Supreme Uprising Chapter 39

Chapter 39


“Are you certain that you want another one? Let me remind you that it doesn’t have any other use. It will be no different than a normal peach.”

The attendants repeatedly tried to talk Luo Yunyang out of it, but he waved them off. “I just ate too fast and forgot to experience it properly. This time, I will eat slowly to savor it!”

Even though the grade-seven Saturn Peach had been delicious, there was a more important reason why Luo Yunyang was willing to spend money on another one. He believed that points were not that difficult to obtain.

Sun Miaomiao and the others felt a wave of jealousy as they watched him. Luo Yunyang was just like them. How could he be able to eat two grade-seven Saturn Peaches, when the rest of them could only have grade-one energy bars?

“He he, this kid is very determined! He wants to have two grade-seven Saturn Peaches worth 20,000 points in one go. Old Xu sure admires you!” Xu Zhong cupped his hands in Luo Yunyang’s direction as he thought about how amazing this kid was.

Luo Yunyang accepted his envious look without any reservations. He thought that he had to really seem like a glutton.

Points were earned with effort, not by saving up bit by bit.

Soon, yet another dining car was pushed over and a silver plate with a grade-seven Saturn Peach about the size of a palm was handed over to him.

When Luo Yunyang took the grade-seven Saturn Peach, he wanted to put it straight into his mouth. However, he took slow individual bites to savor the fruit.

“Ha ha ha See the benefits of points now, kids? If you want to eat well, dress well and learn good techniques, then you have to fight to earn more points. You can find them in the forest in front of you.”

“D-grade dire beasts are worth 100 points, C-grade dire beasts are worth 1,000 points, and B-grade dire beasts are worth 10,000,000 points! Don’t even think about A-grade dire beasts!” Xu Zhong told the recruits loudly as he rubbed his bald head.

“Oh, I forgot! The Rising Dragon Army provides you kids with free titanium alloy weapons. You can go collect them. You will only receive these weapons for free once!”

“Don’t listen to him blindly. There are also other methods for you to obtain points. You could harvest high-grade medicinal items,” the gloomy-looking man who had spoken about Luo Yunyang said as he stood up. “Plus, the first 2.5 kilometers of the forest are part of the safe zone. There are only D-grade dire beasts there.”

“It’s best that you restrict your activities to the safe zones!”

Xu Zhong and the others, who had eaten and drunk to satisfaction, got up to leave. Most of the recruits found Xu Zhong’s manners annoying. He used a metal toothpick to pick his teeth while he patted his belly and said, “Damn, that was really satisfying!”

Luo Yunyang had never thought about fighting dire beasts before, but considering the threat that source beasts posed and the power they possessed to destroy the Earth, he understood that he and the other humans that lived in Chang’an City had no other choice.

They had to fight if they wanted to survive.

“You are the pride of Chang’an City, Big Brother!” Yang Yirui told Luo Yunyang as he walked up to him. “The elites from the Chang’an General Headquarters have discussed this and we hope that you can lead us.”

Yang Yirui’s words made Luo Yunyang freeze for a second. As he looked at Yang Yirui’s sincere expression and the other 10 people from the Rising Dragon Army, he understood what they meant.

They wanted to lean against the big tree that was Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t think there was anything wrong with how the others felt, so he nodded. “Alright. From this day on, we will help each other.”

“Brother Yunyang, since we are your followers, I think we should have a bright, resounding name. How does Yunyang Group sound?”

Yang Yirui looked at Luo Yunyang expectantly.

Yunyang Group sounded like a decent name. Luo Yunyang thought about it and replied, “Let’s call ourselves the Ardent Sun Group!”

The Ardent Sun Group would have a total of 17 members, including Luo Yunyang.

Every single one of the elites from the Chang’an Rising Dragon Army General Headquarters joined the group. Luo Yunyang appointed Yang Yirui as deputy.

He knew what he was doing, so he appointed the enthusiastic Yang Yirui to help him manage everything and save him the trouble. Luo Yunyang’s main interest remained cultivation.

The benefits of being in the Ardent Sun Group became evident quickly.

“Big Brother Yunyang, these are the weapons provided by the base. I have picked up a set for each person. You can try them out and see if any are suitable,” a clever-looking young man named Chen Yong said. It was rumored that his father owned a big company in Chang’an City.

Luo Yunyang didn’t ask what kind of company.

He saw swords, spears, knives… There was a total of 18 types of weapons, every single one of them sharp!

After pondering it for a bit, Luo Yunyang picked out a knife with a thick handle.

Although he didn’t know any knife techniques yet, he decided that he rather liked knives.

“Big Brother Yunyang, before I came here, I learned a set of decent knife techniques called the Five Tiger-Breaking Knives. The secret manual is here. If you have time, you can take a look at it.” As he spoke, Chen Yong handed Luo Yunyang the knife manual.

Five Tiger-Breaking Knives… Luo Yunyang remembered coming across this when he had been browsing cultivation techniques online. It had cost over 2,000 points.

Luo Yunyang could have used his own points to purchase it, but since this was a gift from his younger brother, he would be able to save some points. Plus, Luo Yunyang believed that accepting this offer would make the clever-looking young man happy.

“Thank you, Little Brother Yong. When I read it, we can study the techniques together.”

As Luo Yunyang had expected, when he accepted the manual, Chen Yong smiled even wider. “Thank you, Brother Luo. Please guide me along more in the future!”

As the two of them were talking, Qin Feifei walked over and said, “Everything has been tidied up, Brother Yunyang. Do you need anything else?”

Qin Feifei was the girl who had been trying to make a good impression on the way to the base. As soon as the Ardent Sun Group had been established, she had insisted on cleaning Luo Yunyang’s room. Although Luo Yunyang had his reservations about the girl’s zeal, he eventually accepted her offer.

“Oh, Feifei. I will clean up my room by myself in the future.”

“You are the leader of the Ardent Sun Group. The group will be counting on you in the future, so all your effort should be focused on cultivation. I can take care of small matters like this.”

Qin Feifei seemed to undertake this task willingly.

She had already said this much, so Luo Yunyang didn’t think it would be polite to turn her down again. He just nodded his head without another word.

Luo Yunyang might have seemed young, but he had his own principles when it came to conducting himself in society. Every person led their own individual life, but one had to be accepting of other people’s opinions and thoughts in order to get along with them.

“Big Brother Yunyang, everyone is ready to go earn points. Do you think we should go tomorrow?” Luo Yunyang’s deputy, Yang Yirui, asked as he ran over.

Their need to earn points was natural. Wasn’t that the purpose of the group, anyway? Plus, Luo Yunyang himself also needed points.

“Let’s work together first. In the future, we will allocate points according to our individual contribution. Of course, we will still have to make sure that all the brothers that head out are able to get the basic amount of points necessary for our survival.” Although Luo Yunyang didn’t want to put too much effort into managing the Ardent Sun Group, he felt that these important matters needed to be addressed right away.

After coming up with a general outline, Luo Yunyang let Chen Yong and the others leave so that he could start cultivating.

The source fluid would be handed out in three months!