Supreme Uprising Chapter 385

Chapter 385 The Extreme Ends Of Life And Death

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He couldn’t die!

This thought filled Luo Yunyang’s mind as he watched Poshan clench his fists. He didn’t want to die. He couldn’t die! Luo Yunyang thought about his family and Yunxi, who had cast amorous glances at him when he’d left.

The attribute regulator didn’t seem able to help him. Nothing else could help him either. Luo Yunyang himself couldn’t break through the Extensive Quake Fist! He felt sad and somewhat helpless in the face of this crisis.

There had to be a way, there just had to. Even if there was no way, he had to find a way out of this dead end. He had to counter-attack and find a way! He just couldn’t afford to die.

Poshan, who clenched his fist amid the lightning and fire, looked like a divine entity. He had a relaxed air about him, as though everything was completely under his control.

“This Crazy Person is very talented indeed. If he really dies now, it will be a pity!” said the purple glowing light that represented one of the rulers.

His words were immediately met with a round of approval from the other rulers. The rulers had no doubt that Luo Yunyang would lose, yet they truly felt that it would be a pity for this talented man to die in combat.

A person like Luo Yunyang didn’t deserve to die. Most people considered a gifted genius like Luo Yunyang an important resource to the entire Bloody Massacre Path.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master also had a sorry look on his face. Although he had made a decision, he also felt that letting Luo Yunyang die just like this was wrong.

However, when he mulled over the issue, he stuck with his decision. “The rules of the Bloody Massacre Battle dictate to seek the strongest person! We have no way of determining who will win or lose until the very end. Let’s just follow the rules!”

When he said this, the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s face darkened. He was also very unwilling to watch such an exceptional genius die.

However, he didn’t want more ordinary geniuses. What he wanted was the absolute, ultimate genius. He only wanted the most talented person that would elevate the Bloody Massacre Path and accomplish great things in the future.

As he kept thinking, the time Luo Yunyang and Poshan had left was dwindling. Luo Yunyang knew that he could only take one more strike.

His cultivation base wasn’t weaker than Poshan’s. The reason the Extensive Quake Fist was so powerful was because it possessed the second layer of the Laws.

If he could reach another layer of the Laws, he might not necessarily be weaker than Poshan. Perhaps by relying on the attribute regulator, he could…

Luo Yunyang’s brain got to work. Although he suddenly seemed to recall something, he wasn’t able to grasp it as it flashed through his mind.

No, Luo Yunyang had to remember this. He couldn’t afford any delays. In a moment, he converted his Constitution and Power Points into Mind Points without hesitation.

Luo Yunyang instantly felt his mind become extremely vacant. The thought that had formed in his mind had suddenly become as clear as day.

The thought had already started to take shape.

Wind could carry leaves anywhere it pleased, as its power could be both very gentle and extremely forceful.

Any wind that could slice up autumn leaves and cut large trees had to be extremely incisive.

These thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind rapidly. As they took shape, Poshan’s fist struck once more.

Poshan smiled faintly as he brandished his fist. He was rather satisfied about being able to slay Luo Yunyang on the spot.

He viewed this person as a worthy adversary, yet no matter what direction this battle followed, he couldn’t allow this man to survive.

The Extensive Quake Fist had been his unrivaled technique for many years. Hence, the talented man who had made him feel threatened would be buried by his fists.

However, as Poshan thought that victory was within his grasp, a sudden ominous feeling gripped his heart.

He didn’t know where this feeling had come from, yet it made his heart tighten. Had his concern over this victory perhaps made him restless?

As Poshan cursed himself for not remaining calm enough, he saw Luo Yunyang slash at his own fist. Poshan already had first-hand experience with Luo Yunyang’s techniques, so he knew that he didn’t have to worry about this counterattack. However, as Luo Yunyang brandished his blade, Poshan’s heart suddenly pounded hard.

A blade-light that looked like a raging gale, contained millions of layers and gave off a desolate vibe flew over at Poshan’s fists.

The attractive force of the Extensive Quake Fist sprang into action as each layer of blade-light met Poshan’s fists.

The two had yet to come into contact, but many people believed that they already knew the outcome. The moment they came into contact, Poshan’s expression changed dramatically. He suddenly felt like he had been caught unprepared.

