Supreme Uprising Chapter 386

Chapter 386 The First Blood Disciple

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Poshan was dead!

Although his comprehension of Origin Source Law had reached level two and he had sufficient willpower, he had still fallen at the hands of Luo Yunyang during their ultimate showdown.

Luo Yunyang felt slightly moved as he gazed at the fallen Poshan. Poshan hadn’t lost to him. He had been beaten by the attribute regulator.

If Luo Yunyang’s repeated increase of his constitution had not allowed him to endure this entire battle, he could have died instead.

Poshan was very strong, both Constitution-wise and otherwise.

In the midst of this land strewn with lightning and fire, Luo Yunyang had had a very difficult time.

Poshan, who had been an adversary worthy of his respect, lay dead on the ground with indignant eyes. While being groomed by the Bloody Massacre Path, he had become a master of overbearing defense that had caught many people off guard. He had never expected that he would lose his life there.

Luo Yunyang walked forward slowly, reached out and placed his palm gently on Poshan’s face to close his widened eyes.

A scarlet pillar of light suddenly rushed forth from Poshan’s body. This pillar was formed from Fundamental Planetary Source.

This Fundamental Planetary Source, which didn’t have a consciousness, circled slowly around Poshan’s body three times before rapidly flying towards Luo Yunyang.

The Fundamental Planetary Source within Luo Yunyang’s body surged furiously as this scarlet Fundamental Planetary Source landed on him.

It seemed as though it resonated intensely with the Fundamental Planetary Source that landed on his body, just like an eagerly anticipated reunion.

As this Fundamental Planetary Source entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt his body recover rapidly. As he was surrounded by lightning and fire, Luo Yunyang felt the pressure created by the Chongyuan Star suddenly disappear.

Yes, it disappeared.

Given Luo Yunyang’s strength, his punch could have destroyed a mountain. However, on the Chongyuan Star, his punch could only smash a boulder.

While the Fundamental Planetary Source entered his body, the Chongyuan Star’s pressure disappeared and the True Intent he had comprehended was rapidly restored.

However, after comprehending the two layers of Origin Source Law, Luo Yunyang no longer cared that much about ordinary True Intent.

Although True Intent was quite good, compared to Origin Source Law, it was like a deer that had just learned how to walk. The gulf was just too big.

The moment the Fundamental Planetary Source entered him, Luo Yunyang’s body turned scarlet. His heart suddenly filled with an extremely powerful, suppressing feeling.

He currently felt like he had soared into the clouds and ascended to the nine heavens!

Just as Luo Yunyang was comprehending the power of the Fundamental Planetary Source, a thought suddenly popped into his mind.

This thought belonged to Poshan!

“I never imagined that I would be defeated by you in the end. I don’t have any regrets though, Crazy Person! You were truly stronger than me!”

Poshan’s consciousness was speaking in a calm voice. “I also don’t have many regrets about being able to survive until this stage of the Blood Battle. However, I can’t allow my self-created Extensive Quake Fist to disappear from this world like a flash. I know that the Fundamental Planetary Source will ultimately enter your body, so I shall give this to you as a gift. I wish you all the best!”

Although the tranquil voice contained some reluctance, Luo Yunyang was able to sense the hint of an unrestrained spirit behind it.

When the voice vanished, Luo Yunyang felt some very unfamiliar things. When these things flowed into him, a flash of comprehension quickly appeared in his eyes.

It was the Earth Origin Source Law!

The Earth Origin Source Law contained two layers. Along with this True Intent came Poshan’s self-created Extensive Quake Fist Technique.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what methods Poshan had used, yet he felt even more reverence for him now.

Yes, reverence! Thanks to Poshan’s words, he also felt like the two of them had a tacit camaraderie.

“First Blood Disciple, the Chongyuan Star’s sky lightning and earthly fires only erupt every 100,000 years. Since you have already obtained the full Fundamental Planetary Source, the gravity of the Chongyuan Star will no longer affect you.”

“Such opportunities are rare, so you best use Chongyuan’s lightning fire on the spot, refine the Fundamental Planetary Source and break through to the Star-Grade Realm. Doing this would bring you benefits beyond your wildest imagination.”

A faint voice reverberated throughout the void. Although it seemed to be a great distance away, it quickly seemed to merge with Luo Yunyang’s mind.

He could use the Fundamental Planetary Source within the sky lightning and earthly fires to break through to the Star-Grade Realm?

