha Disk could comply with Luo Yunyang’s intentions and appear anywhere. When each Buddha Disk was attacked, it would start to revolve rapidly.

This was the strongest attack Luo Yunyang had learned while cultivating his Wind Origin Source Law, as well as his most powerful offensive technique.

However, before the Extensive Quake Fist, this technique appeared frail, powerless and unworthy.

In just an instant, many Buddha Disks were shattered. Each time one of them was destroyed, Luo Yunyang would be pushed back.

Retreating wasn’t easy, yet he did his best to convert all his True Intent and Mind Attribute Points into Constitution Points. Then, he rushed out of the encirclement of the Extensive Quake Fist by force.

One mouthful of blood, two mouthfuls of blood, three mouthfuls of blood

After leaving the scope of the Extensive Quake Fist, Luo Yunyang spat about five mouthfuls of blood successively. He even threw up several coagulated bits of blood.

The Extensive Quake Fist had already caused his vital energy to take a big hit.

Luo Yunyang appeared even grimmer as he watched Poshan stride over unhurriedly. He couldn’t die, he didn’t want to die, he absolutely mustn’t die!

These past few years of hard work had all been for the sake of killing his way back home. If he died here, then what would happen to his family?

He thought about his younger sister Luo Dong’er, about his mother, about Lan Tianjue, about Crown Prince Nanshan, who had yet to die

The ominous glint of a trapped animal appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes. Although his hand was shaking, it was still tightly wrapped around his long blade.

Poshan appeared solemn, yet his attack wasn’t the least bit merciful. He pulled back his fist and threw it forward again!