Supreme Uprising Chapter 388

Chapter 388 10 Suns Illuminating The Sky

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The sky lightning and earthly fires continued to rage on the Chongyuan Star.

However, Elder Qieke and the others up in the sky could already sense that this turbulent sky lightning and earthly fires were almost spent.

Although the sky lightning continued to surge and the earthly fires were still raging, their might had already weakened by 70%.

If the lightning and fires on the Chongyuan Star were to disperse on their own, it would take tens of thousands of years for them to disappear completely. However, in just over a year, they had already weakened by 70%.

This made Elder Qieke believe that this man was extraordinarily powerful.

Furthermore, he had already spent more than a year breaking through to the Star-Grade Realm.

Qieke didn’t know if anyone else in the vast universe had spent this much time doing the same thing.

However, he knew that there had never been such a person in the entire history of the Bloody Massacre Path.

Even the people who had completely obtained the Fundamental Planetary Source had only spent 11 months doing so at most.

This man had already broken the previous record by more than six months!

If he had not been able to sense the vitality coming from below, as well as the sky lighting and earthly fires that were getting weaker, Elder Qieke would have suspected that this person had already failed.

Of course, all he could do was think about this. After all, the degree of value this person had far surpassed his own. This wasn’t an exaggeration. This man had undoubtedly become the Path Master’s favorite.

This sort of person was destined to rise. Elder Qieke had already prepared all sorts of methods to gain this man’s favor, as he knew that he was bound to surpass him. Elder Qieke was a smart person who would never think of offending such an individual.

“Take a quick look below, Elder. The sky lightning and earthly fires are going crazy!” a subordinate suddenly warned Elder Qieke as he was mulling over how to get in Luo Yunyang’s good books.

Elder Qieke lowered his head and saw the purple-red lightning fires suddenly spring out frantically. The lightning streaked further and the flames raged brighter.

Elder Qieke considered himself very experienced. However, despite his rich knowledge and experience, he really couldn’t tell what was happening.

As he pondered over whether to report this, he heard someone say, “Do not panic!”

When Qieke raised his head, he realized that the person who had spoken was actually the Path Master so he bowed hurriedly.

“You don’t have to get anxious,” the Path Master said calmly. “Something great is about to be accomplished. Make the ship ascend 10,000 meters!”

Although he didn’t know why the Path Master gave this order, Elder Qieke still obeyed. In just a few moments, the massive ship had already ascended 10,000 meters into the air.

Elder Qieke didn’t go with the ship. Instead, he stood quietly by the Path Master’s light-shadow, waiting reverently for his next order.

“The source of the sky lighting and earthly fire was absorbed? What a huge appetite!” Although the Path Master’s voice seemed slightly criticizing, Elder Qieke could sense the admiration in it.

It was indeed admiration.

Naturally, Elder Qieke had seen the source of the sky lightning and earthly fire. He had even seen someone smelt weapons from this source.

However, while this person was breaking through to the Star-Grade Realm, he was trying to absorb this source into his body.

What sort of arrogance was this? What sort of

Qieke immediately recalled what everyone called this manCrazy Person!

This fellow wasn’t just an ordinary crazy person. His insanity had already reached a level that ordinary people could not hope to achieve.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The purple sky lighting gathered frantically in the sky. In just a few moments, countless streaks of lighting had gathered into a massive reservoir of lightning.

Within this reservoir of lightning was a silent lightning fluid. The instant the reservoir formed, the surging blazes formed a ball of fire.

The fireball was only about the size of a fist, yet it already seemed to be blazing in seven different colors. Despite his cultivation base, Elder Qieke’s heart trembled as he watched the multi-colored flames dance around.

The reservoir of lighting and the ball of fire had already flown towards Luo Yunyang, who was sitting in a lotus position. As they entered his body, the reservoir and the fireball collided frantically.

This collision was 10 times stronger than when the sky lightning and earthly fires had clashed on the outside. No, it was actually 100 times stronger!

Qieke shuddered the moment he saw this collision. A bad feeling suddenly filled his heart.

It was over. This time, it was really over. The clash of the power of the lightning reservoir and the fireball wasn’t something a person’s strength could withstand. This sort of collision would even have killed Qieke if he had been standing there.

The dreams of this young man, who hadn’t yet broken through to the Star-Grade Realm, would be shattered

As he thought about this, Elder Qieke looked a little dim. Although he didn’t have any relation whatsoever to this young man, if the young man died, the Path Master and the others

Just as Elder Qieke’s thoughts wandered, he felt a fearful power pressing down on his body.