His Extensive Quake Fist, which combined two layers of Origin Source Law, was immediately shattered by this power.

Poshan had always seemed invincible. However, Luo Yunyang’s blade-light wasn’t the same it had been in the beginning. It could now hurt him and leave very deep wounds on his body.

The wounds it left on his fists were actually very deep.

Even Poshan, who had cultivated the Earth Origin Source Law, found these deep wounds unbearable. If he had to endure this agony any longer, his fists would turn into minced meat.

By using his fists, he sent all the blade-lights and the onrushing Luo Yunyang flying away and retreated rapidly. This time, Poshan hadn’t been able to stop the attack. Now, he was staring at Luo Yunyang gravely.

“This was the Origin Source Law’s second layer!” Poshan’s voice was both low and forceful as he gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who didn’t feel a need to keep this a secret, replied with a faint smile, “I just comprehended it.”

Poshan’s face darkened. Regardless of how strong this type of attack was, or whether Luo Yunyang had just comprehended it, this was like a mortal blow to him. If he wanted to be unrivaled, he couldn’t let Luo Yunyang survive.

Luo Yunyang had no other alternative either.

The two men didn’t say anything else. When their gazes met, they were like wolves in a killing contest.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other people in the void all had solemn looks on their faces. They had originally thought that this battle was about to reach its conclusion, yet Luo Yunyang, who had seemed to be at a disadvantage, had unexpectedly made a breakthrough.

He also possessed a cultivation base with a second layer of Origin Source Law!

“This… This kid is really impressive!” the purple figure was the first to exclaim. This wasn’t just praise, but an honest observation.

“Comprehending mystic arts is always easier in life-and-death situations. Seems like this Crazy Person has unlimited future prospects.”

Everyone around fell silent when the purple figure said this. Even the Path Master had been left speechless by this new turn of events.

The Path Master had also never imagined that someone who had practically been sentenced to death would actually turn the tables.

As he wielded the blade with one hand, Luo Yunyang once again launched a flurry of attacks. Poshan, who had been suppressing Luo Yunyang with one fist all along, now found himself in a passive position.

At first, his body hadn’t feared Luo Yunyang’s blade techniques, which were as formless and traceless as the wind, as they hadn’t inflicted much damage on him. Although he was now attracting the blade techniques to his fist over and over, each time the blade met his fist, it would deal some serious damage.

The incisive blade-light had split his fist, shattered his defenses and made him unable to use the quaking power of his Extensive Quake Fist in time. Poshan was already in a disadvantageous position.

The frantic attacks went on. Although Poshan kept using strike after strike to defend himself, the deep injuries on his body started to increase.

He had also done considerable damage to Luo Yunyang and made him cough up blood with each Extensive Quake Fist. However, his superiority kept diminishing during the battle.

As the two men’s injuries increased, their footwork started to slow down. Although Luo Yunyang held the upper hand, the difference between these two, who each controlled two layers of Origin Source Law, was really minuscule.

In the end, this fierce battle had started to test their constitution.

The lightning and fire all around started to rage even more intensely, at times even surging in the area where the two fighters were battling it out.

Although these surges couldn’t cause much damage, they made the battle between these two even more dangerous and frightening.

Elder Qieke and the others no longer said anything. They were currently just interested in guessing who the final victor would be.

Time trickled by. Luo Yunyang looked exhausted, while Poshan’s speed had dropped until he wasn’t that much different from a normal person.

“How about we end this here, Crazy Person? You can’t kill me, and I can’t kill you. How about we share that Fundamental Planetary Source?” After nearly toppling over from yet another clash, Poshan spoke up, sounding a little dispirited.

Luo Yunyang’s body was just as exhausted. However, he knew that he couldn’t let up at this crucial time.

Therefore, he kept using his attribute regulator to increase his Constitution. As he did so, the injuries on his body started to slowly feel better.

“Dream on!” Luo Yunyang brandished his long blade and rushed over at Poshan, who no longer seemed to have much fighting spirit left.

Although Poshan was somewhat prepared, his physical strength had already started to crumble. Therefore, by the time he reacted, Luo Yunyang’s long blade had already flown over at him.

Suddenly, a fist was raised as the blade fell.

Poshan’s body was cleanly sliced into two by the shimmering blade-light.

Poshan was dead!