Luo Yunyang was very intrigued. However, while he was delighted, he also wanted to return to the Da Alliance and the Blue Rain Empire.

Experiencing and surviving such an arduous ordeal had made him appreciate his blessed, comfortable life much more. Plus, it had made all the normal days of his life seem like fun. He had gone through so much killing and fighting for so long on the Chongyuan Star, all for the sake of returning home. Luo Yunyang couldn’t wait, nor did he want to.

However, just as he was about to decline, the Fundamental Planetary Source hidden within his body started pulsating frantically.

With each pulse, Luo Yunyang felt as though his body was about to swell up and crumble.

He couldn’t help but grimace. This Fundamental Planetary Source felt like a huge star that could explode at any moment.

If Luo Yunyang allowed it to explode, he would get blown to bits and pieces in an instant.

He longed to return home, yet staying alive seemed much more important right now. After all, if he died there, what use would pining to go home be?

A cultivation technique rapidly flowed into Luo Yunyang’s mind. This technique seemed to originate from beyond the sky. Perhaps some unknown strong individual had transmitted it through the void and into Luo Yunyang’s mind.

This was a cultivation technique that could refine a Fundamental Planetary Source!

Luo Yunyang knew that he couldn’t hesitate now. He sat down in a lotus position and quickly started to comprehend the technique.

The surging sky lightning and earthly fires quickly engulfed Luo Yunyang and his surroundings. Meanwhile, the massive Chongyuan Star had already become a purple-and-red world.

Luo Yunyang’s silhouette flickered continuously within the purple and red colors.

On the massive blood ax battleship, Elder Qieke and the others stood differentially under the cabin, listening solemnly to the conversation of the big shots in the cabin above.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master, as well as the light figures that represented the Bloody Massacre Path Rulers, all floated within the flying craft.

“This is a really big pity, Path Master!” said the red light figure. “Poshan was the most talented person we groomed in the last 10,000 years. We have no way of estimating how much damage his death has caused us.”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master’s light figure nodded. “Poshan’s defeat was purely based on willpower.”

“No one can say that he wasn’t resolved enough. He just encountered a Crazy Person with even greater resolve. That’s why he lost everything.”

“The Bloody Massacre Path needs elite individuals. However, what we need even more is this type of elite person.”

The ruler represented by the red light figure said, “Even so, we should have stopped things before Poshan died.”

“We could have completely extracted that Fundamental Planetary Source from Poshan’s body. That way, the Crazy Person wouldn’t have had any regrets either!”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master met the red light figure’s gaze as he said indifferently, “If we had done what you just said, then would Poshan still have been Poshan?”

Would Poshan still have been Poshan?

This sentence was very simple, yet it made everyone present fall silent. They knew very well that forcefully extracting Fundamental Planetary Source from someone was very cruel.

Even if that person was ultimately able to survive, although they wouldn’t be crippled, their cultivation base would fall greatly.

If Poshan’s Fundamental Planetary Source was forcibly extracted, he wouldn’t be the dazzling person who’d left his mark in the history of the Bloody Massacre Killing Arena that day.

The red light figure didn’t say anything else. Everyone else also fell silent.

“Path Master, now that the Crazy Person has assimilated the whole Fundamental Planetary Source, his accomplishments in the future will definitely not be limited. I think that when his seclusion is over, the Bloody Massacre Path should increase his protection,” said the purple light figure. Although he was only a ruler, he represented an unrivaled entity.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master nodded his head gently. “That goes without saying. However, using the Fundamental Planetary Source to ascend to the Star-Grade Realm will grant him 10 times more power, maybe even more.”

A person 10 times more powerful than their Star-Grade peers would make many people green with envy. The greater the potential, the bigger the room for progress.

The moment Blood Disciple Luo Yunyang matured, the Bloody Massacre Path would see good days again.

“Quick, look! He has started to absorb the lightning and fire powers of his surroundings. Good, good, good!” someone exclaimed excitedly as he pointed at the torrential, surging lightning fires.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others turned their gazes to the screen again. The image on the screen showed purple sky lightning and dark red earthly fires forming two long lines in the sky and flowing towards Luo Yunyang, who was sitting in a lotus position.

Compared to these long lines, the lightning fires on the Chongyuan Star were like a sea next to a stream. However, before the two long lines could enter Luo Yunyang’s body, his body sucked all the lightning fires of the Chongyuan Star and was rapidly filled.

A feverish glint of anticipation appeared in the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s eyes as he watched this.