Supreme Uprising Chapter 389

Chapter 389 The Earth Gravity Mountain Diagram

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The blood-red spaceship traveled through the vast universe with a speed more than 10 times the speed of light, leaving behind many stars in its wake.

Luo Yunyang was sitting in a lotus position, a position that was most central in the blood axe spaceship, as power flowed towards his body from every direction.

After cultivating for a long time, Luo Yunyang finally opened his eyes. He seemed to be very tranquil right now.

“How long till we reach the Solar System?” Luo Yunyang asked as he stood up.

“Reporting, First Blood Disciple. Given our current position, it will still take us a month to reach the Solar System,” replied Elder Qieke, who had already been appointed as the captain of Luo Yunyang’s bodyguards.

Because of this appointment, he had been able to retain his memories of watching Luo Yunyang break through to the Star-Grade Realm. His subordinates, on the other hand, had already had their memories altered by the big shots of the Bloody Massacre Path.

According to their altered memories, Luo Yunyang had been equally stunning, but those 10 suns had not illuminated the sky.

Therefore, Elder Qieke respected Luo Yunyang the most out of all the bodyguards.

There was still a month left. Luo Yunyang frowned, pondering this for a bit before asking gently, “Any news about the Blue Rain Empire’s situation?”

“I have already given an order requesting information. However, our ship is currently moving beyond the speed of light. so it’s very difficult to receive information transmitted from the Blue Rain Empire quickly,” Elder Qieke, who was standing beside Luo Yunyang, replied softly.

“Plus, we don’t have an official ambassador in the Blue Rain Empire. In In order to get first-hand information, we need men who are nearby and can head into the Blue Rain Empire. Right now”

Although the flying craft carrying Luo Yunyang was considered a top-notch spaceship in the entire orion spiral arm, it would be difficult for it to receive information during a lightspeed flight. The Blue Rain Empire wasn’t considered an important region by the Bloody Massacre Path, so they hadn’t dispatched any people there.

Luo Yunyang inhaled sharply but remained silent. He was very eager to know exactly what had happened in the Blue Rain Empire, or whether anything had happened in the Da Alliance.

He had left the Chongyuan Star more than a month ago, yet it would still take him another month to reach Earth. Although a month wasn’t much compared to the time he had spent on the Chongyuan Star, Luo Yunyang still had his heart set on speeding home.

How was his family? What were things like in the Blue Rain Empire? Plus, there was still

After speaking with Elder Qieke for a bit, Luo Yunyang let him leave. He just shook his head and tried to push his worries to the back of his mind.

Although he was anxious deep down, this was the fastest they could go, so there was nothing else he could do.

As Luo Yunyang clenched his fist gently, a majestic power started to flow into his arm. A purple-red glow of power emanated from his arm. This light was filled with a frightening power.

As Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator, all sorts of attributes were quickly reflected in his mind.

Power: 55 (Fire: 54)

Mind: 1

Speed: 2

Constitution: 8

Origin Source Law: 28 (Wind: 11, Earth: 17)

A faint feeling of ecstasy swept through Luo Yunyang as he saw these golden digits. The past month of seclusion had caused his powers to increase slightly.

Although this didn’t seem like a lot, it was still extraordinary. It actually represented the power of a star.

When Luo Yunyang had first opened his attribute regulator after breaking through to the Star-Grade Realm, he had realized that various parts of his Constitution and other sub-attributes had completely vanished.

The interface that had appeared in his mind seemed to have gone back to the way it had been before. However, the words and figures had now turned gold.

Golden words seemed to contain a strange power. Luo Yunyang only found out what each golden word meant when he used his attribute regulator to measure a Bloody Massacre Path Expert.

This Star-Grade martialist, who had already broken through to the Star-Grade Realm nearly 100 years ago, only had 1.5 points on his Power column.

Restraining his excitement, Luo Yunyang tried to view another subordinate’s stats. This individual had recently ascended to the Star-Grade Realm, yet his Power was only 0.9 points.

Luo Yunyang would be a fool if he still didn’t understand what these golden figures signified.

However, there were still some areas that didn’t satisfy him. His various Power, Constitution, Speed and Mind Attributes could still be rapidly interchanged, yet the Origin Source Law, which Luo Yunyang considered the most important, still couldn’t be adjusted.

Actually, it could be adjusted, but only two types of Origin Source Law could be interchanged.

These adjustments didn’t seem to be of much use. They were only used for unleashing mystic arts, increasing might, and possessing clearer control over Origin Source Law.

Origin Source Law made one feel as if one was on a pedestal that was very difficult to surpass.

This made Luo Yunyang aware of the importance of Origin Source Law. Therefore, after shutting off the attribute regulator, he sat down in a lotus position once again.