This power made his heart tremble violently, making him feel like an ant. Just an ordinary ant.

There was no need to look up. Elder Qieke knew who was releasing this power.

The Path Master, whom he respected so much, was currently releasing this fearful power. There was only one reason why; that young man had encountered a problem while engulfing the sky lightning and earthly fire.

Elder Qieke’s eyes immediately flew in his direction. Although he was very far away from Luo Yunyang, thanks to the help of mystic arts, Elder Qieke could clearly see what was going on down below.

Cracks had started appearing on the young man’s body. As soon as they did, Elder Qieke saw streaks of scarlet blazes and flashes of purple lightning leak out from those cracks.

Lightning and fire were unstable forces. How could a human body withstand them? Elder Qieke was able to see those cracks widening as the lightning fire source swelled and slowly disintegrated the body.

He was really crazy. If he hadn’t been crazy enough to try to absorb the origin source of the lightning and fire, he wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

The Path Master and the others had waited for nothing.

As Elder Qieke sighed inwardly, he suddenly realized that these cracks weren’t as wide as he had imagined. Besides, they had slowly started to shrink!

How could this be? Lightning and fire were really powerful forces! How could that body possibly shrink? Shouldn’t Shouldn’t it be swelling instead?

It was shrinking indeed. Elder Qieke slowly verified that this was real. However, he also sensed how arduous the current situation was.

Lightning and fire were already powerful enough. If their origin source were to move, then the ultimate result would be even more frightening.

Elder Qieke’s eyes were wide as he stared below. He had already forgotten how many times he had seen this happening.

He could sense every inch of the young man’s skin and muscles shrink, swell and shatter. After it shattered, it would gather and stick back together.

Elder Qieke didn’t dare think of the consequences if this had happened to his own body. He believed that, if this had happened to him, he would already have died during the swelling and cracking process.

Even if his body was able to endure, Elder Qieke believed that his spirit would crumble.

As time trickled by, Elder Qieke started to go numb. He actually forgot how long it had been since the lightning fire origin source had started to get absorbed. However, there was something that Elder Qieke was certain ofthat man was still alive.

“Prepare the Sky Sealing Technique!” A low voice rang out beside Elder Qieke. Elder Qieke froze for a bit before realizing that these words weren’t directed at him. He couldn’t use the Sky Sealing Technique anyway.

The Sky Sealing Technique! What was that for?

Elder Qieke knew what the Sky Sealing Technique was, yet amid his confusion, he saw a scarlet sun rise above the Chongyuan Star.

As soon as this huge sun rose, it illuminated everything all around it. Just as Elder Qieke felt his gaze get attracted by the large sun, he saw yet another large sun rise above the Chongyuan Star.

Two suns had risen? Elder Qieke thought about the seven divine realms of the Star-Grade Realm during the breakthrough.

Seven divine star realms? This was an amazing sight that only occurred within the seven divine star realms. Although it was just an inferior divine realm, it was still a divine realm.

No wonder the Path Master had wanted to use the Sky Sealing Technique. After all, the seven divine star realms defied natural order and caused jealousy and hatred. This would also be viewed as a threat by hostile factions.

When a third and fourth sun rose up, Elder Qieke was a little stunned. However, when he saw the 10th sun illuminating the boundless sky and land, he was completely drowned in shock.

How could this be?

The 10 suns illuminated the sky and everything beneath it, providing the highest level of sight within the seven divine realms of the Star-Grade Realm. Actually, this probably surpassed it.

This signified that the Crazy Person’s base and fundamentals would surpass most people’s in the future. At the very least, his progression to the Nebula-Grade would be like smooth sailing.

As long as he accumulated enough experience, he could become a big shot among Galaxy-Grade individuals.

Every Galaxy-Grade individual was an important fighting asset for the Bloody Massacre Path. The Bloody Massacre Path actually owed its current reputation to its Galaxy-Grade entities.

Each Galaxy-Grade entity was extremely important.

There were currently 10 suns illuminating the sky as the Crazy Person broke through to the Star-Grade Realm and increased his importance to the whole Bloody Massacre Path 1,000 times.

The 10 suns remained in the void for some time before slowly disappearing. Luo Yunyang, who had originally been sitting in a lotus position, abruptly rose into the air.

As he gazed at the vast heavens, he faced the sky and let out a long roar.

He sounded like a dragon crying to the nine heavens!