Although he wasn’t able to unleash any mighty or powerful methods while cultivating on the spaceship, comprehending Origin Source Law didn’t pose any problems.

Luo Yunyang immediately converted most of his attribute points into Mind Attribute Points. When it came to comprehending Origin Source Law, his Mind Attribute was still the most important factor.

Although Luo Yunyang was hell-bent on rushing home, his experiences on the Chongyuan Star had made him understand that nothing was reliable in that world. What a person could rely the most on was their own cultivation base. Therefore, now that he had nothing to do, he would focus all his effort on cultivating.

Luo Yunyang unfolded a drawing unhurriedly. The only thing on the drawing was a huge mountain that was standing loftily above the thick, massive ground. There wasn’t anything else besides these two elements.

However, this mountain was a precious treasure for disciples of the Bloody Massacre Arts this was the Earth Gravity Mountain diagram!

The Earth Gravity Mountain diagram was at the same level as the Fallen Autumn Leaves diagram!

Although this diagram was only an ordinary drawing now, it was enough for Luo Yunyang to slowly digest the Earth Origin Source Law that Poshan had left him.

Meanwhile, a singing and dancing performance was being held in the Da Alliance. Over 100 beautiful ladies were dancing lightheartedly as the top-ranking female singer of the entire Da Alliance was crooning away passionately.

Her voice was misty and fluttering, so that anyone listening would feel as though they could forget all about this secular world.

However, most of the people there were shaking in fear. From time to time, they would shoot fearful glances at Crown Prince Nanshan, who was sitting in a chair made out of leopard skin.

The leopard skin glowed in many different colors as multi-colored lights illuminated it, giving it a sort of dream-like hue. Every person that recognized that leopard skin had an expression of extreme fear all over their face.

This leopard skin had been the skin of the Dark Ice Devil Leopard, one of the 10 great Heaven-Grade source beasts. The Dark Ice Devil Leopard’s reputation had shaken the entire Mei’ya City in the past, yet now his skin was used as a chair.

“Come over here!” Crown Prince Nanshan gestured at a charming, tender woman before her body flew over uncontrollably.

A frightened look had just crept onto her face when Crown Prince Nanshan said grimly, “Slut!”

The lady’s face fell as soon as she heard this. She was prepared to plead, yet when Crown Prince Nanshan snapped his fingers gently, she immediately turned into a bloody mist.

The other dancing women felt faint. Although they all panicked when the saw this sudden spectacle, they still plastered fake smiles on their faces.

They didn’t want to smile, yet they had to choose between dying and smiling.

They had no alternative, so they remained quiet out of fear. Their only option if they didn’t want to die was to keep dancing and smiling before this evil man.

“Reporting, Crown Prince. We have already locked onto the range of Base One,” a man clad in purple armor told Crown Prince Nanshan respectfully.

A hint of delight crept onto Crown Prince Nanshan’s face as he laughed heartily. “Good, good, good. You have all done a great service by locating Base One. Instruct everyone to concentrate all the weapons of the Da Alliance on Base One. Let’s use the Da Alliance’s possessions to destroy Base One!”

Crown Prince Nanshan unknowingly clenched his teeth as he spoke. There was a cold glint in his eyes that was somehow frightening. “Bring out the Flame Emperor and everyone else who has a relationship with Luo Yunyang! Ha ha ha! Weren’t they stubborn? Didn’t they set up a seal in their minds that made it difficult for me to find Base One? Now I shall show them that, even without them, I was still able to find Base One.”

“Oh, don’t forget to inform Qing Yuanhou and ask him to prepare. There are still a few more subordinates of Yunxi’s that are relatively difficult to deal with.”

A wave of hatred and elation flashed through Crown Prince Nanshan’s mind as he thought about Yunxi. This feeling was hard to describe with words. He felt like trampling over the woman who had ignored his wishes and venting that way!

As a series of commands were issued, the entire Mei’ya City started to move. When Crown Prince Nanshan stepped out of the large hall where the performance was held, more than 10 large vats were being pushed out by his men. They were all jet-black, and there was a head on top of each one.

Among those heads were the Flame Emperor, the Eagle King, some of Luo Yunyang’s Rising Dragon Army comrades and some of the martialists that had trained with him at Base 7.

They were all currently fitted in individual vats, pure despair evident in their eyes.

“Crown Prince, 17 of these people have arrived,” a subordinate told Crown Prince Nanshan respectfully with a smile.

Crown Prince Nanshan’s gaze swept over the Flame Emperor and the others, who were trapped inside the large vats, as he roared with laughter. “How does the Sky Fire Insect Queen feel? Your arms and legs must be more or less gone. Don’t worry, I will capture more people so that you have company!”